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Bezos' Blue Origin will launch and land its rocket Sunday

The Amazon founder's company will test its New Shepard in preparation for launching humans for the first time.

Next Windows 10 Update Lets You Go Back in Time

The April 2018 Windows 10 update arrives on Monday including some interesting new time, focus, and voice features.

Should I see Avengers: Infinity War on Imax?

A huge cast of larger-than-life characters and epic battles are great reasons to opt for a giant Imax screen.

Tim Cook vs. Steve Jobs: Who is Apple's best CEO ever? | Cult of Mac

Both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were brilliant leaders at Apple. But does one have the edge over the other? We put both eras of Apple head-to-head to decide once and for all! It's a Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook Apple CEO showdown.

The 'build the perfect man' meme is a troll-y masterpiece

Ladies, you have $5.

Nintendo Labo review: A labor of love

Nintendo's Labo is ingenious -- just make sure you have time to build.

Bill Gates’s Mosquito Week Reminds You Which Animal To Actually Fear

Sharks might have more dramatic videos, but mosquitoes kill 1,470 people per day.

GIMP - GIMP 2.10 Release Notes

Introduction¶ GIMP 2.10 is the result of six years of work that originally focused on porting the program to a new image processing engine, GEGL. However the new version ships with far more new features, including new and improved tools, better file formats support, various usability improvements, revamped color ...

Nintendo is releasing a mobile RPG this summer

The maker of Shadowverse and Granblue Fantasy is teaming up with Nintendo for a new mobile RPG. Called Dragalia Lost, the Japanese-style action RPG will be a free-to-play game though likely loaded with Loot Box-style mechanics that will result in a financial windfall for Nintendo and developer Cyga…

It's time for 'The Simpsons' to end. Matt Groening just showed us why.

The creator of 'The Simpsons' doesn't seem to actually understand what's made 'The Simpsons' so special for all these years. Maybe it's time to say goodbye.

'Shadow of the Tomb Raider' expansions include a co-op mode

Apparently you won't have to raid all those tombs alone.

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The Verge on Twitter

Took me a while to understand how an update named "10 April 2018"* could be set to release the 30th of april... *(April the tenth, but wrote in a way that actually makes sense)

Apple is reportedly making a VR and AR headset with an 8K display per eye

But despite it's heavy focus thus far on AR, it seems Apple is keen to give users a choice in what they experience; either AR for an enhanced experience that keeps them present in the real world, or VR for those times users want to be transported somewhere else entirely. 

Avengers: Infinity War Ending Explained - IGN

But the real ending comes as the Avengers are faced with the reality of what Thanos has done: In the aftermath of the battle, we see some of our heroes safe and sound, while others disintegrate into ashes before our eyes. Cap watches Bucky fall apart just a few feet away from him, while Okoye reaches out to her king, only for T’Challa to disappear right in front of her. The destruction isn’t restricted to Earth, either - on Titan, Tony and Nebula watch Doctor Strange, Mantis, Drax, Star Lord and finally Spider-Man start to fade from existence - with Spidey’s death proving to be the most traumatic, as Peter sobs and clings to Tony before he vanishes.

Lifehacker on Twitter

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Microsoft previews best features of Office 2019 | Cult of Mac

Microsoft released Office 2019 Preview today, with the full release expected later this year. This early version is only for Windows, though a macOS edition will be out “in the coming months,” according to the company.

The Verge on Twitter

T-Mobile and Sprint said to be close to a $26 billion merger …

Gizmodo on Twitter

Winning wildlife photo disqualified because of suspected fake anteater

iPhone of our dreams: The fixes and features Apple must deliver | ZDNet

Not only are you currently forced into Apple Maps, because the company hasn't opened up CarPlay to companies like Google or Waze or Garmin -- and its list of permitted application content providers is limited at best -- but you also cannot hook into the car's radio control system for things like SiriusXM, which you have to leave the CarPlay UX in order to control.

The Verge on Twitter

The fastest way to share someone else’s Tweet with your followers is with a Retweet. Tap the icon to send it instantly.

Tesla's Elon Musk could be replaced as board chairman

Tesla's board isn't, er, on board with the idea. "The board believes that the company's success to date would not have been possible if the board was led by another director lacking Elon Musk's day-to-day exposure to the company's business," the board said in a statement. "In light of the significant future opportunities for growth and the careful execution needed in order for the company to achieve it, the board believes that the company is still best served by Mr. Musk continuing to serve as chairman."

MoviePass no longer lets you see the same movie more than once

MoviePass just instituted a new change to its terms of service and the company will now prevent subscribers from seeing the same movie more than once. iMore spotted the update and reports that the new limitation will apply to all subscribers, new and existing. MoviePass' website says, "We recently updated our Terms of Service to reflect that MoviePass subscribers are only permitted to see a select movie in theaters once with your MoviePass. We hope this will encourage you to see new movies and enjoy something different!"

iTunes arrives in the Microsoft Store after lengthy delay

The release makes it possible for Windows 10 S users, who cannot install applications obtained from third-party sources, to get their hands on Apple’s popular entertainment platform. This version of iTunes is exactly the same as the one available through Apple’s website.

The price of your Amazon Prime subscription is raising to $119

That’s up from its current annual prices of $99. The $20 increase will go into effect for new subscribers on May 11 in the U.S., and the price will rise for all subscribers renewing their membership starting on June 16 , reports Recode . Amazon Prime is the company’s service that allows members to get free two-day shipping as well as access to Amazon Prime Video and Amazon’s streaming music service. The company last raised the price of a Prime membership in 2014. Before then it was just a cheap $79.

Lifehacker on Twitter

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Facebook drops fundraising fees for personal causes

Despite Facebook being under fire for everything pertaining to Cambridge Analytica, the company still hopes to be able to do some good. Today, Facebook is dropping its platform fees pertaining to fundraisers for personal causes.

Intel Delays Mass Production of 10 nm CPUs to 2019

Being a very large company, Intel has a multifaceted strategy that spans across product lines and generations. Right now, Intel is battling with yield issues that plague its Cannon Lake product family and the first-gen 10 nm manufacturing process. There are other 10 nm products in the pipeline that are to be made using a refined fabrication technology (such as 10+, 10++). It is pretty obvious that Intel will learn how to improve its 10 nm yields with the CNL lineup, but what remains to be seen is how significantly the delays of this product family affect launch schedules of its successors. Despite Intel's statements, there is outside discussion that Intel could decide to switch right to 7 nm, bypassing 10 nm altogether.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Bask in the glory of light up abs with new Superman Lives test footage

Lifehacker on Twitter

Make this cheesesteak casserole by using ALL THE CHEESE:

Gizmodo on Twitter

Gorgeous photo of Martian landscape is just the beginning for ExoMars mission

Microsoft Windows 10 security pack knocks out weeks of work in a few clicks

A new security pack from Microsoft will save Windows 10 admins in the UK "weeks of cyber security work" in consistently deploying the proper guidelines within their organization, according to a Friday Microsoft press release .

Transit app makes public transportation a breeze [Essential iOS Apps #6]

Transit is the perfect choice for planning a trip that involves public transportation. The easy-to-use, reliable public transit app is a great way to get from point A to point B quickly and without the headache.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here's how different retirement income is taxed:

Lifehacker on Twitter

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Week’s best Apple deals: Get Apple Watch Series 1 for the lowest price yet | Cult of Mac

This week’s Apple deals roundup will help you get into shape without breaking the bank. You’ll see deals on the Apple Watch as well as Totu Sports Headphones. Plus, save on the newly released Space Gray Magic Mouse 2!

A stuffed anteater just took down the winner of a wildlife photography competition

Per the museum, it all began back in March when anonymous tipsters alerted competition officials to the presence of the taxidermied anteater located near one of the national park's entrances. The museum gathered a team of science experts – three from the museum and two outside sources – to solve the mystery.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can actually learn a bit about art history from these ~relatable~ Reddit memes:

Gizmodo on Twitter

100 US mayors sign pledge to defend net neutrality against crooked ISPs

Google Inbox will get iPhone X support ‘soon’

Google has been working hard to update its most important iOS apps for Apple’s flagship smartphone since it made its debut last November — but Inbox, its nicest Gmail client, has somehow been neglected. Now that Gmail’s big redesign is out of the way, that’s set to change.

Macworld on Twitter

Report: Apple is working on a wireless AR/VR headset to release in 2020.

Major DDoS attack lasts 297 hours, as botnets bombard businesses

In terms of geography, in Q1 2018, DDoS botnets attacked online resources in 79 countries, the report found. Those that experienced the largest number of attacks were, by far, China (59% of all attacks), the US (18%), and South Korea (8%). These three nations also host the largest number of servers, and sites and services hosted on them, leaving them more open to attacks, the report noted. Hong Kong (4%), Great Britain (1%), and Canada (1%) rounded out the top six most targeted countries.

Amazon could soon be worth even more than Apple | Cult of Mac

Amazon is currently estimated at a market cap of $788.5 billion, up from $736.2 billion at the end of Thursday. Apple, meanwhile, experienced a 0.4 percent gain in premarket trading for a market cap of $836.7 billion.

The Verge on Twitter

AND! YES! it has the notch! Drumroll! Headed for the back of the drawer with all the other "notch" phones in 2019 as the biggest fad in smartphone history. A concept that made it to production by some possibly hitting SEND by mistake at Apple. #oops

Gizmodo on Twitter

That I am aware of, they dont give dogs and humans the same vaccines. Also it's not the vaccine in and of itself , it's what's in it.

3 ways to minimize cyberattack threats by reducing attack surfaces

"Illusive's Attack Surface Manager preempts advanced attacks by identifying hidden credentials that enable lateral movement and otherwise facilitate advanced attacks. Representing a transformational expansion of the role of deception-based cyber defense in the kill chain, ASM proactively reveals policy violations, and empowers security professionals to make the first move by depriving attackers of the keys they need to reach critical assets before an attack ever takes place."

Mashable on Twitter

The unspoken reason people are so upset about Kanye West and Chance the Rapper’s latest political tweets

Apple may have wildly misjudged iPhone X demand | Cult of Mac

Apple is usually pretty great at gauging demand for its products. Something seems to have gone wildly wrong for the iPhone X, however, since the company is now reportedly trying to “burn off” its excess supply of the devices after disappointing adoption rates.

Google told us more about how that 'expiring emails' feature works

But do expiring emails actually achieve this panacea of online communication? Gmail shared a few more details about how it works. In short, this feature works well for the very specific instance of not letting a recipient see the email you've sent them after a certain amount of time, which is what Google explicitly intends it to do.

Sinclair computer designer dies

He was recently linked to a crowd-funded project by Retro Computers to turn the Spectrum into a handheld computer. Some of the early reference designs for the machine were drawn up by him.

Electronic communication: What needs to be in a good policy | ZDNet

"It's important to identify scope and purpose to help employees understand what you mean by electronic communications, and why this policy exists," said Heidi Shey, a senior analyst with research firm Forrester. "Does this only apply to email? What about VoIP calls, or texting, chat and messaging apps? Without a well-thought policy, everyone makes their own assumptions about what is acceptable use, and people may not know what they don't know about risks to the enterprise with using different forms of electronic communications."

Gizmodo on Twitter

Staring at this animated Lego Star Wars desk toy is better than watching The Last Jedi

Gizmodo on Twitter

Read this scathing 1988 viewer reaction to Doctor Who, and try not to feel all the sympathy for Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford

Microsoft follows suit, switches gun emoji to water pistol

Microsoft announced on Friday that it will be switching its gun emoji to a water pistol. The change came two days after Google rolled out an update that replaced its gun emoji with the colorful water pistol toy. Facebook also confirmed to Emojipedia on the day of the Google update that it was in the process of making the switch, too.

Gizmodo on Twitter

The next-gen cheap iPhone might be ditching a feature you probably never use anyways

Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa, study finds

The study found that Google Assistant attempts the most responses, and gets the most attempted responses correct. Strangely, Assistant performed even better on a phone than on a smart speaker. Surprisingly, Microsoft's Cortana took second place, with Alexa trailing both and Siri lagging far behind the rest.

Apple’s working on a powerful, wireless headset for both AR and VR

Apple's headset would connect to a dedicated box using a high-speed, short-range wireless technology, according to a person familiar with the company's plans. The box, which would be powered by a custom Apple processor more powerful than anything currently available, would act as the brain for the AR/VR headset. In its current state, the box resembles a PC tower, but it won't be an actual Mac computer.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Why the heck is Intel struggling to make smaller, faster CPUs?

Opera Touch: A mobile browser designed for on-the-go professionals

A feature called Flow, which is essentially a clipboard for website links, images, videos, and notes. Once they are saved on either the mobile or desktop version of Opera, they'll be available on the other device. Flow is also encrypted and private, which could make it a good option for storing business ideas and work notes as well.

NPR: Story 'The Man Who Spent $100K To Remove A Lie From Google' Has Been Retracted

Editor's note on April 11, 2018: NPR has retracted the story that was previously on this page because it did not meet our standards. "Fairness" is one of our guiding principles, and to that end we have pledged to "make every effort to gather responses from those who are the subjects of criticism." In this instance, that did not happen. The story referred to one individual as the "author" of a website that another person said had posted defamatory information about him. It also described the author's motivation as vindictive. But NPR did not contact the alleged author. Upon review, NPR cannot say for certain who the author or authors were or what their motivation was. In fact, in court proceedings, the people listed as "staff editors" of the site were identified only by initials, and we have not been able to establish their identities. In addition, our account made it sound as if the website targeted a single individual. In fact, the website included information and commentary about at least 12 other people. The reporting mistakes substantially undercut the story. We will continue to report about the issue of privacy in the digital age.

WIRED on Twitter

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North and South Korea relations: a timeline of how we got here

North Korea and South Korea have announced plans to end the peninsula’s seven-decade war. The historic summit came in the wake of an unlikely series of events including missile testing; Twitter threats by the U.S. president; a unified display at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang; and finally, a sit-down between the leaders of North and South Korea.

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65 Apple officially kills AirPort and Time Capsule routers
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89 Shadow of the Tomb Raider will take on the Mayan apocalypse