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Google celebrates Earth Day with Jane Goodall Doodle

Noted scientist and conservationist delivers an inspiring message about how we can have a positive impact on our planet.

“Westworld” recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1

Wait, what happened at the end of the first season again? We know there was mayhem and a lot of characters got shot, but the last time we saw Westworld was in December 2016, which is a really long time ago in the TV-watching universe. After more than 16 months, HBO’s sci-fi epic is finally … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading ““Westworld” recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1″</a>

Westworld's twists were hidden in Futureworld all along

The original Westworld's 1976 sequel Futureworld is a bit rubbish, but it did make CGI history -- and it held the key to the new TV show's secrets.

Google AR microscope uses machine learning to quickly spot cancer cells

Discovering and diagnosing cancer may have just become much easier thanks to augmented reality. Google Research this week revealed an AR microscope (ARM) capable of detecting cancerous cells in rea…

What's on TV: 'Westworld,' 'God of War' and 'Mercury 13'

Also: Nintendo Labo and the series finale of 'Scandal.'

4 great occasions to start your business’ video strategy

There’s a myriad of online marketing strategists writing tons of tips on their blogs to help entrepreneurs get a bang for their bucks from digital media — while simultaneously using those strategies to get their message to you. So, what strategy do these mentors themselves follow to reach their prospects and promote their services? Well, …

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Just trip over an electric scooter? Here’s how they actually work (FAQ)

Let's just say some of these vehicles have a few kinks to work out. We've walked up to electric vehicles that were mysteriously "broken" or too low on charge. We've had some that couldn't phone home, and others that wouldn't unlock.

Capturing an incredible McLaren supercar with the Galaxy S9 Plus

I wandered down to this frozen lake to see if there was an opportunity to photograph the car here. Sadly, there were no roads I could use to get the car down, so I took this landscape shot using the panorama mode, using the rocks as foreground interest.

Apple Offering Battery Replacement Program for 13-Inch MacBook Pro

Based on a report from 9to5Mac , Apple today launched a battery replacement program for the non Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pro. According to Apple, there is a small number of the specific MacBook Pro model that were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017 that are suffering from battery issues. For those with the model, they have a few options, as usual: They can visit an official Apple retail store, walk into an Authorized Service Provider, or they can mail in their MacBook Pro to get it serviced and mailed back.

Best streaming and TV gifts for your 2018 grad

If your grad has a bunch of stuff on iTunes, or she just wants something that looks and feels a lot like her iPhone, the new Apple TV is just the ticket. In addition to numerous TV apps it also works with many of the games and other apps she might already own.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

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Facebook's new data policy: Answers to your privacy questions

In 2015, Facebook limited the kinds of data third-party apps can collect on its users , years before news about Cambridge Analytica broke. In the new policy posted to its website, Facebook tells users it's trying to limit this access even further. "For example, we will remove developers' access to your Facebook and Instagram data if you haven't used their app in three months," the policy says.

5 iPhone and iPad charging myths debunked

We’ve all heard a lot of charging myths. “Don’t keep your iPhone plugged in throughout the night,” “Don’t talk on the phone while it’s charging,” “Let the phone completely discharge, and only then put it back on charging” and so on. But how many of these are valid points, and how many are just myths? Let’s find out.

Scientists accidentally created a mutant, plastic-eating enzyme

To see how the PET-killing enzyme worked, a different group of scientists tweaked its molecular structure to see how much it would slow down the degradation speed. Against their wildest expectations, the manipulated enzyme broke down PET plastics faster than the original.

iPhone Hacks on Twitter

ICYMI: U.S. Department of Justice is Investigating Verizon, AT&T, and Others Over Possible Collusion to Prevent Customers From Easily Switching Carriers  #ATT #Verizon

Today in Apple history: Apple teams with Volkswagen for iBeetle car

Today, Cupertino is reportedly working on an Apple Car — although it’s not clear whether this will be an Apple-manufactured vehicle or an iBeetle-style software framework. Nonetheless, Apple continues to spark rumors about its automotive ambitions. The company recently published a research paper describing how neural networks can improve accuracy in LiDAR technology used in autonomous vehicles.

Cryptocurrency miners hacked my blog

A few weeks ago, I was alerted by email that someone had logged into the admin console of one of my blogs. It was around 11:30 PM, and I was getting ready to go to sleep. Since I’m the only admin on my blog, I was surprised. Surprise quickly turned to alarm as I realized it must be a hack. That realization was the beginning of nearly five days of effort to stop the attacks, restore my sites and secure them to minimize the possibility of attacks in the future.

SpaceX will build Mars rockets on an island full of history

The rocket will be built at the port and not at the company's inland headquarters in Hawthorne, California, because BFR will be so large that it'll have to be transported on an ocean-going barge to Cape Canaveral, Florida, via the Panama Canal. The new rocket manufacturing facility will be built on a 19-acre parcel on the mostly artificial island that's part of the port.

We can help you prep for Avengers: Infinity War

Sure, it's not an "Avengers" movie, and if you wanted to skip it, I wouldn't blame you since its importance is not obvious from its name. But most of what you get from Civil War is poised to be very important: it's the last movie we have with this many heroes in one film; we get introduced to Spider-Man; we discover where Bucky ends up, how, and why (plus a quick primer on who he is for newcomers); and there's the follow-up to the ethical debate that plagued the team in the previous Avengers film (and which will likely only continue).

Why this headphone website's year-long return policy is crazy good

Comfort takes time to fully assess, so what at first seems pretty darn comfy sometimes turns out to be torture after a while. What might have felt comfortable on a cool day in June might be unbearable on a hot August day. So it might also make sense to buy more than one headphone at a time, maybe three, so you can find out which one is right for you, and return the others.

Facebook to warn of higher costs as Cambridge Analytica scandal takes bite out of profits

F acebook is set to warn of a hit to profits as it feels the first financial effects of the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

CNET on Twitter

I took my smartphone for granted -- until it saved by butt when my car broke down. Here's what happened.

​Oracle critical update fixes 254 flaws - so get patching now | ZDNet

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Why the US federal government has been leaning into the cloud since 2011 | ZDNet

Katie Lewin: As I said before, to you, my perspective's going to be the federal government because that's what I know the most about. I was either in the federal government as an actual employee or a consultant to them for many years. The first mandate to move to the cloud was in 2011 when OMB issued this memo, which is almost the same as a directive and it says, "You will do this or if you don't you have to tell us why," and since OMB controls the money it's pretty serious. Their mandate was if you, federal agency, are going to develop a new system you have to justify why you would not put it in the cloud. That was a big push to agencies taking it seriously. Of course, everyone did the right thing, which is start with the data that needs the least security. They did a lot of customer facing informational websites, things like that. Then, they still had to continue modernizing and then they would go into mission-critical systems.

How your company can measure its 'cyber resilience' and evaluate its posture | ZDNet

Robert Clyde: Yeah, we've noticed this problem at ISACA, for some time. In fact, we started a program called She Leads Tech, and have funded that, and it's been very active, and having tremendous affect. But one of the things we've seen, both anecdotally and from other surveys, sadly, is the mix of men and women in the cyber security industry has held steady at about 11%. We're not making progress. So we said, this year, for the state of cybersecurity report, we're gonna ask a gender related question. A diversity question. And so, we asked companies a fairly simple yes or no question. "Do you believe in your organization, that the advancement opportunities for women are the same as for men? Yes or no?" And interestingly enough, across the board, there was a 31% gap between the way women answered the question, and the way men answered the question. 82% of men, only 51% of women.

Facebook makes GDPR push with new data privacy settings | ZDNet

The updates to the privacy policy come at a difficult time for the social media and advertising giant. Facebook recently confirmed that up to 87 million users had their data improperly shared with political consultancy Cambridge Analytica. Consumer groups and politicians are increasingly concerned about the amount of data held by social media giants and the use to which it's put.

​Infosys charts new course, but can it catch up with Accenture and Deloitte? | ZDNet

The said, the South Indian co-founder, who built the firm from ground up with negligible capital, was also perennially unhappy about what he thought was stratospheric compensation being awarded to the top brass, including Sikka. He also thought that the firm had paid the CFO Rajiv Bansal, who didn't agree with the Panaya purchase, some 'hush money' to stifle his opinion with what he thought was an exorbitant severance. So, Murthy waged an all-out PR assault against his own company. To Sikka, this undoubtedly came off as treasonous meddling by the founder, especially considering Sikka had staged what most people thought of as a significant comeback for the firm since his arrival. Ultimately, getting rid of Panaya was probably also an exercise in jettisoning this bitter after-taste that would inconveniently linger during the forging of its new avatar.

Adidas Originals Apple iPhone X cases: Colorful TPU cases with island graphics | ZDNet

A few new cases that are perfect for the summer season arrived for the Apple iPhone X. They provide some protection while also showing off vivid colors.

Meet Daisy, Apple's Latest Recycling Robot

Also today, Cupertino said it will make a donation to the nonprofit environmental organization Conservation International for every device it receives through its GiveBack program from now through April 30. You can hand over your devices at any Apple store or via the company's website to receive in-store credit for eligible devices.

Amazon: The world's most innovative tech company | ZDNet

From Alexa Skills Blueprints to AWS to Prime, Larry Dignan and Bill Detwiler make the case for Amazon as the most innovative tech company on the planet. (Analysis and news roundup.)

ZTE slapped with export restrictions by US Commerce Department | ZDNet

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IBM: Fewer records are being breached, but cyber attacks are getting more costly | ZDNet

Wendi Whitmore: And I would say, kind of living this, I certainly feel that, right? There are organizations who are kind of scared to document things, kinda put them on paper. But the reality is that's where we need to start, even as simple, if you're just beginning, that's alright. Get it on paper. Get some phone numbers on paper, and some processes down about what you're doing today. And then from there, we have a wide variety of clients, so some of them, and many are quite mature. They've got incident response plans for years. They've tested. They have matured them. And ultimately that's what we want to continue doing is identifying where do we stand today and from today, what kind of gaps exist within the environment, and how do we compare that to the types of threats that are most likely to impact your organization. In order to do that most effectively, it requires pretty rigorous testing, so that's everything from things like red team testing to actual scenario based testing. And one of the things that's unique at IBM is we built one of the first commercially available cyber ranges, where we can actually take a tabletop scenario where we might test different executives and technical responders and analysts, bring them all in one room.

The greatest resistance to Robotic Process Automation comes from IT departments | ZDNet

It's also likely that beneath the RPA hype, IT teams will be charged with tearing up existing processes tied to technology, re-architecting for digital workforce approaches, and cleaning up the messes. As Wright and his team put it, "process standardization is the top challenge faced by organizations across all stages of the RPA journey. Put simply, process complexity drives robot complexity: it increases the cost and difficulty to design and implement RPA, increases operating costs,and increases business disruption. Robots require detailed process accuracy and needto be taught at the keystroke level. Yet, organizations are finding processes are not always well understood,even where robust process documentation exists."

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Join us every Monday as we dissect the latest episode from season 2 of Westworld. We'll talk plot, characters and fan theories. Plus, there will be interviews with actors from the show, too.

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KV62, Designed to Confound: Wealth of Mysteries in the Curious Tomb of Tutankhamun—Part II

Egyptological scholars are divided over whether a right-hand turn to the burial chamber in an Eighteenth Dynasty tomb signifies that it belonged to a female pharaoh. With this feature present in the crypt of Tutankhamun, it is suggested that the boy-king was laid to rest in a second-hand sepulcher intended for a female predecessor. But, there is no consensus in this matter; however, several other discrepancies in the design and layout of KV62 hint that something strange transpired when the young king died. The race is on to unravel not just the many secrets, but also determine if Queen Nefertiti was the tomb’s original occupant in her ultimate role as king.

Can Online Retail Solve Its Packaging Problem?

Amazon shipped more than 5 billion items worldwide last year through Prime alone. LimeLoop used data from USPS, FedEx, and UPS to estimate that around 165 billion packages are shipped in the U.S. each year, and then roughly calculated that the cardboard used would equate to more than 1 billion trees (this calculation didn’t account for the fact that some packaging is not made from paper or cardboard, but it gives a sense of scale). As online shopping continues to grow, so will the impact.

This Environmental Group Has Sued The Administration Every 8 Days

“I think what’s just remarkable, and what frankly no one could have predicted, was the level of intensity around the attacks on the environment specifically,” says NRDC president Rhea Suh. “Of all the different things that are happening in this fairly chaotic administration that we’re seeing, the focus on trying to reverse environmental progress has been consistent, has been vociferous, and it clearly has been in the kind of bull’s-eye of what it is the administration collectively thinks it’s in their power to achieve. I don’t think anybody could have guessed that or frankly even planned that back in November of 2016.”

These Are The Only Meetings You Should Have For The Next Month

One way to do this is to ask a few team members to share one aspect of the organization’s mission that was represented in their activities over the past couple weeks. (You can alternate to different people each meeting so the same people don’t have to weigh in each time–just give the them a heads-up in advance so they don’t get caught without a good answer.) Mission and values may actually only have a mental shelf life of six or so weeks, which makes this a perfect repeat topic for team meetings.

Heartbreaking Photos Of Eviction Day In America

The exhibition’s searing photographs capture that personal toll. Black and white images by photographers Michael Kienitz and Sally Ryan depict the moment people are forced out of their homes. In one photograph, a woman sits on her former front steps, looking up at a police officer as two young men carry belongings out of a house. It’s clear who’s in power. In another, a police officer leans against a doorway in a nearly empty home, his figure mostly in shadow. A woman sits on a chair next to a pile of trash, her face in profile, the body language of her taut frame suggesting fear as another man holds two large boxes, ready to carry them out of the room.

Choose two Casetify Apple Watch bands, save 20% [April Sale]

Browse the full lineup of Casetify bands in our Watch Store , and remember to use code CULTOF20 at checkout for 20 percent off when you purchase two Casestify Apple Watch bands. And, as always, enjoy free shipping with your Casetify purchase. Sale ends April 31st!

Google's new VR museum preserves endangered and lost historical landmarks

“With modern technology, we can capture these monuments in fuller detail than ever before, including the color and texture of surfaces and the geometry captured by laser scanners with millimeter precision in 3D,” said Chance Coughenour, Program Manager at Google Arts & Culture. 

Why You Need To Pay Attention To Gen X Leaders

“That gen X manager thinks he or she is doing his or her team a favor by leaving them alone to do their job,” he says. They’re managing others like they would like to be managed—get the work done, avoid the distractions, and go home. Gen X managers often don’t crave the close workplace friendships that their older and younger counterparts do, Johnson adds. At the same time, they do place a high value on mentoring and helping others develop.

Drafts 5, Vulse, Things, and other awesome apps of the week | Cult of Mac

Things, the todo app by Cultured Code , is also dragging its heels regarding drag-and-drop. You’ve been able to drag task around inside the app, and onto the app from other places on your iPad, for months now. But you still can’t drag a task from one project to another. It seems simple — you just drag to the project in the sidebar — and you can already do it on the Mac. But it’s probably really hard, or they would have added such an essential feature already.

The Last Apple Watch Pop-Up Store Is Shutting down on May 13th

When Apple first launched the Apple Watch, it opened three pop-up stores dedicated to only selling the Apple Watch. The strategy did not work out as the company intended though, and it has shut down two of the three pop-up stores over the years.

Pivotal makes solid Wall Street debut, looks for longterm growth | ZDNet

The company has yet to turn a profit -- its net loss was $163.5 million for fiscal 2018. But Gaylor said Pivotal is on a path to profitability and demonstrating operating leverage in a couple of different ways. In addition to subscription revenue growing quickly, the company is starting to see tailwinds in investments made in areas like sales and marketing and R&D.

Empathy technologies like VR, AR, and social media can transform education

In The Better Angels of Our Nature , Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker makes the case for reading as a “technology for perspective-taking” that has the capacity to not only evoke people’s empathy but also expand it. “The power of literacy,” as he argues  “get[s] people in the habit of straying from their parochial vantage points” while “creating a hothouse for new ideas about moral values and the social order.”

Where have all the pilots gone?

You’d think everybody would want to fly. It’s been a universal human dream since the first cave person saw the first pterodactyl¹. You’d think better technology, greater demand, economic growth, and population growth would mean more and more pilots. But the surprising, counterintuitive fact is that fewer and fewer people are flying, and now Earth needs pilots, badly.

Google Chat and RCS, Linux apps on a Chromebook, end of ZTE, and new Moto phones (MobileTechRoundup show #430) | ZDNet

Google has tried a few messaging apps over the years so Kevin and I are excited that it may finally have found something to compete with iMessage. MobileTechRoundup show #430 kicks off with some thoughts on Chat.

How to manage Firefox Quantum site permissions

While poking around in a site's permissions, you'll come across Use Default quite a bit. What is that and where do you manage it? To set global permissions, click on the Firefox menu button (three horizontal lines in the upper right corner) and click Preferences. Click on the Privacy & Security section (from the left navigation) and scroll through the options. These are your defaults. You can enable or disable those options you'd like to set globally. This makes it easy for you to control all permissions. For example, you could set very strict defaults and then when you come across a site that doesn't function properly because of these defaults, open up the site permissions window and adjust accordingly until the site functions properly.

This Speed Queen washer is a total dud

Speed Queen's vocal devotees often choose Speed Queen appliances because of their industrial build. And they're willing to pay more for traditional agitators and heavy, stainless components with the assumption that better cleaning performance and a longer product lifespan inherently follow. I can't speak to the TR7's durability over time, but this 2018 washer got such a low performance score we thought it was a mistake until we looked at the raw data and confirmed our lab results.

Getting started with Python testing

“People also underestimate the time they spend debugging. They underestimate how much time they can spend chasing a long bug. With testing, I know straight away when I added a bug. That lets me fix the bug immediately, before it can crawl off and hide.” – Martin Fowler

“Drupalgeddon2” touches off arms race to mass-exploit powerful Web servers

Drupalgeddon2 "is under active attack, and every Drupal site behind our network is being probed constantly from multiple IP addresses," Daniel Cid, CTO and founder of security firm Sucuri, told Ars. "Anyone that has not patched is hacked already at this point. Since the first public exploit was released, we are seeing this arms race between the criminals as they all try to hack as many sites as they can."

Here's what's happened so far at the AT&T and Time Warner merger trial

The Justice Department also called other witnesses, such as executives from AT&T's rivals. Tom Montemagno, an executive vice president of programing acquisition at Charter Communications, testified that he's concerned the merger would result in "excessive" price increases for Time Warner content. A study Charter commissioned ahead of negotiations with Time Warner in 2016, before the merger was announced, suggested the company could lose 9 percent in current and potential subscribers if it lost Turner channels.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Amazon’s next conquest will be apparel

Analyzing all these moves together, Amazon’s apparel strategy begins to crystallize. First it sells tons of clothes to learn how clothes are sold. Then it starts selling its own clothes to generate higher gross margin. And now has it has Prime Wardrobe to increase lock-in and reduce points at which customers can choose not to buy Amazon’s own clothing (all while gathering more data about individual preferences); and Echo Look to be its data collection and voice-commerce portal (and as an added bonus, it can route ambiguous purchase requests to its growing inventory of private-label items). If this strategy is successful, it will give Amazon an enormous data moat to drive high-margin sales – a competitive advantage that will be extremely difficult for fashion retailers and brands to replicate.

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