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A real-time simulation of the Titanic sinking is slow, beautiful, and unsettling

Is a video game recreation of the sinking of the Titanic — which killed more than 1,500 passengers and crew a little over 100 years ago — educational or tasteless? The questions through the two and...

Everything you need to know before that trip to Mars

From Lost in Space to Star Trek to Star Wars, the entertainment industry has tantalized us with the concept of interplanetary travel. The best part is that

Tidal Might Know Artists, But It Doesn’t Get Listeners

While the streaming service understands how to attract new subscribers, it doesn't understand...well, just about everything else

New to Netflix for May 2016 - IGN

Netflix in May means Bloodline: Season 2, Adam Sandler's latest online flick, a new series from Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz, and more.

Hacker finds way to play movies on Tesla's center display

A clever hacker has installed a Linux-based system on their Tesla, and is using the center display as a media center for movies.

Logitech made this retro game display from 160 light-up keyboards

Because when there's VR and cosplay around the corner, a simple gaming keyboard is not going to cut it.

Use the star, Luke! Super Mario and Star Wars collide in this short film

The YouTube film studio Rizenvisual combines Nintendo's flagship franchise with Lucasfilm's sci-fi juggernaut.

Here's how to watch tonight's Game of Thrones season 6 debut

In a few hours, the season premiere of Game of Thrones will be upon us. This season should be as bloody as ever, and we don’t want you to miss a thing.

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Why I’m teaching prisoners to code

We asked the men to create a business around a personal passion, and we taught them how to build a business plan. In one of the early graduating classes, James Houston developed a nonprofit business plan that would positively impact at-risk youth in his old neighborhood. James created Teen Tech Hub, an afterschool program, teaching app development and basic coding instruction for kids 10 to 14 years old. After serving 18 years in prison, James returned to Richmond, California, to pursue his dream. He was hired by the City of Richmond and he plans to launch Teen Tech Hub in the fall of 2016.

'Simpsons' boss unearths script pages from the Prince episode that never got made

Prince, seen animated here in a brief scene from Season 20's Treehouse of Horror episode, never guest starred on 'The Simpsons,' but not because the show didn't try to make it happen.

Bank with No Firewall. That's How Hackers Managed to Steal $80 Million

In Brief Investigators from the Forensic Training Institute of the Bangladesh investigated the $80 Million bank heist and discovered that the hackers managed to gain access to the network because the Bank was using second-hand $10 network switches without a Firewall to run its network.

CERN Just Dropped 300 Terabytes of Raw Collider Data to the Internet

“Members of the CMS Collaboration put in lots of effort and thousands of person-hours each of service work in order to operate the CMS detector and collect these research data for our analysis,” explains Kati Lassila-Perini, a CMS physicist who leads these data-preservation efforts. “However, once we’ve exhausted our exploration of the data, we see no reason not to make them available publicly. The benefits are numerous, from inspiring high-school students to the training of the particle physicists of tomorrow. And personally, as CMS’s data-preservation co-ordinator, this is a crucial part of ensuring the long-term availability of our research data.”

The Best Android Phones of 2016

Big, small, stock, or skinned, if you're in the market for a new smartphone, chances are there's an Android option to fit your fancy. And unlike Apple's rigid release cycle, Google's hardware partners unleash a seemingly endless stream of new devices year-round. But therein lies the problem: With so many options out there, how do you settle on the right one? Lucky for you, we test and review nearly every smartphone available on all the major US carriers. 

7 Catch Up With Everyone in Game of Thrones Before Season 6

We last saw Melisandre fleeing towards the Wall, where Jon Snow had just been touched up Julius Caesar-style by his Nights Watch brethren for allying with the wildlings. (Never mind that the alliance was the only hope against the undead hordes of Icy Hot statues poised to march South and destroy humankind.) The question on everyone’s mind now, of course, is whether Jon is Really Dead. Like, Forever-Ever Dead. It’s hard to say, but if this is indeed permadeath it can’t hurt to have a priestess with the Lazarus Touch hanging around. (Remember Beric Dondarrion, the guy who came back to life courtesy of a red priest after the Hound killed him in a trial by combat? Just saying.) Before he died, Jon also shipped Sam and Gilly south to Oldtown, where Sam plans to study up on how to defeat the White Walkers.

The Best Smartwatch For Every Wrist

I’ve been keen on smartwatches pretty much since day one . I get a lot of emails, texts, and assorted notifications, most of them garbage but some vitally important. Having a glancable screen on my wrist makes life infinitely easier. But smartwatches have come a long way since they showed up a few years ago. Which watches are best at keeping me from pulling out my phone? I decided to find out.

Where's Arya? Catch Up on Game of Thrones in Three Minutes With Our Video Recap

It’s been just one year since season five of Game of Thrones , but it feels like forever. And there are so many fiendish details to recall, before season six begins on April 24. Who’s dead? Who’s down and out? Who’s on top? Watch our handy three-minute video recap!

Pearl Mackie Is The Doctor's New Companion

We’ve known for a little while that The Doctor’s next companion has been cast . Now, the BBC has officially revealed who it is: Pearl Mackie.

This one ritual can make you so much happier

When my wife and I moved to New York City in 2001, recently graduated from college and newly wed, we were eager to find friends. We knew nearly no one but were sure we’d soon find a fun-loving group like the 20- and 30-something New Yorkers who spontaneously dropped in on one another on TV shows like  Seinfeld and Friends .

What Happened When I Stopped Using Screens After 11 p.m.

Let’s start with the most surprising lesson: As someone who regularly emailed well past midnight or 1 a.m., stopping cold turkey at 11 p.m. seemed insane. But, I found that as long as you’re dedicated to trying this, all it takes is closing that laptop at 10:59 and not looking back. In fact, I closed my computer on a partially written email more than once. Guess what? No one died. No one even panicked. In the beginning, I found it helpful to set a quiet alarm at 10:45 to remind me that I should switch to wind-down mode—and to make sure I did things like set my morning alarm, since I use my phone for that, too.

How to Use Pinterest to Connect With a Local Audience : Social Media Examiner

The challenge for local businesses on Pinterest is that people from anywhere can find your pins, repin them, like them, and visit your site. But if your funky café is in Charlotte, North Carolina and the pinner is in Boston, all their admiration won’t do you a whole lot of good (unless they’re planning a vacation). However, with just a few tweaks to your pinning strategy, you can attract more people in your geographic area to your pins and your business.

Sebastian Thrun Steps Down As Udacity’s CEO

Udacity’s new leader hails from a number of well-known technology companies in Silicon Valley. Makhijani joined Udacity from Zynga, where he was COO of the gaming company. He also served as an executive at Yahoo. Thrun said Makhijani has been one of the masterminds behind the Nanodegree, helping expand the program abroad.

Tim Peake Beat the Record For Running A Marathon in Space

The London Marathon was held earlier today, and among its runners? Astronaut Tim Peake , orbiting above the Earth on the International Space Station, and he set the world(?) record for running a marathon in space.

Microsoft is stopping production of the Xbox 360

A decade later, Microsoft has finally ceased production on the Xbox 360. The company announced the news in a blog post from Xbox chief Phil Spencer today. "Xbox 360 means a lot to everyone in Microsoft," Spencer explained. "And while we've had an amazing run, the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old are starting to creep up on us. Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles. We will continue to sell existing inventory of Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying by country."

Report: Google to launch in-house startup incubator

As you may have guessed, the ‘120’ in Area 120 is a homage to Google’s famed ’20 percent time,’ which asks that employees spend one-fifth of their working hours on projects that excite them.

EVE Online Could Become a Television Show

There’s been rumblings of an EVE Online television show for a couple of years now , but at the recent EVE Fanfest 2016, Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CCP Games’ CEO confirmed that they’re actively working on an adaptation.

NASA Is Launching a New X-Planes Program to Test Green Aviation Technology

Throughout its history, NASA has not only been responsible for developing spacecraft, but also cutting-edge aircraft that pushed the boundaries of technology and flight. Now, they’re getting ready to do it again.

Exclusive: Bangladesh Bank hackers compromised SWIFT software, warning to be issued

The attackers who stole $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank probably hacked into software from the SWIFT financial platform that is at the heart of the global financial system, said security researchers at British defense contractor BAE Systems.

21 Chromebooks may soon be able to run almost every Android app

It looks like Google may soon be breaking down barriers between its two operating systems and giving Chrome OS users access to Android apps from the Google Play Store.  As spotted by a Reddit user this weekend, Chromebooks running  version 51 of Chrome OS are showing a checkbox in their settings menu that reads "Enable Android apps to run on your Chromebook." The option disappears quickly, but the Chrome OS source code appears to indicate that Chromebook users will soon get access to the "more than a million" games and apps on the Google Play Store.

Taking on Tesla: China's Jia Yueting aims to outmuscle Musk

The web-connected electric cars will have a "disruptive" pricing model similar to phones and TV sets LeEco markets in China, Jia says. His company, often called China's Netflix, will sell movies, TV shows, music and other content and services to drivers of its cars. That's why he says "one day our cars will be free." Nearer-term, the disruption is more likely to be "double the performance at half the price."

'Game of Thrones' mega-quiz: Test your Westeros wisdom

As season 6 of the HBO series approaches, find out how much you know about the sinister world of the Seven Kingdoms. When you play the Game of Thrones quiz, you win or you...don't win.


When the OpenPGP standard was created, encrypted emails were mainly handled on a single workstation, where the user’s key pair was stored. In a multi-device environment, where the need to access secure emails is no longer limited to a single workstation, it is mandatory that the user's data be available on all devices at all times. Studies like [JOHHNY] have shown that placing the burden of key management on the user is demanding to the point of unintentionally compromising the keys and improvements have only been made through automated public key lookup, but not for the private key.

The US Is 'Dropping Cyberbombs' on ISIS

The ultimate aim isn’t just to disrupt communications—although that’s a goal: it’s to imitate ISIS commanders, and in turn walk ISIS ground troops into a trap, where they’re vulnerable to air or ground attack. Messing with electronic systems to give a tactical advantage is absolutely nothing new; if successful, faking communications to give a tactical advantage is really just proof that “cyberwarfare” and conventional battle are becoming one and the same.

2016 Hackaday Prize

ELIGIBILITY. Subject to the additional restrictions below, The Hackaday Prize (the “Contest”) is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, India, South Africa, and wherever else the Contest is not prohibited or restricted by law. The Contest is not open to residents of Quebec, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar (formerly Burma), North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or any jurisdiction where the Contest would be restricted or prohibited by law. Participants must be at least 18 years of age (or the local age of majority where they live, if higher) at the time of registration, except that minors age 13 or older may participate by obtaining the consent of a parent or legal guardian as described below, as long as such participation is not prohibited or restricted by law where the minor lives.

Beyonce's new 'Lemonade' said to hit iTunes tonight

As a part owner in Tidal with her husband, Jay Z, Beyonce has a strong incentive to release her new album through the struggling music-streaming service. But keeping the album an exclusive for Tidal, which has just 3 million subscribers compared with Spotify's 30 million and Apple's 11 million, could limit its exposure and ultimately hurt sales.


The page will also steer clear of covering the business of tech, leaving industry stories to The Verge or ReCode, the tech news site founded by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg that Vox Media acquired last year. (Some articles and reviews from The Verge, where Mr. Mossberg publishes a column, will appear on Circuit Breaker.)

Apple demands all new Apple Watch apps be native

The ‘native’ apps will have to be built with the watchOS 2 SDK or later, which takes advantage of things like WatchConnect for using an Apple Watch via known Wi-Fi signals without the need for an iPhone.

'PS4.5' report: 4K output, will play nice with older console

There apparently won't be NEO exclusive games or features within games, either, nor will there be a separation between when playing the system online against folks on the standard PS4. That first bit is a direct contrast to how Nintendo has handled the incremental 3DS hardware updates. If a game offers four-player local co-op on PS4, however, it could double that on the NEO thanks to the improved specs. More than that, by this October, every game released for PS4 will have to support both consoles, with games launching the month prior requiring a patch to run on the new hardware.

Sirin Labs nabs $72M to build the Rolls-Royce of smartphones: ‘Solarin’ goes on sale in May

Sirin Labs will no doubt bring a pricey device to market, but I get the impression that it’s trying to create a genuine impression on the smartphone market. It will be expensive, sure, but it’ll be surprising and somewhat disappointing if this goes on sale at an eye-popping price-point. That said, just as Vertu was snapped up by a slew of Chinese investors, Sirin Labs counts Chinese Internet company RenRen among its new investors, so this hints that wealthy Asian consumers could be in Sirin’s crosshairs. Alongside RenRen, Rakishev and Singulariteam reinvested in this latest round too.

This is the new logo for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

Today's selection comes after a tumultuous year for Olympic organizers. The event's original logo was scrapped after it was revealed that the studio of its designer, Kenjiro Sano, used images from the internet when presenting it, and copied material from a previous campaign. In July 2015, Belgian designer Olivier Debie accused Sano of copying a design he created for a theater company in Liège, and took legal action to block its use. Debie's studio also posted side-by-side images of each design to its  Facebook page to draw attention to the similarities.

Researchers Discover Ancient Observations of a 1006 AD Supernova

Ancient astronomers have long been providing observations of supernovae, such as SN 185 by Chinese astronomers in 185 AD, SN 1054, which produced the Crab Nebula, and SN 1006, the brightest stellar event ever recorded. Now, a new paper has uncovered a new observation of the 1006 event.

How to master the art of decision making

Remove obstacles. In order to make your daily life easier remove the unnecessary decisions to be made like what to eat, what to wear, where to go, prepare everything in advance. If you are distracted by the TV, get rid of it or move to another room to work. I increased my water intake by putting a two-liter water bottle next to me instead of having a glass that had to be refilled every now and then.

35 Game of Thrones Could Be Coming to an End a Lot Sooner Than You Think

Game of Thrones season six starts soon, and it’s becoming obvious that we’re heading towards the show’s endgame. But even then, it’s a bit surprising to hear just how close the end could be—and how it might come about. It turns out, there’s less Game of Thrones left than anyone realized.

JR Raphael on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

A Screenshot Tour of Vivaldi, the New Power-User Web Browser

The first thing you’ll see when you open up Vivaldi is the new tab page. You’ll find a familiar speed dial of your favorite web sites, and you can remove pages quickly, click an ddrag to move them around, or add new sites by clicking the “+” icon. The tab at the top of the page allows you to access bookmarks and history as well. You can even create a second (or third, fourth, and so on) speed dial page for more particular needs. For example, you can have one for work and one for regular browsing, and switch between them whenever you want. If you hop into the Preferences (File > Preferences), you can change the background color, number of columns, and more.

The 11 extremely emotional chapters of Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

She sleeps all day, dreams of you in both worlds...Grief, sedated by orgasm. Orgasm heightened by grief. God was in the room when the man said to the woman, "I love you so much, wrap your legs around me and pull me in, pull me in, pull me in." Sometimes when he'd have her nipple in his mouth, she'd whisper "Oh my God." That too is a form of worship. Her hips grind. Pestle and water, cinnamon and gloves. Whenever he pulls out, lost. Dear moon we blame you for floods, for the flush of blood. For men who are also wolves. We blame you for the night, for the dark, for the ghosts.

Outlander Recap: A Woman Can Only Drink Tea for So Long

When Jamie gets home, his wife is nowhere to be found, and he is none too pleased. I mean, where could the woman possibly be when she should be waiting at the front door with a martini and a smile? When Claire arrives, Jamie has a temper tantrum, totally destroying Claire’s excitement about all the boils she lanced and the pee she tasted. Claire explains that she wants to feel useful, which is obviously just silly talk. Her only use, naturally, is sitting around at home, bored and alone, waiting around for whatever her man needs. And, of course, she’s pregnant, so at this point, really, she should just stay in bed, because the child she is carrying is far more important than her cute need to be human. How is a woman useful? By being a good wife and mother, Jamie Fraser would have us believe.

Talks to watch with kids

"If I should have a daughter, instead of Mom, she's gonna call me Point B ... " began spoken word poet Sarah Kay, in a talk that inspired two standing ovations at TED2011. She tells the story of her metamorphosis — from a wide-eyed teenager soaking in verse at New York's Bowery Poetry Club to a teacher connecting kids with the power of self-expression through Project V.O.I.C.E. — and gives two breathtaking performances of "B" and "Hiroshima."

Virtual Reality Is No 3D TV

In this issue, we look at the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the two major VR systems that are shipping now. Both require a powerful PC to run, so get ready to upgrade that old desktop. Having used both systems, it's difficult for me to pick a winner. (We haven't even named an Editors' Choice yet.) The Vive tracks your movements across a larger area, but the Oculus seems to have an edge when it comes to titles and support. Both systems are getting software updates and bug fixes, and the amount of VR content available is pretty minimal. At this point, VR is just for early adopters with money to burn. But just you wait.

New 8-megapixel camera board on sale at $25 - Raspberry Pi

As always, we’re indebted to a host of people for their help getting these products out of the door. Dave Stevenson and James Hughes (hope you and Elaine are having a great honeymoon, James!) wrote most of our camera platform code. Mike Stimson designed the board (his second Raspberry Pi product after Zero). Phil Holden, Shinichi Goseki, Qiang Li and many others at Sony went out of their way to help us get access to the information Naush needed to tune the ISP.

Fine, I'll say it: Apple updated the wrong MacBook

Second, Apple can do better. For its time, the MacBook Pro was very good hardware in a delightful design, but Apple has set a new precedent for what it’s capable of. Once content to have a powerful new laptop in an aluminum shell, we should now be demanding more.

Why Netflix has no interest in live video — and what Facebook could learn from that

But Netflix has firmly aligned itself linear TV, or making people watch a show at a particular time. And the whole point of “live” is saying, “You have to watch this now.”

Spotify says Tidal's 'Lemonade' exclusive is bad for everyone

We believe long-term exclusives are bad for artists and they’re bad for fans," said Prince in an emailed statement. "Artists want as many fans as possible to hear their music, and fans want to hear the music they’re excited about - exclusives get in the way of both. Of course, we understand that short promotional exclusives are common, we don’t have a total policy against them, and we certainly respect the choice of artists to decide what’s right for them."


At Yelp, we use Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana for managing our ever increasing amount of data and logs. Kibana is great for visualizing and querying data, but we quickly realized that it needed a companion tool for alerting on inconsistencies in our data. Out of this need, ElastAlert was created.

The company funding Faraday Future just unveiled its own electric car

LeEco — the Chinese holding company known as LeTV until just a few months ago — just introduced its first electric car ahead of the Beijing auto show. Called LeSEE, the concept sedan is designed to be fully autonomous with a fold-away steering wheel. LeEco has sometimes been billed "the Netflix of China," and has said that it intends to make in-car entertainment (which is currently a big topic in the self-driving world) a key part of its foray into transportation.

Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel economy test data - Roadshow

In a statement published online , Mitsubishi confirmed it had misrepresented fuel consumption rates on four models of car , two of which were Mitsubishi-branded, and two of which were built for Nissan. Over 600,000 vehicles in total were tested using methods other than those required by Japanese law.

Meet The New Mavericks: An Inside Look At America's Drone Training Program

The U.S. military has been testing remotely piloted aerial devices since 1918, when the Army developed the Kettering bug , a biplane equipped with a gyroscope. The Kettering, which was never used in combat, was designed to haul 180 pounds of explosives and dive-bomb close-range targets. Decades passed before the Air Force activated its first RPA squadron in 1995, for intelligence missions in Kosovo. By 2005, RPAs were logging 40,000 flight hours per year. Last year those total flight hours hit over 368,000, according to the Pentagon, with some of the Air Force’s active-duty RPA pilots flying upwards of 900 hours—meanwhile, fighter pilots in manned aircraft typically max out at 300 hours per year. That extra RPA effort has kept the Air Force’s five dozen Predators and Reapers in the sky almost continuously, but at great cost to retention and morale. RPAs can stay aloft for days at a time; when they land, refueling, rearming, and routine maintenance take less than an hour to complete. In short, the machines are reliable but the humans are breaking down—and this has helped fuel the program's difficulty retaining team members .

Radon Sends Links Between Devices Using Ultrasonic Sounds

The app works by employing the little-used ultrasonic features in Google’s Nearby API . Simply open the app and you can send or receive links without having to manually pair devices, copy down text, or scan QR codes. It’s probably not something you’ll want to use every day, but it’s handy if you need to send links to everyone in your meeting all at once.

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82 Tribeca’s Storyscapes projects used technology to explore blindness, solitary confinement and more
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87 What teens really want to know about sex
88 Half Your Brain Stands Guard When Sleeping In A New Place
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