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Watch the first trailer for Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII just got its first trailer and true to the game’s name, the footage gives the first look at the series’ return to its original WWII setting. The trailer doesn’t show off too much...

A new Alien: Covenant prologue connects the film to Prometheus

20th Century Fox has released a new clip from Alien: Covenant and it shows off how the film connects to the last entry in the franchise, Prometheus. While the movie’s trailers have gone to great...

Amazon's new Echo Look camera tells you what not to wear

The $200 gadget lets you takes voice-activated photos and videos and is aimed at helping with your wardrobe choices.

Heineken Just Put Out The Antidote to That Pepsi Kendall Jenner Ad

Two strangers with polar opposite views meet in this Heineken ad, which gets political in a way that Pepsi would do well to consider next time.

One day, the night sky will be full of these dazzling light-up spherical drones

Drone entertainment is about to take a dramatic turn after Docomo unveiled what it claims is the "world's first spherical drone display."

Humans may have reached North America 100,000 years earlier than we thought

Humans may have reached North America 130,000 years ago — over 100,000 years earlier than we thought, say researchers who studied mastodon remains in San Diego, California. Right now, most...

Dump paper receipts forever with this easy expense-travel tracker

Drive towards better organization and savings with the clever Everlance Premium Expense Tracker which, you can pick up from TNW Deals.

Will The Third Industrial Revolution Create An Economic Boom That Saves The Planet?

Jeremy Rifkin’s thinking about how to build a clean-energy powered, automation-filled future is inspiring major infrastructure plans in Europe and China. Can his new Vice documentary convince American business leaders to buy in?

Google Home Can Now Help You Cook

And in case you'd rather daydream about seeing the hit musical Hamilton instead of cooking dinner, Google can help you out with that, too.

Watch George Clooney drop into classic movies like “Psycho” and “Easy Rider” for Nespresso

In his latest turn for the coffee brand, Clooney pulls a silver screen Forrest Gump, jumping from movie to movie to

Watch David Hasselhoff in an AI-scripted short film

Watch David Hasselhoff in the fully AI-written short film 'It's No Game.'

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FCC chairman outlines plan to reverse net neutrality

The chairman of the FCC today revealed a plan to reverse Obama administration policy that all web traffic be treated equally. Under two-year-old net neutrality guidelines, cable companies were classified as a public utility under Title II of the Communications Act of 1934. Chairman Ajit Pai wants to reverse that classification and essentially leave cable companies to self-regulate.

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Amazon's new Echo Look will judge your outfits

But Amazon (AMZN, Tech30) didn't share many details about the computers, or the humans, powering Echo Look. The company would not say whom its fashion specialists are, and whether they judge individuals directly or simply tell software what looks good. Amazon said the software was trained on a diverse set of individuals with different body types and skin tone, but did not elaborate further.

Self-driving car trial to hit UK roads in 2019

A British self-driving car project aims to have a fleet of driverless vehicles on the road in two years, after receiving a $13 million grant from the UK government.

20 big changes coming to Windows 10 in 2017 - TechRepublic

These include support for more PC features, such as running multiple Windows side by side on the desktop, pinning apps to the Taskbar and hitting the Windows button to bring up the search box. Other improvements include the ability to keep your phone in your pocket and have it connect wirelessly to a docking station and to independently customize the Windows Start screen on the phone display and on a PC monitor.

Google Fiber officially selects Louisville, KY to run its new gigabit play - TechRepublic

Google Fiber will be utilizing fixed wireless and a technique known as microtrenching to drive down costs for its installation in the Kentucky city known for fast horses and big bats.

Stock trading app Robinhood raises $110 million to become the latest unicorn

But many had questioned how the app would actually make money without the fees. The company answered that question last fall with a $10-per-month subscription tier called Robinhood Gold that gives traders access to features like after-hours deals and lines of credit.

Hackers exploited Word flaw for months while Microsoft investigated

SAN FRANCISCO To understand why it is so difficult to defend computers from even moderately capable hackers, consider the case of the security flaw officially known as CVE-2017-0199.

Light up the John Oliver signal: The battle over Net Neutrality is back

Internet advocates tend to argue in support of net neutrality with near-religious fervor. Without net neutrality, they warn, the internet as we know it could cease to exist, instead carved up by major companies. This would mean the internet is no longer the open network that has served as the platform for the explosion in innovation seen in the last few decades.

Panera Bread increases automation, leads to hiring 10,000 workers - TechRepublic

Due to increased demand for its products brought about by automated ordering, Panera Bread will be hiring new employees to staff its cafes and delivery routes.

Air Force enlists hackers to hunt bugs in its site

Bug bounties have been a staple among startups and online businesses since the days of Netscape Navigator but the federal government has been slow to adopt the beneficial code hunts. However, a year after the DoD's first such program, Hack The Pentagon, the Air Force announced on Wednesday that it will be hosting one of its own next month.

Twitter Surprises by Adding New Users, Sends Shares Soaring

Ever since the company went public in 2013, it has been battling the perception that it’s a dying platform. But Twitter showed signs of new life in the first quarter, reporting that average monthly active users rose 6 percent from last year to 328 million. The number of daily users has been increasing at a faster pace each quarter for the past year, Twitter said, even benefiting this year from “new and resurrected users following more news and political accounts,” especially in the U.S.

Call of Duty: WWII is launching November 3rd

One of the things Sledgehammer stressed during the reveal was the focus on research and attention to detail, with the goal of making the most authentic game possible — a WWII historian even worked on the game. The game will take place primarily in Europe between 1944 and 1945. “Getting World War II right is incredibly important to us,” explained studio GM Glen Schofield. The studio is relatively new, but has been focused entirely on the Call of Duty series; the developer made its debut with Modern Warfare 3 in 2011, followed by 2014’s Advanced Warfare . And yes, WWII will feature zombies .

The Best Desktop Computers of 2017

With more power and flexibility than laptops, and much more stylish designs than in the past, desktops still make sense. Here are some of our recently tested favorites in a variety of form factors and price points.

Of Course Ivanka Trump Tweeted About Juicero

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love Juicero. I love this dumb, insanely over-engineered , $400 juice squeezing machine that works marginally better than using your own hands. And it turns out I may share that passion with the nation’s First Daughter, Ivanka Trump.

Google's real Kubernetes magic is all about community, not code - TechRepublic

The Kubernetes community is roughly five times as large as the next-nearest competitor, Apache Mesos, with more than 1,350 contributors to Kubernetes, collectively delivering over 47,000 commits. There are also over 1,500 job postings for Kubernetes-trained professionals, up from roughly 250 a year ago, indicating a groundswell of enterprise support for the project. Given that Kubernetes was born at Google, it's not surprising that the top three contributors to Kubernetes are all from Google (or, in the case of Brendan Burns, were at Google until mid-2016). But, just as surprising is how much of Kubernetes is being developed outside Google.

Google Home Will Now Read Cooking Directions Out Loud

The idea here is pretty great, but it’s hard to tell how well it’ll actually work in real time. It’s also a bit frustrating that you can only send recipes using Google’s own apps, which limits your selection and it doesn’t appears there’s any means to actually save and recall any recipes. Either way, it’s still a step in an interesting direction. As with all Google things, this will be rolling out over the next week or so, so if it’s not working for you right now, try it again later.

FCC Chief Sparks Clash With Call to Repeal Net Neutrality

“It makes no sense,” Senator Ed Markey, a Massachusetts Democrat, said in a news conference before Pai’s talk. “We cannot keep the promise of net neutrality openness and freedom without the rules that ensure it." He predicted “a tsunami of resistance from a grassroots movement of Americans.”

Prominent Venture Capitalist Chris Sacca Retires From Investing

Chris Sacca, a prominent venture capitalist, is retiring from investing, he said in a blog post Wednesday morning . Sacca was an early backer of Twitter, Instagram, Uber and several dozen other companies, both as an individual investor and through his firm, Lowercase Capital. He’s a celebrity in Silicon Valley circles, with a reputation for his cutting commentary and loud, Western-themed shirts. 

How to find out (almost) everything Facebook knows about you

This is only a fraction of the information Facebook has on me, yet I think it’s more than enough that the average person — having never met me — could do a fair job of describing who I am, and what my interests are. At a glance, you can see what sort of smartphone I use, my primary desktop operating system and browser, travel habits, and even my political leanings. The predictions are made based on pages you’ve liked, status updates, what your friends like, location, career focus, and even how you interact with other accounts or ads — on or off the site — and paint a fairly comprehensive picture of each of us. And this is just the data Facebook’s making public.

Smartphone camera shootout: Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and LG G6

The iPhone 7 Plus and the LG G6 share an advantage over the S8 and the Pixel, and that’s versatility. After taking the four similar shots above, I realized that the LG G6’s super-wide second camera was able to catch the sun setting over the hill. I was shooting through a fence here, so I wouldn’t have even been able to back away and try to get this shot with the other cameras. It was the super-wide angle lens that made this shot possible.

Google experiment promises clean nighttime shots from your phone

Many modern smartphones can take decent photos when the sun goes down, but their noisy, washed out images still don't hold a candle to the shots from a high-end DSLR . Google researcher Florian Kainz might have a way of closing that gap at least some of the time, however. In response to a challenge from one of his team members, he wrote an experimental Android app that helps take exceptionally clean photos in even the darkest conditions. The software gives you manual control over exposure, focus distance and ISO sensitivity, all of which are crucial to low-light photography. When you tap the shutter button, the app takes a burst of up to 64 photos. After that, it's a matter of some calculation: Kainz eliminates the noise by computing the mean of the frames, and can remove artifacts by subtracting the mean of frames shot with tape over the sensor.

M. Night Shyamalan and Bruce Willis will complete the Unbreakable trilogy in January 2019

Shyamalan, for his part, had been on a bit of a losing streak after the critically reviled Lady in the Water , the whitewashed Avatar: The Last Airbender , and a fairly humiliating failed attempt at a comeback in 2010 . But with the help of Blumhouse, Willis’ beloved David Dunn character, and the good will he’s accrued with back-to-back low-budget critical hits, that looks to be over.

The Rihanna/Lupita Heist Movie Is the Internet's Only Good Movie Idea

Aimlessly browsing the internet is sort of like taking a pediegg to your callouses without soaking them first. Stuff definitely happens, but it sure as hell ain’t pleasant. Every once in a while, however, something extraordinary rises above the web’s feculent froth. A good idea is churned out by the internet machine and we all get a glimpse of the potential glory of the human race.

The first 4K livestream from space starts at 1:30PM ET

You'll need a quick internet connection and a reasonably beefy computer to tune in at 4K, although lower resolutions will be an option if you can't spare the bandwidth or computing cycles. However, it's clear that the ISS has the tougher challenge. It's not so much the 4K gear (a RED Epic Dragon camera paired with a 4K encoder) as the internet connection. While the network the ISS uses has been receiving performance upgrades , it remains to be seen how well bandwidth-hungry 4K video works in a real livestream. The agency has to worry about delays, too, and recently revamped its technology to cut wait times.

Spotify acquires blockchain startup Mediachain to improve music attribution | ZDNet

Spotify has acquired Mediachain in an effort to create a fairer, more transparent, and more rewarding music industry for creators and rights owners using blockchain technology.

Luxe to end door-to-door valet service in San Francisco at the end of May

Luxe started as a company that promised to make parking in busy cities less awful with an app that summoned blue-jacketed, scooter-carrying valets to your location to whisk your car away until you needed it back. It seems they’re pivoting away from that initial vision.

Nebula Wasn't Originally Meant to Survive the First Guardians of the Galaxy

Of all of Marvel’s vaguely defined villains, Nebula was always more of an opportunist than a straight-up believer, which is why her changing sides in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 works. But, according to Karen Gillan, Nebula wasn’t even supposed to be alive to switch sides.

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We haven't stopped watching this flippin' dog video

We haven't stopped watching this flippin' dog video

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Calix installs services across Australian fibre-copper broadband | ZDNet

Calix has begun enabling ISPs to offer services well ahead of NBN, with the technology currently delivering symmetrical speeds of 300Mbps over hybrid copper-fibre networks.

Apple’s new ‘Dubai Mall’ has massive motorized solar wings

Apple has always strived to impress with its stores and physical locations, but the company has absolutely outdone itself with its newly introduced “community” space in Dubai, dubbed the Apple Dubai Mall.

Samsung's auto-reply app fights distracted driving

In-Traffic Reply will use your smartphone's sensors to detect when you're in a car (or on a bike). It will then send an automatic response to calls and texts. You can choose the message sent out, too, from three options: the default "I'm driving, so I cannot answer at the moment," a "fun, animated response," or a custom reply of your own making.

How TextExpander rescued me from inbox hell and could save you too

So, here’s how it works. A pitch lands in my inbox that I’m not interested in. I’ll type ‘zzhols’, and it’ll automagically expand to the following generic, but polite response:

A Devastating Holocaust Documentary Proves VR Filmmaking Isn't Just a Gimmick

It’s really easy to mess up a film project about the Holocaust. The wrong tone, the wrong direction, and it can all go horribly awry. Add cutting-edge technology operated by unskilled hands to a topic as devastating as survivor testimony, and you could have a disaster. Fortunately, the VR film The Last Goodbye , which debuted at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, gets it right.

Raspberry Pi challenger? Huawei's turbo-charged HiKey 960 runs Android but at a hefty price - TechRepublic

Running the latest in ARM-based hardware, the HiKey is a very different board to the Pi, but for those who are interested, here's how they compare. HiKey has double the number of CPU cores and about twice the peak clock speed of the Pi, as well as triple the Pi's 1GB memory. While the HiKey's Mali-G71 GPU can output 4K graphics, the board has a HDMI 1.2a port, which can output a maximum of 1,080p.

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Security Firm: Cyberattacks Against Saudi Arabia Continue

Paris (AP) -- Researchers at U.S. antivirus firm McAfee say the cyberattacks that have hit Saudi Arabia over the past few months are continuing, revealing new details about an unusually disruptive campaign.

This Old FBI File Is a Great Reminder of Just How Screwed Trump's Lying Cronies Are

Martin Friedman, the head of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, died last May at the age of 90 . At the time, I requested Friedman’s FBI file through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, and that 93-page file was delivered to me yesterday. While there’s nothing scandalous in it, reading the file made me think about something that’s currently in the news. Namely, just how screwed Michael Flynn is.

Implementing DevOps: 5 obstacles to overcome | ZDNet

According to Sussna, it's also imperative not to leave out the product management organization. "You're talking about feedback, delivery, learning, and you're trying to accomplish those things at a business level, not just a technology level -- what is it our customers want, what are they doing, what do we have to change to respond to them," Sussna said. "It's as much product management as it is development and operations. In order to have a productive conversation, we need product in the room as well as development and operations."

Trump signs executive order that threatens national monuments

President Donald Trump just signed an executive order that could cut the size of or abolish certain national monuments across the US, putting at risk historical sites and halting safeguards for public lands and waters. The move could eventually lead to litigation in the courts .

Uber plans to show off its flying taxis in 2020

The Elevate Summit, which is taking place in Dallas, TX from April 25-27, features keynote presentations from a variety of speakers discussing the steps Uber needs to take and the hurdles it sees ahead in making the currently fantastical Uber Elevate a reality.

See how much sharper Project Scorpio games could look, even without 4K

Even better, we see a graphical improvement on Project Scorpio even at a lower resolution, which could mean the beefed-up console may make games look better without having to also spring for a brand-new 4K display.

Jeff Goldblum Returns For JURASSIC WORLD Sequel | Nerdist

“If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it’s that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers, painfully, maybe even dangerously, but, uh…well, there it is. I’m simply saying that life, uh…finds a way.”

Unicorn frappucinos are dead. Long live dragon frappuccinos.

We think the moral of the story is that people are starting to become more and more creative in either what they create at Starbucks or what they force their baristas to create. And then we just slap a catchy name to it.

Glass, the Sequel Both to Split and Unbreakable, Will Be Out January 2019

“I said ‘Can we make a sequel that they don’t realize is a sequel? Can we make an origin story without telling them it’s an origin story until the last moment of the movie? So it plays as a thriller and becomes an origin story?’” he explained to io9 last year. “So that was the idea from go.”

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Gett Acquires Juno for $200 Million to Challenge Uber

The deal marks the end of Juno’s program to distribute restricted stock units to drivers, according to Keren Kessel, a spokeswoman for Juno. She said eligible drivers will receive a payout “based on an independent valuation” of their stock. She declined to provide details on how much drivers should expect to receive. Drivers won’t be offered stock units in the future but may be eligible for cash bonuses based on how much they drive, Kessel said.

Watch Adam Savage Geek Out on the Set of Alien: Covenant

In the pantheon of cool movie sets, a Ridley Scott Alien set is right near the top. Here is the man who directed one of the most iconic genre films ever, returning to that world in modern times, and it’s a place on Earth that exists. Sure, most people don’t get to experience it but here’s the next best thing.

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