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Michelle Obama's Mother's Day Address: A Plea for Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the White House weekly address in honor of Mother’s Day, and for the schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Nigeria.

Survival of the Fittest Fitness Tracker

Can fitness tracking hardware survive the rise of wearables and smart devices?

100-Year-Old Moms Share Beautiful Stories of Motherhood [VIDEO]

Mashable spoke with three centenarians about their experiences in motherhood and asked for their advice for moms of today's generation.

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Why Your Cell Phone Bill Should Be Going Down But Isn't

From a business perspective, 4G services and technology are very profitable for carriers. Foremost, the ability to slap "4G LTE" onto devices helps sell smartphones and make fun television commercials. Second, consumers want "4G," even if they don't actually know quite what that means. The carriers are delivering faster service with higher margins, and pocketing the rest of the money from users who think it’s a deal. After all, doesn't it just make sense to you to pay as much or more for better service than you were getting?

Official CyanogenMod Nightlies come to Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

As with any Nightly builds, expect there to be bugs, things that don’t work, and things that work pretty well, but with stock Android on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, are you going to complain?

WTF Is Wrong Is Wrong With Americans? This Guy Nails It.

WTF Is Wrong Is Wrong With Americans? This Guy Nails It.

Face The Music: Beats Headphones Are 'Extraordinarily Bad'

This photo provided by Beats by Dr. Dre shows Beats Studio Wireless plush set of over-ear headphones that almost exactly mirror Beats' popular Studio line, updated this summer, but comes with wireless ability. It's an outstanding way to bliss out during a noisy commute or wander around your home with music in your head. (AP Photo/Beats by Dr. Dre) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

Etihad's A380 'Residence' has a lounge, double bed and an en-suite shower

We've seen full-length beds, 32-inch TVs and even dedicated chefs on board the latest Airbus and Boeing planes, but Etihad's setting the bar far, far higher by offering an entire section of its brand-new A380 to passengers with the cash to spare. "The Residence," as the airline's calling its uber-lux three-room suite, includes 125 square feet of space spread between a living room, dining area, bedroom and private bathroom (yes, of course it has a shower). You can have the suite all to yourself, or you can share the double bed with a companion. As for the tech on board, there's a 32-inch TV in the living room, a 27-inch screen near the bed, HDMI inputs (hello PS4 at 30,000 feet), power outlets, USB ports and a top-of-the-line Panasonic entertainment system. Etihad's not talking pricing at this point, but the A380 is expected to fly between Abu Dhabi and London, New York and Sydney beginning in 2015, giving you plenty of time to save up.

Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter: Jeff Bezos' $8 Trillion B2B Bet

But there’s one thing Bezos hasn’t been talking about: AmazonSupply, an e-commerce site targeting the unsexy but hugely lucrative wholesale and distribution market. His silence is especially surprising as the site has the potential to turn into the most important development in the company’s history since it started selling books. Yet Bezos has uttered only 28 words in public–ever–about AmazonSupply, describing it in passing as “an incredible category” during the company’s 2012 annual meeting.

I'm a Grammy Nominated Artist. Want to See My Royalty Statements? - Digital Music News

I thought musician’s made the majority of their money off concerts/merchandise? Is that the ONLY money you receive for your music? The above amount is how much out of the total amount you received this month, playing music? I always thought records/radio play was there to get the music to the masses. I don’t know. I’m not perfect but I do buy most of my music. Anyway, the entertainment industry requires a tremendous amount of sales skills. You have to continuously sell yourself. It’s very sad to say but it’s not always about talent. It’s sometimes being in the right place at the right time, hiring the right people to represent you, and it’s also a popularity contest. There are a lot of factors involved in who makes and who doesn’t and talent isn’t always at the top of the list. There are a tremendous amount of talented people out there in the world but not all make money like the Rolling Stones. Having said that, if you don’t want to be scraping by and barely surviving, change careers. Some of us have JOBS, not careers.

After 4,175,149 Plays, Pandora Pays Bette Midler $144.21 - Digital Music News

Paul and Digital Music News staff, did you even bother to check with Pandora as to the real figure. You post in your headline that it was $144.21 when Beth Midler in her quote form her twitter feed at the top of the article states it was only $114.21. Simple mistake to correct with a simple bit of sub-editing? But regardless I asked the founder of Pandora Tim Westegren in person last night at a Pandora town hall meeting in front of a few hundred people whether he thought paying $114.21 for 4,256,000 song streams was equitable and he stated the figure was wrong and Beth Midler was actually paid $6700 for that many song streams. Quite a difference. What concerns me most though is both your DMW and Billboard who are supposedly respected music business publications not even doing your research and getting to the bottom of it. You are a discrace to journalism! Please do your fact checking from both sides before publicising what are clearly false figures…

An Inside Look at the Insanely Complex Formula 1 Steering Wheel | Autopia | WIRED

The modern Formula 1 car is among the most amazing machines ever made. And when you’re going wheel-to-wheel with someone like four-time world champ Sebastian Vettel at 180 mph, you can’t take a hand off the wheel to do, well, anything. Every task a driver might need to do, every bit of information he might need to know, is quite literally at his fingertips.

This Nigerian College Student Built a Wind- And Solar-Powered Car From Scraps

When it comes to the success of the electric car, billionaire Elon Musk is viewed as nothing short of a miracle worker. But roughly 8,000 miles away from Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters, Segun Oyeyiola has also managed to make something extraordinary on a smaller scale. The engineering senior at Nigeria's Obagemi Awolowo University spent a year retrofitting a Volkswagen Beetle into a wind and solar-powered car, partly made of free scrap parts donated by friends and family. Everything else cost under $6,000.

Florida man seeks to wed his Apple computer - CNET

A man files a motion in a gay marriage case, claiming to rep "other minority sexual orientation groups" and to seek to wed his "porn-filled Apple."

Scientific computing’s future: Can any coding language top a 1950s behemoth?

A large research project in the physical sciences usually involves experimenters, theorists, and people carrying out calculations with computers. There are computers and terminals everywhere. Some of the people hunched over these screens are writing papers, some are analyzing data, and some are working on simulations. These simulations are also quite often on the cutting edge, pushing the world’s fastest supercomputers, with their thousands of networked processors, to the limit. But almost universally, the language in which these simulation codes are written is Fortran, a relic from the 1950s.

Saturday’s Illegal Cliven Bundy-Endorsed ATV Rally Runs Through Sacred American Indian Sites

Yet San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman (R-UT) and his supporters appear determined to defy federal law by riding their ATVs through Recapture Canyon, an area of southeast Utah known as a “ mini-Mesa Verde ” because it contains one of the highest densities of archaeological sites in the country.

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Top Venture Capitalists Leave Silicon Valley, Bet Their Careers On Midwest

He called Olsen, a Cincinnati native and 35-year-old rising star at Sequoia, who told Kvamme he would start a fund only if they went in together. Kvamme agreed, and leveraging connections in California and Ohio they set about persuading investors like Santa Clara-based Silicon Valley Bank and Columbus-based Ohio State University to put money behind a couple of well-pedigreed guys making a big bet. “It’s not just that, hey, we love these guys, we’d back them anywhere they’d go,” says Sulu Mamdani, partner at Silicon Valley Bank. “They have put together a really compelling thesis around opportunities that we buy into.”

A Westerner's guide to Japanese toilets

Dirt, stains, effluent, material, the load, waste, matter. These are the words my tour guides at Toto's toilet factory and research center in Kyushu used to verbally pirouette around what exactly its porcelain thrones deal with: shit. Japanese toilets are probably the best in the business at getting rid of your business, but for many Westerners, that first moment of contact can be terrifying. There are so many buttons, so many unknown symbols and open-to-interpretation stickmen figures; not to mention the (unfounded) fear that you could be sprayed with toilet water by merely approaching one. The Washlet, as Toto's combination bidet/toilet is called, doesn't come cheap. And yet, in Japan, they are everywhere. In fact, compared to plain, old, featureless toilets, washlets occupy the majority of restrooms. Toto's Museum: The history of the toilet See all photos 13 Photos

Design Is Why 2048 Sucks, and Threes Is a Masterpiece | Design | WIRED

It’s hard to overstate just how good Threes really is. Touch Arcade’s review deemed it a “ perfect mobile game .” Ken Wong, the lead designer of the Escherian insta-classic Monument Valley said Threes , ostensibly a rival for mobile mindshare, was “one of the most elegantly designed games since Tetris.” Indeed, its central mechanic–sliding like-numbered tiles together to create higher-numbered tiles–is so utterly simple and exquisitely satisfying it seems like the type of thing that doesn’t get invented so much as discovered. Like one stormy night, a cloistered indie dev woke up with a start, grabbed a notebook, and scribbled furiously until there it was, in completely and flawlessly formed.

Vacuum trains: a high-speed pipe dream?

It is able to do this because there is little air resistance to slow the train down. Air resistance “is a large part of the rolling resistance” of a normal train, says Frankel. Trains moving through tunnels push a wall of air ahead of them, which takes energy. They also create an area of lower pressure behind them which acts to almost pull the train back. This air resistance increases dramatically as they pick up speed and friction losses mean that more and more energy has to go into pushing the train forward against that resistance.

What Salaries Do Startup Founders Pay Themselves?

Does the stage that a startup is at affect its founders’ salaries? Not as much as you might think. Founders tend to keep their salaries below $45,000 per year until they hit a high-growth product phase. Even then, the average salary for a startup with a mature product is $70,109 – nowhere near enough for a Scrooge McDuck lifestyle.

For Blood Drives, Tech Isn't Worth the Effort

If social media incentives alone have heavily bolstered the organ donation realm, as was the case with Facebook, it's very possible to see a similar boost happen in the world of blood donation, which is much more low-impact in comparison. It would be even more powerful to have an all-around tech initiative, such as more apps and more technological integration between hospitals and blood drives.

The Microscopic Structures of Dried Human Tears

Closely studying tears for so long has made Fisher think of them as far more than a salty liquid we discharge during difficult moments. “Tears are the medium of our most primal language in moments as unrelenting as death, as basic as hunger and as complex as a rite of passage,” she says. “It’s as though each one of our tears carries a microcosm of the collective human experience, like one drop of an ocean.”

10 Rap Lyrics to Show Mom You Care

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

9 New Tools to Plan Your Wedding Online

Jetaport, an online travel agency, specializes in booking hotel blocks (nine or more rooms at a time). It streamlines the process, negotiating on your behalf. Better yet, its services are free (its compensated by the hotels). All you need to do provide is the date and city of your wedding, and your hotel preferences and Jetaport will get to it. Because a party that stays together ... stays together. Or something like that.

Fly by all known exoplanets in 60 seconds - CNET

For centuries, distant planets were the stuff of sci-fi, but in recent years, science has begun to confirm their existence. Take a quick tour of the more than 1,700 (so far) known exoplanets in the visible universe.

23 Kids Reveal Their Secrets to Mom

There will always be a few secrets that you just can't tell mom .

.NET Blog

Many of these transformations move runtime work into ILC. For example, other .NET runtimes include the ability to generate GetHashCode and Equals implementations for value types. In .NET Native, these implementations are generated in advance of runtime. In another example, .NET Native generates implementations for calls to Delegate.Invoke at compile time whereas other .NET runtimes generate these implementations at runtime. By not doing this work at runtime, .NET Native gets multiple small performance wins that add up to big wins that your users will notice.

4 Fashion Upgrades Every Man Should Try This Spring

Warmer weather means it's time to ditch those heavy sweaters and jeans and break out the bright colors and cool fabrics. We've done thorough research to both keep you cool and make you look cool this season, picking out four of the easiest upgrades every guy — yes, even you — can make this spring.

How I Killed A Startup In 4 Hours (And Why I Don’t Regret It) | TechCrunch

I hate activist journalism. But last week, I was responsible for the death of a startup. It was probably the fastest death in the history of the tech industry: four hours from launch to deadpool, by my reckoning.

Mozilla: We have a fix for Net neutrality - CNET

Mozilla's proposal is a new twist on an old idea. Other Net neutrality supporters have also called on the FCC to "reclassify" broadband traffic under Title II of the Communications Act. These legal gymnastics will make it possible for "common carrier" rules to apply to Net neutrality regulation. As a result, supporters of this approach say it would ensure that broadband providers could not slow or block traffic and would ensure that these providers couldn't offer a so-called "fast lane" of service. Proponents of reclassification also say doing so would also put the FCC on firmer legal ground if it is once again challenged in court.

10 Tips to Avoid Speeding Tickets

"The motorist is a source of revenue," says Richard Diamond. And it's become his life's obsession to change that. By day, Diamond is the managing editor at The Washington Times . But by night, he is a relentless advocate for drivers. It started when he was 16 and got a speeding ticket from a California cop hiding in a speed trap. What Diamond considered an unfair tax and nasty constraint on his newfound mobile freedom has grated on him for 26 years. So Diamond launched into years of research on police ticketing strategies, some of it while employed on Capitol Hill, and all disclosed daily on his self-funded website since 2004. "Ticketing efforts have not gone down one bit," he says. Instead, there is a bewildering new variety of methods such as automated ticket machines with cameras and license-plate readers, doling out tickets for blocking bus lanes during gridlock or idling too long. "Any violation you can dream up, they're working on a device to ticket you. You can get laws passed for anything." But speeding still makes up about 54 percent of tickets, Diamond says.

Is This How We'll Cure Cancer?

Jim, I’m glad you bring this up. I’m working with a colleague in library sciences at my institution to investigate how we teach (or fail to teach) scientific writing and, by extension, scientific literacy. One thing I’ve noticed is that concerns such as yours often get labeled as “semantic”, with the implication that they are too trivial to warrant consideration by serious scientists and science writers. The problem seems greatest in areas where substantial societal and/or financial values are at stake. Examples include conflating “cure” and “remission”; or “proof of a hypothesis” and “evidence supporting a hypothesis”; or “lack of evidence” and “evidence of lack”. I can only think of explanations for the prevalence of this problem: 1, ignorance of the authors, which can be addressed through better education; and 2, deliberate intent to mislead to gain more funding or publicity or prizes for one’s work, which embodies ethical and moral issues. In either case, an in part for reasons you articulated, it’s important to stress that semantic integrity is inseparable from scientific integrity.

The world's largest election is being led by a holographic politician

Modi's used a hologram of himself to reach a huge portion of India's voting public -- some 814.5 million people comprise India's eligible voting populous -- appearing over 800 times as such. The hologram is actually a projection controlled from above the stage (rather than the Star Wars -esque devices we expected). It's a novel concept that's assisted in Modi's rise to popularity in India; as John Oliver points out on Last Week Tonight , Modi's also promising working toilets to every household. Which is to say, "The country with the world's first hologram politician is also a country that lacks indoor plumbing on a wide-scale." We live in a weird world, y'all.

Artists Etch Comic Strip Into a Single Strand of Hair

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

5 technologies that will help big data cross the chasm

Reblogged this on Timothy Dockins and commented: I am positioning myself, it appears, on the forefront of the application of AI to predictive analytics. I have a decent academic background in machine learning where I started focusing on AI in my undergrad and continued it in graduate school. I’m currently researching at the forefront of transfer learning where we try to leverage past learning to improve learning performance on new tasks; all in an effort to learn more and faster. Part of that effort delves into automatically discovering new features about data that isn’t readily apparent. I’ve been looking at Deep Belief Networks, Convolutional Neural Nets, Sparse Coding, and now Restricted Boltzmann Machines. These tools, combined with something like Apache Spark, could really dig deep into some Big Data!

Arkansas Issues First Same-Sex Marriage License After Ban Overturned

"I want to tell you I do support marriage equality and I do believe Arkansans should have the right to be equal in the eyes of the law," McDaniel told the AP last week. "I'm going to zealously defend our constitution, but at the same time I think it's important to let people where I stand on the matter."

Jérôme Kerviel’s long walk to captivity -

It was probably this that piqued the national psyche. Kerviel would have to earn €100,000 a year – near his top salary at SocGen – every year for 49,000 years to pay back his former employer. Others simply could not believe he acted entirely alone, that nobody knew what he was doing. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leader of the Left Front coalition, said the former trader was essentially innocent and a “victim of an all-powerful organisation that combines the resources of a bank and those of the state.” Eva Joly, French magistrate and former presidential candidate for the Green party, said: “It’s a case of how a bank can dominate a legal system, of how unequal things can really be.”

15 Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts to DIY

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

My favorite app was bought by Facebook. So I deleted it.

But that kind of vast and intimate data is exactly what Moves promises. For ye uninitiated, Moves is kind of like a pedometer or Fitbit: it tracks the steps you walk, the miles you bike, and the distances you bus or drive, displaying that handy data (plus the all-important calorie counts!) in a series of private charts and maps. Do I care if some tech behemoth knows I’ve only walked 1,500 steps today? Not really, no. But I do care if Facebook knows where I walk, and how fast I walk, and what shape my daily routine typically takes.

Artist Creates Geometric Tattoos Fit for the Canvas

St. Petersburg-based Instagrammer "Sasha Unisex" is known for colorful and geometric ink designs that look just as at home on a canvas as they do on her clients' biceps. Sasha showcases electric blue bulldogs, bright orange lions and foxes riding blue bicycles to her more than 150,000 followers.

5 Can't-Miss Apps: Instapaper's Redesign and More

When Facebook switched the format of profiles over to Timeline, they began appearing as timelines, allowing other users to easily jump between years and months in a person’s Facebook history. But there can be a lot of empty spaces and photos that were never shared when the events actually happened. The Timeliner wants to help users “fill in the gaps” of their social-media history by letting them choose where on their timeline photos get posted. The free app is available for iOS .

When It Comes To Choosing Mates, Women And Men Often Get Framed

If I tell you that seven of ten doctors believe a medication is helpful, the positive weight of the seven endorsements will trump potential negatives. But if I tell you that three of ten doctors believe that a medication should be avoided, the weight of those three negative critiques will overpower potential positives.  The information in either case is the same – the only difference is how it’s framed.

The Binge Watcher's Survival Guide

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

MSI Scores With Ghost: Desktop-Power Gaming in a Laptop [REVIEW]

MSI’s GS60 Ghost is the best way to game on the go today. It’s got enough power to run any game and make it look good, and it’ll do it in style. And for only $1,699, maybe you can put off that trip to Cabo.

Mozilla's crazy plan to fix net neutrality and turn broadband into a utility - and why it could work

Such an action would also undoubtedly lead to lawsuits if it were implemented, which throws net neutrality into doubt for even longer. However, it’s about time someone changed the terms of this debate to reflect how the internet has changed since 2002 when the FCC decided it wasn’t a utility. Since then, as people have abandoned ISP-specific email, portals and more to surf for content and choose services delivered from the wider internet, it’s clear that ISPs are a conduit for content and services, not a provider of them.

Sell your S.F. street parking spot for $20?

MonkeyParking tried out two other business models in its hometown of Rome — one that tried to incentivize those with parking spots to leave by turning parking into a game (offering drivers virtual bananas to give up their spaces) and one that operated as a chat room for people looking for parking.

Beware the Dangers of Binge-Watching

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Arizona will get non-stop clean energy from hot air drafts

The downdraft tower should be ready for action in 2018, and Solar Wind Energy Tower hopes to license the technology to others. As you might imagine, the need for a hot climate is going to narrow the customer list -- you won't see this system in more temperate regions. However, it could be a boon to both the southern US as well as Africa, the Middle East and other places where heat is far more abundant than eco-friendly energy.

FTC Tells Snapchat To Stop Lying About Photos Disappearing

Last year, when a forensics firm proved that Snapchats don’t actually disappear , I speculated that the Federal Trade Commission — which is the federal agency responsible for investigating companies for deceptive or misleading practices — would likely be taking a close look at the popular “ephemeral” messaging app and its claims to users about photos going poof after they’re viewed. Well, the FTC did and it wasn’t happy about what it found. On Thursday, the FTC announced that the company made all kinds of false privacy and security claims , including the premise of the app: that it sends photos that self-destruct. The fact that photos do not always self-destruct is something  unfortunate teenage girls have also discovered .

750 Million People Still Don't Have Access to Clean Drinking Water

Since 1990, 2.3 billion people have gained access to drinking water from improved sources. But despite this progress, 748 million people — 90% of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia — still use unimproved drinking water sources, according to an updated report the World Health Organization and UNICEF released on Thursday.

Brand Over Brain

Brands help us assign value to almost everything we buy. But is there a way to know the difference between real and created value? In this episode, TED speakers explore the seductive power of brands.

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