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Cassini successfully dives between Saturn and its rings

The veteran Cassini spacecraft has pulled off an impressive high speed manoeuvre: passing between the narrow gap between Saturn's upper atmosphere and the..

This transparent Samsung Galaxy S8 is a thing of beauty

I miss the days of transparent gadgets; my clear GameBoy Color was a prized possession. Apparently, YouTuber JerryRigEverything misses those days too, because he just painstakingly turned his Samsung Galaxy S8 into a gorgeous piece of transparent gadgetry. The DIY project isn’t exactly easy, involving paint thinner, lots of scraping, peeling, and even cutting off a …

After Pope Francis gave a TED talk, Jesus decided to give one too

"We're testing a pilot program where you turn the other cheek."

Autonomous robot 3D printers like this could help build homes for us on other planets

MIT’s newest 3D printer isn’t the sort you’d keep on your desk. With a long robotic arm and caterpillar treads, it’s designed to work in the construction sites of the future. To prove its mettle,...

Trevor Noah destroys states celebrating Confederate Memorial Day

What. the. f*ck.

HAIM Returns with a Paul Thomas Anderson-Directed Video That’ll Get You Pumped

The latest music video from HAIM features the songwriting siblings recording a new song live in studio, and it’s directed by a master.

A sequel to R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet may be coming to Apple Music

In today’s edition of creepy men getting their projects potentially funded by multi-billion-dollar companies, Apple is considering putting the sequel to R. Kelly’s rap opera "Trapped in the Closet"...

How Sledgehammer Games re-created the sounds of war for Call of Duty: WWII

It isn't easy re-creating the sounds of a distant war, but that's what Sledgehammer Games had to do for Call of Duty: WWII, the new installment of the Call of Duty series that will debut this fall.

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Nintendo Switch to reverse eight years of falling sales

N intendo expects the success of its new console to reverse eight consecutive years of sales decline, putting an end to a long and painful period for the Japanese icon.

Microsoft calls takesies-backsies on Windows update

After discovering a problem with the latest Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is temporarily blocking downloads of the update for some people.

Amazon Echo with a built-in screen may be on deck next month

The rush to get out a new version of its hit speaker underscores the fierce battle raging to dominate your home and connected devices. While Amazon enjoyed a significant lead in getting its Echo into homes and has aggressively built up the capabilities of its Alexa voice assistant, Google is coming on strong with its own Home speaker. Whichever companies are able to dominate will be able to embed their products deeply into people's lives for years to come.

BlackBerry KEYone reaches the US on May 31st

To say that the launch of the BlackBerry KEYone has been protracted would be an understatement. BlackBerry and TCL teased the high-profile phone in January , dished out proper details in February , and has left people wondering about a specific US release date ever since. At last, you can relax: BlackBerry and TCL have revealed that the keyboard-equipped Android phone will reach both the US and Canada on May 31st. Americans will be limited to buying the $549 unlocked CDMA or GSM versions at first, but take heart -- there will be carrier deals, including a Sprint launch sometime in the summer. If you thought the up front price was too much to swallow, you'll have a way of softening the blow.

Leaked iPhone 8 schematic hints at dual camera and wireless charging

The other notable thing in the schematic is a large circle, which Geskin posits could be a wireless charging pad – though it’s not clear whether his source said as much or that’s just speculation on his part. But wireless charging has been a heavily rumored iPhone 8 feature.

How to make your headphones sound better than ever

To make the most of the sound of your headphones let's start with the easy stuff. Do you have the headphone's left channel on your left ear, and the right one on your right ear? A lot of headphones don't make it so easy to distinguish between left and right channels, they might use tiny or nearly invisible "L" and "R" markings. Depending on the type of music you play, reversing left and right channels might not make much of a difference, but I always prefer to hear the stereo mix as the engineers intended. Take a moment to figure out a way to clearly identify the left and right channels on your headphone.

Razer claims its wireless mouse is good enough for eSports

For pro gamers, wired mice have always been the only option, but now it looks like Razer is trying to change that. Following in the footsteps of Roccat , the peripheral company is releasing Lancehead - a wireless mouse which it claims is the most reliable ever made. Powered by Razer's new Adaptive Frequency Technology, the mouse automatically switches between the strongest frequencies available within its 2.4 Ghz band - resulting in lag-free mouse movement. As well as boasting a resolution accuracy of 99.4 percent, the Lancehead also allows users to save mouse settings directly to the device while simultaneously uploading them to the cloud.

How to make money designing custom Snapchat geofilters

Greg Collins — who's originally from Dublin, Ireland — was visiting NYC a few years ago when he spotted the just-rolled-out geofilters there and fell in love with the idea. At that point, Ireland didn't have any geofilters, so he researched how to create "community filters" — the filters that appear in certain locations every day on the app. He began drawing up designs and submitting them to Snapchat and after six months, three of his filters were the first to go live in Ireland. Collins has since created community filters for Manhattan , London , and Las Vegas , each of which have gained around 20 million views.

Dropbox Reaches Key Profit Milestone, CEO Says

Dropbox in the past year has been touting milestones that mark the company's long march to greater financial maturity. Last June at the Bloomberg Technology Conference, Houston said  Dropbox was free cash-flow positive, and earlier this year he announced revenue had topped $1 billion on an annualized basis. Dropbox said it was the fastest any software-as-a-service company had ever reached that mark.  Free cash flow and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, are both measures that public-market investors use to analyze a company's financial stability. Positive free cash flow means a company is generating enough money to have cash left over after spending to run its business. Ebitda, which is often used to compare companies, is a profit number that strips out expenses that aren't central to operating performance. Dropbox, which competes in a fierce market alongside Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc. and Box Inc., has been working to woo corporate customers to boost sales while taking steps to rein in costs.

Razer's new gaming mouse cuts the cord, keeps the performance

Available in the May/June timeframe, the $150 mouse (approximately AU$200 or £120) uses a proprietary 2.4GHz wireless technology that lets the Lancehead automatically hop frequencies within the band to maintain a lag-free connection with your PC. Razer claims that it will outperform every other wireless gaming mouse.

​Waymo vs. Uber lawsuit: 10 things you need to know

A trial date is set for October, but it's unclear if the case will even go to trial. A federal judge will likely decide next week whether the case will play out in private arbitration or public court. Uber is pushing for arbitration, while Waymo wants a trial.

Iflix is much more than the Netflix of Asia

Patrick Grove is an internet pioneer and one of Malaysia's most prolific entrepreneurs. His latest success story is Iflix -- a video subscription service. His goal is to have one billion subscribers, tackling one of the most diverse audiences in the world and a culture of piracy.

Fox News has a new problem on its hands and it could cost its owners a $14 billion deal

The hacking accusation is particularly important, given the sordid history of the companies involved. Fox News is owned by 21st Century Fox, which was perviously under News Corporation—headed by chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch. Newspapers in the United Kingdom owned by News Corporation were embroiled in a phone hacking scandal in the early 2010s, which still resonate in its business to this day. The timing of the allegations couldn't be worse for News Corp, given that it's currently in the middle of trying to seal a $14 billion deal to takeover Sky , a major European broadcast company.

Apple slashes affiliate commission rate on apps from 7 to 2.5%

Apple on Monday alerted members of its link affiliate program to a sharp reduction in their take from apps and in-app purchases, down from 7 percent to just 2.5.

Facebook sidesteps Snapchat by launching Messenger Lite in 132 more countries

Snap Inc.  meanwhile touts the concentration of 60 percent of its users in the world’s top 10 advertising markets as a benefit for efficiency because these markets monetize better. But because Snapchat is inherently high-bandwidth due to all the video content, it doesn’t work as well in developing markets. It hasn’t focused on these markets or on Android, so when a low-end Android bug emerged, it ended up contributing to Snapchat seeing minimal user growth in the Rest of World region.

The best golf tech of 2017 | ZDNet

The FocusBand is a wearable device that monitors your brain activity via sensors. When paired with your phone or tablet, it gives you visual feedback on your state of mind, and can help you redirect or focus your emotions. While not built specifically for golf, the company says it's used by several top pro golfers , including Jason Day. List price is $500.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is expected to unveil new net neutrality plans on Wednesday

For the moment, Pai isn’t expected to articulate a replacement, the sources believe. Instead, he’s likely to solicit ideas from tech and telecom giants as well as public-interest advocates on an alternative legal approach for net neutrality. That formal exchange could begin as soon as May if Pai unveils what’s known as a notice of proposed rulemaking in the coming days.

Uber to offer its UK drivers sick and injury pay

“IPSE is excited to partner with Uber and the thousands of self-employed drivers who use their app. In addition to gaining valuable illness and injury cover, drivers will benefit from being part of the UK’s largest voice dedicated to supporting the self-employed community. It is part of IPSE’s mission to represent all self-employed people and welcoming drivers who use Uber into the fold helps us achieve this.”

It’s a VPN and online security suite in one, and you can have it for just $70 right now

When is a VPN not a VPN? When it’s a heck of a lot more… which describes the package of services available through Windscribe . Right now, you can pick up this next step in the evolution of online security with a lifetime subscription – and take an extra $9 off your final price using the coupon code  WIND9 . That leaves your total at  just $70  at TNW Deals.

Sony’s new A9 is so fast it will make you giddy

The autofocus is also especially good. It missed here and there, but — paired with some of Sony’s best lenses — it snaps on to subjects faster than your eye can follow. The A9 has 693 autofocus points, and the camera uses these to calculate focus 60 times per second. That feels as impressive as that sounds, and it also means the A9’s AF works well tracking objects moving through the frame and ones coming right at you. I’m especially fond of Sony’s “Zone” focus area selection mode, where clusters of individual focus points dart around the viewfinder screen as they follow movement in the frame. It’s like shooting with a cybernetic eye, and it’s even better on the A9.

How to connect to a VPN from your Chromebook - TechRepublic

If you use a Chromebook for business, chances are you'll need to connect to the company's VPN. Here's how.

Google launches in Cuba as first foreign internet company

G oogle has become the first foreign internet company to launch a service in Cuba, raising hopes of reform in one of the world's most cut-off countries.

Samsung made a load of cash this Q1 - even after the Note 7 fiasco.

Perhaps what’s most impressive is that Samsung achieved these impressive results despite the company’s being embroiled in a bribery scandal almost as explosive as the Note 7, which saw the acting head of the Samsung Group, Jay Y. Lee, arrested in disgrace .

The best wireless speakers for grads 2017

No, it's not a wireless speaker, but at $35 the Chromecast Audio is almost a no-brainer for anyone looking to add wireless audio. It enables users to stream their phones to any old speakers, plus it uses Wi-Fi, which means better sound quality and a stronger connection than Bluetooth.

Why the next billboard is a flying drone - TechRepublic

A new, spherical, LED-displaying drone can show advertising from the sky. Here's what it could mean for the future of advertising.

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24 hours with Sony's A9 full-frame mirrorless camera

Google's massive Street View camera backpack is heavy AF

So it wasn't the most graceful when I tried on Google's Street View Trekker, one of several pieces of equipment the company uses to capture its Street View imagery.

Fast Company on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

This Alexa skill solves the most annoying part of having guests over

I love entertaining. I love having friends over. But there’s something I can’t stand about it. Someone will inevitably ask for the Wi-Fi password, and I’ll have to dig out a slip of paper containing a cryptic list of letters and numbers. Honestly, I’d rather not bother.

Ex-NASA engineers lead Apple’s self-driving car team | Cult of Mac

Apple’s roster of drivers includes Shilpa Gulati, who worked on an autonomous vehicle project designed to explore Jupiter’s moon Europa. Former Tesla engineer Christopher David Gadda is on the team, too, with former JPL engineers Paul Hebert, Victor Hwang and Jeremy Ma. And David Rosas is in the group, bringing his Ph.D. experience with control systems.

How Instagram became the most-used app on my phone

I’m not huge on social media, but over the past few months, I’ve begun to understand why Instagram is popular: it’s getting a lot of things right in terms of functionality and user experience, and it has plenty of great content that’s easy to discover.

FIFA plans to use video replays for the 2018 World Cup in Russia

A big change could be coming to the world of international soccer. The head of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, says he wants to introduce video replays at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. According to a report from Sky News , the decision has to be confirmed by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) which governs the rules of the game, but Infantino is keen to see the technology brought on board.

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Google has already lost the hardware chief it poached from Amazon

What we know so far about the Larry Page-backed 'flying car' coming later this year

Kitty Hawk says its Flyer can be operated without a pilot's license as long as you fly it in "uncongested areas." The startup hasn't said how much the Flyer will cost, but it's offering an early $2,000 discount for people who are willing to pay $100 now to get on the wait-list.

Acer's new Predator gaming laptop trades power for portability

What's the point of getting a powerful laptop if you can't drag it to a gaming party? Acer's latest back-to-school update for its Predator series of laptops , the Triton 700, may actually be portable enough for those trips. It packs the latest NVIDIA graphics chips and an advanced dual-fan cooling system into a chassis that's just 18.9mm (or 0.75 inches) tall. Acer hasn't shared many other details about the notebook yet, except to say that it will be ready for the back-to-school season this summer. In addition to size, the overall weight impacts portability, so we'll have to withhold any final assessment until we learn that crucial detail.

China talking with European Space Agency about moon outpost

BEIJING (AP) — Representatives of China and the European Space Agency are discussing potential collaboration on a human outpost on the moon and other possible joint endeavors, according to a spokesman for the European agency and Chinese media reports.

A mysterious botnet has hijacked 300,000 devices, but nobody knows why

So far researchers seem to be mixed on the motives and reasoning behind the botnet, but aren't set on ruling anything out. All signs are pointing to a possible white-hat hacker, who has taken it upon themselves to "secure some systems," according to a note left on each system that the botnet infects.

Amazon Echo lineup rumored to be joined by new screen-equipped device soon

Before the announcement of the Amazon Echo Look we would have been skeptical of the idea of a screen-equipped Echo, since the point of Amazon's smart speakers so far has been to create an entirely auditory experience. 

Apple expands Mac Pro trademark to include augmented reality tech | Cult of Mac

“Computers; computer hardware; handheld computers; tablet computers; telecommunications apparatus and instruments; wireless communication devices for the transmission of voice, data, images, audio, video, and multimedia content; network communication apparatus; computer software; computer software for setting up, configuring, operating and controlling computers, computer peripherals, mobile devices, mobile telephones, smartwatches, smartglasses, wearable devices, earphones, headphones, televisions, set top boxes, audio and video players and recorders, home theater systems, and entertainment systems; application development software; computer game software; downloadable pre-recorded audio, video and multimedia content; computer peripheral devices; peripheral devices for computers, mobile telephones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smartwatches, smartglasses, earphones, headphones, televisions, set top boxes, and audio and video players and recorders; biometric identification and authentication apparatus; monitors, display screens, head mounted displays, and headsets for use with computers, smartphones, mobile electronic devices, wearable electronic devices, smart watches, smartglasses, televisions, set top boxes, and audio and video players and recorders;

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