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MIT's AlterEgo headset can read words you say in your head

When you think a sentence in your head, your brain sends signals to your mouth and jaw. MIT's headset reads those signals with 92 percent accuracy.

Walmart to roll out over 500 more Pickup Towers to U.S. stores this year

Walmart announced this week it’s going to roll out more than 500 additional Pickup Towers to its U.S. stores over the course of the year. The towers, which are like high-tech vending machines distributing customers’ online purchases, were first introduced into nearly 200 stores in 2017.…

Facebook will add ‘Unsend’ feature to Messenger, but here’s who allows disappearing messages now

How to make your messages just as ephemeral as Zuck's.

Dancers prove you can dance to anything, even the Mii Channel theme song

They combined popular moves to the infamous tempo without missing a single beat.

Apple stops signing iOS 11.2.6 amid deluge of iOS 11.3 bug reports

Apple on Friday ceased iOS 11.2.6 code signing following the release of iOS 11.3 last week, meaning users are now unable to revert back to the old operating system despite reports of bugs and other problems with the latest release.

One musician's string quartet arrangement of your '90s TV faves will get you nostalgic

Relive your childhood, but, like, classier.

Dude on Tinder just wants to play 'Words With Friends 2'


Here's why Jay-Z thinks the Trump administration is 'a great thing'

Yes, Jay. Please elaborate.

Michelle Obama shared the perfect parenting metaphor for Trump's White House

Guess who's the bad dad?

Jimmy Kimmel ends the weird war Sean Hannity started against him

Jimmy Kimmel just wants to know what "ass clown" really means.

Multi-user experiences with A-Frame – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Salva de la Puente describes the sharedspace component he's built, which brings the power of WebRTC to A-Frame users. The component provides a collaboration model where participants can join or ...

Researchers develop device that can 'hear' your internal voice

New headset can listen to internal vocalisation and speak to the wearer while appearing silent to the outside world

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1 Backpage Seizure

Facebook will add an "unsend" feature after secretly deleting Zuckerberg’s messages

Facebook has implemented an unsend feature in some capacities with its other products before. WhatsApp has offered an unsend feature since last year, which lets users revoke a message if they do so within a short period of time after sending. The message does not simply disappear, however; the note “this message was deleted” sits in place of the text, video, or photo. Instagram also has an unsend feature that simply makes the message go away as if nothing happened (unless, of course, the recipient has already seen the message or push notification). Users simply hold the message they want to delete and select “unsend” to clear it from history. The recipient in this case is not notified when messages have been revoked.

George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies

Soros has already been indirectly betting on crypto. The firm amassed a stake in in the fourth quarter, making it the third-biggest shareholder of the discount e-commerce company. In August 2017 it became the first major retailer to accept digital currencies. The company had also planned to start an exchange for cryptocurrencies as well as offer digital coins that could trade on the platform.

Twitter changes may bring major issues for third-party apps

The third-party devs say that when their apps open a connection to Twitter, currently, they get a continuous stream of updates. Push notifications, they say, is done on their own servers, which generate the messages you see on your devices. Timeline updates use that stream directly on your mobile or desktop apps. The new Account Activity API is currently in beta, but developers haven't been given access. Even if they had been, say the devs, push notifications are limited to 35 Twitter accounts at the standard level, and there's no pricing given for Enterprise-level service. The developers say that they need to deliver notifications to "hundreds of thousands of customers."

You only need $80K to book a spot at the first hotel in space

Like other luxury hotels looking for multiple revenue streams, the company has bigger plans for Aurora Station other than just being the planet’s first space hotel, though. They want to offer charters to space agencies, hope to support zero gravity research, and serve as a base for space manufacturing. Don’t put the deposit on that retirement condo in Boca quite yet, because they are also hoping to sell the world’s first space condominiums . ML

George Soros Prepares to Trade Cryptocurrencies

Soros has already been indirectly betting on crypto. The firm amassed a stake in in the fourth quarter, making it the third-biggest shareholder of the discount e-commerce company. In August 2017 it became the first major retailer to accept digital currencies. The company had also planned to start an exchange for cryptocurrencies as well as offer digital coins that could trade on the platform.

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Sandberg: With no ads, Facebook like a pay service

8 Techmeme on Twitter

Facebook says it has suspended Canadian data firm AggregateIQ over alleged involvement with SCL and the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal ( @ottawacarl / National Observer) … …

9 Facebook backs U.S. regulation of internet political ads

The change in stance, announced in a Facebook post by Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, comes a few days before he is scheduled to answer questions in congressional hearings about how the company handles its users’ data.

Can this 'national DDoS radar' plan help fight off attacks on Dutch critical systems? | ZDNet

One particularly eyebrow-raising part of the proposal reads: "The DDoS radar also helps reaching a collective decision on when to incrementally and temporarily disconnect Dutch networks from the global internet in case of extremely large DDoS attacks and subsequently enforce this decision in collaboration with the former Trusted Networks Initiative and the Dutch Continuity Board."

Apple voices support for Clean Power Plan ahead of pending repeal

"Apple is committed to leaving the world better than we found it. Part of our commitment is to reduce our own impact on climate change by using renewable energy sources and driving energy efficiency in our products and facilities," Apple wrote. "However, we believe that governments, as well as industry leaders, must take a lead role in the global battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change. For a number of reasons, EPA should not repeal the Clean Power Plan." The company goes on to argue that adopting the plan would help the US become a global leader in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and states that through its own efforts, it has shown that the CPP's targets are achievable without negatively impacting reliability or resiliency.

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Legion's psychic interpretive dance battles are one of its most brilliant ideas

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Facebook will reportedly let you unsend messages, just like its fancy executives

To make your next professional update on LinkedIn, you may be forced to add a hashtag

Some users took to Twitter to ask why they were receiving a red message that reads: "Add a hashtag to finish your post and get it to the right people" when attempting to publish an update from their personal pages.

Facebook says it’ll now require political-leaning advertisers to verify their identity

Facebook advertisers who want to promote their views on key political issues — like abortion and Second Amendment rights — will now have to verify their identity and location, the company announced today. These “issue ads” will also be labeled as “political ads” on the platform, along with information about who’s paying for their existence. The company says artificial intelligence and actual humans will comb through advertisers to identify those that need to be labeled and verified. Users can also report ads that seem political in nature and are missing verification.

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Snapchat finally delivers those TrueDepth-enhanced AR Lenses.

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

Myanmar group blasts Zuckerberg’s claim on Facebook hate speech prevention

Facebook has offices covering five of Southeast Asia’s largest countries — Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines — and its approach to expansion has seemed to focus on advertising sales opportunities, with most staff in the region being sales or account management personnel. Using that framing, Myanmar — with a nascent online advertising space — isn’t likely to qualify for an office, but Phandeyaar’s Petersen believes there’s a strong alternative case.

Twitter API Changes Will Break Third-Party Twitter Apps Like Tweetbot and Twitterific

Twitter has never really been friendly towards third-party Twitter client developers with its various API restrictions that force third-party apps into giving a sub-par Twitter experience. Now, with complete silence on one of its upcoming API changes that will negatively impact third-party clients, Twitter has frustrated the developers behind popular clients like Tweetbot, Twitterific, Talon, and Tweetings.

SpaceX orbital camera blackout due to missing license no one knew about

The story behind the missing live feed is a muddy bureaucratic affair. It appears that NOAA has recently decided to start interpreting or enforcing a decades-old law in a new way. The agency says SpaceX and other commercial space companies must apply for a license to broadcast video from orbit.

HyperBlock acquires CryptoGlobal, creates cryptocurrency mining mammoth | ZDNet

The combined company will operate over 21,000 mining servers and will utilize 28 MW of power to mine cryptocurrencies in the US and Canada. According to HyperBlock, there is potential to extend to over 90 MW in the future.

Designers Just Fixed Facebook. Your Move, Zuckerberg

[Image: courtesy NewDealDesign] NDD’s redesign includes a more specific breakdown of what the app sees, and how the app plans to use your data. Crucially, by hitting a single check mark, you can also opt to use every app with a new option: identity verification. This option would empower you to share nothing at all with a third-party company. It would simply verify that you are who you say you are through Facebook. “Why can’t these platforms let me use Facebook login at a base minimum without sharing information at all?” asks Chau. “Facebook will just say, ‘yes this person exists,’ rather than letting an app see everything about you and your friends, forever.”

Making Ads and Pages More Transparent | Facebook Newsroom

We believe that when you visit a Page or see an ad on Facebook it should be clear who it’s coming from. We also think it’s important for people to be able to see the other ads a Page is running, even if they’re not directed at you. That’s why today we’re announcing important changes to the way we manage ads and Pages on Facebook as well as Instagram. These are designed to increase transparency and accountability, as well as prevent election interference.

Facebook will verify identities of popular Pages and political ad buyers

( Reuters ) — Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Friday endorsed U.S. legislation to regulate political ads across the internet, a concession to lawmakers days before he is scheduled to testify in two U.S. congressional hearings.

Apple headphones concept mashes AirPod with HomePod | Cult of Mac

It’s an open secret that Apple is developing its own over-the-ear headphones, separate from Beats’ products. Well-known designer Martin Hajek dreamed up suggestions for how these super-size AirPods might look.  

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A surprising movie was last year's most popular digital rental

Gizmodo on Twitter

A self-hating, animal version of Walt Disney goes to art-camp rehab in a new graphic novel

5 Essential Security Tips for iPhone and iPad

Find My iPhone/iPad is a great app baked into iOS that lets you locate or lock your lost device from a web browser using your Apple ID. It also lets you enable Lost Mode, which displays a customizable message and allows any user to call a specified number to get in touch with you. Plus, you’ll email updates when your device’s location changes. Here’s how you can set it up.

GamesBeat Summit 2018: Working on the (block) chain gang

GamesBeat Summit 2018 is coming up next week on April 9 & 10 in Mill Valley, CA and we’re not leaving any stone unturned in looking at the future of the industry.

How to get the iPad's Lock-Screen Notes on iPhone | Cult of Mac

Lock-Screen Notes are one of the iPad’s best features. You can tap your Apple Pencil onto the unlocked iPad and immediately start writing or drawing on a note. It’s almost as instant as having a real pen and paper in front of you. But did you know that you can do the same thing with your iPhone? That right, you can create and add to notes right from the lock screen — no Apple Pencil required.

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How to check in with yourself at every point in your career

Want Fairer Workplaces? Give Employees Seats On The Board

Of course, the Civis poll found that Democrats, or those who lean Democrat, display more enthusiasm for the concept than those on the Republican side. On the left, the “lean Democrat” category voted 75% in favor of the question, and just 9% opposed. Around 43% of the “lean Republican” category supported the concept, while 31% opposed, and the pure Republican category saw 4% more opposed than in favor. But overall, a clear majority of people favor the concept. Some of the open-ended responses to the Civis poll in support of the concept included: “Because a company is made or broken by the employees” and “Because all employees have the know that they are being treated equally.”

10 surefire ways to get your sharpest-ever photos

One of the first rules of photography is that the subject should be pin-sharp. Most modern digital cameras offer a number of ways of achieving sharp photos, and in this post we're going to look at the most important digital camera focus techniques and the best settings to use. We'll look at how to select the AF point and which focus mode to use.

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A 1:1 scale, officially licensed replica of Jurassic Park's best prop is finally here

Today in Apple history: Future Apple CEO John Sculley born | Cult of Mac

Jobs did not technically run Apple as CEO until he returned to Cupertino in the late 1990s. During the early ’80s, the idea was that Jobs and Sculley would helm the company together like co-CEOs. Jobs and Apple’s engineers would take care of the cutting-edge technology, while Sculley would use his marketing expertise to legitimize Apple.

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When amazing scifi series have infuriatingly terrible finales

Cisco switch flaw led to attacks on critical infrastructure in several countries

The Talos team used the search tool Shodan to determine that more than 168,000 systems could be vulnerable to an attack from this flaw. However in 2016, cyber security firm Tenable noted that there were 251,000 exposed Cisco Smart Install Clients, the report said.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Politicians worldwide are following an Obama-era vision to make AI a key focus of government strategy, while the Trump administration says that minimizing government interference is the best way to ensure the technology flourishes:

Cult of Mac on Twitter

ICYMI: See how ARKit will make grocery shopping easier

The next Google phone: Pixel 3 launch date, specs, and rumor roundup | ZDNet

Google hasn't given us any official indication it plans to launch an updated Pixel 3 smartphone in 2018, but that isn't going to stop us from covering the various leaks and rumors leading up to its launch.

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Steven Moffat has found a very meta way to work Peter Cushing's Doctor Who movies into canon

Microsoft readies developer kit to try to get more 64-bit apps compiled for Windows 10 on ARM | ZDNet

"To clarify, Microsoft is planning to release a preview of the Windows 10 ARM64 SDK for Store and desktop apps, allowing developers to recompile their win32 desktop apps to ARM64 so they can run natively without emulation. With the SDK, x64 apps and x86 apps will also be able to recompile to ARM64 and run natively. We will be sharing more details on the ARM64 SDK Preview at Build."

TechRepublic on Twitter

Web browsers are designed to store information for your convenience, but that information can also fall into the wrong hands. Here are some simple tips for preventing that situation. 

The FCC won’t release emails behind the planning of Ajit Pai’s Harlem Shake video

Now, it seems the FCC doesn’t want to reveal any details about who planned this video. It’s citing the b5 exemption, an excuse used by government regulators to avoid releasing public documents. The b5 exemption applies to internal agency documents that “would be privileged in civil litigation,” but because of its vague language, each group has interpreted those words to protect several different documents.

Postmates launching pickup feature

Postmates, the startup that offers on-demand delivery for anything in your city, now lets people order ahead for pickup. This comes about one year after Square’s Caviar expanded into pickups , following the acquisition of OrderAhead’s pickup business.

TechRepublic on Twitter

The attack is similar to the Black Ruby, Zenis, and HiddenTear / InfiniteTear ransomware variants and seems to utilize unsecured Remote Desktop services.

The App Store shrank last year -- and that's a good thing | Cult of Mac

If the data is accurate, part of the reason for the downsizing is that developers released fewer new iOS apps in 2017 compared to the previous year. The bigger reason, however, is because of an Apple decision — dating back to 2016 — to remove apps no longer compliant with up-to-date guidelines. Specifically, the company booted out any apps not built on 64-bit architecture. It also weeded out many virus-scanning apps, clone apps and a variety of other low-quality offerings.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

The feds have seized classifieds website Backpage, according to a notice on the site

According to the notice, the website and its affiliates were seized “as part of an enforcement action” by the FBI, as well as other federal and local agencies. The notice provides little other information, saying the Department of Justice will provide more at 6PM EST today.

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The mostly online 'Space Kingdom' of Asgardia attempts democracy

51 Google seeks to limit ‘right to be forgotten’ by claiming it’s journalistic
52 Lifehacker on Twitter
53 Here’s how Facebook is making movie posters come to life
54 Bald eagle forgets handler and lands on Mariners pitcher James Paxton instead
55 Goats on the lam were rescued after getting stranded on the side of a bridge
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57 Sparkles are all you need to make a good meme
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59 Gizmodo on Twitter
60 Curved iPhone mockups look like Nokia’s famous ‘banana phone’ | Cult of Mac
61 Research: Employee compliance is the main challenge to implementing cybersecurity strategy | ZDNet
62 How the military teaches fighter pilots when to eject
63 Facebook's surveillance is nothing compared to Comcast, AT&T and Verizon | Salome Viljoen
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65 Backpage Appears To Have Been Taken Down And Sex Workers Aren't Happy
66 Here are the U.S. states that will be most affected by a trade war with China
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69 Apple opposes EPA repeal of Clean Power Plan, citing impact to investments
70 Techmeme on Twitter
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72 Why Zuckerberg’s 14-Year Apology Tour Hasn’t Fixed Facebook
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74 AWS announces Secrets Manager, more tools for security | ZDNet
75 Craiglist rival Backpage seized by feds for sex ads, money laundering
76 Hot-air dryers suck in nasty bathroom bacteria and shoot them at your hands
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79 Twitter will show users its rules to discourage abuse
80 ​Want to profit from your underused servers? Overclock has an idea | ZDNet
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84 TechRepublic on Twitter
85 ​Facebook's mea culpa tour, Cambridge Analytica and GDPR: The data game is changing before our eyes | ZDNet
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87 10 Apple products you shouldn't buy (April 2018 edition) | ZDNet
88 The TheTechNewsBlog Daily