Inside the next Xbox: Project Scorpio tech revealed Video Description

It was also heartening to see that Microsoft has retained an internal power supply: in this case, a 245W universal voltage PSU that Del Castillo reckons is the most efficient in Xbox history. On the rear of the unit, the arrangement of ports is identical to Xbox One S, including the standard figure-eight power socket (as opposed to the much larger 'kettle' cable arrangement used on PS4 Pro). The thinking here is that those who've plumbed their Xbox One S into their AV set-up can swap over to Scorpio with next to no effort. Since port arrangement is based on Xbox One S, there's no return for the original Xbox One's Kinect port (a USB adapter is required) but the HDMI input is retained. The final form factor - the 'ID' as Microsoft calls it - will be revealed at E3, where we suspect you will be pleasantly surprised.

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