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Apple postpones launch of CarPool Karaoke | Cult of Mac

Apple's first TV show, Carpool Karaoke, has been delayed. Originally slated to launch in April, it won't arrive until later this year.

Why we went low-tech showcasing high-tech smart cities at SXSW

Why one company went extremely low tech to highlight the very high tech topic of smart cities at the SXSW festival last month in Austin. Bring your Lego.

Apple Hires NASA AR Guru to Help Run its Own Efforts

Jeff Norris led AR and VR projects at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab

DJI's first FPV goggles are here — and they will control your drone, too

Drone giant DJI has finally launched their first pair of FPV goggles -- and they allow you to turn the camera with a turn of the head.

'Alien: Covenant' VR experience emerges on April 26th

'In Utero' portrays the horror of 'Alien' from a young creature's view.

Check Out This Larry Page-Backed Flying Car in Action

Transportation startup Kitty Hawk has Google roots.

Tech dad Bill Gates sets serious tech limits for his kids

Microsoft founder Bill Gates may have built his billion-dollar business on a love of technology, but that doesn't mean h

Watch the world's first electric VTOL jet take flight

Lilium Aviation has successfully completed a series of test flights with its all-electric VTOL jet. Watch its maiden flight here.

Inside Boom’s efforts to build a new generation of supersonic commercial jets

Boom has set itself with arguably one of the most ambitious tasks taken on by a startup: To restore the age of the Concorde, but bigger, better, and more..

Channing Tatum reports for duty in the first 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' trailer

Kingsman, meet Statesman.

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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales launches Wikitribune, a large-scale attempt to combat fake news

Technology platforms can choose to expose more information about the content people are seeing, and why they’re seeing it. We need this visibility because it sheds light on the process and origins of information and creates a structure for accountability. We need online spaces for open dialogue across a variety of viewpoints. These spaces must be inclusive by design — toxic behavior, including harassment, is unfortunately a fact of the internet. We need ground rules, commitment to verification, civil dialogue and active participation. And we need to apply these principles to all our online activity. The rise of the internet may have created our current predicament, but the people who populate the internet can help us get out of it.

GM, Lyft Plan To Test Thousands Of Driverless Cars In 2018

GM has not been as detailed in its plans for the future as Ford and Tesla, who have both said they want to achieve Level 4 autonomy in the next few years. This major deployment of test cars could be a signal that GM wants to remove humans from the driving experience, replacing car ownership with rental and taxi services.

Apple's autonomous car driver training tests detailed in DMV doc

The document is meant to train the human drivers staffing the autonomous car tests. Some of the tidbits: Apple drivers must pass seven tests in order to complete the training program. They include tests on high-speed driving, sudden braking and tight U-turns. The drivers have two practice runs and three trials to pass each, according to Business Insider.

The best SD cards you can buy for your DSLR camera

Chances are, you'll want an SD card with more than 32GB of storage, so you'll be looking at SDXC cards. A 32GB card is fine for casual photographers or people who prefer to have multiple smaller-capacity cards for security (if you lose your card, you don't lose everything). We typically recommend 64GB cards in this guide because you'll want that extra space for high-resolution photographs and video.

Verizon Offers Gigabit Speeds for Fios Customers

Many Americans' home internet connections are woefully slow and painfully expensive compared to what's on offer in other developed nations. But Verizon and AT&T are working to fix at least the first problem, with new initiatives announced on Monday to boost connection speeds in urban and rural areas across the country.

IBM Says CEO Pay Is $33 Million. Others Say It Is Far Higher

According to proxy adviser Institutional Shareholder Services, Rometty’s 2016 package may actually exceed $50 million, based on its own estimate for the value of her options at the time they were granted. Independent calculations by Bloomberg also suggest that at current values -- which take into account the rise in IBM’s share price since the grant -- her compensation is now worth $65 million, or almost twice as much as her reported pay.

T-Mobile profit, customer growth surges on unlimited plan

The backlash over T-Mobile One -- the company's unlimited data plan -- seems like a distant memory. When the carrier in August first unveiled its decision to remove all of its plans in favor of a single unlimited option, it drew heaps of scorn as customers complained that they would be forced into a pricier plan. Others simply decried the lack of options.

Amazon's new service puts all your subscription purchases under one roof

Additionally, Subscribe with Amazon also gives the company a chance to increase the value of its own subscription service. Amazon plans to offer special deals via Subscribe with Amazon exclusively for Amazon Prime members, such as a discount on a digital magazine subscription or a free month of online crafts courses.

Tesla is making a big expansion to its Supercharger network

Tesla will have more than 10,000 high-speed Supercharger electric car chargers by the end of the year, the company revealed today, a doubling of where it was at the beginning of 2017. It also will expand its Destination Charging network — where the company partners with hotels, restaurants, and parking garages to install chargers — from 9,000 to 15,000 connectors.

Neil Gaiman on Updating American Gods for TV and the Stories He Still Wants to Tell

It’s been 16 long years since Neil Gaiman wrote American Gods , a tale of the clash between the beliefs of the old world and the obsessions new. Near the end of a very long press day for Starz’s TV adaptation of the book, Gaiman said that, as much as the cast and crew couldn’t wait for everyone to see the show, at least they were no longer waiting for anyone to see it.

Uber Employees created an #Undelete mural, because of course they did

Uber Employees created an #Undelete mural, because of course they did

Apple Hires Top Google Satellite Executives for New Hardware Team

The iPhone maker has recruited a pair of top Google satellite executives for a new hardware team, according to people familiar with the matter. John Fenwick, who led Google's spacecraft operations, and Michael Trela, head of satellite engineering, left Alphabet Inc.'s Google for Apple in recent weeks, the people said. They report to Greg Duffy, co-founder of camera maker Dropcam, who joined Apple earlier this year, the people said. They asked not to be identified talking about Apple's private plans. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment, as did Google. Fenwick, Trela and Duffy didn't respond to requests for comment. 

Fifth grader perfectly explains the similarities between The Rock and a rock

Redditor Marley_S explains that a fifth grade student he works with recently made a chart, complete with photos, explaining the similarities between The Rock and an actual rock.

Apple hires two Google satellite execs for 'new hardware team'

Apple has reportedly hired two executives from Google's satellite division to head up "a new hardware team," with goals that are still unclear. The two people include John Fenwick, Google's head of spacecraft operations, and Michael Trela, who was in charge of satellite engineering, Bloomberg said on Friday. In February, Google confirmed a deal to sell off its satellite mapping business, Terra Bella, to Planet Labs. Google's parent company Alphabet likely wanted to cut out the expense of launching and running satellites. Fenwick and Trela are reporting to Dropcam co-founder Greg Duffy, who joined Apple in January , according to Bloomberg sources. Duffy's hiring was confirmed by Apple but likewise mysterious, with other sources only hinting that he was probably working on a special project. The new hires were at one point co-founders of Skybox Imaging, a satellite imaging startup Google bought in 2014 for $500 million. It designed fridge-sized satellites capable of producing detailed, rapidly-updated images of the Earth's surface. Apple could conceivably want to launch its own satellite cluster, which would provide it with proprietary data for Apple Maps instead of having to rely on third parties.



Goodbye, copy/paste? Google tests ‘Copyless Paste’ in Chrome for Android

“If you looked at a restaurant website and switched to the Maps app, the keyboard would offer the name of that restaurant as a suggestion to enter into the search bar,” says the code’s description in the Chrome for Android Canary build. Unfortunately, while there’s a flag in the Chrome Canary build, it doesn’t seem as though the feature properly works just yet.


The payments processor paid less than $3 million for between five and ten of Yik Yak's engineers, according to the person. Atlanta-based Yik Yak's Chief Executive Officer Tyler Droll will not join Square, the person added, asking not to be identified talking about a private matter. Atlanta-based Yik Yak, which started in 2013, created a smartphone app that allowed people to contribute to anonymous chat groups in a narrow geographical radius -- like college campuses.

Former Lyft driver files class action lawsuit against Uber over its ‘Hell’ tracking program

A former Lyft driver is filing a class action lawsuit against Uber less than a month after The Information exposed its controversial “Hell” program. Between 2014 and 2016, the software program allowed Uber to track how many Lyft drivers were available and where, as well as which Uber drivers also worked for Lyft.


Some thought this was just the nature of OLED technology. Because it's organic, it is expected to have some sort of variance from one device to another. We've seen this time and time again on Samsung devices, and others which are using AMOLED panels that were sourced from Samsung. This is generally not a widespread issue though and most of the time the difference is rather small. For whatever reason though, this doesn't seem to be the case with the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+. This new OTA update to fix the red tint issue is said to be coming next week at the end of April, and Samsung assures their customers that there isn't a problem with the phone itself.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

. @stuartsackman : an empowered team caused @lifionbyadp to reconsider processes they already had—direct example of innovation #ForbesCIO

The Galaxy S8 blew up Samsung's record for pre-orders

Pre-orders for the S8 and S8+ were up 30 percent from last year's number of reservations for the S7 and S7 Edge, according to a statement Samsung provided us via email. While concrete sales numbers weren't disclosed, the company said the S8 had the most successful pre-sale period for a smartphone in Samsung's history.

T-Mobile open to merger talks, new subscribers top estimates

T-Mobile US Inc ( TMUS.O ) is open to merger talks after a federal ban expires this week, the No. 3 U.S. wireless carrier said on Monday, as it reported stronger-than-expected subscriber growth in the first quarter.

Hipchat was hacked over the weekend, and it's bad

But here’s where it takes a turn for the worse, as in a small number of instances (around 0.05 percent), the attacker was able to access messages and content within rooms.

Verizon Fios finally gets gigabit speeds, slashes price in half in these 8 regions - TechRepublic

While the service doesn't technically offer gigabit speeds, it comes very close, and at a more standard price point than what it previously charged for 750 Mbps. In addition to the $69.99 per month offering for standalone service, Verizon will also be offering a $79.99 per month option for a triple play bundle with TV and voice service when service is ordered online, as well as a 50 Mbps tier for $39.99 per month.

NFL Players, in a First, Can Sell Health Data in Deal With Whoop

Picture this: A television network during an NFL broadcast comparing the heart rates of star players doing the same workout -- or while they sleep. Say Tom Brady versus Cam Newton. Now picture being able to determine which player’s body was better prepared to play.

Microsoft acquires Intentional Software to simplify future Office 365 collaboration - TechRepublic

Of course, there are systems in place that do much of this now, but with Office 365's size and numerous individual applications, the more innovative, outside-the-box thinking that can be applied to the problem the better. This is where an experienced creative innovator like Charles Simonyi and his team at Intentional Software can lend a hand. At least, that seems to be Microsoft's plan for this acquisition.

Violin Memory Resurrected, Finds a Private Equity Buyer

Despite the company’s trials and trevails, its product evolution path continued. The company’s most recent all-flash arrays, the 7650 and 7450 for its Flash Storage Platform, were launched in September 2016. Along with those arrays, Violin announced a new platinum level of customer support for its entire FSP line. The company also announced a cloud servicer, Concerto in the Cloud, a virtualized instance of the company’s OS that can be deployed in the cloud, public, private, or hybrid.

Lightning struck a tree and seemingly opened up the gates of Hell

According to The Weather Network , Mississippi and Alabama experienced severe storms this past weekend, including at least three reported tornados. In the aftermath of the storms, Janis Melton took this photo of a tree burning from the inside out after being struck by lightning in Baldwyn, Mississippi. Alabama meteorologist extraordinaire James Spann tweeted the photo, and oh dear God nature has opened up the fiery gates of Hell.

The 10 emotions we collectively felt when watching 'Lemonade' for the first time one year ago

The 10 emotions we collectively felt when watching 'Lemonade' for the first time one year ago

Marissa Mayer will have $186 million in Yahoo stock when Verizon buys the company

Still, by the New York Times' arithmetic, she'll have been compensated more than $200 million total for her almost five years at the company, including her salary, performance bonuses, and other payouts. That's pretty good, considering her turbulent and not entirely successful tenure at the company. Yahoo was never able to rekindle its revenue growth under Mayer's stewardship.

Take a Big Sip of the New Bone Hurting Juice Meme

There’s a memorable gag from the (unfortunately revived) Arrested Development that goes like this: A character sees a brown paper bag labeled “dead dove, do not eat,” opens the bag anyway, reacts in disgust, and then remarks, “I don’t know what I expected.” It’s a pretty good approximation of how the bone hurting juice anti-meme that exploded in popularity over the weekend functions.

Online shoppers are losing trust in e-commerce, study finds - TechRepublic

"The lifeblood of the Internet is trust, and when that is damaged, the consequences for the digital economy are nearly irreparable," said Fen Osler Hampson, director of CIGI's Global Security and Politics program, in the release. "The results of this global survey offer a glimpse into why policymakers should be concerned, and why there is a strong link between user trust and the health of e-commerce."

Report: 56% of CEOs say digital transformation has increased profits - TechRepublic

The CIO can play a key role in aiding and scaling systematic digital transformation efforts, Raskino said in the release. "CIOs should help CEOs set the success criteria for digital business," added Mr. Raskino. "It starts by remembering that you cannot scale what you do not quantify and you cannot quantify what you do not define. You should also ask yourself: what is 'digital' for us? What kind of growth do we seek? What's the No.1 metric and which KPIs must change?"

Match-fixers taint 'Overwatch' tournament and get hit with criminal charges

Match-fixers taint 'Overwatch' tournament and get hit with criminal charges

Einstein chatbot shows Facebook Messenger's potential as an educational tool

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’d delved into a biography. I learned very basic information, such as when Einstein was born and died, the names of his wives, etc. Still, if I could talk to Messenger bots dedicated to teaching people simple facts about historical figures and their ideas/inventions/significance in a more organic way, the facts would definitely be more likely to stick in my head.

How to Prevent “Move Fast and Break Things” From Breaking You

A former tour manager for Bob Dylan and the Band and a movie producer for Martin Scorsese, Taplin has become an expert in digital media, and has observed how the original decentralized vision of the internet in the 1990s has morphed into an industry controlled by monopolistic companies that wield inordinate influence over the future of music, film, television, book publishing, and journalism. This concentration of power has decimated those industries—newspaper and music revenues have plummeted 70% since 2001, while Google’s YouTube pays for only 11% of the total streaming-audio revenues received by artists though it controls 60% of the streaming-audio business, according to Taplin.

Trump wants a mission to Mars in 7 years -- which might be impossible

Trump: Tell me … Mars: what do you see a timing for actually sending humans to Mars? Is there a schedule, and when would you see that happening? Whitson: Well I think — as your bill directed — it’ll be approximately in the 2030s. As I mentioned, we actually are building hardware to test the new heavy launch vehicle, and this vehicle will take us further than we’ve ever been away from this planet. Unfortunately, spaceflight takes a lot of time and money, so getting there will require some international cooperation to get it to be a planetwide approach in order to make it successful, just because it is a very expensive endeavor, but it is so worthwhile doing. Trump: Well we want to try and do it during my first term or, at worst, during my second term. So we’ll have to speed that up a little bit, okay?

Daily Deals: New Samsung Galaxy S8 Release, Game of Thrones Seasons 1-6 Bluray - IGN

Share. New May Loot Crate features Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, 20% off Mario Kart, watch Fantastic Beasts or Assassin's Creed for $0.50, and more

Google Photos for iOS beams images to your TV with AirPlay

The Google Photos service and app came out in May 2015 . Why it's taken this long to be able to get those photos and videos to our big screen is beyond us. Sharing vacation videos and photos with a group of buddies is a ton of fun with AirPlay, and now you don't have to leave the Google app to do so. If you've been waiting to go all-in with Google's system for your visual media, it just might be time to do so.

French presidential frontrunner’s campaign hit by phishing attempts from Russia-linked hackers

French presidential frontrunner Emmanuel Macron has qualified for next month’s runoff election, but a Russian government-linked group seems to eager to slow down the campaign’s progress.

Gmail users will soon get Windows 10's best new mail and calendar features

Back in February, Microsoft updated Windows 10’s mail and calendar apps with a few useful features. Focused Inbox shows you only the important emails and puts everything else into an “other” tab. And the calendar app gained the ability to display travel reservations and package delivery details. But at the time, neither of these options worked for Google / Gmail accounts — only for and Office 365 accounts. Thankfully, that won’t be the case much longer.

Instagram Head of Product Kevin Weil to talk shop at Disrupt NY

Kevin Weil is the Head of Product at Instagram, overseeing consumer and monetization products. Prior to Instagram, Kevin was the SVP of Product at Twitter, overseeing product development and design across Twitter’s consumer and ad products, as well as Vine and Periscope. Between 2010 and 2014, he led product development for Twitter’s advertising platform, as well as the development of Fabric. Before joining Twitter in 2009, he was the first employee at web media startup Cooliris, working in user growth and analytics. He also worked worked at municipal wireless network provider Tropos Networks, Microsoft Research, and in a past life as a Physics Ph.D. Student, at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Kevin graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A. In Mathematics and Physics, and holds an M.S. in physics from Stanford.


Obama makes no mention of Trump in first major post-presidential appearance

CHICAGO Barack Obama, making his first major appearance since leaving the White House, made no mention on Monday of his successor, Donald Trump, but urged young people to get more involved in their communities at a time of stark political divides.

Computerworld on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

TED Talks on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

YouTube Makes 12 Million Videos Accessible in Restricted Mode

The post also goes into more detail about what specifically is restricted: content about drugs and alcohol (including drinking in the video), graphic descriptions of violence, “mature subjects” terrorism and war, swearing, and sex. The post says sex is “one of the more difficult topics to train our systems on” and that “overly detailed conversations about sex or sexual activity will likely be removed.” This goes at least a little way towards answering the criticisms creators had leveled back in March, when they accused Google of deeming all LGBT-themed discussion as sexually explicit, even when it was completely innocent—like Seaine’s video discussing her decision to come out as trans.

Katy Perry might just be anti-Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino

The singer snapped her unicorn experience and it seems like she isn't going to be going for a second one any time soon.

Surprise! Your online banking password isn't as secure as you thought

A thread on Reddit on Friday pointed out that Wells Fargo, the third largest bank in the US, doesn't require its customers to enter a case-sensitive password. Other users confirmed the issue, whereas other banking customers began checking their own accounts and noted that Wells Fargo isn't the only banking giant to follow such a policy.

Your Google Home or Amazon Echo can now start a Mercedes

The auto manufacturer announced today that both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the digital assistants that power the Home and Echo, respectively, are now compatible with all 2016 and 2017 Mercedes-Benz models in the US.

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