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LumiWatch uses your arm as a touchscreen

See this prototype smartwatch projects an impressive interactive touchscreen the wearer's arm.

Your First Look at WHCD Host Michelle Wolf’s Netflix Show, “The Break”

“The Break” debuts on Netflix May 27, and will find the “Daily Show” alum in a talk show format.

Clean Up Your Android Phone With Google 'Files Go' App

The app, now out of beta, offers suggestions on what files you should delete from your phone and acts as a file manager.

Everything you need to know about Google Home

Here's your guide to getting started and getting the most out of your Google smart speaker.

High-tech hippotherapy? This robot horse could help patients

Students at Rice University created a special robot to help patients access equine-based therapy without needing a real horse.

Inventing The Next Computer

Keyboards? A thing of the past. Screens? Forget them.

Why did Alexander the Great Really Invade the Persian Empire?

Alexander of Macedon, more widely known as Alexander the Great, is one of history’s most famous conquerors. Many historians, poets, and writers have been mesmerized by his conquests. The enthralling images of Alexander’s actions have built an everlasting romantic impression of the man.

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We’re giving away a 4K streamer to one of our amazing Instagram followers

You can get one entry for following us on Instagram . You get one more entry if you post on your own account using the #CNETgiveaway hashtag. And you get another entry each time you tag your friends in separate comments using the #CNETgiveaway, up to a maximum of five friends. The sweepstakes ends on April 29, 2018.

iPhone X old news? What that means for new 2018 iPhones

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts three new iPhones in the fall of 2018, with one of the models, a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, acting as the budget option. According to the report, this iPhone could start as low as $550, and go up by $100 to $200 depending on storage or dual-SIM compatibility. Still, a new $550 iPhone would be about half the price of an iPhone X, giving a new option to people who steered clear of the iPhone X due to its price.

T-Mobile is reportedly much closer to a merger deal with Sprint

This deal seems to have been a long time coming, and consolidates two of the four major telecom providers in the U.S. into one larger entity. That could, in theory, offer it some more flexibility as they expand into 5G networks. Still, a deal of this scale could still fall apart and would be subject to regulation — with significant international ownership of both companies (Softbank for Sprint, and Deutsche Telekom for T-Mobile).

How to cancel Amazon Prime even though you probably won’t

While most of us won’t cancel Prime–because, let’s be honest, we’re all locked in at this point–it’s fun to fantasize about. To that end, here are the steps you would need to take if (hypothetically, of course) you had the gumption to sever your relationship with the Seattle behemoth:

I’d like to thank the Academy: Behind the scenes at Hollywood's Dolby Theater

How the outside of the theater and Hollywood Boulevard looked during the Oscars in 2014. The tent you see on the far right is a portion of what they'd use for the whole block. So that tent, but stretched to cover all the way to the entrance. Beyond, too, if the TCL theater (to the left of this image) is used as well.

Sprint, T-Mobile reportedly to wrap up deal talks by next week

Japanese conglomerate Softbank Group, which controls Sprint, and German company Deutsche Telekom, controller of T-Mobile, are discussing terms for how they would exercise voting control over the combined company, the news agency reported. This could allow Deutsche Telekom to consolidate the combined company on its books, even without a majority stake in it, the sources said.

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I think they tried to give more of a hint as to who it was during post credits lol. A lot of ppl actually know nothignof capt marvel. TBH where the hell has she been the past 10 yrs! Agreed though like they tried to make it look all high tech and shit lol its still a beeper.

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iTunes is now available in the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 …

What's new in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update | ZDNet

The latest Windows 10 feature update includes the first public release of the Timeline feature as well as dozens of smaller enhancements to the Windows 10 user experience. Here's what you can expect.

Careers at Flexport | Engineering

U.S. trucking services are provided by Flexport International, LLC, a FMCSA licensed property broker USDOT #2594279 and MC #906604-B.

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Put down the smartphone and let this clip-on camera do all the work

World's oldest-known spider dies

A spider named nicknamed Number 16 and believed to be the world's oldest, has passed away at the age of 43. The female Giaus Villosus, commonly known as a trapdoor spider , died while being observed in the wild for a long-term spider population study in Western Australia.

Gates Foundation launches $12M Grand Challenge for universal flu vaccine, as Bill Gates urges world to prepare for war on pandemics

“At my core, I’m an optimist,” he said. “In this case my optimism comes from the progress we’re making in developing new tools, and in the world’s proven ability to tackle other pandemics. We eradicated smallpox, a disease that killed an estimated 300 million people in the 20th century alone.”

Google Assistant is smarter than Alexa, study finds

The study found that Google Assistant attempts the most responses, and gets the most attempted responses correct. Strangely, Assistant performed even better on a phone than on a smart speaker. Surprisingly, Microsoft's Cortana took second place, with Alexa trailing both and Siri lagging far behind the rest.

Who's Captain Marvel? More on the hero Brie Larson will play

After Avengers: Infinity War, you probably have some questions about the newest MCU character, and we can help. Spoilers ahead!

LG C8 is a super slim OLED TV with a great picture

With a pencil thin panel and the some of best image quality available today, it's one of the top high-end TVs you can buy.

A new tower speaker for audio elitists

The Magico A3 is an expensive speaker all right, and its most obvious competition is the Wilson Audio Sabrina ($15,900, £14,999 or about AU$27,000) I reviewed in 2015. I've since heard Sabrina many times, and it strikes me as a richer, fuller-bodied speaker than the A3. That's said, the A3 feels more transparent and livelier. Both are fine examples of state-of-the-art speakers in their respective price classes.

Amazon shares climb as AWS brings in huge Q1 profits | ZDNet

While Amazon Web Services remains a relatively small segment of Amazon's business in terms of net sales, it accounts for a huge portion of Amazon's profits. AWS net sales came to $5.44 billion for the quarter and delivered operating income of $1.4 billion. The segment's net sales grew year-over-year 49 percent.

PhotoSpring Smart Frame review: Today's technology enhances the photo frame experience | ZDNet

The new PhotoSpring Smart Frame doesn't have a SIM card like that T-Mobile unit, but uses WiFi to connect to a network and then incorporates today's sharing technology and smartphone apps to connect it to the world. You can share the frame with family and friends so they can share photos and videos to it, you can download and use a smartphone app to have photos shared to the frame automatically, and you can share photos and videos to the frame from your computer.

This prosthetic hand brings back sensation from lost limbs | ZDNet

"We're giving sensation back to someone who has lost their hand," said Aadeel Akhtar, an M.D./Ph.D student and lead author of the paper describing the research. "The idea is that we no longer want the prosthetic hand to feel like a tool, we want it to feel like an extension of the body."

​Alibaba pilots blockchain supply chain initiative down under | ZDNet

Blackmores and Fonterra have joined the pilot that will see products shipped to China from Australia and New Zealand in first trial of Alibaba's blockchain-based Food Trust Framework.

Facebook and Google, beware: Amazon is building a massive ad business | ZDNet

Advertising is the primary source of revenue under Amazon's "Other" category, which brought in more than $2 billion in net sales in Q1 2018. That level of revenue isn't quite as significant as the $5.44 billion that AWS brought in, and it's just a fraction of the $26.9 billion in sales accrued from Amazon's "online stores" category. Still, the "Other" category is by far the fastest growing category, increasing 139 percent year-over-year in Q1 2018.

Being in the modern world: One ID but 18 different people | ZDNet

Each has one name, but we are at least 18 different people, maybe even more. Consider how different you are during the week: You have a senior role at work, compared with your family persona; you are a soccer coach on Wednesday and Saturday; at weekends, you organize a bicycle club; in the evenings, you do yoga classes and dance classes; on Friday afternoon, you volunteer at the local food bank; you visit your grandparents every Sunday with your siblings and children; you go dancing and socializing with the same group of (non-work) pals every Saturday; and you regularly attend your local alumni events. Then, there's your silent DJ hiking group on Sunday, and your online photo community, and other professional associations, and your children's school with its parent and teacher communities, etc.

Experts rip Ray Ozzie's plan for unlocking encrypted phones

Here's how his idea works: A phone maker, like Apple or Google, will generate a public and private key for every phone. The public key goes into the phone, and the private key goes into a secure vault at the phone maker's headquarters. When the phone owner sets the passcode, it encrypts the passcode using the phone's public key. If the police ever need access to the phone, they can obtain a warrant, and then boot the phone up using some kind of police-only recovery mode, which will deliberately brick the phone to prevent anyone else from gaining access to its data. The police can then obtain the user's encrypted passcode. The police will give that encrypted passcode to the phone maker, which will deliver the phone's corresponding private key from their vault. When the public and private key are paired, the phone's passcode will be decrypted, allowing access to the phone.

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@Snapchat new platform sucks and they have ignored the users requests to go back to the old platform. They will continue to lose money in the stock market cause they obviously don't care what their users want

Larry Harvey, the Man Behind Burning Man, Is Dead at 70

The first Burning Man , held at Baker Beach (famous for its Golden Gate Bridge views and nude-sunbathing section), was a cozy affair hosted by Mr. Harvey and a friend, Jerry James. It consisted of burning a scrap-lumber statue of an eight-foot-tall man and was attended by fewer than a dozen people — including Mr. Harvey’s son, Tristan, who was 5 — although a crowd soon gathered to watch. It was a summer solstice celebration; Mr. Harvey sometimes said it also commemorated a romantic breakup.

This giant cyber defence exercise has teams defending power grids, 4G networks, drones from hacker attack | ZDNet

Aare Reintam, project manager of technical exercises at the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE), which organised the event, said it reached a new level of complexity this year: "Considering the real-world cyber threats at national level, the training audience has a unique opportunity to practice the defence of a large-scale power grid control SCADA system and substations, 4G public safety network for law enforcement and emergency communication, PLC-controlled water purification plant, and military surveillance drone and ground station controlling the drone operations."

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Amazfit Stratos GPS sports watch: in pictures | ZDNet

A GPS sports watch is essential for me to track my running and biking so I was very skeptical when I heard that Huami had a $200 watch that looked to cover all the bases. It's not perfect, but it may work just fine for those who want an affordable fitness wearable.

Falcon Northwest TLX

The 15.6-inch IPS (In-Plane Switching) display on the TLX bears an HD (1,920-by-1,080) resolution and matte finish. The bezels are about an inch thick on the top and sides. The IPS panel makes for wide viewing angles and a vibrant picture, while the matte finish cuts down on glare. It's an effective combination—matte screens often make the picture a bit dull, but the display on the TLX is crisp and clear. HD is also a good fit for the hardware; a full-power GTX 1070 is capable of 60 frames per second (fps) at higher resolutions, but the Max-Q version isn't quite as strong. As such, it still has plenty of headroom for greater-than-60fps HD gaming, but doesn't push it too far by aiming for QHD.

Digital transformation: think globally, act locally | ZDNet

Back to our question about the efficacy of launching some kind of digital transformation program. There is no shortage of talk of how digital transformation will put organizations on the path to glorious growth. But it's not about launching some grandiose enterprise program and buying piles of expensive new technology. It's about rolling up one's sleeves, sitting down with teams from across the business, and understanding what works for the business and how it can be improved.

New Gmail has automated scans -- here’s what you can and can’t turn off

Smart Nudge reminds people if they didn't respond to an email after a set amount of days. High-priority notifications looks through your emails, determines what's important, and chooses which ones to notify you about. Smart Reply, which offers canned responses to emails, has been available on mobile platforms since the introduction of Google's standalone Inbox app in May 2017.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Who is Apple’s best CEO ever?

In this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine : Tim Cook and Steve Jobs have taken distinctly different approaches as they’ve steered Apple to massive success. We compared these two stellar CEOs’ methods and performance in 10 key areas to see which one is really the best.

Amazon gives Alexa a memory, better conversational skills | ZDNet

Conforming to the user's needs includes helping it find the right "skills" out of the more than 40,000 skills from third-party developers. In the coming weeks, US customers will be able to ask an Amazon Echo a general question using natural phrases and requests and have Alexa respond with a specific, relevant skill. For instance, if you were to ask, "Alexa, how do I remove an oil stain from my shirt?" Alexa could reply with the Tide Stain Remover skill, which walks you through removing an oil stain. Amazon plans to gradually make this capability available to more and more users and skills in the US.

SAP targets Salesforce on CRM: What's aspiration vs. reality? | ZDNet

As it relates to CRM, what we're seeing here is the customer really needs the entire value chain connected. How do I design a process? How do I build around that single view of the consumer to drive economic value, customer satisfaction and loyalty? And how do I deliver, I mean, really deliver the right product at the right price at any location where that customer is, taking into account that customer is on the move? Very often they're actually connected from an IoT perspective in social media, in new and highly innovative ways. And big companies are having lot of trouble putting that all together, and clearly, legacy CRM platforms aren't going to get there. And that's why you're seeing them develop a strategy around even more M&A, even when the multiples make no sense whatsoever because they don't have the ERP, and now they have to come up with some methodology to connect all this complexity, which is where we come in. This is what we're really, really good at. So you'll see us connect the entire value chain from the consumer all the way through to the supply chain in seamless integrated processes, by industry and in the cloud.

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Blue Origin will launch its first rocket of 2018 tomorrow …

The Verge on Twitter

Catch up on the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 17 minutes before Avengers: Infinity War …

Microsoft's latest idea? How foldable two-screen mobile could use 'hinge gestures' | ZDNet

If hinge gestures ever become a thing, Microsoft's engineers think it would be good to provide user feedback to show how far the user has to go to complete a gesture, such as a progress bar indicating what percent of a given action has been completed.

Microsoft 365 bundle gets a slew of updates as part of Windows 10 April rollout | ZDNet

Also simultaneous with the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, Microsoft is turning on the Windows 10 Enterprise S Mode functionality it announced last year at its Ignite IT pro conference. The option to run Enterprise in S mode can be deployed on PCs meant for firstline/customer service workers and those running "kiosks," or task-based devices. Microsoft has developed what it's calling the "Microsoft Kiosk browser" that it built on top of Microsoft Edge, which will be available from the Microsoft Store, to provide a full-screen browsing option.

BMW's solid-state LiDAR offers a glimpse of the future of autonomous vehicles | ZDNet

BMW just announced it's going with a solid-state LiDAR system for the company's self-driving vehicles, which it plans to put into production by 2021.

The Best Portable Chargers and Power Banks of 2018

Is your phone, tablet, or laptop on its last legs before day's end? We've tested scores of power banks to tell you which ones will give you the biggest boost when you're out of juice.

Why Households Need To Earn $300,000 To Live A Middle Class Lifestyle

I agree with pretty much all of the above, except that I think you define middle class more narrowly than I do. For me, middle class might mean something like, you have enough to live the “American Dream” (means different things for different people) if you are careful with your money, work hard and make reasonable trade offs. It also means, in part, being able to provide your children with the same upbringing that you had (assuming you perceive that you had a middle class upbringing). If family bonding time, based on your lived experiences in your family of origin, included things like skiing together on the weekends (and maybe brown bagging your lunches because those resort food prices are just silly), and if part of childhood for you included an opportunity to be a competitive athlete (with no pressure to get a scholarship through your sport, because you knew your parents had you covered), and living in a good school district where you were exposed to new and good things and you and/or some of your peers got accepted to top colleges, then these things are part of what it means to be middle class in America to you and you want to provide them to your own family.

U.S. judge blocks Fujifilm, Xerox merger temporarily

(Reuters) - Fujifilm Holdings Corp’s ( 4901.T ) merger with U.S. firm Xerox Corp ( XRX.N ) was temporarily blocked on Friday following a court ruling, handing its activist investors a win after they sued to stop the deal.

Gizmodo on Twitter

I was really interested this gadget,reading the manual or the description of said apparatus.then when I real the part where the statement claims. Inscrutable interface means you should read the manual.Can we have a video of the handling the said vaporizer.Inscrutable ?

iPhone of our dreams: The fixes and features Apple must deliver | ZDNet

Not only are you currently forced into Apple Maps, because the company hasn't opened up CarPlay to companies like Google or Waze or Garmin -- and its list of permitted application content providers is limited at best -- but you also cannot hook into the car's radio control system for things like SiriusXM, which you have to leave the CarPlay UX in order to control.

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It's nice but most of what it does is easily accomplished with a long tap. 3D touch to activate torch is artificial - would work just as well without 3D.

5 Books To Read When You’re Considering Making A Big Change

When you’re young, you were probably told what you should strive for by your teachers and parents. You might have gone through college following this path without questioning what intrinsically excites you. However, extrinsic motivation can only last so long–it might lead you to a series of awards and accolades, but if your work doesn’t drive you internally, you won’t be satisfied. What if you don’t know what that work should be? This book is a great place to start. You probably won’t get the answers right away, but you can start by asking yourself a series of important questions.

These 8 books are required reading for anyone who wants to change the world with tech

In my experience, open and honest conversations about death can actually be incredibly inspiring, causing us to reflect profoundly on what we want to do with the limited time we have in this world. When students really concentrate on that question, they almost universally realize it is better to live and die as someone who loves others, who helps people, and who spends much of his or her energy on helping make the world a better place. There are many great books to help us reflect on these subjects, but this one by Gawande may be the best and most relatable to a young science and tech audience.

21 essential landscape photography tips you need to know

How to connect to an SMB share from your Android device

That's all there is to it. You can add as many server connections as you need and make all of those shares available with a couple of taps. X-plore File Manager may suffer under the weight of a cluttered interface, but the results you get with SMB connections make this app worth using. Give it a try and see if it doesn't make your Android-on-LAN life a bit easier.

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