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Watch the first full-length trailer for HBO’s Fahrenheit 451

The film premieres on May 19th

Daughter finds the best way to anger her dad with a fake marriage proposal

*stares at camera like Jim in The Office*

Four patients test retinal implant that could stop age-related blindness

The implant not only stopped vision loss, it also improved one person's vision.

See just how awesome Apple Pencil can be in Notes | Cult of Mac

Apple published a new how-to video today that shows how to use Apple Pencil to add handwritten notes and sketches to the Notes app.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will be deposed in Qualcomm lawsuit

Apple and Qualcomm have finally agreed on something in their messy legal battle.

iPhone music app comes up with endless, catchy song ideas | Cult of Mac

Fortamento is a song ideas generator for iPhone music, and it comes up with an endless supply of surprisingly fresh and useful melodies and chord progressions.

Applebee's used 'Come to My Window' in a commercial and stripped it of all lesbian-ness

Come to my take-out window? Nah.

Ted Cruz won't even confirm that he is human

A voter confronts Cruz about his humanity and it all goes about how you'd expect.

Delta and Sears hit by cybersecurity breach

Another day, another data breach.

Kim Kardashian has finally shared a full Kardashian-West family portrait

Very, very rare.

World of Warcraft's 7th Expansion Launches August 14

Battle for Azeroth increases the level cap to 120 and introduces several new playable races.

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Saudi Arabia will break its 35-year-old ban on cinema with “Black Panther”

According to Variety , Disney and its Middle East distribution partner Italia Film are planning to release the record-breaking Marvel film on April 18 in a newly built AMC theater located in the country’s capital of Riyadh .

2 - Microsoft free personal email

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Hey, maybe don't make the YouTube shooting about YouTube ad revenue

Australia is investigating Facebook for privacy violations

Australia’s privacy commissioner has announced that the country is investigating if Facebook breached its privacy laws after the company confirmed that data from 300,000 Australian Facebook users may have been used without their permission, reports Bloomberg . The investigation comes after Facebook revised the estimation of just how many users’ data was shared with Cambridge Analytica without their permission. At first, the number was pegged around 50 million, but now Facebook has revealed the actual number may be as high as 87 million. MG

5 Trump says taking a serious look at policy options on Amazon

ABOARD AIR FORCE ONE (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump said on Thursday he would take a very serious look at policies that might affect online retailer Inc.

Apple’s redesigned Mac Pro is coming in 2019

There’s a lot we still don’t know about the device. First and foremost, we’re unsure what shape it will take. The trashcan-style design of the Mac Pro was divisive, yet it was an integral design decision from Apple to enable a more modular setup with easier access to core components like memory and graphics. “As we said a year ago working on modular was inherently a modular system and in looking at our customers and their workflows obviously that’s a real need for our customers and that’s the direction we’re going,” Boger said in the interview.

Facebook retracted Zuckerberg’s messages from recipients’ inboxes

None of Facebook’s terms of service  appear to give it the right to remove content from users’ accounts unless it violates the company’s community standards. While it’s somewhat standard for corporations to have data retention policies that see them delete emails or other messages from their own accounts that were sent by employees, they typically can’t remove the messages from the accounts of recipients outside the company. It’s rare that these companies own the communication channel itself and therefore host both sides of messages as Facebook does in this case, which potentially warrants a different course of action with more transparency than quietly retracting the messages.

I don't think Apple can fix the iOS mess it's created | ZDNet

From a usability and user interface point of view, that's just awful. And yet Apple has done nothing to try to make this easier to use since the updated Control Center was first released to the public with iOS 11. Apple has addressed some of the problems with Control Center -- such as the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles that don't actually toggle the radios on and off -- but the solutions feel kludgy and suggest Apple doesn't really have a clear way forward.

Studio Ghibli anime legend Isao Takahata dies at 82

Isao Takahata, the legendary anime director that co-founded Studio Ghibli alongside Hayao Miyazaki, has died. He was 82. Yahoo Japan reports that he had been suffering from a heart condition and was hospitalized last summer; Studio Ghibli has since confirmed the news of his death.

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'Member when Stan Lee had all the original guys in KISS on live tv, draw & pour a pint of their blood in with the ink used to print that one off Marvel special Kiss comic book? Good Times.

Apple in talks with another supplier over futuristic MicroLED displays | Cult of Mac

Taiwan’s PlayNitride has gained approval to invest $17.1 million in a new MicroLED production facility in the Hsinchu Science Park — and it seems Apple could be one of its first customers.

Carterjett's Apple Watch bands will fit even the most massive wrists [Watch Store] | Cult of Mac

Cult of Mac Watch Store is proud to feature a growing and evolving collection of the best Apple Watch bands and accessories on the market. And, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our curated collection of Apple Watch bands: Las Vegas-based Carterjett.

Sheryl Sandberg Says Facebook Needs to Do Better Protecting Data

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Inc. chief operating officer, discusses the social-media company's data privacy efforts and Mark Zuckerberg's leadership. She speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang in Menlo Park, California. (Source: Bloomberg)

Introducing Coinbase Ventures – The Coinbase Blog

Here at Coinbase, we’re committed to creating an open financial system for the world. We’re hard at work building our own set of products. And we’re also eagerly rooting for the best and brightest minds in the crypto space, both in and outside of Coinbase, to develop products and services that create meaningful user and customer value.

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Apple updates Final Cut Pro X with ProRes RAW support, closed captioning tools

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Facebook decides to back off creepy hospital data-sharing project for some reason

Razer launches its own digital PC game store

Razer also promises to have a weekly rotating selection of four games discounted up to 50%, earning double zSilver rewards upon purchase, a Razer Game Store voucher of up to $15 and a $10 voucher on Razer peripherals purchased on the Razer Store. The first week of Razer exclusive deals will include Far Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

18 Samsung Electronics tips record first-quarter profit as chip boom...

SEOUL (Reuters) - Samsung Electronics Co Ltd ( 005930.KS ) tipped a surprise record first-quarter profit on Friday but market reaction was muted due to growing concerns that the semiconductor boom that has driven the South Korean tech giant’s earnings is about to end.

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First footage of today’s Virgin Galactic launch, the first powered flight since the company’s fatal crash in 2014 …

Marie Claire noticed Meghan Markle’s gray hair, and people noticed Marie Claire’s stupidity

It’s true that Markle’s hair has made headlines before, but not because of a cosmetic difference that could only be noticed by squinting just so. Critics on Twitter are clearly wondering why a beloved fashion magazine would dedicate an entire article to one single un-dyed hair. And, same. CGW

Some Amazon Key features, including keyless entry, go nationwide

Amazon introduced Amazon Key in October as a system that includes a smart door lock, its own Cloud Cam security camera and the Amazon Key app. Using these elements, people can open and close their doors without a key or give a guest a code to enter their homes. But the most interesting -- and controversial -- part of Amazon Key is its in-home delivery capabilities, allowing delivery people to open your door, slide packages inside and then lock the door.

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Spectrum joins a host of alternative self-hosted collaboration platforms such as http://Rocket.Chat  and Mattermost. 

Can Zuckerberg Rebuild Trust? It’s A Long Shot, But Here’s Where To Start

It wasn’t that Zuckerberg offered nothing. “We need to take a broader view of our responsibilities,” he conceded, apologizing for the fact that the company (and he personally) had failed to do more earlier. Finally, he listed a handful of fixes Facebook had made in the preceding days, then made assurances that more would follow. Still, it remains an open question whether or not Zuckerberg can convince Congress, the press, the market, and most of all Facebook’s users that he’s capable of regaining enough trust and generating enough foresight to lead Facebook out of the wilderness. But if he can, here’s what it might take.

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Fossilized Ichthyosaur was pregnant with octuplets when she died

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

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All-New Wolverine's latest arc gives us the happiest future Marvel's ever had

Apple will give shareholders $100 billion thanks to Trump | Cult of Mac

Apple stockpiled $252.3 billion overseas, but it’s bringing that money back to America. A market analysts predicts the company will spend $100 billion of it on its stock buyback and dividend program. This will directly benefit those with Apple shares.

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Microsoft bails on its landmark Supreme Court case after passage of the CLOUD Act

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Selling pressure in cryptocurrencies could ease after tax day

MIT Tool Lets Your Friends Help You Fight Email Harassment

Dubbed Squadbox , the tool lets you set up filters on your email so that suspicious messages get forwarded to your most trusted contacts—aka your squad—for moderation. Your friends can then go through the messages and determine which ones to get rid of, and which to forward back to your inbox.

Collect computers for fun and profit: 5 essential tips [Cult of Mac]

This might sound like the most obvious point possible. However, whenever I speak with computer collectors, I find it’s a mistake many people make. If you’re looking to grow one or two machines into a collection, work out what exactly you want to focus on as your stable of vintage computers grows.

Unsplash, tech’s favorite stock image site, now has an iOS app

The new mobile app is optimized to be best used with an iPad — users can drag photos they like to the lower left corner to download the image, or use multi-screen mode to drop the picture into a project file they’re working on. Unsplash fills its database with stock images from a community of photographers willing to license their photos out for free. Users can search for images by keywords or formats, such as “iPhone backgrounds” or “desktop wallpaper.”

Apple's Revamped Modular Mac Pro Will Arrive in 2019

Apple is being transparent about this whole thing as it does not want pro users and institutions to be in two minds while pulling the trigger on the iMac Pro. Many people have likely pushed back their purchase of the iMac Pro in anticipation of the new Mac Pro release this year. However, the delay means that they can very well go ahead and buy the iMac Pro for their needs. While not modular in nature, the iMac Pro is also aimed at professionals and can be customized with up to 18-core Xeon processor and 128GB of RAM.

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LIGHTSPEED Presents: "What is Eve?" by Will McIntosh

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Lawmakers urge FCC to act on reports of illegal 'Stingrays' surveilling US capital

How to free up disk space in macOS High Sierra | Cult of Mac

In the latest version of DaisyDisk, purgeable space is listed along with other kinds of used space, and all you have to do is drag it to DaisyDisk’s Collector (DaisyDisk’s trash, essentially). That’s it. When you empty the Collector, you’ll get back all that free space. Of course, you’ll also lose all your local snapshots, but if you need to do a backup of an iPhone, for example, then that may be an acceptable tradeoff.

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Ready to binge some Netflix tonight? Use this website to find something to watch:

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A California family won a $1.6 million lawsuit over their bed bug infestation from hell

Mark Zuckerberg will face US lawmakers on April 11

While Zuckerberg will no doubt have plenty of canned answers to the E&C Committee's questions come April 11, he could shed some light on just what Facebook is doing with our data and what further steps the company plans to take in order to protect it.

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MoviePass buys Moviefone as it presses forward with movie theater domination

​Researchers boycott Korean university over 'killer robot' AI weapons lab | ZDNet

Ahead of a UN meeting in Geneva on April 9, slated to discuss the challenges posed by lethal autonomous weapons, over 50 AI and robotics researchers from 30 countries have declared that they will boycott all contact with KAIST once the "killer robot" lab opens.

Pseudonymisation is helping firms comply with a new EU privacy law

THE European Union is home to 512m people. From May 25th firms wishing to handle data that pertain to any of those people will have to comply with a new set of privacy rules called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The introduction of the GDPR is the biggest change to privacy legislation in the EU for 20 years. In particular, the new rules are strict about the purposes for which data may be used. If a bank collects names and addresses in order to process payments, or a hospital records laboratory-test results in order to treat patients, those organisations are prohibited from putting the data in question to any other use.

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Batman: White Knight gives the Joker an even more tragic reason for killing Jason Todd

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Establish credit with a "credit builder" loan

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It's finally happening. FX has ordered a pilot for Y: The Last Man

If Apple's Mac has any future, it's in the cloud | ZDNet

And let's face it, in terms of apps, Microsoft has contributed far more important business and consumer apps for iOS and Mac than IBM has despite the existing partnership. All the IBM partnership has really resulted in for Apple is the sale of iPhones and iPads to corporate customers.

48 Myanmar groups criticise Zuckerberg's response to hate speech spread on Facebook

However, the groups, which have worked with Facebook to flag dangerous content, have revealed it took more than four days for the company to respond when the messages started circulating online during the Rohingya crisis.

The next Mac Pro won't arrive until 2019 | Cult of Mac

“We want to be transparent and communicate openly with our pro community so we want them to know that the Mac Pro is a 2019 product. It’s not something for this year,” said Tom Boger, Senior Director of Mac Hardware Product Marketing, in an interview with Techcrunch. “We know that there’s a lot of customers today that are making purchase decisions on the iMac Pro and whether or not they should wait for the Mac Pro.”

Intense video shows truck with raised trailer smashing into overpass

Another motorist managed to capture the accident on camera, and holy crap you need to watch the footage because it's intense. When the raised trailer crashes into the pedestrian bridge, the contents of the trailer fly across the highway.

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58 Windows 10 Spring Creators Update: All the new features explained
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60 Woman finds dead lizard in Trader Joe's kale. You can stop eating greens now.
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62 Facebook admits it discussed sharing user data for medical research project
63 The number of apps on Apple’s App Store has shrunk for the first time
64 Another reason why your Docker containers may be slow
65 Spotify quibbles with Apple Music over The Weeknd streaming numbers | Cult of Mac
66 Facebook fined $33 million for failing to aid Brazil graft probe
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68 'I had become a killer': how I learned to live again, after running a man over
69 Facebook’s Sandberg Says ‘a Few’ Advertisers Paused Spending
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71 Zuckerberg keeps insisting Facebook doesn’t sell our data. What it does is even worse
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73 Secret Service Warns of Chip Card Scheme — Krebs on Security
74 Twitter say it's stamped out over 1.2 million terrorism-related accounts
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77 Daring man pulls off impossible oversized Jenga move
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79 YouTube TV now works in Firefox
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82 Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows
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86 Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro will be shaped by workflows
87 Cloudflare's new DNS attracting 'gigabits per second' of rubbish | ZDNet
88 Snapchat's Exclusive iPhone X AR Lenses Is Now Available
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