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Apple’s Clips app is social video editing that’s simple to a fault

It was hard to know what to make of Clips at launch. Sure, Apple launches its own standalone apps from time to time, but it’s never offered up anything..

Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed

Digital Foundry has the specs, has seen it running, and has talked to the people who built it.

Quick take video review: Apple's 2017 9.7-inch iPad

How Osmo decides to make its tangible, high-tech toys

Many toys today include high-tech and interactive components that keep kids in front of screens. But when it comes to health and educational development,..

Ubuntu convergence finally impresses me - TechRepublic

Canonical has finally announced its first Ubuntu Tablet. Convergence is drawing nearer for open source and Jack Wallen now believes it will succeed.

'The Matrix' recut with Will Smith as Neo instead of Keanu Reeves

Will Smith was cast but turned down the role.

The Xbox One Scorpio is a six-teraflop gaming beast

Microsoft couldn’t wait until E3 in June to unveil the Scorpio, so the company shared some details with Digital Foundry and we now know all of Project..

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Twitter is suing the US government over a demand to reveal the user behind an anti-Trump account

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter said in a lawsuit on Thursday that it had received a demand from U.S. officials for records that could reveal the user behind a Twitter account opposed to President Donald Trump. Twitter is challenging the demand in court.

Twitter is suing the US government over a demand to reveal the user behind an anti-Trump account

SAN FRANCISCO - Twitter said in a lawsuit on Thursday that it had received a demand from U.S. officials for records that could reveal the user behind a Twitter account opposed to President Donald Trump. Twitter is challenging the demand in court.

Twitter just announced a new service to reduce your mobile data usage

Today, we are rolling out Twitter Lite, a new mobile web experience, which minimizes data usage, loads quickly on slower connections, is resilient on unreliable mobile networks, and takes up less than 1MB on your device. We also optimized it for speed, with up to 30% faster launch times as well as quicker navigation throughout Twitter. Twitter Lite provides the key features of Twitter—your timeline, tweets, direct messages, trends, profiles, media uploads, notifications, and more. With Twitter Lite, we are making Twitter more accessible to millions of people—all you need is a smartphone or tablet with a browser.

Microsoft releases Xbox Project Scorpio specs - it's the most powerful console ever

At the same graphics quality settings as Xbox One, the demo ran at a full 4K resolution, at a perfect 60 frames per second. For Xbox One to do this at a standard HD resolution of 1080p uses about 90 per cent of that console’s power. Scorpio was only using 60-70 per cent of its resources to run this demo.

Microsoft purges game emulators from Windows and Xbox stores

Notably, the DOSbox emulator app for Windows phone is still available on the Store at the time of this writing. There might be some wiggle room for apps that don’t specifically emulate a game system. Also, anyone who downloads their emulators from elsewhere on the internet won’t notice much of a difference.

Can virtual reality enable 3D creation for all?

If you look at the evolution of capturing the world around us, we keep getting closer and closer to what the world actually looks like. We started replicating nature using painting and sculpting, caves and stones were our canvas. Photography was invented about 200 years ago. It took another 40 years before color photography. We got cinematography a few years after that. But we live in a 3D world, and the next big phase of capture is volumetric.

Why I’m selling some Twitter shares – Ev Williams – Medium

Here’s the short story: I like to invest a lot in things I care about. For example, I’m the largest LP at Obvious Ventures , which has invested in over 35 world-positive companies. In addition, my wife and I have done a fair amount of philanthropic giving and—especially in the last year—upped our political donations significantly 😬. These are all efforts to help build a smarter, more sustainable world. I’ve been doing all of them for a while, and I’d like to continue. (In the early days, I also funded Medium, but have not in recent years and don’t have any plans to, thanks to awesome investor/partners.)

Democrats aren't backing down on internet data privacy

Rosen's not the only politician looking to put pressure on the government to restore consumer privacy protection, either. Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) said yesterday that he's leading a group of seven other democrats looking to get more clarity around how ISPs will use consumer data that's available to them. Specifically, the group is asking AT&T, Comcast, Charter, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and CenturyLink whether they will use opt-in consent to use or sell consumer information. They're also asking what opt-out procedures are like, whether data on former customers is stored, if they make consumers pay to opt out, what the polices to protect customer data are like, and a host of other questions.

Hyperloop One completes Vegas test track tube, reveals 11 proposed U.S. routes

Hyperloop One is in Washington on Wednesday, presenting to policy makers and others in the nation’s capital details regarding its progress, and revealing 11 teams from the U.S. presenting proposed routes across 35 cities. The 11 U.S. teams will join the group of 24 other proposals from around the world, competing to become one of 12 total finalists, of which Hyperloop One will eventually choose three to work with more closely to bring the projects to fruition.

This Porsche-based electric supercar has a 215-mile range and crazy acceleration

Kreisel’s conversion gives the EVEX 910e 490HP via its electric motor, while producing zero emissions. It features a unique 2-speed transmission created by the Kreisel brothers, which can also be purchased separately. The car’s max range of around 215 miles on battery power is described as “realistic” by the company, rather than guided by official measurement systems like the EPA standard. Rapid charging can quickly boost the power, and it’s been built so that when paired with a home solar installation, it can act as a battery and store power to feed back into the house.

NVIDIA's insane Titan Xp card brings Pascal graphics to Mac

NVIDIA just unveiled its insanely powerful Titan Xp graphics card, and for the first time, it brings award-winning Pascal-powered GPUs to the Mac.

Comcast Gives Wireless Service a Try With Xfinity Mobile

Only Comcast Internet subscribers will be able to buy Xfinity Mobile. Low-usage plans start at $12/line/GB, including unlimited talk and text. There's also an "unlimited" data plan, throttled in some unspecified way after 20GB. That will cost $65, or $45 for "premium X1" customers. Only half of Comcast's 29 million customers have the option to take the company's most advanced X1 cable service, Armstrong said.

23andMe just got the OK to tell you if you have an increased risk of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and other diseases

Kathy Hibbs, chief legal and regulatory officer at 23andMe told Business Insider that when the Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease tests do go live, users will have to opt-in to receiving the reports. Because there are limited treatments for both neurodegenerative conditions, the hope is to make it clear that there's additional information to consider before receiving the results. Users can opt out of receiving the reports both during the ordering process and once they receive the results.

Comcast just launched a new phone service called Xfinity Mobile

In any case, the big wrinkle here is that you need to already be a Comcast subscriber to use Xfinity Mobile. Comcast openly says it wants to use the service to help drive cable subscriptions, and is only offering it to those who subscribe to an Xfinity internet package. The idea is to make it so, like Verizon, it can run every internet connection you may use, and get more revenue out of the subscribers it already has.

Microsoft tops Apple in tablet satisfaction (including design)

Commentary: A new J.D. Power study finds Surface buyers are happier than their iPad counterparts. They're younger and prefer Microsoft's design.

Matthew Panzarino on Twitter

Transcript of the interview with Apple's Phil Schiller, Craig Federighi and John Ternus on the state of the Pro Macs …

Scientists Want to Use Color-Changing Rainbow Poop to Diagnose Your Bowel Problems

It’s unknown if increased levels of thiosulfate can be used as a reliable indicator of colitis in humans, but the sensor bacteria could in theory be re-engineered to react to other compounds or molecules that contribute to colon inflammation. And instead of producing green fluorescent proteins, the sensor bacteria, easily ingested by just eating a pro-biotic yogurt, could produce an enzyme that makes a colored pigment that would dye someone’s stool, making the color change easy to spot after a bowel movement.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Does Not Like the New Predator Reboot, Or So He Says

Right now, a brand new Predator film is in production from writer-director Shane Black. With Black’s reputation for fast, funny, action comedies, that sentence should pique anyone’s interest. One person who is not interested, though, is the original film’s star, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Or so he says.

How the transformation of the automotive industry is IoT-driven - ReadWrite

Of all the industries that the Internet of Things (IoT) has influenced, the automotive industry — with its connected car — seems to remain particularly successful at capturing the interest of consumers. From predictive maintenance of vehicles to smart cars that can offer you advice regarding parking reservations, today’s connected car comes equipped with a number of technologies that were once considered impossible.

Australian regulator takes Apple to court over 'error 53' iPhone shutdowns

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has commenced proceedings in the Federal Court against Apple Australia and its U.S.-based parent company, Apple, for allegedly making “false, misleading, or deceptive representations” about consumers’ rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

Showtime for iOS adds support for offline downloads

Premium network Showtime on Thursday updated its official apps for iOS with support for downloading episodes, giving both cord cutters and cable subscribers the option to watch programs like "Homeland" and "Billions" without an internet connection.

New Zealand Could Use Gene Editing to Kill Off Its Cutest Predator

The stoat—a small, adorable, weasel-like mammal—is the one of the largest ecological threats in New Zealand. It’s a fierce invader with few predators that dines freely on the country’s endangered birds. The stoat did not come to New Zealand via any unfortunate accident. It was brought there on purpose, introduced in the 19th century to control another pest introduced by settlers, the rabbit. It was, in essence, a Russian nesting doll of ecological disasters—one bad decision supplanting yet another.

YouTube Blocks Ads From Channels With Fewer Than 10,000 Views

YouTube said Thursday that video channels on its site must now have more than 10,000 total views before the company will place ads on their videos, a major shift in policy the company said is designed to punish rule breakers.

Twitter Sues Trump Administration Over Order to Unmask 'Rogue' Agency Account

In these circumstances, Defendants may not compel Twitter to disclose information regarding the real identities of these users without first demonstrating that some criminal or civil offense has been committed, that unmasking the users’ identity is the least restrictive means for investigating that offense, that the demand for this information is not motivated by a desire to suppress free speech, and that the interests of pursuing that investigation outweigh the important First Amendment rights of Twitter and its users. But Defendants have not come close to making any of those showings. And even if Defendants could otherwise demonstrate an appropriate basis for impairing the First Amendment interests of Twitter and its users, they certainly may not do so using the particular investigatory tool employed here—which Congress authorized solely to ensure compliance with federal laws concerning imported merchandise—because it is apparent that whatever investigation Defendants are conducting here does not pertain to imported merchandise.

Twitter simplifies API platform, publishes 2017 developer roadmap

Twitter wants you to know that it hasn’t given up on developers and that it’s charging forward with efforts to make it easier for them to build applications on its platform. Today, the company announced a more “unified” API platform, which it said came about through feedback gleaned from its #HelloWorld tour last year. Now the number of APIs have been streamlined and additional capabilities are available. In addition, Twitter has published its 2017 roadmap so developers can be aware of upcoming improvements.


The way I read it is that it would cut down on incoming revenue to YouTube: ads are entirely disabled until 10k views on a given video. It is not 'no revenue sharing until 10k', it is 'no ads until 10k'. Quite different. This count is on the channel's view not per video so this should have limited impact for the content producers that have lot of videos with niche viewership. Unfortunately it will probably have the side effect of forcing small channels to split their videos in a 2, 3 4 part video to help bu

Lyft raises $500M | Hacker News

Rideshare providers experience both network effects and economies of scale in their mature markets. 1) Economies of scale: You hire an ops team of 10 people, they manage a city of 10k riders, to get to 50k drivers (5x), you only need to add 5 ops people to manage the city (1.5x). 2) Network Effects: A city starts with 10k drivers. Wait times on average are 10 minutes for a rider, and during rush wait times grow to 25 minutes (less supply elasticity), and the average time from hail to pickup is 12 minutes (IE, app blings the driver, and they are 2 miles away from rider, takes them 12 minutes to drive to rider), and the total pickup loop is hail -> 12 minutes to pickup (unpaid) -> 2 minutes waiting for ride (unpaid) -> 12 minutes on ride, so ~50% of a driver's time on a trip is unpaid. The city grows 5x (50k drivers). Now, average wait time is 3 minutes, and during rush, the average rider wait time is 5 minutes (more supply elasticity), and the average time from hail to pickup goes from 12 minutes to 4 minutes, while the wait time and trip time stay the same, so now the driver is unpaid for only ~20% of a trip.

TechRepublic on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Comcast's New Wireless Service Feels Like a Trick

This history of deception should lead you to second-guess the new Xfinity Mobile program. While we don’t know all of the details about the service just yet, the warning signs are there. For instance, Comcast is offering big discounts on Xfinity wireless service if you pay for the company’s most expensive cable plans. Once you’re paying $150 a month for an Xfinity cable package, the prices per line on Xfinity Mobile drop to $45 a month. Seems like a deal before you realize how much cash you’re shoveling in Comcast’s direction under the guise of a getting good deal. You might be getting fucked in reality.

Stripe opens Atlas business creation toolkit to U.S. entrepreneurs

When Stripe began beta testing Atlas in 2016 , the service was centered around helping foreign entrepreneurs set up shop in the United States. More than a year later, the payment processing company is opening up access to American-run businesses, offering them the same building blocks to assist them in become global internet entities. Consequentially, entrepreneurs shouldn’t have to worry about applying separately for EIN and bank accounts, hiring a registered Delaware agent or a corporate attorney to manage the formation process, or anything else — Stripe Atlas takes care of all of that with a simple web form.

10 smart thermostats to regulate your home's heat and AC

It also has geofencing capabilities tied to your phone's location. When you leave home, the Lyric should automatically adjust to a more energy efficient temp. And when you return, it should auto-adjust back to a more comfortable setting.

Sprint Goes All In on Unlimited

Sprint will phase out plans with data allowances for unlimited data plans. To kick things off, new Unlimited Freedom customers will pay $50 for one unlimited line until mid-2018.

Sprint is killing its best 50 percent off deal

It’s not an entirely surprising move. According to analyst Jeffrey Moore, the entire driving point of the 50 percent offer was to upsell customers to equally priced plans than competitors with more data. But in today’s cellphone industry where everyone offers unlimited plans, Sprint has nothing more to offer than the rival carriers it hopes to convince customers to switch over from.

Australia won't let Apple use repair vendors as excuse to violate consumer rights

Apple might have new trouble on its hands. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has filed a lawsuit against the local branch of Apple and its US-based parent company, accusing the tech giant of violating and falsely representing consumer rights under Australian law.

This Stunning Drone Footage of South Africa Made Me Feel Things Again

For the past couple of years, mediocre drone videos of dramatic landscapes have littered the internet. Like, we get it, drone pilots. Your camera flies and stuff looks pretty from the sky and the whole conceit is pretty trite at this point. And then I saw these four minutes of magic, filmed in South Africa.

Three free apps to handle your photo editing needs - TechRepublic

Here are three excellent photo editors available at the great price of FREE. These apps aren't just great options for your smartphone, either—there are also computer versions available to sweeten the deal. So with Wi-Fi enabled cameras available, you can choose to edit photographs from your DSLR or point-and-shoot on the computer or directly on the mobile device you have with you when you snap the pictures. These mobile apps can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play . Let's check out the apps.

With Attack on Syria, Trump Alienates the Alt-Right

One of the few issues uniting the loose coalition of meme obsessed right-wingers, ethno-national, white supremacists, and other fringe political camps we’ve come to know as the alt-right has been the sentiment that our protracted wars in the Middle East were a grave misstep. Many Trump supporters I’ve spoken to went so far as to say they threw their effort behind the Republican ticket for fear that Clinton would certainly lead this country to war.

You can finally get an FDA-approved genetic test for diseases from 23andMe

That's what the startup tried to do originally, before it was forced to shut down that service since it didn't have FDA approval to provide actual medical knowledge based on its genetic testing. Now, the service is allowed to tell users if they're at risk for 10 diseases:

Samsung expects to post record operating profit for Q1 2017

Samsung expects to post stellar earnings for the first quarter of 2017 despite its head honcho's scandal in Korea and the lack of a new flagship phone for the period. The company believes its consolidated operating profit will reach approximately 9.9 trillion Korean won ($8.75 billion) for January to March this year. That's significantly larger than its 6.68 trillion won ($5.9 billion) profit for the same period last year and bigger still than its 9.2 trillion won ($7.8 billion) profit for the fourth quarter of 2016.



Want true privacy? You need to check out this browser

"We have long argued that a Private Browsing Mode should not only be concerned with local attackers but should take adversaries sitting between users and destinations they visit into account," Koppen said. "Thus, using Tor in Brave's private browsing mode by default is a big step towards giving users better privacy on the internet."

10 Windows 10 tips to make you more productive - TechRepublic

Another often overlooked feature of Windows 10 is one built into the Disk Cleanup tool, called Clean Up System Files. This feature allows business users to regain valuable hard disk space by removing system files that are no longer necessary to the functioning of the operation system, such as old installation files and outdated device drivers. Here, Shultz explains how to use the feature, and the type of files it is designed to remove.

Here's the Galaxy S8+ you really want (but can't have)

It's only been one week since Samsung unveiled its new flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but there's already a beefier and better version on the way. A more powerful variant of the S8+ will offer 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, ETNews reports, but there's a catch -- it will only be available in South Korea and China (for now, anyway), and it will probably cost over one thousand dollars.

Businesses can't blindly trust the Microsoft cloud--or any other cloud for that matter - TechRepublic

However, that is only half of the equation. Enterprises must never become complacent about their data security and the security provided by their third-party cloud providers. Every enterprise should be actively questioning, testing, and probing their security systems. No business can passively accept or trust what another company says about its security—security systems must be proactively tested and retested.

Samsung sees bounce in Q1 ahead of Galaxy S8

Samsung's had a rough few months. In October, the company killed its large-screen phone , the Galaxy Note 7, after two battery flaws caused the device to overheat. The debacle cost Samsung an estimated $17 billion in sales. It also cost Samsung the lead in the global smartphone market, with Apple leapfrogging it in the fourth quarter of 2016 to become the world's biggest smartphone vendor. (The last time Apple had held the lead was in 2014 when it introduced its first big-screen phones, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.)

Dozens of U.S. Missiles Hit Air Base in Syria

Hassan Youssef, 40, a victim of Tuesday’s chemical weapons attack in northern Syria, was in a hospital Thursday in the city of Idlib. The United States launched a missile attack Thursday night in response to the Syrian government’s use of such weapons on civilians.

How to assign a drive letter in Windows 10 - TechRepublic

When you connect a new drive to your PC, Windows automatically assigns the next available letter after C, which is normally used for your system drive. So an external hard drive or USB thumb drive could end up as D, E, F or whatever, depending on how many drive letters are already being used.

An innovative swim line designed with new moms in mind

As a new mom, preparing for beach season can be a frightening thought. As someone who falls squarely into this camp, I can attest that very few of pre-pregnancy swimsuits fit well. But if you do a Google search for "post-baby swimsuit," much of it isn't particularly fashionable. 

A Seemingly Harmless Virus Might Be Triggering Celiac Disease

Celiac disease can be a nightmare, with the slew of gluten-triggered ails it brings. Those includes everything from gastrointestinal symptoms like bloating and diarrhea, to psychological symptoms, anemia, seizures... pretty much everything that can make the body feel bad, combined into one awful mess.

How Chula Vista is turning its bayfront into a smart city test bed - TechRepublic

And there's more. Chula Vista officials have spent 10 years creating a 24-year plan in four phases to redevelop more than five acres on its waterfront to include smart city technology that will spill over into the downtown area. The first phase of smart city tech is focused on reducing energy use in the bayfront development, and the long-term plan centers on citywide energy efficiency and smart devices, data analytics, and software to revamp its critical infrastructure such as lighting, garbage collection, Wi-Fi, and other city services.

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69 Lyft raises $500 million in funding round, now valued at $7.5 billion
70 Moto G5 and G5 Plus review: Still the best budget phones
71 YouTube creators can now only monetize when they reach 10,000 views
72 A girl snuck a horse into her parent's bathroom for some selfies, of course
73 Pebble promises its watches will continue to work long after its services wind down
74 Twitter Lite keeps you tweeting over bad data connections
75 Add MacBook storage without the added bulk with the Nifty MiniDrive — just $29.99
76 Trump accidentally stood next to Darth Vader and this is why symbolism exists
77 Google Play Music Unlimited launches in India at Rs. 89 to take on Apple Music
78 Baidu Expands U.S. Research Space With New Silicon Valley Site
79 The Best DIY Pet Toys You Can Make From Stuff in Your Home
80 Cheaper Microsoft mixed reality headsets are on the way
81 Xbox One now supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio
82 Of course Justin Trudeau has a plan for when robots take our jobs
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84 Everything Cut From Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
85 IBM’s Watson Designed The Worst Burrito I’ve Ever Had
86 Twitter sues government for trying to unmask 'rogue' federal Twitter account | ZDNet
87 Legendary comedian and insult maestro Don Rickles has died
88 Why it's time to cash a ticket to the DevOps revolution | ZDNet
89 Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams to Sell 30% of His Stock
90 Windows 3.1: Twenty-five years later, it's still a Microsoft milestone
91 Don’t buy Mass Effect: Andromeda (yet)
92 F-Secure buys Little Flocker to combat macOS ransomware