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'Mark Zuckerberg' Is Desperate for Friends in a WeChat Ad

"Mark Zuckerberg" sees a therapist in an ad for Facebook rival WeChat.

What most schools don't teach

Learn about a new "superpower" that isn't being taught in 90% of US schools.

Uncanny LeBron James Portrait Comes to Life in Artist's Time-Lapse

Call her the LeBron James of drawing, because we are all witnesses to the fact that Heather Rooney is an incredibly talented artist. See also: Why Does This NBA Player Have Emoj...

A Baffling Balloon Behavior - Smarter Every Day 113

Tweet: FB: Download a free Audio book: More info! ⇊ Click below for more l...

Key & Peele: Hell's Kitchen Parody

In Gideon's Kitchen, the winners are winners, and the losers might be winners too. New episodes returning Fall 2014 on Comedy Central Subscribe to Comedy Cen...

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Synack Raises $7.5 Million Putting Bounties On IT Security Threats | TechCrunch

Initially, the company’s ability to recruit widely enough was a concern for KPCB managing director Ted Schlein, who now sits on the Synack board. But given the company’s success in attracting a broad base of experts from around the world, Schlein says the only real hurdle for the business is wrapping up long-term contracts with big businesses. Schlein even noted that the promise of making money legally through hacking might even make “some bad actors turn into good actors”.

Intralinks Acquires Document Security Service docTrackr | TechCrunch

Providing a good security solution is a good way to differentiate your service from competitors. For example, Dropbox doesn’t have a compelling encryption solution. That’s why Box will certainly work with other security solutions (or even build an in-house solution) to replace docTrackr.

Grab a New TNW T-Shirt While Supplies Last

Whether you want to celebrate Edward Snowden’s revelations of mass-surveillance, good old-fashioned people power (the theme for our European conference this year) or even your own Internet addiction, we have something for you. While stocks last we have have a much-requested Illuminati-themed design, ‘The New Internet Order’, too.

China to restrict game sales based on content like gambling, violence

Since China temporarily lifted its ban on foreign video game consoles in January , it was a matter of time before the government offered new rules to regulate console and game distribution. According to a Shanghai government release translated by Games in Asia , those rules will dictate the kind of content that won't be allowed to be sold in the country, such gambiling-related game features. Additionally, anything deemed threatening to "China's national unity, sovereignty, or territorial integrity" and content that "instigates racial/ethnic hatred" won't be distributable in the country. Games also may not promote "obscenity, drug use, violence or gambling," as well as cults and superstitions. Approved games cannot violate China's constitution, nor can they harm its culture, traditions and public ethics. The policies state that foreign companies must work with a local company to produce consoles within the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, such as Sony's PlayStation 4 or Microsoft's Xbox One, the latter of which arrived in 26 more regions just last month . Plus, games in China must go through an approval process with Shanghai's culture department, which will take "no longer than 20 days.

The wonderful rides of Steve Wozniak | Cult of Mac

Over the years, cherubic Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has demonstrated a love of all things two-wheeled, four-wheeled and winged.

MaidSafe: A Wildly Successful Cryptocoin Debacle | TechCrunch

Lyft Launches In 24 New Markets, Cuts Fares By Another 10% | TechCrunch

Today’s expansion brings the total number of Lyft markets served to 60, which is up from 36 just a day ago. That is the most coverage in the U.S. by any of the new on-demand ride app companies. It will also position Lyft as first-mover in 13 markets where the company won’t be competing with rival Uber at launch.

Microsoft’s FQ3 Earnings Beat With Revenue Of $20.40B, EPS Of $0.68, Surface Top Line Of $500 Million | TechCrunch

This afternoon Microsoft published its fiscal third quarter 2014 financial results, with revenue of $20.40 billion, and earnings per share of $0.68. Analysts had expected the company to report $20.39 billion in revenue, and earnings per share of $0.63.

Ondot Raises $18M To Let You Take Complete Control Of Your Credit Card Via Your Mobile Phone | TechCrunch

Managing credit and debit cards is still a relatively complicated process. You can control some elements of your cards like accessing your balances and transferring money online, but you can’t turn off cards or set transaction types via the web or from a mobile phone. Ondot Systems , a stealthy company that has raised $18 million in funding, has developed a white-label solution called CardControl that gives consumers control over when, where and how their payment cards are used.

PastBook Brings Its Collaborative Photo Book Maker To iPhone | TechCrunch

There are a number of tools to build photo books from your phone today – including apps like Shutterfly, Mosaic, Printic and others, but today Dutch company PastBook is now joining the fray, bringing its online, collaborative photo book maker to the iPhone.

Vevo Releases New iOS App With A Real-Time Feed And Live Vevo TV Streams | TechCrunch

Music video distributor Vevo just launched an update to its iOS app today, providing users with a new, regularly updated home page, as well as access to the company’s live, programmed music channels.

Mozilla's new CTO: JavaScript, Firefox OS expert Andreas Gal - CNET

"For me, the open Web is a unique ecosystem because no one controls or owns it...Every browser vendor can prototype new technologies for the Web. Once Mozilla led the way with Firefox, market pressures and open standards quickly forced competitors to implement successful technology as well. The result has been an unprecedented pace of innovation that has already displaced competing proprietary technology ecosystems on the desktop," Gal said. "We are on the cusp of the same open Web revolution happening in mobile as well, and Mozilla's goal is to accelerate the advance of mobile by tirelessly pushing the boundaries of what's possible with the Web."

Automattic Buys Scroll Kit, A Code-Free Website Builder That Once Got Legal Heat From The NYT | TechCrunch

The Scroll Kit editor is being shut down in three months as its co-founders integrate some of the features into WordPress. “I can’t go into details about what we’re working on but I can say that we’re shutting down Scroll Kit so we can work on the core product,” Brown tells me. “We’re drawn to WordPress because it’s an opportunity to take the best features inside Scroll Kit and reach an audience that is many magnitudes larger.”

The App-Filled Future of Luxury Is Avoiding People

In fact, the slow squeeze of premium services into elite ones may be affecting the not-quite-upper crust even more than the rabble. As I was about step on board my Delta flight from Atlanta to LAX to claim my Silvercar, two men entered the jetway from the tarmac-side door rather than the terminal and proceeded in front of me before stowing their carry-ons and taking their seats in first class. I hadn’t seen anything like it before, and not for lack of opportunity. I’ve got Diamond Medallion status on Delta, which means I fly more than 125,000 miles per year. One of the perks of such status is access to free upgrades when seats are available. But thanks to reduced routes driven by more limited competition thanks to consolidation, and smaller aircraft meant to maximize load, and more aggressive revenue management before releasing them, those upgrades have become fewer and farther between of late. Like many airlines, Delta has also been updating their loyalty programs to focus more exclusively on dollars spent rather than distance flown. One used to be able to become an elite via the “butt in seat” method—simply by scraping together enough travel to be recognized as such; now that achievement has more to do with revenue yield than with repeat business.

LinkedIn Announces Partner Programs For Sponsored Updates And Content | TechCrunch

Sponsored Updates were first launched on LinkedIn last summer as a way for companies to pay to promote the content (slideshows, articles, videos, and whitepapers) that they were sharing on LinkedIn. It’s a pretty common strategy for social networks to try to make money through this type of advertising, and and to work with outside partners to grow these ad programs.

Microsoft Earnings Today Will Be A Satya, Surface Double Feature | TechCrunch

its fiscal third quarter 2013 financial results, including revenue of $20.49 billion, and earnings per share of $0.72. Net income for the quarter was  $6.06 billion. The street had expected revenue of $20.5 billion, and earnings per share of $0.75 on a non-GAAP basis. GAAP estimates rested around the $0.68 mark.

ShopKeep’s Point Of Sale Software Rings Up $25 Million | TechCrunch

One of the biggest opportunities Richelson sees for ShopKeep and other point of sale software vendors going forward is the imminent demise of support for Windows XP. “There are millions and millions of transactions that run on Windows XP and are going to have to get replaced,” he says. “Small brick-and-mortar retailers are going to have to take some time to understand what’s going to happen with Windows XP,” since Microsoft ended its support for the operating system.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook on lack of new product launches in 2014

We’ve all been eagerly waiting for Apple to launch products in new product categories this year. But we are yet to see any new product launches so far.

Apple patent stops drivers texting - Telegraph

Apple has patented a system that would lock drivers out of their smartphones while on the move, in a bid to cut down on accidents caused by texting and other distracting features

Google And Apple Settle Lawsuit That Allegedly Screwed Employees Out Of Billions Of Dollars

Apple, Google, Adobe and Intel in 2010 settled a U.S. Department of Justice probe by agreeing not to enter into such no-hire deals in the future. The four companies had since been fighting the civil antitrust class action.

Microsoft Earnings: What to Watch - Digits - WSJ

However VMware, another major seller of business software, spooked Wall Street earlier this week by saying it was having trouble closing multi-year deals. VMware shares sank more than 9% after its earnings report. The question is whether VMware is unique, or if the company’s hiccups reflected reluctance of corporate-technology buyers to lock themselves into software contracts. That could hurt Microsoft.

President Obama Plays Soccer With ASIMO the Robot

President Barack Obama kicks a ball passed to him by a robot named ASIMO, an acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, as he attends a youth science event at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, known as the Miraikan, in Tokyo, Thursday, April 24, 2014. At right is Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri, and director of the Museum.

Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize | Threat Level | WIRED

When a user wants to buy something, he or she sends an order message (“I’ll take ten of your finest MDMA doses”) to the seller. If the seller agrees, the buyer and seller together choose what DarkMarket calls an “arbiter.” Since the market doesn’t have any central authority, the arbiter’s job is to settle any disputes–to serve as a tie breaker in any stalemate that might arise if the deal goes sour. Both the buyer and seller can keep a list of approved arbiters, and one will be chosen at random from the overlapping names on their lists. “The arbiter is just another peer on the network,” says Swanson. “Just as anyone can be a buyer or seller, anyone can be an arbiter.”

MGS: Ground Zeroes Platform-Exclusive DLC Coming to All - IGN

The DLC will be free in Japan then, but what of the rest of the world? Well, it seems likely that an announcement is imminent, especially with Kojima teasing some news for today. Additionally, anyone concerned about the fact Xbox One is mentioned above should rest easy; it's likely because the console won't arrive in Japan until September , so it wasn't relevant to include.

Flash Fashion Site SecretSales Raises £4.5M, Led By Partech | TechCrunch

Flash fashion sales site , a significant UK player, has raised £4.5 million – its third round of funding – from Partech Ventures’ new Partech VI fund and French private equity firm 123Venture, as well as existing investors Pentech and Doughty Hanson. The co-founders and key managers also participated. The cash will be used on product and customer acquisition.

Ondot Launches Remote Control for Credit Cards

Ondot , the startup behind CardControl, partners with credit card processors to offer banks CardControl's technology. The company currently works with four major processors who together process transactions from 10,000 banks and credit unions in the US. Banks can either integrate CardControl's features into their existing apps or offer it as a standalone app, though the company says it expects most banks will choose to integrate the features into their existing apps.

See Where America Gets Its Energy, In Spectacular Photos

In 2003, photographer Mitch Epstein traveled to Ohio to watch a small town be erased: A nearby power plant had purchased most of the homes there in exchange for families agreeing to leave and to never sue the company for health claims resulting from the plant’s pollution. Epstein was struck by the story--especially because of an 80-year-old woman who refused to move--and decided to travel across the country as an “energy tourist,” documenting other stories he found along the way.

Project Naptha Browser Extension Lets You Select Text In Images | Cult of Mac

I’m going to ask you to do something dirty, but it’ll be totally worth it. But before we get to that, let me tell you what this is about. Project Naptha is a browser extension that lets you copy and paste text from images . That’s right. Those times when some helpful web designer puts all the relevant info into a JPG need no longer drive you into an impotent rage.

Got $600K? Buy a condo, or eat lunch with Tim Cook | Cult of Mac

If you’ve ever wished you could grab lunch with Apple’s Tim Cook, now is your chance. Cook is auctioning off a lunch date at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. All proceeds from the action will go to the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights.

Microsoft Surface Mini to debut in mid-May? | ZDNet

There are a good number of viable alternatives to this 'vaporware' already. Wife has a Dell Venue 8, and I just picked up an Asus Note 8. We both have Surface 2s and Pro's but got tired of waiting for MS. Interested to see what MS does to differentiate itself. High res screen and active stylus? Real USB port, and video out? Better charge off USB, not some proprietary thing... unless it uses the Surface charger. I'm not opposed to buying one, but it needs to be better than what I have. IMHO, it being RT would actually be a perk. Desktop at 8" is more irritating than it is worth, so irrelevant. The inherent security of RT is a plus.

Mark Zuckerberg Immortalized by Madam Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, the world famous London-based wax museum, unveiled a life-size wax figure of Zuckerberg on Wednesday as part of a promotion for the museum's grand opening in San Francisco in June. The figure was unveiled alongside two other celebrity figures: actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and recording artist Rihanna.

Twitter hit by massive wave of malicious messages - CNET

The attack, which seems to have begun at about 2 p.m. PT, featured messages testifying to dramatic weight loss and life-changing events, such as, "If I didn't try this my life wouldn't have changed." An accompanying link led to a Women's Health magazine spoof site promoting a "miracle pill" for weight loss.

Amazon First Quarter Sales Pop 23%, Beat Street Expectations

Amazon reported $19.74 billion in first quarter revenue, a figure that beats the Street consensus of $19.4 billion and is 23% higher than the $16.07 billion reported during the same time in 2013. First quarter net income came in at $108 million, resulting in earnings of 23 cents per share, a penny above what analysts were predicting. This is an improvement upon the $82 million — that’s 18 cents per share — reported as profit for the prior-year quarter.

Amazon quietly tests own delivery network in quest for same-day shipping

Amazon offered a peek at the delivery network in a recent job posting on its website. "Amazon is growing at a faster speed than UPS and FedEx, who are responsible for shipping the majority of our packages," the posting reads. "At this rate Amazon cannot continue to rely solely on the solutions provided through traditional logistics providers. To do so will limit our growth, increase costs and impede innovation in delivery capabilities." "Last Mile is the solution to this. It is a program which is going to revolutionize how shipments are delivered to millions of customers."

The Woman Who Helped Define Facebook's Culture Explains How Startups Can Explain Who They Are To The World

Zuckerberg wrote this list in 2006 and put it in a drawer, but he brought it up again in 2009 as Graham worked with people across Facebook to re-write the company's values. Reading it for the first time, Graham was struck by how it was not only an honest, controversial description of the early culture at Facebook but also that in many ways, it was a great description of Zuckerberg himself. That list, combined with the Hacker piece that Paul Buchheit wrote, created a powerful description of the culture and philosophy behind Facebook.

Google Glass is on sale to the public again

Google’s Glass Explorer program is once again open to anyone with a web browser and $1,500 . After last week’s “one-day” sale  event, Google’s product page showed all models of Glass as sold out. Google has apparently restocked all colors and frame models, although they have not made an announcement regarding Glass sales without an Explorer invite. It should be noted that I did not complete a sales transaction, and this could simply be a mistake on Google’s part.

Blackphone's Ultrasecure Smartphone Adds Encryption and Plugs Data Leakage to Stop Snooping and Thwart Mass NSA Surveillance | MIT Technology Review

He eventually came up with something new for applications like e-mail. Now known as PGP, for “pretty good privacy,” it built on public-key cryptography with a few new tricks, using speedier algorithms and binding things like usernames and e-mail addresses to public keys. PGP quickly became the most popular way to encrypt e-mail. It also made ­Zimmermann a combatant in the so-called crypto wars of the 1990s. At the time, the U.S. government was worried about the prospect of strong encryption technologies slipping out of the country and making it harder to snoop on other countries. So after Zimmermann published his code on the Internet in 1991, the Justice Department opened a criminal investigation. It wasn’t dropped until 1996. By then, any fears that foreign governments would use cryptography to hide their activities from the U.S. were overshadowed by the great potential the technology had for American companies in the globalized business environment that emerged after the Cold War. Businesses were opening offices and factories in cheap labor markets, “which tend to be in countries with aggressive wiretapping environments and low on human rights,” Zimmermann says.

A debit card for bitcoin: Xapo solves the payment problem with MasterCard tie-in

XAPO is absolute rubbish. It is the same thing that happened with CaVirtex and other so-called Bitcoin Debit Cards. They received a huge round of VC funding and now they feel the need to tout some kind of innovation. Go to their site – you still can’t get the card! It is in ‘pre-order’ and will most likely never work. If it does work, expect to submit all kinds of identity verification documents and have your bitcoin funds reported to the IRS. If you want a REAL Bitcoin Debit Card that ACTUALLY WORKS and requires NO IDENTITY DOCUMENTS, then try !!

Linux Foundation rounds up vendor posse to save OpenSSL

Today, the Linux Foundation launched a campaign to change all that — and said it’s signed up a who’s-who of tech backers to support development and improvement of OpenSSL. Initial participants of this Core Infrastructure Initiative are Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell, Facebook, Fujitsu, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Rackspace, VMware and The Linux Foundation.

Google’s Revamped Gmail Could Take Encryption Mainstream | Enterprise | WIRED

The added issue that PGP is has own limitations. Even if you encrypt your e-mail, someone who intercepts the message will be able to tell who it was sent by and who it was sent to. On one hand, the fact that senders are exposed even in encrypted messages could help Google search mail that’s stored on a server. But it could be a real security issue for some people. “If you’re actually concerned that someone will know who you’re communicating with, that’s not something that PGP can help,” Rainey Reitman, the director of the activism team at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told us last year.

41 An iPhone Engineer-Turned-Game Maker Shares His Apple Story | Hacker News

Funny Snippet: Mr. Jobs was notorious for throwing his weight around however he could. One person on the iPhone design team was also named Steve, which caused some confusion in meetings. Mr. Jobs sought to change this. “At some point Steve Jobs got really frustrated with this and said ‘Guess what, you’re Margaret from now on,’” Mr. Tolmasky said. From there on, members of the team would always address the designer Steve as Margaret.

IFTTT adds an Android channel so I made a bat phone

I’ve been playing with it for a few hours on my Android handset and already created the equivalent of a bat phone for my editor. When I get a text from his number my hue lights in my living room and master bedroom turn red. At that point I can find my phone or rush to my computer to see what’s going on. I also did a generic text recipe so my lights blink when I receive a text from anyone.

First Bitcoin Vaults, Now Xapo Debuts Debit Cards - Digits - WSJ

The company — which currently offers two main services, a vault for people to store their bitcoins and a wallet to facilitate transactions — says the Xapo debit card will function like a normal debit card, except one backed by bitcoins instead of traditional currency. The card will be linked to the customer’s Xapo Wallet and will function anywhere traditional debit cards or credit cards are used, off or online. The digital version of the card is free, but a physical card will cost $15.

Hearthstone: An Epic New Card Game From the Creators of Warcraft | Game|Life | WIRED

PopCap Games’ classic Peggle , for example, served as inspiration for the charming and whimsical manner in which the cards interact with each other. Minions jump across the board when attacking, while lightning spells send electricity ripping through the aether. When a particularly large amount of damage is dealt simultaneously, the playing field shakes and crumbles as if struck by a massive blow. These touches don’t change the way the cards interact with each other, but they add a level of detail and immersion that wouldn’t be possible with a physical card game.

Moving your apps to the cloud gets easier as Amazon adds Docker support

Now it’s possible to run entire applications that sit inside a Docker container on Elastic Beanstalk. “You can think of Docker as an exciting and powerful new runtime environment for Elastic Beanstalk, joining the existing Node.JS, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, and Ruby environments,” Amazon Web Services chief evangelist Jeff Barr wrote in a blog post today.

Joystiq Streams: Giveaways and The Wolf Among Us [UPDATE: We're live!]

Set prior to the events seen in the first issue of the FABLES comic book series, The Wolf Among Us puts players in the role of Bigby Wolf, a man once more infamously known as The Big Bad Wolf. Now the sheriff of a hidden community in New York City, exiled from the land of fairy tales, Bigby is tasked by the bureaucrat Snow White to keep order within a society of mythical creatures and characters trying to remain undetected in the world of the mundane. From a chain-smoking member of ‘The Three Little Pigs,’ to a car-stealing Mr. Toad itching for his next wild ride, The Wolf Among Us examines the lives of beings straight from the pages of myth and lore, now trying to survive on the meanest and most run-down streets of New York City.

Facebook's Fitness App Buy Is About Location, Location, Location

Moves is a fitness app, yes. But using your iPhone’s accelerometer and other hardware, Moves’ core technology automatically recognizes your movements throughout the day, while logging your habitual routes and the places you usually visit. The company spits out a visualized map of your activity, which it calls a “daily storyline” of your life. And all of this is done passively, as the technology runs in the background on your smartphone while using minimal battery power.

Lyft drives into 24 new cities, now in 60 US markets - CNET

Ousting UberX as the ridesharing leader, Lyft currently operates in more US cities than any other peer-to-peer rides-on-demand platform. To celebrate, it's slashing prices.

Live: Microsoft’s Earnings Call, Featuring New CEO Satya Nadella - Digits - WSJ

The conference call doesn’t get under way for another 45 minutes (an ungodly long wait). With Nadella on the call, perhaps analysts will get their creative fancy on and ask more about strategy — future plans for Nokia, whether Microsoft will work with Android, how Xbox can overtake Sony’s PlayStation 4 in the living room — rather than green-visor stuff like the calendar booking of segment revenue. (Not that that’s unimportant, it’s just dreadful to live blog.)

Kevin Rose wishes he had stayed CEO of Digg

Meanwhile he’ll keep investing in startups. His track record is impressive. his personal investment hits include, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Square. To get Square CEO and Founder Jack Dorsey to allow him to invest in the payment-startup Rose created a video on how to use the service. Dorsey, who initially told Rose there was no room for his investment, liked the video enough to invite Rose to invest, “Some deals you have to get scrappy to get in.”

51 Lyft Expands, Passes Uber in Total U.S. Cities
52 Tiny Jumpr charges your phone and jumpstarts your car - CNET
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55 LittleBits' Space-Themed Electronics Kit Is Plug-and-Play and NASA-Approved
56 Rabbit Proto makes it easier to get circuits into 3D printed objects
57 See The Wonderful Drunken Scrawls Of Brooklyn Moviegoers
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59 Andy Warhol's Amiga computer art found 30 years later
60 Amazon takes on the grocery store with Prime Pantry
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64 Verizon profit jumps on Verizon Wireless takeover, but misses expectations - CNET
65 Band releases album as Linux kernel module
66 Tech firms to fund open source projects following Heartbleed crisis - Telegraph
67 Surprise, surprise: No one's using Samsung Galaxy bloatware
68 Microsoft reports strong Q3, with help from Win upgrades, Office 365 - CNET
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