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Watch the latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

The film hits theaters on May 25th

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gets merciless SNL treatment

Commentary: To warm him up for his congressional appearances this week, Zuckerberg is presented by the late-night show as a desperate nerd with a childish, maniacal laugh.

Find out which of your Facebook friends are sharing fake news

The new feature is live for U.S. users.

New 'Solo' trailer has landed and, uh, we're all fine here, how are you

It's a Star Wars heist movie. Just fly casual.

Why is SpongeBob so damn meme-able?

One show's secret formula.

Stealth Chinese robotics company may be setting the stage for a North American coup | ZDNet

A three-year-old company no one's heard of is quietly taking back the Chinese automation market. Now it's ready to go global.

Everyone is terrified to eat popcorn during 'A Quiet Place'


How to keep your cryptocurrency safe

Everything you need to know about hot wallets, cold storage and seed phrases.

New Avengers: Infinity War TV spot makes a Starbucks joke

A surprising new TV spot includes a chilling Wakandan chant and a dynamite java joke from Okoye.

How a viral tweet sent a 41-year-old Fleetwood Mac song back up the charts

Your mom's favorite band is climbing the charts again.

You Probably Can’t Draw This Letter From Memory

Fascinating new research highlights how the way we write–mostly on devices, these days–may affect how we read.

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Facebook suspends data analytics firm CubeYou amid Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal

The social networking giant makes its third high-profile move against a data analytics company, just weeks after cutting off Cambridge Analytica.

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Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says Facebook data could be stored in Russia

Facebook already upped the number of its users whose data was unknowingly used for a political data firm from 50 million to 87 million users, but the whistleblower who exposed the data scandal said this weekend that number could be even higher.

Why can't home projectors do good HDR?

All projectors use one of three technologies: DLP, LCD, and LCOS . LCoS, available in projectors made by Sony and JVC, has the best contrast ratio of any of the projector techs, but even it falls far short of what OLED and local dimming LCDs can do. DLP and LCD, which together make up the bulk of the home projector market, don't have anything close to the contrast ratio of even D-ILA. Lacking the area-dimming contrast ratio enhancement of local dimming of LCD TVs, there just isn't the dynamic range available to make any use of HDR content.

Microsoft to add ransomware protection tools, advanced encryption for consumers | ZDNet already implements encryption at rest and in transit. But starting today, Microsoft will also allow mail recipients to receive a one-time passcode or to re-authenticate with a trusted provider before viewing an email message if they aren't using an Outlook-based mail product (, Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Android and/or Windows Mail app.) If they are using one of these Outlook mail apps, no extra steps will be needed to get this extra level of protection.

Nichelle Nichols: At 85, the Star Trek icon is bold as ever

It shows. Charlie Wagner, the CNET cameraman who came with me to the interview, is a big Star Trek fan who had a crush on Uhura. As I took a few shots of the two of them after we'd stopped recording, she snuck a kiss on Charlie's cheek that made his eyes grow big.

Today in Apple history: John Sculley becomes Apple CEO | Cult of Mac

Despite a total lack of experience selling tech products, Sculley is lured to Apple by Steve Jobs himself. The Apple co-founder famously pitched the Pepsi exec with the line, “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?”

Beyerdynamic’s $99 headphone is a sweet match for pros and consumers alike

While the DT 240 PRO is mostly made of plastic it still manages to feel ruggedly built. It is a pro model after all, designed for recording and sound engineers, but there's no reason why consumers won't find a lot to like about the DT 240 PRO. The matte black finish is attractive, and while the round ear cups and ear pads aren't big enough to qualify the DT 240 PRO as an over-the-ear design, the pads are bigger than those you'd find with on-ear 'phones. In any case  the DT 240 is pretty darn comfy and does a good job hushing external noise.

Dell breaks out updated budget gaming laptops as G series

The entry-level price for the line remains $750, for the low-end G3. (UK and Australian prices are TBA but that converts to about £530 or AU$1,000.) This series now goes up to the six-core i7s and as high as a Core i9 in the top-end G7. One of the important ways they remain different from Dell's gaming-focused Alienware brand is the GPU options, which run only from a Nvidia GTX 1050 to a GTX 1060 Max-Q for the G models.

Facebook suspends data firm using Cambridge Analytica-like tricks

Facebook isn't just taking action against the companies directly involved in the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal . The company has suspended CubeYou after CNBC sent word that the analytics company was using Cambridge Analytica-style methods to harvest data for marketing purposes. It billed its quizzes as meant for "non-profit academic research" (it did build a website for Cambridge University between 2013 and 2015), but turned around and shared that info with advertisers. Whether or not CubeYou averts a ban will depend on whether or not it passes an audit, although that's far from certain.

Can this 'national DDoS radar' plan help fight off attacks on Dutch critical systems? | ZDNet

One particularly eyebrow-raising part of the proposal reads: "The DDoS radar also helps reaching a collective decision on when to incrementally and temporarily disconnect Dutch networks from the global internet in case of extremely large DDoS attacks and subsequently enforce this decision in collaboration with the former Trusted Networks Initiative and the Dutch Continuity Board."

Elon Musk wants you to watch this movie about the dangers of AI

If that isn't news to you, it may be because Elon Musk tweeted to draw the world's attention to the movie's availability. The SpaceX and Tesla founder has long been a vocal opponent of artificial intelligence. In the past, Musk has suggested that  AI competition between countries such as China and Russia could lead to World War III .

Elon Musk? No, it's Elon Mask

Hey, that's rich. Now you can choose from one of four Elon Musk facial expressions on a free printable mask bearing the SpaceX CEO's visage.

Intel Isn't Releasing a Spectre Patch for Old Chips

Tom's Hardware points out "Limited Commercially Available System Software support" is actually just a nice way of Intel explaining motherboard manufacturers and operating system developers are less than willing to help roll out patches for decade-old systems. In other words, attempting to patch really old processors just isn't worth the hassle.

The 2019 Apple Mac Pro has to look backward to move forward

Apple can't take the iMac Pro approach. Prices have to start at least as low as a midlevel iMac price, and/or models with six-core processors and an entry-level workstation GPU. Otherwise, there's no intermediate option for the cubicle-dwelling video producers, photo retouchers and their brethren. Apple can roll out marketing materials extolling the speed benefits of more expensive systems and how increased productivity will pay in the long run, but if today's budget for a system is $1,500, those factors don't really doesn't matter, do they? And if you really want to attract tomorrow's professionals, it has to be affordable on a student budget today. With the legacy Mac Pro and current iMac Pro starting at $3,000 and $5,000, respectively, this may sound impossible. But Apple has shown more pricing flexibility in some product categories of late.

​Samsung to post record 15.6 trillion won profit for Q1 2018 | ZDNet

Samsung Electronics expects a first quarter profit of 15.6 trillion won, higher than market estimates and its highest ever for a quarter.

GDPR: The top 5 things you need to know

Still not sure what GDPR is, or how it might apply to your business? Here are the basics.

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Samsung's new ruggedized Galaxy Tab Active2 is built for outdoor professionals, says director of mobility Jen Langan, and is water resistant, works with gloves, and has a user-replaceable battery. 

What is Project Wing?

A closer look at the drone-delivery program by Google's parent company Alphabet.

That “Black Mirror” brain startup is having second thoughts about uploading your mind

MIT cut ties with the startup, which now claims it won’t be uploading brains any time soon

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"covertly". This stuff as plain as day - you just didn't look for it. Now tracking stuff while the app is closed, pre uploading photos in my camera roll, having access to voicemail/contacts/SMS/call log/microphone, despite not authorizing the features: that's bad.

Asus' latest gaming laptop powered by Intel's new six-core chips

How does a laptop that's just 19.9mm thick (and weighs about 5.5 pounds) fit in a high-power graphics card and six-core CPU? Asus calls the cooling solution an Active Aerodynamic System, or AAS, and it's a bottom panel that lifts up when the laptop's lid is open, exposing a hidden vent used for cooling. This vent rises up about 9mm from your desk, which is 2mm higher than the previous Zephyrus. It's a pretty subtle effect, lifting the rear of the keyboard up slightly.

Leading AI researchers threaten Korean university with boycott over its work on ‘killer robots’

The boycott was organized by Professor Toby Walsh of the University of New South Wales, who warned in a press statement that the race to build autonomous weapons had already begun. “We can see prototypes of autonomous weapons under development today by many nations including the US, China, Russia, and the UK,” said Walsh. “We are locked into an arms race that no one wants to happen. KAIST’s actions will only accelerate this arms race. We cannot tolerate this.”

China Now Has the Most Valuable AI Startup in the World

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact review: A smaller flagship without compromises

By this point, you will have gathered that the XZ2 Compact has exactly the same camera as the XZ2: a 19-megapixel Motion Eye sensor combined with all of Sony's proprietary imaging tech. Performance is identical across devices, so there's nothing to complain about here. It takes lovely, detailed 17-megapixel images with accurate color saturation. Low-light performance is more than adequate, and the camera's Superior Auto mode does a good job of automating the settings and scene selection so you can concentrate on pointing and shooting. The exposure is occasionally a little off, but tweaking the focal point quickly remedies this. The two-step physical shutter key on the device makes the whole experience more camera-like, too, which is something that gets lost when tapping at a screen instead. On the Compact you have to be mindful of where you're putting your fingers, as it's easy to obscure part of the lens and find a fleshy artifact creeping into your pictures. This isn't an issue on the XZ2, where your hands are typically well out of the way.

Fortamento, Pen2Bow and other awesome apps of the week | Cult of Mac

Pages, Numbers, and Keynote all got updated to version 4.0 in the last week, on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The big new features is Apple Pencil support, which coincides with the realest of the new low-end iPads. Pages gets the biggest set of changes, with supports for creating ebooks. It’s not as powerful as iBooks Author on the Mac, but it’s more than good enough to get the job done. Better still, the new tools make creating reports on the iPad and the Mac into a delightful task, instead of a dreaded chore.

Using a 4K drone to diagnose roof damage | ZDNet

What happens when you can place a 4K camera virtually anywhere in a three-dimensional space? It’s like being able to examine something through a magnifying glass, even if it’s in a place that’s hard to reach by climbing.

Edovo raises $9 million to provide incarcerated people with tablet-based education

You Can Spend The Night In This Surprisingly Luxurious Shipping Crane

[Image: courtesy Edward van Vliet] The apartment isn’t too far off the ground and is reachable by stair, with the whole thing fitting within the former cabin of the crane. There are three stories, including a small kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Van Vliet’s design is modern, with touches that reference the harbor and the water: industrial faucets in the bathroom, cut-out lamps and screens that reflect the crane’s exterior structure, and a predominantly blue and white color palette.

There's more to life than being happy

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

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A new Mirai-style botnet is targeting the financial sector

Most of the compromised devices are routers made by MikroTik, a Latvia-based networking company. It's thought that the attackers are leveraging the manufacturer's router bandwidth testing feature. The majority of infected devices were found in Russia, Brazil, and Ukraine -- a point that the researchers said is "likely to just be a reflection of the popularity" of the infected devices.

Twitter closed 1.2 million accounts for terrorist content

But the number of accounts closed for sharing and promoting terrorism content is down, says Twitter.

Report: Apple Is Bringing Curved Displays and Touchless Gesture Controls to iPhones

As for the display, it is said that Apple is working on a panel that will curve slightly inward from the top to bottom. A curved display iPhone sounds fun, although we’ll reserve judgment until one comes out. Manufacturers have previously used OLED panels to offer curved display smartphones. This is possible thanks to the highly flexible nature of an OLED panel compared to conventional LCD screens.

Evidence of stingrays found in Washington, DC, Homeland Security says | ZDNet

As the Associated Press reported earlier, this is the first time the US government has acknowledged what appears to be the use of stingrays in the US by foreign actors. Their presence in Washington could put at risk the communications of members of Congress, the intelligence community, and others with sensitive information.

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Josh Sternberg, Tech Editor for Adweek, explains how advertisers track user web and mobile behavior to serve targeted advertising using cookies.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Sources: Mark Zuckerberg will meet with some US lawmakers on Monday, a day before he is due to appear for congressional hearings ( @davidshepardson / Reuters) … …

Techmeme on Twitter

Facebook suspends data analytics firm CubeYou which developed popular quiz apps for Cambridge University and boasted of having personal info of tens of millions ( @mishcastillo / CNBC) … …

The Best Cheap Laptops of 2018

And you'll have to accept fewer compromises with the budget laptops of today than you did in the past. Intel's Atom and Celeron processors have evolved to the point that they can support most of your Web browsing and basic productivity needs without being overly slow. The newest integrated GPUs can hold their own in browser-based Flash games and even some online games like World of Warcraft, but meeting the higher demands of AAA titles still requires a discrete GPU, which you won't find in this price range. If money is no object, check out our top-rated gaming laptops .

Google doodle spotlights Mexican film icon Maria Felix

The beautiful and flamboyant Felix became an overnight star in the 1940s, portraying strong-minded characters such as a brothel keeper, soldier and man-eating Roman empress. In all, Felix made 47 movies in Mexico, Spain, Italy, France and Argentina for the likes of Jean Renoir and Luis Buñuel, but she refused to work in Hollywood, where she was offered only stereotype roles.

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Josh Sternberg, Tech Editor for Adweek, explains why editorial content is so effective at communicating brand identity by building trust.

This data center's excess heat will help warm thousands of homes | ZDNet

The two companies say their large-scale heat reuse agreement is the world's first where an operational data center with indirect evaporative air-to-air heat exchangers is being retrofitted to transfer excess heat to a city's district heating grid.

Robo Wunderkind wants to build the Lego Mindstorms for everyone

Robo Wunderkind also has special blocks to turn your dumb robot into a connected one. In addition to the usual sensors, such as proximity sensors, motion detectors and light sensors, the company also has some more sophisticated ones. You can put a tiny camera in your construction, use an IR blaster and receiver and program a tiny LED screen.

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Fitbit Versa

Fitbit has two different stores, each of which contains apps and clock faces for your smartwatch. Using the Fitbit app on your phone, navigate to the settings screen for the Versa (a tap on the thumbnail of the watch usually works). From there, select Clock Faces or Apps to view a list of what's currently installed or in use.

What To Say When Coworkers Won’t Stop Mispronouncing Your Name

Muse career coach Eloise Eonnet ‘s approach is slightly different when it comes to email. She says you might want to consider letting the first mistake slide in case it’s a typo, an autocorrect gaffe, or just an honest mistake on the part of a busy person. If it happens again, you can add a parenthetical (like “Eloise (with an S!)”) or a postscript (“P.S. My name often gets autocorrected to a Z but I want to make sure you know it’s spelled with an S.”).

YouTube shooter’s anger: Inside the video site's ad dilemma

Nasim Aghdam’s anger at YouTube casts a nightmarish shadow over how it deals with creators and advertisers. Here's what's behind the issue of video “demonetization.”

Intel Remote Keyboard app discontinued in the face of critical vulnerability | ZDNet

Deemed critical, the bug permits "escalation of privilege in all versions of the Intel Remote Keyboard [which] allows a network attacker to inject keystrokes as a local user," according to Intel.

This Is Why Meditation Isn’t Working For You

Thinking that meditation is about disconnecting is a common mistake, but it’s actually the opposite. “Meditation is a state of awareness and lucidity,” says Chisenhall. “It’s a way to be able to better integrate with yourself, society, and your family, and gain new insight. When you’re in a conversation, for example, you won’t be thinking about something in the past or the future. If you’re not fully engaged, you lose a lot of information.”

In a Slack world, Microsoft bets on Teams and Yammer

The growth of Windows has slowed as Microsoft’s mobile platform goals have faded and the PC market matured. As a result, Microsoft has had to seek new revenue outside of its operating system.

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