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SpaceX Falcon 9 launches US spy satellite, nails return landing

Elon Musk's rocket company successfully sends a new spy satellite into space and gives us a new look at its spectacular rocket landings.

AI company Clarifai says its new face recognition technology won’t be racist

In 2015, Google rolled out a new Photos app with image recognition, which horribly backfired when it labeled Africa

Cosplaying just got way more stressful with a DIY Wolverine claw that uses real blades

For wearing around the house, of course.

SpaceX Launches US Military Spy Satellite

It was very nearly called off for a second time as wind shear was at 98.6 percent of the theoretical load limit.

These news anchors' mortifying bloopers are the internet's gain

One person's loss is another person's gain.

Apple's latest video ad continues focus on iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode

25 Ways to Internet All the Things

Get ready to get connected with the Internet of Things Contest! Check out these 25 award-winning IoT projects and get started on your own today. This contest challenges you to bridge the gap between your digital life and physical possessions. Optimize your life, your home, your car and whatever else you can think of for a chance to win! Prizes are provided by Dexter Industries and Amazon Alexa Developers.

Sam Bee Unmercifully Roasted Trump At Her “Not The White House Correspondents’ Dinner”

The event put the spotlight on the Committee to Protect Journalists—and, naturally, Bee crushed it.

These are the best cities for jobseekers, says Indeed

This may not come as a surprise, but cities with sunny weather also rank highly among the best places to look for jobs.

This subscription service keeps your old sheets and towels out of landfills

Every year, 10 million tons of textiles end up in landfills, according to the EPA. Even when we think we are donating o

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Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay

In recent months, major companies that offered dedicated Apple Watch apps have since abandoned the platform, quietly removing support for watchOS in updates submitted to the App Store. In the last few weeks, the latest update for Google Maps on iOS ditched support for the Apple Watch. Its removal was not mentioned in the release notes, and Google has not indicated whether support for watchOS will be reinstated. It's the same story with Amazon and eBay , both of which previously included Apple Watch support in their iOS apps. Both were updated in late April, and as of Monday, neither includes an Apple Watch app. While shopping on Amazon from your wrist may seem somewhat superfluous, the eBay app for Apple Watch did allow users to track bid statuses. And obviously the utility of glanceable directions from Google Maps —a service many believe is better than Apple Maps —on the watch is apparent. There are other, scattered examples of Apple Watch apps being removed from iOS updates, including retailer Target (which does still offer watchOS integration with its Cartwheel app).

Facebook lets advertisers target insecure teens, says report

The leaked documents also detailed how advertisers could use Facebook's algorithms to find teens who were interested in "working out and losing weight" and promote health products, according to The Australian. Facebook's team in Australia was reportedly looking to capitalize on 6.4 million teens who use the social network in their region.

Samsung can now operate its self-driving car in South Korea - Roadshow

In fact, Hyundai will play a role in Samsung's testing. The tech titan will outfit a Hyundai with its own suite of sensors and modules, along with powerful AI and learning tech that should help the car "learn" how to react in certain situations, including bad weather. Samsung is likely relying on some of Harman's know-how to get the job done.

​Airbnb settles lawsuit with SF -- big changes are afoot

If you have listed a San Francisco place on the home rental site, you're now required to register with the city or be booted from the platform.

Nintendo says Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch is fastest seller in series history

The previous record holder was Mario Kart Wii back in 2008, which sold 433,900 on its first day. Mario Kart 8 for Wii U, which the Deluxe version expands on, has cumulatively sold 8.31 million copies so far — but that version has been available for nearly three years. Its launch momentum was definitely slower; Nintendo waited five weeks to announce sales of 885,000 units in the US. The Switch version did more than half that total in a single day. Pretty impressive. Nintendo says over 2.7 million Switch consoles have been sold globally so far.

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Twitter pairs up with Bloomberg to get into the 24/7 streaming news game

Apple’s Siri speaker could be announced at WWDC in June

Consumers have been waiting for Apple to enter this market since Amazon’s Echo became an unexpected success. Although the iPhone-maker has previously led the way with digital assistants, announcing Siri back in 2013, the company has since been leapfrogged by Amazon and Google. If the Siri speaker is announced, it would be a natural fit for other Apple products, including the company’s music streaming service, and its smart home platform, Apple HomeKit. Siri has already made the leap from mobile to desktop — finding a place in customers’ homes could be next.

Why you shouldn't trust the "world's most secure" email service

With no way to remotely access a device (despite the fact that each device has an undocumented login account ), Donaldson has no way to check the logs to see if any Nomx device has been compromised. Woodward and Helme only released their findings after Donaldson said that "no user was now at risk and all boxes had been exchanged or updated," but because the researchers found no update mechanism on the device, there's no way to patch the vulnerabilities even if Nomx had released a patch -- of which there's no evidence to show one has even been released.

First 'Zelda: Breath of the Wild' add-on is huge, brings back Tingle

Exploring Hyrule is exciting, but with such a large world it’s sometimes hard for players to remember where they’ve been. To help with tracking progress, the new Hero’s Path Mode will document every step players take, and mark their path in green on the map. The route taken will be tracked for the player’s last 200 hours of play time, with an included slider to track footsteps on a timeline. This even works retroactively, so players that have already put many hours into the game will be able to see where they have traveled. This feature will help in identifying the locations they haven’t visited in this vast world, and may help players find those Shrines they haven’t encountered yet.

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What to expect from Microsoft's big May 2 event

Twitter to Stream News From Bloomberg 24/7

The Wall Street Journal on Sunday reported that the microblogging service and Bloomberg are "joining forces… to create a service that will stream news produced solely for Twitter 24 hours a day, seven days a week." The stream will focus "on the most important news for an intelligent audience around the globe and it's going to be broader in focus than our existing network," Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith told the Journal .

SpaceX Launches Sensitive Military Mission, Nails Landing

Elon Musk’s Space Exploration Technologies Corp. launched a sensitive mission for the U.S. military and landed the rocket’s booster on land, marking the company’s fifth successful mission of 2017.

FCC Net Neutrality Case Rehearing Rejected by Appeals Court

A different panel in 2014 rejected the FCC’s efforts to implement Internet-traffic rules in a case brought by Verizon, concluding the regulator had tried to treat broadband-service providers as common carriers, after previously classifying them as exempt from that designation.

Identity theft is alive and well--and fraudsters keep getting richer - TechRepublic

New account identity fraud : If fraudsters can get an individual's Social Security number, they can use it to open bank accounts and/or sign up for credit cards in the victim's name. "Identity thieves will make large deposits of bad checks into an account on a Friday or Saturday, so they have extra time to withdraw the money before the checks are returned," Connick said. "Or they'll apply for a credit card online, using a stolen Social Security number and birth date and then max out the card and disappear."

Fox News Co-President Shine Steps Down Amid Internal Strife

Bill Shine, the network’s co-president, resigned Thursday, and a person familiar with the matter said the company is hunting for a replacement as part of an effort to rebuild its ranks after a sexual-harassment scandal. Shine’s exit follows the ousters of Roger Ailes, the co-founder and chairman of Fox News, in August and of Bill O’Reilly, the network’s most popular host, last month.

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Trump plans to launch "American Technology Council" to modernize US government

Porsche Cayenne proves it's as strong as it is fast by towing a jet airliner

A Porsche Cayenne S Diesel just set the Guinness World Record for heaviest aircraft pulled by a production car. The aircraft in question was an Air France Airbus A380 jumbo jet , which the Cayenne towed 42 meters (137 feet) at France’s Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. At 73 meters (239 feet), the A380 is actually longer than the distance the Porsche pulled it. The Cayenne beat the previous record by a margin of 126 tons, according to Porsche.

Apple Extends First-Gen Apple Watch Warranty

According to 9to5Mac , Apple's standard limited warranty lasts for one year, but the company covers expanded/swollen battery issues for two years. For the first-generation Apple Watch, that period is being extended by one year. As the Apple Watch launched on April 24, 2015, all owners now have the next 12 months covered.

Free PDF ebook: The cloud v. data center decision - TechRepublic

In this joint special feature from ZDNet and TechRepublic, we examine the pros and cons of shifting workloads to the cloud and keeping them on premises. The whole series of articles is available as a free download.

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Microsoft's Chromebook event: what to expect

Microsoft is hosting a special hardware and software event in New York City this week on May 2nd. The software giant has consistently used New York to launch new Surface devices, but this event will be slightly different. We’re not expecting to see a new Surface Book 2 or Surface Pro 5, instead Microsoft is focusing on education. Microsoft is ready to show how it will compete with Google’s Chromebooks.

Report: Despite cloud growth, on premise data centers still dominate enterprise compute - TechRepublic

Some 65% of enterprise workloads reside in enterprise owned and operated data centers—a number that has remained stable since 2014, the report found. Meanwhile, 22% of such workloads are deployed in colocation or multi-tenant data center providers, and 13% are deployed in the cloud, the survey found.

Facebook tapped a New York Times vet to help fight fake news and make money for publishers

In a Facebook post on Monday, Alex Hardiman announced that she's been promoted from leading the Facebook Pages team for the past 8 months to be the company's newly-created head of news products in New York City. She previously held more than a half-dozen positions during a decade-long stint at The New York Times, where she left as the newspaper's VP of news products.

Fishermen claim that Siri saved their lives after their boat began sinking

Three boaters ran into rough seas on Saturday morning while fishing four miles off of the coast of Key Biscayne, and Siri came to their rescue, according to Fox 4. Their 18-foot boat began to take on water in the rough seas, and the men quickly put on life jackets and attempted to call 911 before the boat sank. With cold, wet fingers, the men were unable to use their phone's touchscreen to call for help, so one of them used to power of Siri to make a call to 911.

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Apple, Google Call On California To Change Self-Driving Tests

Apple, Tesla, Google and Uber have all asked for specific changes to California’s self-driving test policy. The letters come a few weeks before the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) reviews new regulation proposals.

10 Games Every Nintendo Wii U Player Needs

$59.99 The premiere game for the Wii U could be the best 3D Mario game since Super Mario 64. Yes, better than Super Mario Galaxy. A big reason why is because Mario in HD looks fantastic. Mario's whimsical, colorful visuals were born for high-def. The orchestrated music will make you wish all Mario games sound this way. The controls feel perfect. Each level is filled with new ideas to toy with like a stage where platforms vanish and reappear to the rhythm of the music. It's also a fantastic multiplayer game. You will argue, yell, and finally agree to work together to find every single last star, stamp, and secret (find all the hidden Luigis!) until you've conquered the game and either replay it all over again or await the inevitable sequel (we hope). A must-have for any Wii U owner.

Musk's photo of Tesla Semi gives peek at three-tiered disruption of trucking - TechRepublic

In a recent TED talk, Tesla founder Elon Musk showed a teaser image of the electric semi truck the company is working on. If successful, the truck could have a huge impact.

Apple AirPods satisfaction at a remarkable 98% for customers - Experian Insights

Today, we are excited to announce that Experian and Creative Strategies have teamed up for the second year focusing on the consumer adoption of new products in the space including Apple’s AirPods and Google Home in addition to the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.  We also explored consumer interest in financial services products offered through voice interfaces. Ben, from Creative Strategies , wrote about our Experian Voice survey highlighting the breakout customer satisfaction success for Apple AirPods today.

April the giraffe's baby finally has a name

Once the little one (excuse me, big one - he's over six feet tall) was born, the zoo held a contest to name the giraffe calf, requesting a $1 donation per vote. All money raised from the naming contest will be split among giraffe conservation efforts and giraffe care at the adventure park, according to Patch.

Adobe sees VR and wearables as next great travel disruptors

A recent report from Adobe Digital Insights claims that augmented and virtual reality, along with wearable technology, will be the newest travel industry disruptors.

$100 Million Lawsuit Claims Fyre Festival Owners Knew It Was Doomed All Along

On Monday, Daniel Jung, an attendee of the luxury-weekend-turned-Hunger Games shit show that was the Fyre Festival, launched a $100 million class action suit against the owners, saying they knowingly charged attendees thousands of dollars to be “stranded on a remote island” with “little more than bread and a slice of cheese.” The class action suit names Fyre Media and co-founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule as defendants, suing them for fraud, misrepresentative advertising, and breach of contract.

Theranos just settled 2 lawsuits with one of its biggest investors

"Theranos is pleased to have resolved both lawsuits with PFM," Theranos' general counsel David Taylor said in a news release. "Although we are confident that we would have prevailed at trial, resolution of these two cases allows our tender offer to go forward and enables us to return our focus where it belongs, which is on executing our business plans and delivering value for our shareholders."

The future we're building -- and boring

Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.

McDonald's wants us to eat our burgers with a fork made of fries

McDonald's will be giving out a limited quantity of "frorks" as part of the introduction of its new Signature Crafted Recipe menu. The sandwiches on the new menu are prone to dropping toppings, which is why McDonald's created this weird way of scooping up the sauce or guacamole that may fall while you are eating.

This Gigantic Art Octopus Is The Key To A Coral Reef Revival

“An old abandoned ship is a great platform for an art piece, and an art piece could be a great tourism draw.” [Photo: BVI Art Reef] It didn’t take long, James says, for her and a team of Maverick1000 entrepreneurs to connect the dots between the issues, and propose Project YOKO (a mashup of Kodiak Queen and the boat’s former name, Navy fuel barge YO-44), as a solution. “I thought: An old abandoned ship is a great platform for an art piece, and an art piece could be a great tourism draw—we could tie dive proceeds from this eco-tourism site back into marine health maintenance efforts and swim instruction programs for the island’s kids,” James says. The idea was to transform the ship, and partner with marine science cause partners would use the site as a base to conduct research and rehabilitation efforts.

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I tried to quit smoking with this iPhone vape case but it only made me smoke more

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How to manage cross-device syncing in Chrome - TechRepublic

A word of warning: This is all or none. If you open up the syncing floodgates, you cannot instruct Chrome to not sync certain URLs or show only particular tabs that are open or have been recently closed. Once you enable the feature, it will display your history on both devices and reveal all recently closed tabs on both devices. I will also warn you that the syncing process can take some time. This, of course, will depend upon how much data you have to sync between devices (history, bookmarks, etc.).

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Brogrammer scraped and uploaded 40,000 Tinder pics of 'hoes' online

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Silicon Valley is no longer #1 for talent says huge global startup report

How to use the new Show App List In Start Menu feature in Windows 10 Creators Update - TechRepublic

If you have been reading my articles for awhile, you know that ever since Windows 8 first came on the scene, I have been tweaking the Start menu in hopes of finding a better way to organize and launch my applications. Well, in the Creators Update, Microsoft has put forth a new way to display and use the Start menu with a feature called Show App List In Start Menu.

Cheap Raspberry Pi alternatives | ZDNet

Here is a selection of single board computers for homebrew projects and automation, with prices starting at only $5.

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Is the "augmented customer" the true future of tech?

“With the number of connected smart devices expected to double thanks to advancements in smart home, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology, customer behavior is going to change and organizations need to be prepared,” says Rob Gallagher, research director of the consumer services group for Ovum. “It starts with evaluating their business models and meeting changing customer expectations. Service providers, in particular, should be investing in content, convenience, and comfort – in the form of data and privacy protection – for their customers.”

Why These 'Revolutionary' Phones Failed So Hard

Every year, gadget companies like to flaunt out their latest flagship smartphones and show off all of the “revolutionary” features that will make this slab of glass and metal different from the nearly-identical looking slab of glass and metal already in our pockets.

The First Episode of American Gods Demands a Sacrifice to Reveal Its Magic

Shadow and Wednesday’s first scenes together are when this pilot episode really starts to reel viewers in. Shadow looks on incredulously as Wednesday scams his way into first class and the two men chit-chat when it turns out that they’re sitting across from each other. Their conversation is filled with more portents and weirdness, as Wednesday offers up details about Shadow that he couldn’t possibly know at first glance. Wednesday dominates their chat with a monologue about the importance of belief, opining about how lending energy to the idea that the plane isn’t going to crash is more important than the laws of physics that get it into the air. That mental energy is yet a smaller sacrifice, a tithing where you give up fear, doubt, or factual science to let something fantastical manifest. Their talk ends with Wednesday offering Shadow work as a body man, but the younger man balks. Shadow’s next dream features a giant white flaming buffalo with flaming eyes telling him to believe. But believe in what? Himself? Wednesday? Anything? Everything?

20 Amazing New Scifi and Fantasy Books to Add to Your Reading List in May

May brings M.R. Carey’s new tale set in the same zombified world as The Girl With All the Gifts , a surreal new short-story collection from Haruki Murakami, a posthumous novel about dinosaurs from Michael Crichton—and many more. Dig in!

51 Arena full of Canadian hockey fans sang 'The Star-Spangled Banner' after singer's mic failed
52 Apple releases macOS Sierra 10.12.5 beta 5 to developers for testing
53 Just when you thought it was over, here's the mermaid frappuccino
54 What are the "three Cs" of connected health?
55 Stranger Things Season 2 Will Have More Horror In It
56 Cloudera's new data science tool aims to boost big data and machine learning for businesses - TechRepublic
57 Astronomer Wonders If We've Looked Hard Enough For Signs of Long Extinct Alien Life
58 How to track online orders and shipments with Deliveries for iOS - TechRepublic
59 Rihanna won the Met Gala again. Goodnight, everyone.
60 My first 24 hours with an Apple Watch: A slightly cranky tick-by-tick diary | ZDNet
61 Swarm AI predicted the Kentucky Derby last year, now it's officially part of the race - TechRepublic
62 A Courtroom Designed For Fairness, And Other World Changing Urban Designs
63 Will Apple's Siri-powered smart speaker be unveiled next month?
64 Twitter doubles down on video with 16 new streaming partnerships
65 Meet 'Z,' the first-ever Korean American Girl Doll
66 Jaden Smith accessorized for the Met Gala with the dreads he chopped off
67 How to resolve SSL certificate warnings produced by the latest Chrome update - TechRepublic
69 How Virtual Reality Is Impacting Storytelling
70 IAC to Buy Angie's List in Deal Valued at Over $500 Million
71 5-25-77 Is a Movie About Love for Star Wars...We Think?
72 Twitter is adding a slew of new shows in its quest to be a hub for live video
73 Ridley Scott Says Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 Won't Happen
74 Playing 'Pokémon Go' in a Russian church might land this guy in prison
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76 Exclusive: The Leaked Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Is Beyond Parody
77 This Startup Wants To Be The Antidote To Exploitive On-Demand Platforms
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79 4 tips to help tech leaders make it to the C-suite - TechRepublic
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81 Smart Cincy Summit: 11 ways to become a smarter city - TechRepublic
82 Check out Apple's new $5 billion campus — employees have started moving in
83 Hide your girlfriends - this 14-year-rapper is headed out for the day
84 A Tech-Driven Alternative for Car Insurance
85 Appeals court denies rehearing on net neutrality
86 The Networking Secret That Only Requires Writing Four Emails A Year
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88 Apple earnings are coming, but how about that iPhone 8?
89 The big winners and losers in cable TV so far this year could be a signal of the future of video
90 Leaked images show a fancier Fitbit watch