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Hey DJ: Algoriddim's djay 2 update makes the Apple Watch a music mixer

DJs no longer have to stand behind a laptop and their gear. The djay 2 Apple Watch app puts the control of your mix right on your wrist.

Apple publishes Apple Watch Guided Tours for Apple Pay, Activity and Workout [updated with video]

Google's Project Fi service turns multiple phone networks into one

Got a Nexus 6? Itching to dump your traditional wireless service provider for something a bit more ambitious? Google's got you covered. After months of s

World Wide Web Timeline

A timeline of the major milestones and small moments that have shaped the Web since 1989.

Tear-filled video reminds us all to appreciate nurses everywhere

This empathetic nurse is the kind of person we should all aspire to be.

How you can buy an Apple Watch

Get ready to jump through a few hoops -- and maybe even travel to another city -- if you want to buy an Apple Watch in a store on Friday.

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The directors of The Lego Movie are making an animated Spider-Man film

Interestingly enough, in its press release about the news Sony does not list Feige as a producer on the new animated film. Instead Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and former Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal are listed as producers alongside Lord and Miller. While that trio was the same team behind the two Garfield films, Arad and Tolmach were not part of the new Marvel initiative. As a result, we could see two dramatically different takes on the character. In any case, with Lord and Miller in charge this is likely to be the funniest — and most pop-culturally savvy — Spider-Man anyone has ever seen.

Square Enix Announces Press Conference Plans for E3 2015 - IGN

In the meantime, let us know in the comments what you hope Square will show off during its first-ever E3 media briefing. For more on E3, head over to IGN's wiki to check out the list of rumored and confirmed games at E3 2015 and a chart of E3 2015 live streams and press conferences .

Two New Apple Watch Apps, Knock And oneID, Let You Unlock Your Mac From Your Wrist (And More)

As mobile developers rush to release applications compatible with Apple’s new wearable device, the Apple Watch, many are still wondering what sorts of app experiences make sense for the small wrist-borne screen versus that of the smartphone. To some extent, where the Apple Watch really shines is with “invisible” apps – paying for items with Apple Pay, or using the Watch to unlock hotel room or car doors, for example.

Pentagon's new cyber strategy cites U.S. ability to retaliate

REDWOOD CITY, California (Reuters) - U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter is due to unveil an updated cyber strategy on Thursday that will stress the military's ability to retaliate with cyber weapons, a capability he hopes will help deter attacks.

Apple Watch is a day away, but the Apple Watch User Guide is now online

You can learn how to perform Digital Touch, customize your watch face, set up Apple Pay, configure the activity tracker, and a lot more. There’s also information on how to properly clean the bands. If you bought an Apple Watch Edition, the user guide tells you how to find the hallmarks and fineness marks.

Dazzling photos of lightning forks through billowing ash from Chile's Calbuco volcano

The Calbuco volcano in southern Chile violently erupted in two waves, starting Wednesday afternoon, sending an ash cloud soaring into the stratosphere. The eruption, which was not anticipated by scientists or government authorities, was this volcano's first since 1972.

How to import, export and share photos with Photos for Mac - CNET

Like iPhoto before it, Photos for Mac groups all of your photos in a large library file. In order to break photos out of their database prison to open in another application or upload to the Internet, you will first need to export them or use one of the built-in sharing options. And to add new photos to your library, you will need to import them unless you've enabled iCloud Photo Library and take photos exclusively with your iPhone as opposed to a point-and-shoot camera or dSLR. Let's review the sharing, exporting and importing tools of Photos for Mac.

Amazon to Offer Window Into Web Services Business

When Inc. reports its quarterly earnings Thursday, it will, for the first time, provide financial information on an important division: Amazon Web Services.

Everyone expects Microsoft to report a weak quarter

Microsoft will report quarterly earnings after market close on Thursday and no one is expecting the company to blow it out of the water with huge profits.

Facebook’s Spending Weighs on Profits

Facebook Inc. reported big gains in first-quarter revenue, but heavy spending on people, data centers and long-term initiatives led to a decline in profit.

Cheaper bandwidth or bust: How Google saved YouTube

It's easy to forget YouTube almost didn't make it. Survival for the site was a near-constant battle in the early days. The company not only fought the bandwidth monster, but it faced an army of lawyers from various media companies that all wanted to shut the video service down. But thanks to cash backing from Google, the site was able to fend off the lawyers. And by staying at the forefront of Web and server technology, YouTube managed to serve videos to the entire Internet without being bankrupted by bandwidth bills.

Apple being wooed by Nokia for $3.2B HERE mapping acquisition, report says

– A + Apple being wooed by Nokia for $3.2B HERE mapping acquisition, report says By AppleInsider Staff Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 09:07 pm PT (12:07 am ET) A report on Wednesday claims Apple is among a number of high-profile tech companies being courted by Nokia in the Finnish firm's attempt to sell off its HERE mapping service and related assets. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports Nokia's list of potential buyers reads like a who's who of the tech industry, and includes Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Baidu, Facebook, Sirius XM and Harman International, as well as German automakers and private holdings firms. The person said Nokia is seeking more than 3 billion euros (roughly $3.2 billion) for HERE's mapping assets despite the cache being valued at $2.14 billion last year. Nokia's investment in HERE's technology, including those got through acquisitions like NAVTEQ, was pegged at $8.1 billion in 2008, the publication said. It is unclear when Nokia is to officially put HERE up for bid, but Bloomberg reported earlier in April that the company is working with a financial advisor toward that goal.

Comcast said to abandon Time Warner merger plan

The decision, which was not immediately confirmed by the companies, came a day after the Federal Communications Commission referred the proposed deal to a hearing in front of a judge—a move that had been viewed as a “death sentence” for the plan because of the time and effort it would have taken.

1913 color photos reveal vivid reds like you've never seen

A serene, almost surreal photograph of Christina paddling in the sea at Lulworth Cove in Dorset. The long exposure time required, even in bright sunshine, has given the sea an unreal glass-like quality. The vivid red of her costume is in dramatic contrast to the subdued natural tones of the background. In the distance you can just see the rowing boat, where she was also photographed that same day.

Browse The Web Like It’s 1995 With Cufflink For Apple Watch

Asked about the challenges and attractions of developing for Apple Watch, Cole agrees it’s a fresh chance for indie devs to stand out on iOS — noting that the watch app store has around 2,000 apps thus far and he’s personally built 15 of them. Ergo: “Which means my work accounts for nearly one percent of all watch apps right now! When could you ever say that as a developer?”

Apple Watch Review: You’ll Want One, but You Don’t Need One

The looks are just the beginning. It’s loaded with cutting-edge technology. The tiny Retina display has a new form of pressure sensitivity Apple calls Force Touch, which responds not only to where you touch the screen, but how hard you press. The watch notifies you with extremely nuanced vibrations via its Taptic Engine, which can produce strikingly realistic sensations, almost like a bell tapping on your wrist. Perhaps most important, the watch’s “digital crown” helps you navigate long menus, set options, and zoom in and out of maps and photos. And all the speedy software and motion tracking is controlled by the company’s new S1 processor, which packs in multiple components on a single chip. It’s an impressive package. After using it, I had no question that the Apple Watch is the most advanced piece of wearable technology you can buy today.

The U.S.'s Century-Old Snail Mail Surveillance Sparks A New Privacy Argument

An audit report issued last May by the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General found the Inspection Service, which fulfilled about 49,000 such requests in its 2013 fiscal year, frequently didn’t follow the existing guidelines designed to preserve the privacy of Americans' mail. Some mail covers were authorized by officials who legally didn’t have the authority to sign off, and about 13% of the audited mail covers lacked documentation showing they were justified under the "reasonable grounds" standard.

Facebook video views hit 4B per day, up from 3B daily views in January

Facebook video views hit 4B per day, up from 3B daily views in January


IT Execs: Why not bring your IT team to attend Interop, while you participate in the InformationWeek Conference? We have group rates that will make it worthwhile to bring your whole team. Teams of 3 or more get a 30% discount. Contact our department for details.

Here's how some of the popular apps look on Apple Watch [Screenshots]

Now, thanks to a new tool from developer Steven Troughton-Smith, we can have our first look at screenshots of some of the app running on the Apple Watch. Below, we have compiled a gallery of screenshots of some of the popular apps like Twitter, 1Password, Instagram, Flipboard and more running on the Apple Watch.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan wants to make a Jack and the Beanstalk movie

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Amazon Tests Delivery to Trunks of Audi Cars

Its drone delivery service may still be a few years away from prime time, but Amazon is about to start testing something almost as unexpected right now in Munich, Germany – delivering orders to the trunks of Prime subscribers’ Audi cars .

23 Swiftype is hiring!

Swiftype is a growing team of talented search engineers and experts with a range of experiences and backgrounds. We’re looking for self-motivated and resourceful individuals who will help us continue delivering exceptional service to customers.

Thousands of Apple Watch apps have been made without using the device — will they be any good?

Tomorrow, Apple's most eager customers will open up their Apple Watches and try out some of their favorite apps for the first time. In many cases, the developers who made those apps will be using a Watch for the first time, too. Though Apple has not-so-secretly been inviting developers big and small to trial sessions with the Apple Watch, developers are largely putting out apps that they don't have much actual experience using. "It's an entirely new platform, and no one has access to one," says Adam Grossman, a founder of Dark Sky . "And yet we're expected to make apps for it."


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'Liquidmorphium' Turing Phone Promises Ultra-secure Communications

Turing Robotic Industries  (TRI) has announced a new device called the Turing Phone that promises to provide end-to-end encryption and a more sustainable production process than a regular smartphone.

Oculus' Founder on the Pros and Cons of VR for Social Good | WIRED

Still, Luckey hastens to add that, today, virtual reality technology, including Oculus’s own, has its shortcomings. For starters, designing any virtual world still requires taking some artistic liberties, and that means no virtual world appears exactly as it would be in real life. “Until we have technology that can perfectly capture and recreate what’s going on in something like a war zone, there’s the potential for heavy-handed bias in how things are presented,” Luckey says. “There’s a risk people see it and treat recreations of things with the same weight and authority as videos and pictures, which are much harder to manipulate.”

Samsung's next Gear smartwatch will have a round screen

I almost agree with you but I need Android Wear to support all communications IE Cellular/Data/LTE. The one feature that keeps me tied to me Gear S is, I can leave my phone at home and go for a walk, take my daughter to the park, go out for lunch, dinner.. Or, leave my phone at the beach house and just wear my watch all day. It's so freaking great to not have to carry my phone and still be "connected". . My next will probably/hopefully be the LG Urbane LTE as that's the closest to the Gear S at the moment. I just don't want a watch "just for notifications" that require you to use the phone anyway. Hopefully Android Wear will progress that far because although I did like and try a few Wear watches, I found them pointless rather quickly. Tizen is rather blah for sure, but it currently does more than just display notifications..

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Select boutique outlets to have Apple Watch stock for sale on April 24

– A + Select boutique outlets to have Apple Watch stock for sale on April 24 By Mikey Campbell Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 04:03 pm PT (07:03 pm ET) While Apple has repeatedly intimated that Apple Watch is, for now, an online exclusive not available in brick-and-mortar stores, it appears certain "boutique" outlets will indeed have a small supply on hand for sale on April 24. Source: Maxfield According to The New York Times , Apple has allotted Apple Watch stock to fashion-forward stores Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Maxfield in Los Angeles, the Corner in Berlin and 10 Corso Como in Milan. Maxfield, for example, has been advertising in-store Apple Watch on its website . Adrian Joffe, CEO of Dover Street Market, said his stores would have Apple Watches for sale on launch day, with the Ginza store taking receipt of about 350 units, while the London branch will have 570 units. Supply is split up among Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models, but an exact ratio was not mentioned.

Here’s What Twitter, Instagram, And Your Other Favorite Apps Look Like On Apple Watch

I know Shazam is already on pretty much every device ever, but it really makes sense on the wrist. Missing the name of a song because you couldn’t pull out your phone and launch an app fast enough is a bummer.

Salesforce for HR puts the focus on mobile and social capabilities

If there are any overriding trends at work in the enterprise-software market today, consumerization and mobile would have to be among the biggest. Vendors large and small have been racing to add such features to their products, and Thursday brought a fresh example: Salesforce for HR, a new tool that aims to give employees a personalized experience via mobile and social capabilities.

How CISOs can communicate risk to businesses

Wysopal said CISOs also need to communicate the level of risk in terms that board members can understand. That means talking about breaches in similar industries and how they happened.

Comcast Plans to Drop Time Warner Cable Deal

In the short term , the deal’s collapse means Charter, which agreed to take control of 3.9 million Comcast cable-TV subscribers, won’t get those customers. Another Charter deal, the recent agreement to purchase of Bright House Networks, could also be in jeopardy, because Time Warner Cable has the right to block it as part of its long-time arrangement to negotiate programming and other deals for Bright House.

4 things we love about LinkedIn Groups

The majority of LinkedIn's members have joined at least one Group, and their experiences very likely vary. In general, the more effort LinkedIn you put into your Groups, the more value you’ll see in return. Some see value immediately and are simply enthralled by the opportunity to connect with liked-minded individuals seeking common goals. The deluge of notifications, spam and content that sometimes runs counter to the Group's topic and goals can rapidly turn others off.

Microsoft Beats In Its FQ3 With Revenue Of $21.7B, EPS Of $0.61

Today following the bell, Microsoft reported its fiscal third quarter financial results, including revenue of $21.7 billion and earnings per share of $0.61. The street had expected Microsoft to earn $0.51 per share on revenue of $21.06 billion.

Audi and Amazon to try car-boot delivery service - BBC News

Using Audi's in-car communications system, Connect, DHL delivery drivers would track a customer's vehicle over a specified period of time and then use a digital access code to unlock the boot, the car maker said. This code would then expire as soon as the boot was shut.

Google first-quarter revenue jumps 12 percent, shares rise

Revenue for the quarter that ended in March rose 12 percent to $17.26 billion, from $15.42 billion a year earlier. Analysts on average had expected revenue of $17.5 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

EU Considers Creating Powerful Regulator to Oversee Web Platforms

BRUSSELS—The European Union could create a powerful new regulator to oversee a swath of mainly U.S.-based Internet companies, according to an internal document that lays bare the deep concerns in top EU policy circles around the economic threat posed by companies like Google Inc. and Facebook Inc.

Cadbury chocolate bar that packs 7 flavors into one satisfies every sweet tooth

For those who've always wished for one of Willy Wonka's Golden Tickets, this Cadbury giveaway might be the next best thing.

Xiaomi’s push into India begins with debut of the $200 Mi 4i smartphone, on sale from April 30

Though the Mi 4i is a lower-end phone than the Mi 4, it still packs a bunch of higher-end specs, so it should go down well in India. It’s open now for presale registrations, but won’t go on sale properly until April 30.

#TNWeurope Livestream

The tenth annual TNW Europe Conference has just begun in Amsterdam and hopefully you’re here with us at our biggest event ever. If, however, you can’t be, fear not!

​Generation YouTube: Today's fastest-rising stars aren't coming out of Hollywood - CNET

Thanks to the popularity of online media sites such as YouTube, today's fastest-rising stars aren't coming out of Hollywood. They're teens hamming it up or breaking it down in front of a computer to create a new kind of entertainment.

Valve now lets modders sell their work through Steam, starting with Skyrim

"We think this is a great opportunity to help support the incredible creative work being done by mod makers in the Steam Workshop," Valve's Tom Bui said in a release. "User generated content is an increasingly significant component of many games, and opening new avenues to help financially support those contributors via Steam Workshop will help drive the level of UGC to new heights."

What Startups REALLY Mean

The startup world is full of people who say one thing and mean another. Luckily the fine people at Vooza have decoded the jargon for you…

Acer's Got a Crazy New Gaming Tablet

Acer just released a kraken. Forty different gadgets—laptops, desktops, tablets, wearables, fitness trackers, mini PCs, monitors—for the upcoming back to school season. But the most intriguing was Acer’s mysterious new gaming tablet. The Predator.

Marvel movies pay respects to Star Wars by slicing off arms

The Star Wars and Marvel movies have a lot in common. Both brands are owned by Disney, both are among the biggest box office successes of their time, and both inspire and build upon rich and detailed back stories. But there's another thing that connects them, as Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige  recently explained to Cinema Blend — maimings. Every movie in the comic company's "phase two" — from Iron Man 3 to the still-unreleased Ant-Man — will see a character lose an arm, in a deliberate homage to Star Wars.

Exclusive: Bitcoin exchange itBit seeks New York banking license

ItBit, whose exchange operates in Singapore, moved its primary headquarters to New York last year, and hired Erik Wilgenhof Plante from eBay Inc as chief compliance officer. The company's web site touts its anti-money laundering efforts and "know your customer" credentials, as well as its compliance in all jurisdictions in which it operates.

Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak team up for Silicon Valley Comic Con (Tomorrow Daily 166) - CNET

On today's show, Khail and Ashley get excited about a new event from Stan Lee and Steve Wozniak that blends tech and entertainment into one convention. Plus, they explain why researchers are attempting to grow a 3D-printed replica of the human body onto a chip and watch a robot make a latte.

Amazon's lifts curtain on secretive $5 billion cloud business

No longer. Amazon said that last quarter, the cloud business earned $265 million in profit on $1.5 billion in sales, putting it on pace to bring in $5 billion in revenue this year. Sales were up a whopping 49% from a year earlier.

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