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Amazon, Netflix, More Sue Streaming Service Set TV

What makes this lawsuit different from those that have come before it is that the list of plaintiffs makes up basically the entire industry, from Disney to 20th Century Fox.

Net neutrality is officially dead. Here's what that means.

Today is the day that the net neutrality repeal takes effect. Here's what that means.

Today in Apple history: App Store hits 1 billion downloads | Cult of Mac

On April 23, 2009, the App Store hit one billion downloads. A 13-year-old kid downloaded the billionth app.

Hubble delivers dazzling Lagoon Nebula for 28th anniversary

NASA and the European Space Agency celebrate the Hubble Space Telescope with a pic of the dreamlike Lagoon Nebula.

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Amazon may be working on a robot for your home

A domestic robot would give Amazon an explicit in into your home, and we speculate the robot would quickly learn your habits, such as when you turn off lights in a certain room, as well as what products you buy (we could easily see it sensing when you need to restock on laundry detergent and filling an order for you).

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Apple's deal for Shazam is being investigated by European antitrust officials. They are concerned the iPhone maker will have access to data on competitors. 

'Fast & Furious' will be getting an animated Netflix series

The Fast & Furious franchise is being turned into an animated series, Netflix announced on Monday, as a part of Netflix's deal with DreamWorks Animation. The new series focuses on the younger cousin of Dom (Vin Diesel) from the movie franchise and is aimed at a younger demographic.

DT Daily: Amazon is planning to build Alexa enabled home robots

Amazon’s latest bid to take over the world? An in-home robot! If you think Alexa listening is little creepy, then you’re not gonna like our lead story today. First reported by Bloomberg, Amazon has a top-secret project at work brewing up a domestic robot. Code-named Project Vesta – that’s the Roman Goddess of Hearth, Home, and Family if you’re not up on your mythology – the robot could end up being a super early predecessor to a fully-functioning robot Butler or maid … like Rosie from the Jetson’s cartoon. If you think this is a far-off idea, think again, people close to the project say they hope to see robots inside Amazon employee homes by the end of this year, potentially invading your domicile as early as 2019. Early versions of the robot, should it ever see light of day, could be a sort of mobile Alexa which can move room to room and follow you as needed. We could be looking at a Roomba meets Echo speaker here, with more functionality coming down the road. No matter what it does, though, it’s sure to blow up the internet when Amazon trots its bot out for the first time. See more: https://www.

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Why aliens on 'super-Earth' planets may not be able to leave

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Apple hires a Samsung executive to lead its business in South Korea, home to the company's biggest rival

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"Uranus really DOES SMELLS like farts." That grammar, lmao.

The “unpatchable” exploit that makes every current Nintendo Switch hackable

What makes this exploit particularly worrisome for Nintendo and other Tegra vendors is that it apparently can't be fixed via a simple downloadable patch; the flawed bootROM in question can't be modified once the Tegra chip leaves the factory. That's an important security measure if the bootROM itself is secure but a big problem if the bootROM is exploited, as seems to be the case here (Nintendo and Nvidia were not immediately available to respond to a request for comment).

Apple cuts HomePod orders by more than half | Cult of Mac

Apple’s HomePod smart speaker isn’t off to the best start in terms of sales. A new report claims that lack of demand for the speakers has resulted in Apple cutting orders from 500,000 units per month to just 200,000.

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Apple’s purchase of Shazam is now under investigation by the EU …

Apple's Latest Ads Encourage Android Users to Switch to iPhone

Apple would very much like it if more Android users switched over to the walled garden ecosystem, and, as such, has polished a pair of new ads to encourage potential switchers.

You weren't hacked, Google tells Gmail users who received spam from themselves

"We are aware of a spam campaign impacting a small subset of Gmail users and have actively taken measures to protect against it. This attempt involved forged email headers that made it appear as if users were receiving emails from themselves, which also led to those messages erroneously appearing in the Sent folder. We have identified and are reclassifying all offending emails as spam, and have no reason to believe any accounts were compromised as part of this incident," Google said in a statement to Mashable .

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Expect the next phase of Marvel movies to also build into mega events like Avengers: Infinity War

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Apple’s recycling robot rips apart and crunches up old iPhones to recover valuable materials

Cryptocurrency miners hacked my blog

A few weeks ago, I was alerted by email that someone had logged into the admin console of one of my blogs. It was around 11:30 PM, and I was getting ready to go to sleep. Since I’m the only admin on my blog, I was surprised. Surprise quickly turned to alarm as I realized it must be a hack. That realization was the beginning of nearly five days of effort to stop the attacks, restore my sites and secure them to minimize the possibility of attacks in the future.

16 Alphabet’s Earnings Soar as Sales Continue to Climb

Alphabet’s net profit surged 73% to $9.4 billion in the first quarter, up from $5.4 billion in the same period last year, boosted by a change in accounting rules which caused the company to begin reporting the current fair value of nonmarketable securities. That included the company’s valuable stake in ride-hailing giant Uber, though it didn’t break out individual holdings.

DoD clarifies winner-take-all cloud contract

In a press conference last week, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White indicated that the original contract award is for just two years. After that there are two additional options for five years and three years. The department can opt out after the first two years if it’s not working out, or seven years if it accepts the second option. Obviously if it takes the final option, that would add up to a full 10-year commitment.

21 books you need to read this spring

The Parking Lot Attendant  is a coming-of-age story about a girl in Boston who falls in love with Ayale, an Ethiopian parking lot attendant who is "the unofficial king of Boston's Ethiopian community." The book starts out at the end, showing our unnamed narrator as an outcast on an undisclosed island with her father. But after this brief glimpse into the future, the book flashes back to the past, exploring the narrator's teenage years, her complicated relationship with her parents, her love for Ayale, and the way that she gets wrapped up into Ayale's increasingly complicated schemes.

An Amazon robot with Alexa could be in homes by 2019

It's not a terrible idea, though if it's just an Alexa-powered mobile speaker, it may not give enough reason for customers to care beyond the early-adopter thrill of owning a domestic robot. Amazon's cheap Echo Dots already do a good job of letting users easily put Alexa in more rooms, and even when that isn't convenient (like, say, a bathroom), there are portable speakers with Alexa that will work.

SpaceX's plan to fly you across the globe in 30 minutes

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

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Given the fact he is saying a lot of madness things lately, I would say he played nothing and just didn’t want to look stupid because his movie is VR based...

Lay your head on these plush pillows of Apple apps from Throwboy

A picture of the finished pillows went viral and orders began to flood Hoyos’ inbox. To meet the sudden demand, he started the company, Throwboy. To celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary, Hoyos has issued a second collection of icon pillows.

Windows shops be warned: New Internet Explorer bug lets hackers hijack your system

A Chinese cybersecurity firm has discovered a "double kill" bug in Internet Explorer that it said is already being used by possible nation-state hacking groups.

The best wireless chargers for your iPhone 8 and X | Cult of Mac

This lightweight, minimalist, low-profile wireless charger packs everything you need into the box, including a wall adapter and a 1.5m (nearly 5-foot) tethered cable to deliver the latest tech with up to 7.5W of power. A rubberized TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) coating protects your iPhone and keeps it properly aligned while charging. Apple has vouched for this charger and sells it in its store. The device automatically determines the right amount of power for a safe, quick charge to prevent over-charging and overheating. As with most other chargers, it works with protective cases up to 3mm, but not cases with batteries or other metal — and it welcomes the Mophie Juice Pack case for charging older iPhones. Users gave the Mophie Wireless Base high praise, though there were scattered complaints about the size and positioning of the wall plug and the need to be precise in placing the phone on the pad.

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Make a camera click sound when you need to remember to do something:

These Are 4 Types Of Bosses You’ll Have, And How To Deal With Them

Here, too, the onus is on you to communicate what you need. Vengoechea suggests expressing gratitude for their trust and “share when you want more input, check in on their goals and how you can help, [and] ask for feedback.” As she put it in her previous article, it’s all about “acknowledg[ing] that you feel empowered to make decisions and run with ideas autonomously, thanks to their support. But don’t be afraid to spell out scenarios where their perspective might be helpful and productive for you.” Typically, a manager who cares about your professional development will make a greater effort to get more involved when you need that.

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Sometimes the best way to peel a head of garlic is to just smash it with your cutting board:

Facebook just published a message for its users: No, you're not the product

"What we allow is for advertisers to tell us who they want to reach, and then we do the placement. So, if an advertiser comes to us and says, 'All right, I am a ski shop and I want to sell skis to women,' then we might have some sense, because people shared skiing-related content, or said they were interested in that, they shared whether they're a woman, and then we can show the ads to the right people without that data ever changing hands and going to the advertiser."

Apple Is Replacing Some 13-Inch MacBook Pro Batteries

If you own a non-touch 13-inch MacBook Pro manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017, you could be eligible for a free replacement battery. Apple has determined that a component may fail in these laptops with the knock-on effect being the battery expands. We've all seen what can happen when a battery malfunctions inside a laptop or smartphone, however, Apple is stating this is "not a safety issue."

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New DNA structure discovered inside living human cells

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Keep a tick scrap book to chronicle all your tick bites. It could come in handy:

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Old Match profiles reappear online because 'delete' doesn't mean what you think it means

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Google is bleeding cash trying to take on Amazon in the smart home …

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

How to speed up your internet and stop your ISP tracking you | Cult of Mac

When you type something like Cult of Mac into your browser, a computer somewhere (usually your internet provider) looks up the actual IP address of that site. The common analogy is that of a phone book, which would be good if anyone under 30 knew what a phone book was. This all happens before you connect to the actual website you requested. DNS lookup happens every time you click a link to site, not just when you type a URL into your browser. There are a few problems with DNS:

iPhone X users love the 'notch' | Cult of Mac

More than 90 percent of iPhone X users like the design without a Home button, according to a scientific survey. That’s good news for Apple, as most of the 2018 models are expected to use a similar form factor.

Bucardo charms Apple Watch right off the wrist

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve got a great gift idea that’s as perfectly unique as mom — luxury brand Bucardo’s stunning Charm Necklaces for Apple Watch.

Why you love reading other people's money diaries

But if you find that reading money diaries usually makes you feel like garbage, consider reevaluating your relationship with them. "Excessive concern about money and savings to the detriment of [a reader's] enjoyment of their life is a potential problem," Dr. Luo said.

Hackers Go After X-Ray, MRI Machines for Corporate Espionage

However, Symantec is refraining from blaming the spying on state-sponsored cyberspies. One big reason is because the hacking has been "noisy" and easy for security researchers to spot —a trait that doesn't match with sophisticated government hackers. Instead, it's more likely that Orangeworm is a corporate entity or hackers-for-hire, DiMaggio said.

Glowforge opens public orders for its desktop 3D laser cutter

The maker-targeted device, which can ‘print’ (read: engrave/laser cut) a variety of materials including leather, wood, acrylic, glass, and even the metal surface of a Macbook, starts at $2,495 for the entry level machine, rising to a full $5,995 for the pro model — which is billed as faster, able to print larger items, and capable of running for longer periods.

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Netflix's The Rain trailer show the horror of a precipitation post-apocalypse

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This BBC archive will let you download over 16,000 free sound effects:

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Why the Captain Marvel movie decided to bring back some familiar faces

Show HN: A Python Script to Download Thousands of Wallpapers at Once | Hacker News

Unless you're in dire need of thousands of wallpapers (most of them you are going to delete anyway) it's better not to hammer the website. I'd even limit the download rate. reply

Mysterious cyber worm targets medical systems, is found on X-ray machines and MRI scanners | ZDNet

Within the healthcare sector, Kwampirs malware was found installed on a wide variety of systems, including X-Ray and MRI machines, as well as machines used to assist patients in completing consent forms. However, rather than stealing information stored upon these systems, it is suggested that attackers are mostly interested in learning about the devices themselves.

CIO Jury: One-third of tech leaders say their company uses low-code platforms

Want to be part of TechRepublic's CIO Jury and have your say on the top issues for IT decision makers? If you are a CIO, CTO, IT director, or equivalent at a large or small company, working in the private sector or in government, and you want to join TechRepublic's CIO Jury pool, click the Contact link below or email alison dot rayome at cbsinteractive dot com, and send your name, title, company, location, and email address.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Tweak your photos to perfection with Snapseed [50 Essential iOS Apps #4] | Cult of Mac

The iPhone’s camera is arguably one of the best cameras most people will use for capturing life moments. Sometimes, though, those photos don’t turn out quite as perfect as you hope. The iOS Camera and Photos apps have some basic editing tools, but if you’re looking for more fine-tuned tweaks, Snapseed is a powerful, free photo editor for iOS that helps revive and tweak your shots.

Microsoft is dropping its Windows Phone apps for Teams, Yammer, Skype for Business in May | ZDNet

Microsoft is continuing to support the Skype for Business mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as the versions for desktop Windows and Mac. Microsoft's guidance for Windows Phone users is to access Skype for Business, Teams and Yammer via their web browser.

51 Windows warning: Tech-support scammers are ramping up attacks, says Microsoft | ZDNet
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53 Target plans to build hundreds of EV chargers at stores across 20 states
54 Twitterrific update improves direct messaging and keyboard support
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57 Gizmodo on Twitter
58 Gizmodo on Twitter
59 Internet Explorer zero-day alert: Attackers hitting unpatched bug in Microsoft browser | ZDNet
60 Cat biographies for pet-sitter are truly riveting literature
61 Bumble wants you to know that it's definitely not a hookup app
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63 When it comes to successful entrepreneurs, 40 is the new 20
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65 Marvel Studios Boss Addresses Namor's Complicated Rights Status - IGN
66 Sanctions against Kaspersky are 'logical next step,' senator says
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68 Facebook hit with defamation lawsuit over fake ads
69 Facebook finally answers the hardest question about its users — and it’s a doozy
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71 LIVE: Google Alphabet beats revenue targets, but shares hovering near closing price
72 LIVE: Google Alphabet beats revenue targets, but shares hovering near closing price
73 Ry Crist on Twitter
74 Facebook details its fight to stop terrorist content
75 Survey: Many people think Amazon has a positive influence on society
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78 Why Amazon's home robots aren't a stretch: All the infrastructure, ecosystem via AWS is in place | ZDNet
79 The G6 is the way forward for Motorola | ZDNet
80 YouTube reveals it removed 8.3m videos from site in three months
81 ​SK Hynix sees profit rise 77 percent over the year | ZDNet
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85 After ransomware attack, Atlanta spent 50 times more than the ransom demand
86 Control this window window AC unit with your iPhone | Cult of Mac
87 Gmail spam mystery: Why have secure accounts started spamming themselves? | ZDNet
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90 Design thinking sucks, but it doesn't have to
91 SunTrust Banks ex-employee may have stolen 1.5 million customer records | ZDNet
92 Can a smart office make your team more productive too? | ZDNet
93 7 childish tips for abusing Alexa Announcements
94 Amazon eyes a move into home shopping TV with possible Evine acquisition
95 Mother's Day 2018: The best tech and gadgets for your mom this year | ZDNet
96 Backed by Bill Gates, EarthNow wants to show us every inch of our planet in real-time | ZDNet