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3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes! Visit us at

IBM 3D Prints World's Smallest Magazine Cover

National Geographic Kid's nano-printed cover is small enough to fit on a grain of salt -- 2,000 times.

Finland Song

Lyrics: Finland, Finland, Finland, The country where I want to be, Pony trekking or camping, Or just watching TV. Finland, Finland, Finland. It's the country...

The Reveal to Grandpa

When my dad found out he was going to be a grandpa

Nike Ad Induces World Cup Fever Without Mentioning the Tourney Once

Nike released a new World Cup ad on Friday, and predictably enough, it's freaking excellent.

New Mexico landfill to be dug up in search of 'buried' Atari ET video games

According to gaming urban legend, Atari buried millions of unsold the games, considered one of the biggest flops in gaming history

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MAG Interactive Wins TNW Europe 2014’s Tech5

Congratulations to MAG Interactive and the other fantastic companies that presented at TNW Europe. It’s an honor for us to support the European tech community. See you all next year.

Transit by Soen review - CNET

While it's a bit pricey at around $200, the Transit by Soen is one of the more sleekly designed and decent-sounding travel Bluetooth speakers.

Pinterest rethinks mobile discovery with Guided Search - CNET

Social sharing network unveils a new tool for users to sift through the network's 30 billion pins and 750 million boards to home in on an custom answer that is geared toward exploration.

Netflix researching “large-scale peer-to-peer technology” for streaming

"For content companies that wanted to integrate a hybrid hub-and-spoke and peer-to-peer solution, the consumers would access the content on the servers first and begin to get the streams flowing from Netflix servers," he said. "But quickly the peer-to-peer components would kick in and determine how available the underlying content was throughout the peer network and then the clients would regulate how much came from the servers and how much came from other peers based on that availability. There's a lot of intelligence that was built into the edge of this network [in BitTorrent DNA] that did all that balancing and regulation and filling the buffer and keeping the playback smooth."

What's Next For Google+?

So where does all this leave what is, on the surface, a rudderless social network like Google+? Unlike Google Reader (which had a small but passionate audience) or Google Wave (which almost no one used), the Plus profile is now baked into Google on an infrastructure level. You need the Plus login for everything from Google's apps on Apple's iPhone to next-gen technology like Google Glass. Google's footprint isn't just across the web anymore. It's everywhere.

Spotify says it's 'a matter of time' before it overtakes Apple's iTunes in Europe

Streaming music service Spotify has added more than 1m active users in the UK in the last four months, as it tries to overtake Apple's iTunes as the biggest digital music service in Europe.

Apple's sales boom in communist Vietnam

Quarterly iPhone sales more than doubled and the strong growth appears likely to continue given Vietnam's predominantly young, tech-savvy population, rapid growth in internet and mobile phone use and a projected doubling of the middle class by 2020.


When they started negotiating the treaty to end the war, the British, having won it (Canadian troops did much of the winning, but they were still part of the Empire back then), started by demanding territorial concessions, as is the usual case when winning a war. The Americans asserted that the British couldn't hold the territory they'd taken and refused to give it up, and the British were tired of fighting several wars at once (they were busy fighting Napoleon for most of the war and didn't devote much effort to the minor sideshow that was the war with the USA) so they gave in and agreed to simply return to status quo ante bellum , i.e. the state of affairs before the war began. Some would try to spin that as a "draw", but the British were fine with the state of affairs before the war, it was the US that declared the war in the first place, claiming that the state of affairs prior to the war were intolerable. Although no territory was lost, it was, in fact, a unequivocal defeat for the US. However, several of the reasons the US declared war to begin with were over measures the British were using to fight Napoleon.

11 Tips for Breaking Up With Someone on Social Media

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Appeals Court Ruling Complicates End of Apple v. Samsung, But Jury Still Expected to Decide Case Next Week

The two sides have just a few minutes remaining in the 25 hours granted to each to present its case. The jury will get to start the weekend early, with the lawyers and Judge Koh sticking around to hash out a bunch of details including final jury instructions and the form that the jurors will use to decide the case.

Comcast Says Netflix Slowed Down Its Own Streams

Now it’s out there, and it’s kind of amazing: If the accusation is true, it means that Netflix shortchanged some of its customers, for reasons that aren’t quite clear. If it’s not, it means that Comcast, which has to be on its best behavior as it tries to get the federal government to bless its Time Warner Cable deal, has made a damning charge in public that it can’t back up.

The FCC’s new net neutrality rules will kill Aereo, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t

Incidentally, that makes Aereo subject to the Federal Communications Commission's new rules on net neutrality . If Aereo loses its Supreme Court bid, the show's over and the question becomes irrelevant. But if Aereo survives, then it would be living in a world filled with Internet fast lanes and paid prioritization. (In case you haven't heard, the rules would ban broadband providers from blocking access to specific Web sites but leave the door open to commercial deals between ISPs and the content companies that are trying to reach the Internet providers' customers.)


And then there’s you, whose wife, Megan Smith, is a VP at Google. I don’t have her money. Any of it. Which, I know, is stupid—she has a lot. We split everything 50/50. I went out of my way not to take her money because I wanted to make a point: I take it seriously. I don’t write about Google except to insult the company. Someone actually said once that I’m in the camp for Google, so I sent them my pieces, and they said, “You must have problems in your marriage because you’re so mean to Google.” I was like, “I do not, but thank you so much.” They were like, “Seriously, you could be nicer; they are pretty fantastic,” and I was like, “Not to me. I think they’re pretty dangerous and thuggish.” I’ve always said that.

The ghost towns of 'World of Warcraft' are beautiful in their desolation

In order to provide our users with a better overall experience, we ask for more information from Facebook when using it to login so that we can learn more about our audience and provide you with the best possible experience. We do not store specific user data and the sharing of it is not required to login with Facebook.

Woman gets $15K of plastic surgery to look better in selfies - CNET

Believing that her virtual self is just as important as her actual one, an LA talent agent decides to alter her chin and various other parts of her face.

Apple’s iPad sales are not so magical after all - CNET

But the magic isn't as strong as it once was. iPad sales have been erratic over the past several quarters amid tougher competition and market saturation. Apple posted its biggest period ever in the holiday quarter ended December 28, with sales of 26 million iPads. However, that's one of only two quarters (out of the past five) that iPad demand rose. Shipments of the tablet, including the larger-screen iPad and the iPad mini, have averaged a quarterly decline of 4 percent year-over-year since the June 2013 quarter, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster noted. It's clear that the blockbuster days of 50-percent-plus growth are over, but what's troubling is whether growth will cease all together.

U.S. appeals court to consider Apple's request to delay e-books trial

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York said in a brief order on Friday that a three-judge panel will hear Apple's argument on why the trial should be put on hold while it appeals a judge's ruling that it conspired with five publishers to raise e-book prices.

What’s It Worth to Secure Your Online Data? Brits Say About 30 Quid a Year - Digits - WSJ

You know what is really disconcerting about all of this selling of personal information junk and all the rest that is written about safeguards against hackers? That for every counter by the government or of any known corporation sector worldwide, that their will always be a counter to offset such behavior modification. This is a no-win situation for the world and the internet system as we know, that was let loose. Humans and machines are involved. A particularly lethal combination as history has mildly shown, until now. The only, only way,to stop such an “incarcerated” effort, is to destroy technology of this nature in it’s entirety. We know that’s not going to happen, right? And we know boys and girls, that the cat is out of the bag and there will never, ever be the controls on such a monster for let’s say for a “quid” or two, or otherwise, so get use to being preyed upon by the predator forever! This is not a dramatic revelation but it is one that should heeded to as factual.

Is net neutrality dying? Has the FCC killed it? What comes next? Here's what you need to know

Or, think of it this way. Suppose the entire Internet was operated by Comcast. Then few people would dispute the idea that if Netflix wants to send 100 Mbps into the network, it needs to buy 100 Mbps connection from Comcast. If they buy a 10 Mbps connection, then their customers get a slow lane to their content. If they buy a 500 Mbps connection, their customers get a fast lane. This is how the Internet works and how it has always worked. It only gets a little more complicated because it is a collection of multiple autonomous networks. So, Netflix might buy it’s 100 Mbps connection from some other network, who itself buys a 100 Mbps connection to Comcast. But, there is nothing sacred about having this intermediary. In fact, in Netflix case, that arrangement was breaking down, because their intermediary, Cogent, did not actually have the capacity to deliver the volume of data they were accepting from Netflix to its finally destination. So, they entered into a direct agreement with Comcast.

Nokia is now officially part of Microsoft

As expected , Nokia's devices and services business has been officially acquired by Microsoft today. The date was set earlier this week, and it seals the deal the two companies entered into last September . Nokia has long been allied with Microsoft, committing fully to Windows Phone, but as explained when the merger was announced, Microsoft's new arm will continue to support feature phones like the Asha and Nokia X ranges, as well as smartphones (we'll have to wait to see what "support" means exactly). The obligatory press releases from both companies don't reveal any grand plans or shift in focus, but each side has issued some closing remarks , if you like.

Pinterest Hits 30 Billion Total Pins, Up 50% In 6 Months | TechCrunch

Tonight at an event in the company’s San Francisco headquarters, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann announced that users had contributed more than 30 billion Pins since the service was founded, a number that has grown by nearly 50 percent in the past six months alone. Users have also created more than 750 million boards in that time. ( Update: Our initial story said 30 million, not 30 billion. Big difference.)

Retired Supreme Court justice says US should legalize marijuana

"I really think that that's another instance of public opinion [that's] changed," he told NPR. "And recognize that the distinction between marijuana and alcoholic beverages is really not much of a distinction. Alcohol, the prohibition against selling and dispensing alcoholic beverages has I think been generally, there's a general consensus that it was not worth the cost. And I think really in time that will be the general consensus with respect to this particular drug."

Samsung confirms fatal camera flaw on 'limited number' of Galaxy S5 smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S5's 16-megapixel camera is one of its best assets, but it's also turned into something of a liability for the company just weeks after launch. Complaints across internet forums have documented a major flaw with the camera on some devices — particularly the Verizon Wireless model — that renders the shooter useless.


Photographer and software engineer Dave Hunt has posted an article about his most recent project: a DIY cellphone based on a Raspberry Pi (he calls it a PiPhone). It has a touchscreen dialing interface for making calls, and it's built with off-the-shelf components. The total bill of materials clocks in at about $158: $40 for the rPi, $35 for the 320x240 touchscreen, $15 for the LiPo battery, $48 for the GSM module, and about $20 for miscellaneous other minor parts. Hunt says, '[The GSM/GPRS module] allow us to send standard AT commands to it to make calls, hang up, send texts, data etc. Overall a very clever module. Towards the bottom of the white PCB, you can see the SIM Card, which allows the module to associate with my local GSM network, and it’s using a regular prepaid SIM card, bought in my local phone store for €10. Below the GSM module, you can see the switch and a DC-DC converter, which converts the 3.7volts from the LiPoly battery to 5volts needed by everything else.' He points out that the phone is not terribly practical, but it's a neat project. Hunt has done several others, including turning the Raspberry Pi into a controller for time-lapse photography .

How the Nokia-Microsoft Union Changes Everything

And to be frank, that's not much of a surprise. While it's always been slick-looking, Windows Phone has nevertheless felt half-baked compared to Android and iOS. Users largely steered clear, which made it even easier for most manufacturers to do the same. Microsoft made the phone makers' decision all the easier because of its insistence on chargingA for a Windows Phone license. Meanwhile, Google gave away Android--an operating system that people actually wanted-- for free.

Vungle Targets Brands With Its New Exchange For In-App Video Ads | TechCrunch

The exchange, which will allow mobile publishers to run ads from multiple ad networks and ad buyers, addresses each of those issues, Jaffer argued. On ad quality, Vungle will only serve high-resolution videos of 15 seconds or fewer. On latency, the company says it serves the ads “in less time than it takes the human eye to blink.” To address brand safety, the exchange will give advertisers control over where their ads can run, and it has also been built to support new video standards and formats that emerge. Lastly, the company says its algorithms can optimize the mix between app install ads and brand ads.

In Challenge To Google, Pinterest Launches Guided Search

Google does automatically offer suggestions of words as you type. But even then, if you don't pick a popular search, you may never see the right words. With this new feature, Pinterest isn’t aping Google’s search strategies. Rather, it’s hoping to leapfrog the search giant. While Google is great at finding answers for you based on the preciseness of your query, Pinterest helps you find answers you didn’t know you were looking for.

Tech Companies Settle Case Over Alleged Collusion in Hiring

Update: Reuters is reporting that the deal calls for the companies to pay a combined $324 million which works out to about $5,000 per employee who’s a member of the class, before you consider legal fees. Payments to lead plaintiffs are usually higher in these cases.

FTC Calls Ban on Tesla Direct Sales 'Bad Policy'

The post goes on to point out that Tesla sold just 22,000 cars out of a total of 15 million for the U.S. last year. "This hardly presents a serious competitive threat to established dealers," the post reads. "What it could represent is a real change to the way cars are sold that might allow Tesla to expand in the future and prove attractive to other manufacturers, whether established or new ones that have yet to emerge, and consumers. Efforts to litigate, legislate, and regulate to eliminate Tesla’s perceived threat have forced it to battle jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction for the simple right to sell its automobiles directly to consumers."

The state of Google+: The whole is not worth the sum of its parts

The same can be said for Google+ Photos, which has become a major draw for users to interact with the platform thanks to its Auto Backup feature. In fact, without Hangouts baked in, Google+ for mobile has become all about Auto Backup: a Google+ Photos feature that allows both iPhone and Android to automatically upload and automatically sort mobile camera uploads. Auto Backup takes advantage of Google’s storage and Photo editing tools to make a cross-platform, cloud-based photo service. On the desktop, users can also erase distracting objects from photos, stitch two photos together to bring together the best faces in a single picture, and use a “Magic” button to enhance photos. These photos can be stored with Google’s free 30GB in space, or users can purchase up to 1TB for $9.99 per month.  Operating as a freemium backup and editing service, Google+ Photos is unparalleled in its utility — it just remains attached to an experience that doesn’t excite otherwise.

Netflix to become real TV and get its own ‘cable channel’ next week

The deal will add Netflix as an app to certain set-top boxes nationwide on RCN, Grande Communications and Atlantic Broadband. It gives subscribers of those companies the ability to watch the Netflix content they would otherwise be able to get only on their PCs, tablets, and phones, or with a third-party set-top box.

No airwaves for you! Verizon, AT&T will face bidding limits in incentive auction

The rules certainly aren’t final. In May they go before the full commission, which will decide on specific mechanisms such as which auction stage reserve bidding would be triggered and what percentage of licenses in any given market could be reserved. It could also change up the rules entirely, easing restrictions on AT&T and Verizon, or toss them out entirely. Those carriers are putting a lot of political pressure on the FCC and Congress for an entirely open auction, and AT&T even threatened to sit the whole auction out.

Microsoft Closes $7.2 Billion Nokia Purchase, So Now What?

There is also the interesting question of what becomes of the remaining Nokia. The company retains two key operating units — its Here maps unit and NSN network equipment business. In addition, Nokia retains a ton of patents, and there is considerable consternation in some camps as to how aggressive Nokia may be in trying to monetize the patent portfolio now that it is no longer making phones of its own.

Elon Musk says SpaceX Falcon 9 achieved a soft landing (but lost in the stormy seas)

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced during a press conference on Friday that his Falcon 9 rocket has achieved a major milestone: the boost stage portion of the rocket has successfully achieved a soft landing in the Atlantic ocean, indicating that the technology to land and reuse rockets and rocket parts is maturing. However, Musk said that because of stormy seas, the boost stage was mostly destroyed by the movement of the waves.

After months of delay, Soylent finally ships

Rhinehart has maintained that he didn't want to start shipping Soylent until the company was able to provide a steady supply—it would be less than ideal if some customers received shipments and ate all their Soylent but were unable to reorder. This desire to get things just right has led to months of delays with suppliers, including most notably the brown rice protein supplier. The company chosen to supply the fine-grained protein had to deliver the largest order in its history to Soylent and was unable to make its deadline; as a stopgap, the company ended up air-freighting a 28-ton contingency shipment to Soylent's copacking facility to get production started while the rest of the rice protein was manufactured.

Samsung and Iberia team up to put boarding passes on smartwatches

You wouldn't instantly associate Iberia with cutting-edge technology, but the Spanish airline is a paragon of modernity. The Madrid-based business already lets you print your own luggage tags , and now it's teamed up with Samsung to bring boarding passes to your smartwatch. A forthcoming update to the Iberia Android app will enable you to cross the skybridge with just a Gear 2 -- assuming, of course, that you've already got a Galaxy S5 (or another compatible device ) stashed in your pocket.

Airbnb Wants to Be a Travel Agent - Digits - WSJ

In a few short years airbnb went from promoting “couch surfing”, to host-present “private room” rentals, to host-absent “entire place” rentals (which are really just unsupervised vacation rentals. New York already allows airbnb “private room” rentals. It is only the “entire place” rentals that are in question. There is a fundamental difference between renting a room in your house vs. renting your whole house. Virtually all airbnb “horror stories” involve “entire place” rentals. The importance of host-present rentals is obvious: how likely is a guest to hold and orgy or run a prostitution service if you think your host will return home before midnight? Also, while “private room” rentals help hosts stay in their homes, “entire place” rentals do not. And, “private room” rentals do not deplete the month-to-month housing stock (except for long-term roommate rentals), whereas “entire place” rentals definitely deplete the month-to-month rental stock.

Microsoft to get video content from AOL

Microsoft's MSN and Bing apps for Windows will get content from AOL's HuffPost Live, TechCrunch and Moviefone as well as its partner sites, including ESPN, TMZ, and Martha Stewart.

Oregon is switching to from its own troubled exchange

Though was initially plagued with problems itself, the fact that it's been seen as the better option here goes to show just how far it's come. In giving up its own exchange, however, Oregon will lose some control over its broader policies, which will be set by the federal government. Cover Oregon's board reportedly made the decision to switch at a meeting this afternoon.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

How to Drink All Night But Never Get Drunk

Of course, I had to honor my longtime hero Koch, and a new beer hero I’d just learned about in Owades, and try this trick myself. So the next day I grabbed a six-pack of beer and a packet of Fleischmann’s and went to work. The older I get, the more of a lightweight I surely become, but after shoveling down six teaspoons and tilting back six bottles I felt nothing more than a little buzzed. Koch told me he keeps a breathalyzer around at all times just to assure he’s never too drunk. He never is. And, though I had no tangible “proof,” besides the fact I was still awake, I was pretty sure I wasn’t all that drunk either. Forever more I’d be yet another guy discreetly carrying a white powder around at bars. I’d advise you do likewise.

Getty Images launches to sell its renowned photography as home decor includes the work of several renowned photographers: Alfred Eisenstaedt, Gjon Mili, and Margaret Bourke-Whitef from the LIFE Magazine Collection; David Redfern, whose 45-year career included shooting images of famed musicians The Beatles and The Rolling Stones; and Earl Leaf, an American archival photojournalist known for his portraits of Hollywood icons. In addition, will also exclusively feature the work of Getty Images photojournalists such as Brent Stirton, Mario Tama, Chris Hondros, among others.

The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed

1. The process pulls carbon dioxide (the greenhouse gas driving Climate Change) out of the ocean. One of the less well-publicized aspects of Climate Change is that the ocean acts like a sponge for CO2 and it’s just about reached its safe limit. The ocean is steadily becoming more acidic from all of the increased carbon dioxide. This in turn poisons delicate ecosystems like coral reefs that keep the ocean healthy.

Don't Be Afraid To Cancel Cable — Here's How To Get All The Programs You Love

Two years ago I made the choice to cancel my cable service, and I've never looked back. I stream all my content now. Watch the video to see how I do it.

Success, failure and the drive to keep creating

Elizabeth Gilbert was once an "unpublished diner waitress," devastated by rejection letters. And yet, in the wake of the success of 'Eat, Pray, Love,' she found herself identifying strongly with her former self. With beautiful insight, Gilbert reflects on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple — though hard — way to carry on, regardless of outcomes.

Tim Cook says Apple is 'closer than it's ever been' to new product category

, something more capable than its current Apple TV. If the new device were able to integrate with live TV, it's possible that Cook could see this as a new product category for Apple too. However, a set-top box — like any rumored Apple TV set — still appears to be a long way out due to perennially difficult dealings with cable providers. There's no word on at what point this year the new product might turn up, but we do know that Apple will begin

Atari landfill in New Mexico to be dug up on Saturday; Ars will be on scene

Never wanting to miss an excavation, we've packed our bags, cashed in our frequent flyer miles, and booked our budget motel room to be on the scene when whatever is down there is dredged up—be it hunks of plastic housing and cartridge chips or distilled evil sent to us by a superior alien race and hidden by the ghost warriors employed by Atari, which was really a front for a supernatural crime-fighting ring  all along .

Lab gets funding to put 3D goggles on praying mantises

Right now, as the video below demonstrates, that involves placing a mantis (glued to a stick so it doesn't move around) in front of a television monitor and filming its strikes. But the lab is now attaching the world's smallest 3D goggles to a mantis and attempting to manipulate the 3D scene by sending each of its eyes slightly different images. It may turn out that the insect's brain operates much like a vertebrate's, using the physical separation of the eyes and the difference in perspective it involves to figure out locations in 3D. If so, it would indicate that the amount of neural horsepower needed to do so is much more limited than we might have thought.

Having High-Tech Gadgets Is a Career-Booster, Says Study

"Familiarity with and usage of new high-tech products appears to be a common manifestation of innovative behavior," the study's authors wrote. "Those who are tech-savvy are also perceived as authoritative on other subjects and as leaders." SEE ALSO: Are Your Leadership Skills Outdated? 4 Modern Workplace Challenges

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