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Apple drops big batch of betas for iOS and macOS developers | Cult of Mac

Developers received a big batch of updates this morning as Apple dropped the third set of betas of its upcoming software updates for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. iOS 11.4 beta 3 was made available to developers today, bringing a host of bug fixes and performance improvements to the iPhone and iPad. The new update

Oculus Go Review: The New Standalone Headset Is A Watershed Moment For VR

With all of its computing on board, Facebook’s new Oculus Go is a big step forward—and a big win.

Kanye West suggests slavery was a 'choice' in heated TMZ segment

It did not go well.

'Fortnite' update delivers destruction, new areas and meme emotes

Farewell Dusty Depot, hello Dusty Divot.

Man breaks the Guinness World Record for surfing the largest wave

This dude is hanging way more than 10.

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Gizmodo on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Facebook F8 Keynote LIVE reaction: What the Zuck?!

Our crack team of tech journalists and an IT All-Star react to all the announcements from Facebook's F8 Keynote speeches. Matt Smith, Senior Editor (@Matt_on_Tech) Jake Rossman, Social Media Manager (@ptownjake) Marie Pardo-Barber, IT All-Star (@Marieyr_pg) Will Nicole, Staff Writer (@MadKingBilly) For all Facebook F8 Coverage, go to SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Daily: DT Originals: DT Podcasts: FOLLOW US!

Facebook Messenger wants you to engage with businesses using augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is helpful for letting customers see what they're purchasing before hitting the 'buy' button, and now Facebook is rolling out this useful feature to the Messenger app. Kind of. 

Gizmodo on Twitter

Comcast is boosting internet speeds—except for you filthy cord-cutters

Facebook to offer dating service for first time

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Reuters) - Facebook Inc will offer its first dating service, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday, signaling the entry of the world’s largest social network into a growing market that sent shares of established dating site operators tumbling.

Facebook's virtual assistant M will soon do translations in Marketplace

Currently, only English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English translations are available, and only in the US. Facebook stated that “we will launch this functionality in additional languages and countries” in a press release, but didn’t give details on specific languages or a timeframe. 

$199 Oculus Go VR headset goes on sale today

Another item that I love about this headset is the way they’ve built in-headset stereo audio into the design while still keeping the headset straps fabric and portable. They’ve done this by building vents into the plastic headset strap arms on the sides of the headset, the audio isn’t great and they leak a lot of noise but I’m so glad the company did this, it makes getting people set up in VR that much easier. You can still attach some headphones to the Go via a 3.5mm jack, but in most of my early testing I’ve been fine just using the integrated audio.

TechRepublic on Twitter

Microsoft admins: Here are all the features you're losing in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update

First look: Oculus Go, Facebook's standalone, iPhone-compatible VR headset

Facebook on Tuesday issued a surprise by announcing the immediate launch of its new Oculus Go standalone VR headset, which also boasts iPhone connectivity. AppleInsider got its hands on one of the first units, and offers a closer look.

The Verge on Twitter

Amazon tells Signal’s creators to stop using anti-censorship tool …

Gizmodo on Twitter

HBO is bringing Westworld "back online," show gets renewed for a third season.

The Verge on Twitter

There is a live experiment going on right now on how Facebook's words match up to the reality of its Ireland. And it's not looking pretty. …

Lifehacker on Twitter

It just can't be tolerated, not even once. Find a way to remove the animal so the abuser can't get to it. Then deal with the behavior of the human. And get it on video or photos if you're going to police. Or the person's boss.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Facebook wants to help you find love (so please hand over more data)

15 Apple pops after beating Wall Street expectations — and it plans to buy back $100 billion in stock

5:39 : "We protected by encrypting it and we keep the bulk of information on the device so that the user is in control of it. We also collect much less overall than others do. If you look at our model, if we can convince you to buy iPhone or iPad we make a little bit of money, you're not our product," Tim Cook said.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook F8 Keynote - Highlights

Following the Cambridge Analytics scandal, fake news, and election tampering issues, Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Facebook's F8 developers conference to deliver the keynote address. His entire speech was 35 minutes long, and here are the highlights boiled down into a more concise form. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS VISIT DIGITAL TRENDS DT Daily: DT Originals: DT Podcasts: FOLLOW US!

Solid iPhone sales boost Apple revenues

Apple plans to double its share buyback scheme to $100bn (£73bn) as solid iPhone sales helped revenues rise 16% to just over $61bn.

You can now share to Instagram or Facebook Stories from any app

“Just tap the share button in an app like Spotify to share what you’re listening to directly into the camera,” Facebook wrote in a blog post. “From there you can edit and share to your story or feed. You don’t have to connect your Facebook or Instagram account to other apps in order to share to Stories.”

Facebook F8 2018: Watch Day 1 live here

Facebook developers conference starts May 1. You can watch the first day's 90-minute keynote right here -- plus CNET's analysis, before and after the show.

GitHub says bug exposed some plaintext passwords

"During the course of regular auditing, GitHub discovered that a recently introduced bug exposed a small number of users' passwords to our internal logging system," said the email, received by some users.


The Verge on Twitter

Facebook partners with RED to develop a high-end, professional VR camera …

23 Facebook tiptoes into translation within Messenger

Branded AR in Messenger is launching in closed beta. Launch partners include a way to drop a virtual Kia car onto your driveway and try out customizations, an ASUS phone unboxing experience, a Sephora AR make-up try-on demo and a chance to check out Nike’s newest Kyrie Irving shoes. Users will then be able to make purchases, like buying the new Nikes, straight from within Messenger using their payment info on file with Facebook. That payments feature is still in closed beta too, but Marcus says it will open to more partners soon.

Facebook is taking on Tinder and getting into the dating game

Mark Zuckerberg said at Facebook's F8 developer conference on Tuesday that the social network would soon roll out dating-app-like features.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

PCMag on Twitter

Facebook made a ton of important announcements at #F82018 today. Here's everything you missed:

Techmeme on Twitter

Facebook announces update to Safety Check that will let users share reports of what's happening on the ground and updates its blood donation hub ( @fredericl / TechCrunch) … …

28 Facebook will soon bring 3D photos to the news feed

Facebook made a small but interesting announcement at the end of its F8 keynote today: you’ll soon be able to post 3d photos to your newsfeed. For now, we know very little about this feature — or even how you’ll capture these photos — but chances are you’ll see them pop up in your friends’ status updates in the coming months.

Facebook is launching a dating feature | Hacker News

Honestly, it depends on what you mean by 'look up' - Coffee Meets Bagel (another dating app) includes a feature that will show you mutual Facebook friends (if such a thing exists). That's a really interesting indicator how/where a match's social circle overlaps yours, which can say a lot of important things. That totally ignores, of course, the opportunity to get a second opinion from one of those mutual friends as well. Stalking and/or looking up 13 year old college party photos is probabally, shall we say, less sane. reply

YouTube stars paid to help schoolchildren cheat on their exams

A cademics labelled "super smart nerds" are being paid to help students cheat in exams and their services are being advertised and endorsed on YouTube, an investigation claims.

31 Apple pops after beating Wall Street expectations — and it plans to buy back $100 billion in stock

5:39 : "We protected by encrypting it and we keep the bulk of information on the device so that the user is in control of it. We also collect much less overall than others do. If you look at our model, if we can convince you to buy iPhone or iPad we make a little bit of money, you're not our product," Tim Cook said.

Apple Allays iPhone Worries, Adds $100 Billion to Buyback Plans

Apple Inc. flexed its financial muscle with a record $100 billion plan to buy back stock from investors, as it reported strong gains in revenue and profit even as growth in the number of iPhones sold remained weak.

Build your own phone, make any game VR-ready, and more

If you need an ultra-affordable smartphone that features everything you need, why not build it yourself? The Kite kit lets you create your own Android-powered smartphone from scratch, just as you want it — and it won’t break the bank.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Even as Facebook promises to fix its biggest problems, it's clearly ready to move on

Facebook Building a 'Clear History' Feature

Meanwhile, the British Parliament has threatened to issue a summons to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify across the pond if he doesn't voluntarily agree to do so.

Live blog: Apple reveals if iPhone X really is the flop many predict | Cult of Mac

Apple is set to reveal its second quarterly earnings report of 2018 this afternoon. If you’ve been listening to the analysts the last few months, you know that  iPhone sales might take a dip .

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Elizabeth Olsen thinks Scarlet Witch needs a new costume, and she's right

Gizmodo on Twitter

All the scifi and fantasy films coming to streaming in the May

How to organize your to-do list with Google Tasks

I've used more than a fair share of Android apps for keeping tabs of tasks. With a life that grows busier by the day, that particular app becomes more and more important. However, the problem with many of these apps is they offer too much in the way of bells and whistles to be truly useful, especially when all I need is to be able to check off a list. Even Google Keep, which I depend upon daily, becomes a bit too cumbersome for a simple task list. To use Keep, you have to open the app, locate your task list, and then hope it has properly synced with your account (on more than one occasion this has burned me).

New Bigscreen update streams your desktop to the Oculus Go

Oculus says that its new Go headset already boasts support for more than 1,000 titles out of the gate as of today. One of the most interesting of the small subset of those that I’ve taken a look at today has been the latest update for Bigscreen , which brings the previously PC-only VR desktop streaming platform to mobile with Oculus Go (Gear VR too).

Gizmodo on Twitter

Deleted Black Panther clip shows Okoye and W'Kabi butting heads

Here are the 20 most in-demand skills for freelance workers

But what skills are most in-demand when it comes to freelance work? On Tuesday, Upwork released its Q1 2018 Skills Index, ranking the 20 fastest-growing skills for freelancers. The 20 fastest-growing freelance skills experienced more than 130% year-over-year growth in demand, the report found. Demand for the top 10 skills grew more than 400% compared to the same time last year.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Zoe Saldana talks about Gamora's crucial role in Avengers: Infinity War

Optics company claims Apple patent infringement in iPhone camera | Cult of Mac

A small company that makes dual cameras for cellphones claims Apple is infringing on several of its patents. The Israeli startup says it showed Apple prototypes for a miniature telephone lens, and Apple used them to create its own.

Just how hot is 'hot as balls?' One curious man found out.

He collected about 5,400 of these tweets from August 2017 to January 2018, cataloging often-repeated, colorful phrases. Matching each tweet to its user's temperature led to quite a range when he found the median temperature for each expression: from "colder than mars" (minus-7 degrees Fahrenheit) to "hot as dick" (92 degrees).

Techmeme on Twitter

Zuckerberg says Facebook is already ranking news organizations based on trust, will invest billions to fight fake news, remains committed to WhatsApp encryption ( @buzzfeedben / BuzzFeed) … …

Gizmodo on Twitter

Internal documents show Philip Morris knew more about addiction science than it let on

Lifehacker on Twitter

These vape liquids are packed to look like candy:

Lifehacker on Twitter

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Gizmodo on Twitter

A lightning strike shut off a woman's brain implant, and it could have been even worse

52 The Verge on Twitter
53 'I don't feel so good' meme turns 'Infinity War' heartbreak into internet gold
54 Apple’s Q2 2018 earnings call: iPhone X was top seller all quarter
55 Today in Apple history: iTunes Store puts the hurt on DVDs
56 Bloomberg Technology on Twitter
57 Lifehacker on Twitter
58 Gizmodo on Twitter
59 Microsoft Outlook update: The 7 features business professionals need to know
60 Gizmodo on Twitter
61 Using The Old Mac OS Is Pure Zen
62 Facebook will soon let you clear search info from your account
63 Post-Cambridge Analytica, Facebook doesn’t want to desert academia
64 CNET on Twitter
65 Apple Reports Second Quarter Results
66 Announce your *real* genetic makeup with the 23andMe meme
67 Google Cloud Composer makes it simple to build cloud workflows with Python
68 Apple rumored to be interested in buying publishing giant Condé Nast | Cult of Mac
69 TiDB 2.0 is Ready - Faster, Smarter, and Battle-Tested
70 Cross-platform iOS and macOS apps may not arrive until 2019 | Cult of Mac
71 Bloomberg Technology on Twitter
72 Facebook re-opens app reviews on its platform
73 Facebook's Instant Games now offer in-app purchases
74 CNET on Twitter
75 The Verge on Twitter
76 The Verge on Twitter
77 Mark Zuckerberg
78 Techmeme on Twitter
80 Bluesmart shuts down following smart luggage battery ban
81 What iPhone slowdown? Apple's sales are better than feared
82 F8 live-stream: How to watch Facebook’s 2018 developer conference online
83 Techmeme on Twitter
84 Facebook Bug Asks Users If Puppies And Bahamas Vacations Are Hate Speech
85 Instagram Is Getting Video Chat
86 The Verge on Twitter
87 Facebook announces dating feature for meeting non-friends
88 Gizmodo on Twitter
89 WIRED Gadget Lab on Twitter
90® | The Leading Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals :
91 VentureBeat on Twitter
92 Gizmodo on Twitter
93 Captain Marvel movie: Release date, cast, plot and rumors
94 T-Mobile's success may be its undoing as it tries to merge with Sprint
95 WhatsApp CEO Leaving Facebook Amid Reported Disputes