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2-year-old drummer is way, way too good at his instrument

How is he only two?

Hogwarts Mystery puts you into the Harry Potter universe | Cult of Mac

Do you wish you could enjoy the Hogwarts experience for yourself as your very own custom character in the Harry Potter universe? Now you can, courtesy of the official launch of Jam City's new game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery on iOS. Taking place in the 1980s, around four years after Voldemort attempted to kill

DAW Cassette makes your music sound like it was recorded on tape | Cult of Mac

DAW Cassette makes any audio track sound like it was recorded on an old broken-down cassette tape. It might be the best audio effect of the year so far.

Snapchat launches AR selfie games called Snappables

Snapchat wants to let you play its augmented reality Lenses, not just play dress-up. Today it launched Snappables — AR games that use your touch, motion and facial expressions to compete for high scores or in literal head-to-head multiplayer match-ups. Snappables live alongside Snapchat&#8217…

Is 2018 the year Apple fixes broken iPhone naming strategy? [Cult of Mac]

Apple could be about to change the way it names successive generations of iPhone. We think that's a great -- if difficult -- idea. Here's what could be in store for iPhone naming conventions.

Heart attack detection AI Corti to expand trials in Europe

AI startup Corti today announced it will expand its service for the detection of cardiac arrest to four additional cities in Europe later this year as part of a partnership with the European Emerge…

Mark Ruffalo shares the time Disney yelled at him for 'Thor: Ragnarok' spoilers

Do not cross the Disney/Marvel Industrial Complex.

This is what 1.7 billion of the galaxy's stars look like, in one photo

The stars of our Milky Way give up their secrets to the ESA's Gaia spacecraft and its stunning new star catalog.

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The Verge on Twitter

Huawei is reportedly under investigation for allegedly violating Iran sanctions …

Google debuts a standalone to-do app, Google Tasks

Along with today’s big reveal of the redesigned version of Gmail , Google also more quietly introduced a new app that ties into its suite of productivity applications: Google Tasks. The app, as the name implies, offers you a dedicated place to create, view and edit your task list and to-dos, including those created from within the new Gmail or from Google Calendar.

How 5G will power innovations in VR and artificial intelligence

If I could just expand on that a bit, 5G is not just about the throughput and the speed and the power and the latencies, but 5G is about exciting, exciting propositions that will come our way both in the enterprise space and in the consumer domain. Given that 5G also combined with some of the other later technological innovations that are happening as we speak, for example, artificial intelligence, will just enable a certain set of use cases. It will just change the paradigm of how people communicate, how people consume experiences, or how people transact business. All of that is going to change, so I guess that's the reason why everybody is so hyped up, if I may, about 5G.

Russian hackers take down Amazon DNS, steal $160K in cryptocurrency

The two-hour event is the third recorded BGP hijack of Russian origin in the last 12 months. Maybe it's time to consider alternatives to BGP.

Tim Cook will meet with President Trump later today | Cult of Mac

Tim Cook will have a private meeting with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office later today, according to Trump’s official schedule.

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Facebook made an ad about how bad Facebook has become …

Gmail redesign: Google overhauls G Suite with more AI, less clutter | ZDNet

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​How to upgrade to Ubuntu Linux 18.04 | ZDNet

With Ubuntu 18.04 Linux, the next long-term support version, coming out shortly, it's time to go over how to upgrade this popular Linux distribution.

If Mom loves Apple Watch, she'll love these gifts! [Mother's Day Gift Guide]

Wearable tech just got way more fashionable with Bezels & Bytes — a San Francisco-based company dedicated to empowering women who love technology with new and fashionable ways to wear it. Bezel’s & Bytes transforms Apple Watch into jewelry with its decidedly-female collection of metal-accented bands that’ll go seamlessly from work to a night out. Mom will love these well-made, fun bands.

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We saw epic new footage of Aquaman and Shazam at CinemaCon

5 New Gmail Features to Check Out Now

The interface itself has been streamlined with a simplified left-hand menu and tabs, but when you hover over a message in your inbox, Gmail will now pop up a few additional actions. Hover actions allow you to quickly archive an email, delete it, mark it as read, or snooze the message for a set amount of time. If you snooze an email, it'll disappear from your inbox and reappear after whatever length of time you selected. It's another way the Gmail redesign aims to de-clutter your email and take more control over what you see, when you see it, and offering you preferences for how you'd like to respond.

OnePlus 6 Launching May 16

OnePlus plans to launch the phone at an event titled 'The Speed You Need' at the Copper Box Arena in London, and members of the general public are invited.

Here’s why you’re getting all those terms of service update emails

While the specific updates made to each terms of service policy will be individual to every company, the law expands the definition of what information is considered personal data. This means companies will likely be adjusting their privacy policies to inform users that less basic information such as IP addresses, location data, web browsing cookies, and other details are also defined as personal data.

Amazon teases its upcoming Fire TV Cube

The company has published a sign-up page where people interested in Amazon’s next-generation Fire TV can give their email address to get more information about it as soon as it’s released. The Fire TV Cube has been rumored since last year and will be the latest in the line of Amazon’s digital media players. From leaks we already know that the device will be cube-like in shape, hence the name. It’s also rumored the Cube will combine Echo Dot functionality, with users being able to interact with Amazon’s Alexa assistant simply by using their voice ( via AFTVnews ). Current Fire TV devices can be controlled with Alexa–however, users need to use the included voice remote control or the Amazon Alexa app on their smartphone to do so.

Apple’s Tim Cook Meets With Trump in Oval Office

Amazon's Alexa could be tricked into snooping on users, say security researchers | ZDNet

Researchers at Checkmarx were able to build an Alexa skill which could be used to spy on users within earshot. Amazon has now closed the loophole.

Google Swaps Gun Emoji for a Water Pistol

Now, Facebook is also planning to replace the gun emoji with a toy on its platforms to avoid "a scenario where a user may pick a toy gun from their native emoji keyboard on Apple, Google, or Samsung devices, and have it show as a weapon" on the social network, Emojipedia reports. It's unclear whether Microsoft plans to follow.

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This is what happened a Portland hospital started treating addiction like any other illness

Gizmodo on Twitter

Amazon and Tesla facilities named among the most dangerous workplaces in America

Zack Whittaker on Twitter

New: During Trump's first year in office, the secretive FISA court denied a record number of surveillance orders. Here's our story. …

21 PayPal quarterly profit beats estimates, shares rise

(Reuters) - PayPal Holdings Inc reported first-quarter profit that beat Wall Street estimates on Wednesday as the payment processor benefited from higher volumes of mobile payments and a strong merchant services business.

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Opera Touch is a new Android browser tailored for one-handed use …

Lifehacker on Twitter

thanks for the info. I did noticed in my Task Manager the computer's up time. Shutting Down didn't reset it, while restart did.

Google’s Partner Interconnect offers enterprises speedy cloud connections

Using the service, customers can get 50Mbps to 10Gbps connection speeds from their datacenters to Google’s through a partial circuit provided by one of the 23 partners, including AT&T, Equinix, Orange, Softbank, NTT, and Verizon. That way, they’ll be more likely to get speedy connections even when far away from the nearest Google Cloud region or point of presence.

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We've seen the first trailer for the new Halloween movie, and it was legitimately terrifying

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here are six simple (and fixable!) reasons you're not as happy as you'd like to be:

Gizmodo on Twitter

Flayed Corpse is full of horror stories you’ll feel guilty for laughing at

Fox News' Shep Smith is hilariously over the Kanye West and Trump drama

Fox News' Shep Smith is hilariously over the Kanye West and Trump drama

Apple's HomePod miscalculation will haunt the company for years | Cult of Mac

The fact that the HomePod isn’t selling well means that Apple has probably missed its chance to ever be a significant part of the smart speaker market, according to analysts from Deutsche Bank.

The Verge on Twitter

Sonos will only bring AirPlay 2 to its recent speakers …

Terminal 3 Is The Most Intense AR Experience I’ve Ever Had

This is Terminal 3 , an AR experience that premiered at Tribeca Film Festival this week. Created by Asad J. Malik , a Pakistani artist born five minutes from where Osama Bin Laden was killed by U.S. forces in 2011, Terminal 3 is based on his own experiences coming to the U.S. for the first time to attend college. Terminal 3 is a real place in the Abu Dhabi International Airport, where visitors from Asia and the Middle East go through U.S. Customs before boarding a plane. Even though he had a visa, Malik was pulled for secondary screening and waited so long that he nearly missed his flight. “The security officer got up and shouted at me in front of the whole room, and he was like, ‘I decide when you go. I don’t care if you have a visa. It’s my decision,'” Malik says.

Trump thanks MAGA-hat-wearing Kanye and we're just done with this

If that's not messy enough, there's no way to know if Cohen actually means it or if he's just trolling us since Kanye has set off a deafening buzz by defending Trump and some of his supporters in multiple tweets over the past several days. It's worth noting he's done so on Twitter before, though.

How to speed up Google Chrome | ZDNet

First is to install OneTab , which allows you to convert all your tabs into a list, and from there you can open each link separately, or all at once. Not only does this speed up the browser, it dramatically reduced on the amount of RAM the system uses, freeing up more system resources for other applications.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Batman Ninja is ridiculously fun, and also utterly ridiculous

Snap is Going to Test 6-Second Ads in Snapchat That Can't be Skipped

Now, according to a report from Digiday with subsequent confirmation from Snap proper, one of the avenues that Snapchat is going to be left with is advertisements. Snapchat will soon be testing six-second advertisements inside its shows. These ads will be called “Commercials”, and Snap is basically testing the waters to find out just how many ads its users will watch on a regular basis.

Twitter basically melted down with all of this Kanye West/Donald Trump drama

kris jenner, never removing her sunglasses, walks into a bank, where she is greeted by a nervous-looking employee. he walks her through the vault to her safety deposit box. “Thank you, you can leave now,” she tells him. she opens the box, and pulls out an envelope labeled “KANYE"

IT must patch against Total Meltdown now: The source code is on GitHub

However, to tell if you're protected from Total Meltdown, you'll have to check your patch history. If you have no patches from 2018, you should be good, according to Woody on Windows. But if you do have patches, and have KB 4100480, 4093108, or 4093118 installed, you should also be protected. Without those, Woody on Windows noted, you'll need to rollback your machine, manually install KB 4093108, or use "Windows Update to install all of the checked April Windows patches."

Gmail’s big redesign is rolling out to all on the web

The new design brings Gmail’s browser interface in line with its mobile counterparts. It also adds a bunch of helpful new features, including Smart Replies that make dealing with busy inboxes quicker and easier, and a Snooze function that will remind you about important emails later.

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The first footage from the Unbreakable sequel Glass includes a supervillain team-up

Gizmodo on Twitter

The Handmaid's Tale returns with fire, fury, and retribution

Highly resourceful woman has the wildest birth story of all time

To wrap up I go to the hospital get checked out everything is fine. He’s perfectly healthy! Lol the doctors were shocked to hear my story. I made national news & people would stop us to take pictures all the time & a random elderly woman grabbed my boob as I was breastfeeding

Amazon’s Echo Dot Kids Edition gives parents complete control | Cult of Mac

It’s just like a regular Echo Dot, but it comes inside a colorful protective case and a one-year subscribtion to the “FreeTime Unlimited” service that gives parents complete control over content. You’ll have to pay a premium for those extra features, though.

Student artist installs 'cry closet' at university library

It's not a cry-for-all, though. The closet comes with rules. You must knock before entering (makes sense). There is only one person allowed in the closet at a time. You can cry for 10 minutes only (well, in the closet, anyway). The lights must be turned off for the next person. And all social media posts about the closet must feature the hashtag #cryclosetuofu.

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Chinese police confiscate 600 Bitcoin mining rigs in "largest power theft case" in years

The Verge on Twitter


The 'big story coming' tweets need to end

If you're a journalist and your employer is pressuring you to write such a tweet, might I suggest making a few qualifications so as not to give your desperate readers a false sense of hope, i.e.: "STAY TUNED for something modest," or "Story coming, but it's probably not what you want to hear, " or "Big scoop on its way... in six-to-eight hours. Also, it's not big. And barely a scoop. Please go read a book."

iPhone suppliers aren’t expecting business to pick up any time soon | Cult of Mac

iPhone component orders for Apple’s suppliers aren’t likely to pick up until the third quarter of this year, a new report suggests.

48 Samsung Elec flags mobile weakness as chips power record first profit

SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd ( 005930.KS ) said weakness in the global smartphone market would slow earnings growth, as it reported record quarterly profit on Thursday thanks to strong demand for semiconductors used in servers.

Facebook sales soar despite data scandal

Facebook said that its advertising revenue rose to $11.7bn in the three months to the end of March, compared to $7.8bn in the same period a year ago.

Ford to stop selling every car in North America but the Mustang and Focus Active

Ford today announced it will phase out most cars it sells in North America. According to its latest financial release, the auto giant “will transition to two vehicles” — the Mustang and an unannounced vehicle, the Focus Active, being the only traditional cars it sells in the region. Ford sees 90 percent of its North America portfolio in trucks, utilities and commercial vehicles. Citing a reduction in consumer demand and product profitability, Ford is in turn not investing in the next generation of sedans. The Taurus is no more.

51 YouTube adds more rigorous parental controls to its Kids app
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53 People are horny as hell for the new 'Venom' trailer
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55 Gmail redesign: Everything you need to know about the new features
56 These Are The Smartest Decisions I’ve Made For My Career
57 Adtech company BuySellAds acquires Digg
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59 Congrats to Ben Platt on joining John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's marriage
60 Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion
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65 AMD Ryzen processors are racking up sales that could worry Intel
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67 Medicare will require hospitals to post prices online
68 NYSE suspends trading in Amazon, Alphabet due to pricing issue | Hacker News
69 Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 1.45B amidst backlash
70 This Philips 43-inch monitor is a HDR 1000 beast
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72 Apple fixes iPhone 8 third-party screen replacement issue with iOS 11.3.1
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78 eMarketer's Aho Williamson Says It's Hard to Find Much Negative in Facebook's 1Q
79 Ford will stop selling most of its cars in North America
80 Apple releases iOS 11.3.1 to fix unresponsive iPhone 8 displays | ZDNet
81 Google becomes latest to follow Apple's lead on gun emoji | Cult of Mac
82 The new Gmail has arrived and here's how you can get it
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86 AT&T earnings miss Wall Street estimates, shares decline
87 Microsoft's Build 2018 session highlights: Microsoft 365, Graph interface, MSIX packaging, more | ZDNet
88 ​Mosaic turns 25: The beginning of the modern web | ZDNet
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90 The TheTechNewsBlog Daily
91 Facebook still cashing in on user data as sales surge
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