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The Ingenious Way Iranians Are Using Satellite TV to Beam in Banned Internet

A new system called Toosheh lets Iranians download a daily bundle of censored files to a USB plugged into their satellite TV receiver.

Try a free strategy game from the makers of 'Minecraft'

Need a new game to play this weekend? 'Crown & Council' is free on Steam.

The Guns N' Roses reunion and the future of angry young men

What became of the most dangerous band in the world?

Planning a trip to Mars? Here's what you need to know

From Lost in Space to Star Trek to Star Wars, the entertainment industry has tantalized us with the concept of interplanetary travel. The best part is that

The ultimate guide to 3D technologies

We’ve been hearing about how 3D and “holograms” will become an integral part of lives for a long time. It infuses our pop culture, and from Panasonic’s fir

AMC will play 'Purple Rain' at 87 U.S. theaters this weekend

AMC will honor Prince with screenings of the 1984 film.

This terrifying eel-robot will perform maintenance on undersea equipment

This swimming eel-robot does not make me happy. Watching its long, black, mechanical body move underwater, its red eyes glowing, makes my nerves twitch. The discomfort is primal. I have every sense...

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Forbes Welcome

"We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly."

The case for optimism on climate change

Why is Al Gore optimistic about climate change? In this spirited talk, Gore asks three powerful questions about the man-made forces threatening to destroy our planet — and the solutions we're designing to combat them. (Featuring Q&A with TED Curator Chris Anderson)

Prince George stayed up 15 minutes past his bedtime to meet Barack and Michelle Obama

In the photos, George is dressed in pajamas and a highly stylish robe. This should be expected, as he is very busy and has no time to change between business and bedtime.

Carmike Cinemas is putting Prince's Purple Rain back in 80 theaters

Following  AMC's announcement that it would put Prince's 1984 film  Purple Rain back in theaters, Carmike Cinemas has decided to follow suit. The theater chain announced yesterday that it would play Purple Rain in 80 or so theaters starting today and running through this coming Thursday. That just about doubles the number of screens the movie is on between the two chains. (AMC is currently in  the process of purchasing Carmike , though the deal hasn't yet received regulatory clearance.)

HBO will let you watch Game of Thrones and Beyoncé this weekend for free

Just in time for the debut of Game of Thrones and Beyoncé's mysterious new Lemonade event, HBO is letting non-subscribers watch a full weekend's worth of premium television for free. Starting this Friday and ending on Sunday night, the network is making some of its best offerings available to everyone, if only to get people to subscribe going forward.

CERN Just Dropped 300 Terabytes of Raw Collider Data to the Internet

“Members of the CMS Collaboration put in lots of effort and thousands of person-hours each of service work in order to operate the CMS detector and collect these research data for our analysis,” explains Kati Lassila-Perini, a CMS physicist who leads these data-preservation efforts. “However, once we’ve exhausted our exploration of the data, we see no reason not to make them available publicly. The benefits are numerous, from inspiring high-school students to the training of the particle physicists of tomorrow. And personally, as CMS’s data-preservation co-ordinator, this is a crucial part of ensuring the long-term availability of our research data.”

Michelle McNamara, Writer and Wife of Patton Oswalt, Dies at 46

McNamara married the “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” actor in 2005. Oswalt has also starred in “Veep,” “The King of Queens,” “Magnolia,” ”Starsky & Hutch” and voiced the rat chef Remy in “Ratatouille.”

Social Media Usage: 2005-2015

Nearly two-thirds of American adults (65%) use social networking sites, up from 7% when Pew Research Center began systematically tracking social media usage in 2005. Pew Research reports have documented in great detail how the rise of social media has affected such things as work , politics and political deliberation , communications patterns around the globe , as well as the way people get and share information about health , civic life , news consumption , communities , teenage life , parenting , dating and even people’s level of stress .

The new 'Doctor Who' companion will be announced today

"Doctor Who" star Peter Capaldi will be joined by the new face on his adventures in the tenth season of the revived BBC hit show. We'll see them in action together in 2017.

thirstkitteh on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Prince, the Only Influence a Musician Will Ever Need

Because as difficult as it is to answer the influences question, it’s harder still to overestimate the kaleidoscopic, staggering influence of a unicorn like Prince. He skittered onto the global scene in the early 1980s with a magnificently uncategorizable hybrid of funk, soul, rock, and pop from which generations of musicians have been furiously cribbing ever since. His expressive falsetto resonates in the throats of Pharrell Williams, D’Angelo, or Justin Timberlake. His potent combination of churchy keyboards and frank sexuality caused a cultural meltdown that inspired Madonna’s sex-on-a-cross theatrics and Tipper Gore’s Parental Advisory stickers in equal measure. His singular drum machine sound, a Linn LM-1 Drum Computer played through some alchemical pedalboard, haunts hip-hop radio now more than ever.

Apple will only accept native watchOS apps starting June 1

Apple today announced a new rule affecting software development for its Apple Watch wearable. Essentially the company is mandating that developers only build apps that have the ability to access the Internet over Wi-Fi, not just a local iPhone.

Patrick Thibodeau on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Amazon Echo can now add events to Google calendar

Amazon Echo is getting a nice new feature: you can now add events to your Google calendar.

Inside Gogo’s airborne lab for testing in-flight Wi-Fi

Just as customers walk away from a $50,000 car deal because the cupholder is too small, in-flight Wi-Fi may play a disproportionately pivotal part in flyers’ decision-making.

Las Vegas is adding X-rated VR to your room service package

VR Bangers says it aims to replicate the user's hotel room for maximum immersion - which prooobably just means that the sets for the video are hotel rooms, though that has not been confirmed by the film company.

The FBI just cracked another iPhone without Apple's help

After unlocking an iPhone discovered in connection with the San Bernardino terror attacks without Apple’s assistance last month, the FBI has managed to crack a second device – this time, it was an iPhone 5S used by a drug dealer in New York.

IGN Meet N' Greet Presented By 2K - Splash

Clear your calendar - It's going down! Text Blocks kicks off on May 20th, and you're invited to take part in the festivities. Splash HQ (122 W 26th St) is our meeting spot for a night of fun and excitement. Come one, come all, bring a guest, and hang loose. This is going to be epic!

Today Is World Create Day

While I am celebrating World create day at home in my workshop(nobody else in my neck of the woods), it is great to see chats, and meet-ups going on everywhere! I am wasting no time building and away, 3D printer is running, solder smoke rolling off, and my little machines are humming. Hope everyone has a great time and builds something amazing. Creation is an act of sheer will. Go for it…… I can’t wait to see what is being made today. Mark

Twitter is bringing Shakespeare back to life this weekend

April 23 marks 400 years since the death of William Shakespeare and just three days later is the 452nd anniversary of his birth. The prolific wordsmith produced nearly 40 plays and over 150 sonnets, poems and verses in his  52 years.

Fired Reddit exec quietly launches 'Imzy,' a warmer, fuzzier Reddit

At its core though, Imzy wants to provide a safe place to share and discuss without the fear of being harassed, a problem Reddit has struggled with for several years. McComas says, while social sharing sites like Reddit do a great job of growing to scale, they often “attract harassers” and it becomes ingrained in the site’s culture — something I think any Reddit user would have difficulty arguing.

You might soon be able to log in with sound from your skull

The team found that their system correctly identified its test subjects 97 percent of the time. So yes, there’s a still a way to go before it works perfectly. There are also a couple of limitations to the system: it may not work as well if there’s enough background noise to interfere with the audio, and factors like users’ weight gain may change the feedback the mic receives, leaving the user locked out of their device.

How two refugees created a design agency that's changing the world

But today’s nonprofits want to tell compelling stories about social issues through clean, even sleek design — and it's made easier with the many technology options available. WordPress and Drupal, among other platforms, make it possible even for the summer intern to create a decent blog or website, and that can be tempting, given many nonprofits' small budgets.

Amazon Has Begun Labeling Some Items Prime-Exclusive

It’s an open market, but there’s some troubling things here. Because of Amazon’s size and ubiquity in the marketplace, they tend to have the lowest prices for items, something that’s helpful if you don’t earn a lot. The potential for blocking out lower income buyers could be troubling if the company decides to go that route.

The Team Behind the Rogue One Trailer Trolls the Internet With Their Own Reaction Trailer

There’s a lot of work that goes into these first looks, and they have to balance completely uninformed opinions of fans against what the film will actually look like, and then have that go under an intense microscope.

Neill Blomkamp's Alien Movie Might Actually Happen

Well, I *think* it is. Ridley asked Neill NOT to make our Alien until after Prometheus 2. He (Ridley) wanted his movie to shoot and be released first. But it’s an AMAZING script, and Neill and I are REALLY excited about doing it. We’re doing other things until we can get going on that. I’d be really surprised if we DIDN’T do it, because it’s such a great script, and we love working together. So, it’s just going to take a little bit longer to get out to you, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Windows 10 2-in-1s: Acer unveils Switch Alpha 12, liquid-cooled Surface Pro rival | ZDNet

The device gives Windows 10 fans in the market for a 2-in-1 a new cheaper option than Microsoft's $899 Surface Pro 4. Acer says the liquid-cooling and the omission of a fan in the $599 Switch Alpha 12 should keep it both quiet and cool.

Why Uber Won — Greylock Perspectives

Uber is the canonical example of using money as a performance enhancing drug during the steroid era. Let’s start with the record breaking facts. Uber raised $9 billion in equity and another $1.6 billion in debt over 15 rounds in a 6 year period. That is unprecedented for a private company.    So what did Uber do with all its money? The strategy wasn’t buying growth, speed or liquidity. Uber’s strategy was to buy all-of-the-above. At small dollars using money is a financial decision. At Uber’s big dollars using money is a strategic decision. The company’s use of money as performance enhancing drug was beautifully aggressive. It was offensive and defensive at the same time.    If we rewind the clock to 2012, Lyft launched a peer-to-peer ridesharing service and Uber was a black car marketplace. Lyft and Sidecar’s P2P taxis were a bigger idea in a bigger space. And like most marketplaces, it was a winner-take-all opportunity, or at least a winner-take-most. At the time, all three companies were only in SF and everyone was racing towards liquidity, with sights to have a right of first refusal on every other city in the country thereafter.

A solar-powered plane made a historic trip from Hawaii to Silicon Valley

Pilot Bertrand Piccard, who left Hawaii three days ago, said he hopes to fly over San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge before landing in Mountain View on Saturday night.

ICYMI: Targeting Zika with tech, flexi-cam and more

Today on In Case You Missed It: Brazil is taking on the Zika virus by creating a smart billboard that attracts, then kills mosquitoes. Columbia University researchers built a camera prototype that takes pictures at a curve. And a Chinese company has stepped to Tesla with a self-driving, electric-only vehicle, though it isn't in production yet. Definitely share the latest in the Volkswagen emissions scandal with your friends who could use $5,000 (but might not get it) ; or just take in this performance from Prince as he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Music Hall of Fame. He was just so talented. As always, please share any great tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

This app automatically schedules Slack messages

Schedul  aims to fix that with its handy app. Connect it to your team’s Slack and you can manually schedule a message to be published in any channel at a specific time.

9 Amazon Prime Video Features You May Not Know

If you're not already a Prime subscriber, Prime Video is definitely a factor to consider. If you are already a subscriber and haven't investigated Prime video, you definitely need to hop to it! Here are nine cool things that you can do with Prime Video. Some features have no equal among its competition, while others put Prime Video's status as a side-business on full display, but all show why it's a medium that needs to be taken seriously.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Is So Bad, It’s Fantastically Wonderful

At the same time, it’s odd. The actual story of The Contractual Obligation Movie is dark as all fuck. No real spoilers, but it involves a murdered baby, and then lots and lots of other children getting abused and turned into soldiers. This film, among other things, is supposed to show why Chris Hemsworth was so broody in the Snow White film, but Hemsworth’s endlessly jolly smirk sort of undoes that idea, and this film keeps pivoting from the horrific to the horrendous with such alacrity that you sort of understand why everybody involved seems to have been well medicated (except Blunt).

How to be a programmer without a computer science degree

Does this mean you can be a programmer without a college degree? Simply put, yes. But the non-traditional road towards the world of programming is obviously a tougher one than if you had a CS degree.

A longtime Google employee took a trip to North Korea and captured these scenes of everyday life

The notoriously secretive North Korean government has strict guidelines regarding what can and can't be photographed in the country. Even professional Getty photographers use only their phones to capture images of the rarely seen culture.

Aphantasia: A life without mental images - BBC News

But he adds: "I think it makes quite an important difference to their experience of life because many of us spend our lives with imagery hovering somewhere in the mind's eye which we inspect from time to time, it's a variability of human experience."

Chrome OS now has Material Design for the desktop

It also makes sense for Chrome OS, which more heavily on the Web than more traditional operating systems. If Chrome as a browser is going to sport Material Design, its OS should too.

Find Out How Loud Your New Neighborhood Will Be Before You Move In

When Brendan Farrell was shopping for a house in Los Angeles, he noticed how real estate sites readily listed a property’s walkability and nearby schools. But the presence of noise—one of the most important quality-of-life factors—remained elusive, and invisible. Farrell realized he could use his skills as an applied mathematician to build a map that could help people “hear” their new homes before they moved in.

Sales skyrocketed after 'Rust' added female character models

When Rust creator Garry Newman introduced female character models to the open world survival game, he said the idea was rooted in a social experiment: He wanted to see if lady characters would be attacked more or less because players might perceive them as being weak or vulnerable, respectively. What actually happened caught him off guard. Despite internet rage about gender being randomly -- and permanently -- assigned to Steam usernames, it's actually increased the amount of players.

Laptop dock for Android: The $99 Superbook | ZDNet

This is a bare laptop shell that uses a connected Android smartphone for the CPU, memory, and storage. This allows using familiar apps installed on the phone in a laptop format. It's reportedly only $99, making it an option for those wondering if such a system will work for their needs.

How to fix the username system

I  recently  decried the “first come, first served” username system that so many digital platforms adopt. In response to my post, a lengthy  Hacker News discussion  was born, and I spent a Sunday answering thoughtful emails and Tweets. Readers asked questions, shared ideas, and pointed out many novel username systems in operation. Below are follow-up notes edited into a Q&A.

How to Fix What’s Wrong With Game of Thrones

But a lot of the major political developments this season happen off-screen, and the show doesn’t fully use its major advantage over the books — the ability to depict scenes that happen when the books’ POV characters aren’t present. I was itching for a few scenes of Cersei’s uncle Kevan Lannister trying to fix the mess Cersei left behind, for example. We still get some great scenes of characters like Varys discussing the possibility of a just ruler, but without a bit more attention to detail, the land of Westeros starts to feel more like a painted backdrop. This is the thing the show excelled at in previous seasons, often adding political discussions that weren’t in the books.

Microsoft rolls out new programs to incent IT pros to go cloud | ZDNet

Microsoft is rolling out two new free resource programs to try to get more IT professionals to go cloud.

All the best apps have a 'wow moment'

The best apps have a key ‘wow moment’ – whether it’s when Uber transforms the way you think about travel forever, when Amazon Prime Now gets that item you need to your door within an hour, or simply the moment you get addicted to your new favorite game.

Computers That Crush Humans at Games Might Have Met Their Match: ‘StarCraft’

@Kyle Waters I have heard it before, all human players say that. That was also said about GO, too complex for computers. The deep learning techniques employed by AlphaGo do not rely on brute force to calculate all possible outcomes and select the best one. If they manage to master StarCraft, the tools to beat humans at poker will already be in the tool box. Poker is an easier challenge that StarCraft actually, because a computer knows all knowable information at any given time. It is much less dynamic.

Your complete guide to avoiding procrastination and getting sh*t done

I’m sure we can all remember putting off studying for that dreadful exam or thesis paper in college. But you’re not alone.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

4/5 #TRweekendreads : In 06 we said 'It's Not Too Late' about climate change—can we still? -

These 19th Century Drawings of Planets Are Abstract Wonders

The New York Public Library is a treasure trove of public domain images. Among them are the Trouvelot Astronomical Drawings , which have images of space as observed throughout the late 1800s. Above is Mars from 1877, which looks less like we see in NASA images and more like an artist’s impression an octopus stuck in a fishbowl.

One of the guys running Google Chrome just revealed his favorite secret trick

"One less known fact about it is that if you're creating an account for the first time on some site, it can even create a secure password for you (and then save it so you never need to remember it)," Roy-Chowdhury says.

WSJDLive on October 19-21, 2015 in Laguna Beach

Steve Jurvetson is a partner at the venture capital firm DFJ. His current board responsibilities include Planet Labs, SpaceX, Synthetic Genomics, and Tesla Motors (TSLA). He was the founding VC investor in Hotmail, Interwoven (IWOV), Kana (KANA), and NeoPhotonics (NPTN). He also led DFJ’s investments in other companies that were acquired for $12 billion in aggregate. Steve was chosen by Deloitte as “Venture Capitalist of the Year”, by Forbes as one of “Tech’s Best Venture Investors”, by the VC Journal as one of the “Ten Most Influential VCs”, by Fortune as part of their “Brain Trust of Top Ten Minds” and “The Valley’s Sharpest VC” on the cover of Business 2.0.

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