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Satya Nadella reminds us the Microsoft world is still a big one

It might not claim most of the headlines, but Microsoft technology is used by a lot of people every working day. Mi

Brave man dives onto 1,000 mousetraps so we can see it in slow motion


Melissa McCarthy gets a spicy transformation in 'SNL' video

The show's upcoming host feels pretty, oh so pretty. And when she gets up from the makeup chair -- just watch it.

The iPhone 8, in sleek new renders

A new handful of purportedly leaked images show off an iPhone with razor-thin bezels and an OLED display.

We now know the full list of influencers scolded by the FTC over Instagram #sponcon

The U.S. government is aware of your concerns about C-list celebrity #sponcon on Instagram. To nip those embarrassing an

Badass dog chases a huge bear off its property

The bear ate some avocados, took a dip in a pool,and met a doggo named Ba Bao.

Ellen, Nicole Kidman, and Giada De Laurentiis cook together, but no one has any fun


The irony behind Yelp’s stock crash

For years, local businesses have seethed over Yelp. They can't opt out of it. They don't understand why some reviews are

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Busting the 5 biggest myths around the connected car

Artificial intelligence is also being deployed more frequently to help secure connected vehicles by learning and detecting new patterns of malicious behavior (or even non-malicious anomalies that could be early warnings of the need for maintenance). Connectivity management platforms can automate how and when a vehicle connects and what it does with that connection. Through such a platform, automakers can automatically disable connectivity while a vehicle is being shipped, preventing abuse of the connection during transit, and then have it securely resumed once the car has arrived at the dealership.

Tesla's Solar Roof is available for pre-order

The tool uses your roof size, local electricity prices and even regional sunlight levels to both gauge the cost of the roof as well as the value of the energy you'd generate. Tesla is convinced you'll likely save money in the long run, but this gives you a way to find out whether that's true for your particular abode. Even if you're skeptical of Tesla's methods, this should at least tell you whether or not a Solar Roof is viable. You might not want to spring for one if you're in a perpetually gloomy area.

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Tesla's sleek solar roof tiles are cheaper than you might think

These 10 cities will lose the most jobs to automation - TechRepublic

"Technical feasibility does not imply that automation necessarily makes economic sense. And historically, automation went hand in hand with new job creation both in skilled and less skilled labor," Chen said in the release. "However, the speed and the high share of automation in less skilled jobs raises many questions about whether the economy will be able to make up for the expected job losses. What we do expect is that automation will create winners and losers among cities and regions of the U.S., where losers may not recover to their original employment levels within even a decade's time."

Snap Tumbles After Trailing Estimates for New Users and Sales

Snap Inc. added fewer users than projected in the first quarter, a sign that Facebook Inc.’s strategy of copycatting virtually every feature of its Snapchat app is taking a toll on the newly public company. The stock tumbled 26 percent.

Google just acquired one of the most successful VR game studios

Owlchemy is known for developing games that closely mimic using real hands, and a blog post assures readers that it’s “continuing to focus on hand interactions and high quality user experiences, like with Job Simulator .” Schwartz says that full-motion hand tracking is “kind of our key factor.” That stands in contrast to Google’s current VR platform, Daydream — which uses a remote with limited motion controls. “We have a pretty big vision” for virtual and augmented reality, says Google VR and AR engineering director Relja Markovic. “Daydream's a great product — I love my Daydream. But there will be many, many things that come after that.”

Microsoft makes Visual Studio for Mac generally available | ZDNet

.NET Core 2.0 allows developers to use .NET Standard 2.0's expanded set of uniform APIs -- including XML, Serialization, Networking, IO, and more to write once and run on multiple .NET runtimes (.NET Framework, .NET Core, Xamarin, and Universal Windows Platform), as Microsoft explains it. ASP.NET Core 2.0, for server-side developers, is also in preview as of today.

Intel and HP to get smart with Cortana-powered devices

A big piece of Microsoft’s smart home puzzle was put in place recently with the Creators Update, which brought Cortana support to Windows 10 IoT Core, and thus potentially to all manner of gadgets from smart fridges to thermostats ( and indeed the Raspberry Pi 3 , for tinkerers building their own smart home stuff).

Connected trees will be scrubbing the air in a city near you soon

Green City Solutions  creates huge vertical planter boxes for public spaces utilizing plants adept at removing dust, nitrogen dioxide and ozone gasses from low-lying smog. The company was established in Dresden, Germany in 2014 and employs a team of experts in architecture, mechanical engineering, computer science and horticulture to create intelligent solutions in the fields of environmental services, cleantech and sustainable urban development, to provide residents with a healthier life in green and livable cities.

Google search results will cure your boredom with a local events calendar

We all know Google search is the best way to find news, concert clips, and funny cat GIFs, but when it comes to local happenings, it can be hit or miss. But a new feature baked into Google’s search tools on your phone is designed to fill up your social calendar.

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Sprint will launch its 5G network in late 2019

A bot is flooding the FCC's website with fake anti-net neutrality comments

We reached out to two-dozen people by phone, and we left voicemails when nobody picked up. A couple of people late Tuesday called back and confirmed that they had not left any messages on the FCC's website. One of the returning callers specifically said they didn't know what net neutrality was. A third person reached in a Facebook message Tuesday also confirmed that they had not left any comments on any website.

With Cosmos DB, Microsoft wants to build one database to rule them all

“We want this to be the database of the future and to last for many decades to come,” Microsoft Technical Fellow Dharma Shukla told me when we talked about Cosmos DB, the new globally distributed database the company is launching at its Build developer conference today. And for Shukla, this is a project that started seven years ago when he started prototyping what a globally distributed (or “planet-scale,” as Microsoft often likes to call it) database would look like. This project (which at the time was called “Project Florence”) first turned into DocumentDB, Azure’s NoSQL database service, which launched in 2015 and is now morphing into Cosmos DB.

Toyota is using Nvidia’s supercomputer to bring autonomous driving to the masses

Nvidia’s original architecture for self-driving cars, introduced in 2015 , is a supercomputer platform called Drive PX that can process all of the data coming from the vehicle’s cameras and sensors. The platform then uses an AI algorithm-based operating system and a cloud-based high-definition 3D map to help the car understand its environment, know its location, and anticipate potential hazards while driving. The system’s software can be updated over the air — similar to how a smartphone’s operating system is updated — making the car become smarter over time.

Everything that happened at Microsoft Build Day 1

Day 1 of Microsoft’s Build developer conference is wrapping up, and we were there to see all their wonderful new containers, clouds and command lines in person. Here’s everything cool we saw today — be sure to tune in tomorrow, when we expect news in consumer tech, mixed reality and gaming.

Judge Dredd Is Getting His Very Own Live-Action TV Show

Much like the comics where Dredd made his debut, the show is set in a futuristic megalopolis that’s overridden with crime. Dredd will be one of several “Judges” at the center of the show—police officers who act as judge, jury, and executioner, who are tasked with controlling crime in the city.


Donald Glover making a 'Deadpool' cartoon for adults

Put the kids to bed early for this one. The Merc with a Mouth will be animated, but that doesn't mean he's going G-rated.

9 best practices to improve security in industrial IoT - TechRepublic

IIoT requires IT and OT to work together. Although, the two often have different goals and concerns. IT is often concerned with infrastructure, security, and governance; while OT can sometimes be focused on yield, quality, and efficiency, Kotian said. 

Businesses must think of who needs to involved in their IoT deployment and these employees can share a mission. It's also important to note that IT and OT approach security differently, evaluating different risks, focusing on different patching cycles, protocols, and more, Kotian said.

The Best Tips and Tricks for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

On the surface, it doesn’t feel like there’s that much new stuff going on with the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But when you look inside, nothing could be farther from the truth. Apple hasn’t just upgraded the hardware, they’ve introduced new things – an entire new camera module, a much powerful Taptic engine for OS-wide system haptics and more. Then there’s all the new stuff in iOS 10.

Here are the 3 most in-demand coding languages, and where you can find a developer job - TechRepublic

Java, JavaScript / MEAN stack, and Python are the most in-demand coding languages across all US cities, Coding Dojo found. Meanwhile, Ruby on Rails—frequently taught at coding bootcamps—barely broke into the top five in only two locations, San Jose and Atlanta. And C# ranked in the top five in all but one area, though the language tends to be under-taught in comparison to the demand, the report stated.

Design Student Envisions a Revamped Apple Music App for iOS

A visual design student named Jason Yuan was turned down by Apple when he approached the company for a visual design internship. Apple cited his lack of training as a reason for the rejection. However, Yuan wasn’t bogged down by this and started a new passion project which involved fixing or improving Apple Music’s somewhat messy UI.

Stratasys announces new scalable, automated, cloud-controlled 3D demonstrator - TechRepublic

Stratasys' latest innovation is designed to continuously produce parts with minimal human interaction, making larger runs, prototyping, and lowering costs easier than ever before.

Amazon Goes North, Forcing Canada's Retailers Out of Hibernation

Retailers have a lot of catching up to do. Canadians spent $26.6 billion shopping online last year, or about $730 per capita, according to researcher eMarketer and Bloomberg calculations. That’s far off from the $1,230 that U.S. consumers spent on average, and it masks a quirk in Canada’s e-commerce network. Some prominent retailers, such as department store Canadian Tire Co., let buyers place their orders online, jump in their cars and pick up the goods themselves instead of having them delivered.

Crosstown Cleveland college rivals join forces for IoT

Cleveland University has partnered with Case Western Reserve University to promote research and educational opportunities around the Internet of Things (IoT). This partnership came about thanks to a $200,000 Cleveland Foundation grant awarded in January in order to create the Digital Excellence Initiative.

Apple's remarkable China success lost in earnings translation - TechRepublic

Services..."on a tear." I can't think of another tech company that can boast of any sort of a "tear" in China beyond "tearing our hair out." This is a market that historically hasn't paid for software, and barely pays for hardware. It's a tough market for Western companies, but Apple made over $10 billion there last quarter, registering double-digit growth in a PC market that is in decline globally, and has never paid much in China. It's also registering double-digit Services growth.

Wearables, AI to benefit from MIT’s new super low-power chip

Researchers have developed a low-power chip that promises to significantly reduce speech recognition energy demands, paving the way for further miniaturization of artificial intelligence (AI).

Opera 45 goes social with sidebars for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram

In addition to the new messaging features, Opera 45 adds new light and dark themes, and on Windows the browser will use the GPU more often for video decoding. Opera says this should mean “significantly higher framerates, higher resolutions, and lower battery usage for these videos.” Perfect for watching all those 60fps videos on YouTube .

Microsoft vs. Amazon vs. Google vs. Apple vs...

You soon might thanks to Microsoft , which is planning to power a range of devices by the end of the year using its Cortana digital assistant software. Soon, you'll be able to buy internet-connected speakers powered with Microsoft software.

Sean Spicer can hide in the bushes, but he can't hide from the internet mocking him

Sean Spicer can hide in the bushes, but he can't hide from the internet mocking him

Microsoft PowerPoint adds real-time presentation translation

If you were impressed by Skype's real-time translation feature , you'll likely be wowed by Microsoft's new PowerPoint "Presentation Translator" add-in. Despite the name, it's not focused on making your slides multilingual. Instead, it'll translate your voice in real-time using an iOS, Android or Windows app as you go over your presentation. The add-in also generates a link that viewers can use to view translations in their own language.

Scientists Just Named a Newly-Discovered Dinosaur After a Ghostbusters Character

Because that’s kind of what happened. CBC News reports that scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum recently discovered the 75 million-year-old fossil of a new type of ankylosaur. When trying to name it, one of them offhandedly joked that the horned skull and long body looked like the demon dogs from Ghostbusters , and so the “Zuul crurivastator” was born.

Best travel apps 2017: make traveling a joy

With cheap and frequent flights to almost anywhere in the world, it's never been easier to see the Earth. That doesn’t mean that the actual traveling part of it is easy. To help make the whole experience of traveling less stressful we have compiled the best travel apps available on the market right now. 

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is here to lose money and earn your trust

Sure, Snapchat has less users, but it seems that Spiegel is trying to make the most out of each of them. He positioned Snap as something of the anti-Facebook. He offers them fun products that encourage them to play around like by "looking like a puppy," Spiegel said and then gave a few awkward laughs.

Kubernetes: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Kubernetes is a series of open source projects for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Find out why the ecosystem matters, how to use it, and more.

Yelp Tumbles After Cutting Sales Forecast as Advertisers Flee

Retention of its advertisers is a key metric for analysts to determine Yelp’s growth and long-term sustainability. Executives attributed higher churn from the first quarter to a specific group of advertisers that had come to the site about a year ago just as the San Francisco-based company started shifting the way it charged for ads. Some of the new businesses found the transition to a model of charging for actual clicks on ads instead of just views difficult, Chief Operating Officer Jed Nachman said late Tuesday on a call with analysts.

Snap stock is tanking after its first-ever earnings report missed expectations

The company, which makes the popular messaging app Snapchat, reported first-quarter revenue of $149.6 million. That’s up significantly from the $39 million Snap brought in during the same quarter last year, though it’s lower than Wall Street was expecting; analysts were hoping the company would generate $158 million this past quarter, nearly quadruple its Q1 revenue from a year ago.

Snap Tumbles After Trailing Estimates for New Users and Sales

After Twitter’s first earnings report in 2014, the shares fell more than 24 percent amid skepticism about the company’s user growth. Following Facebook’s first report in 2012, shares fell 12 percent on concern that the social network wasn’t moving fast enough to make money from its app on mobile phones, where its users were migrating. Facebook recovered in the quarters that followed with advertising product improvements, while Twitter has continued to struggle.

Snap took in $8 million from the sale of its Spectacles

In the first quarter though, Snap made Spectacles widely available for the first time online. Vollero said that's turned into a "modest" business for the company, generating over $8 million in revenue for the company. At the selling price of $130, that suggests that Snap sold over 60,000 pairs of Spectacles during the quarter.

Developers can now publish Microsoft Teams apps to the Office Store

At its Build 2017 developer conference today, Microsoft announced that all developers can now publish Microsoft Teams apps to the Office Store . Previously, only select developers could build for the chat-based service. The company also updated its Microsoft Teams Developer Preview with additional features that will roll out to all users “across the next month.”

New York begins taking applications for self-driving car tests

New York’s experiment with autonomous cars will be rather short in duration; the law that permits these tests, approved as part of the state’s budget last month, will expire on April 1st, 2018. These initial tests could be a bridge to expanded, lengthier testing later on, but New York officials are sounding a cautious tone to start. “We need to make sure these vehicles are safely tested on our roads, while providing opportunities for the public to become familiar with this technology,” DMV executive deputy commissioner Terri Egan said.

You really don't need to drink eight glasses of water a day

First of all, there isn’t a set amount of water all humans need to drink. Each person’s water needs differ , depending on their health, their size, their diet, their general sweatiness, and a collection of other variables that don’t tidily add up to eight glasses of water per day. There are also plenty of places to get water besides hitting the stuff straight-up. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages do contribute to your daily water intake. (Don’t believe me? Ask the Mayo Clinic. ) In fact, you don’t even need to drink all your water — you eat about 20 percent of it with your food.

43 Cyber attack pushes French news sites offline

PARIS Several French news companies, including Le Monde and Le Figaro, said their websites went temporarily offline on Wednesday because a company that helps speed delivery of their content was hit by a cyber attack.

Facebook limits News Feed links to scammy ad-filled sites

There is already a policy in place to prevent these kinds of scammers from advertising on the social network. Facebook intends to enforce it as it focuses on organic News Feed posts. The team uses artificial intelligence trained on "hundreds of thousands" of websites with this kind of ad-farm content to discover posts that link to them. When identified, these posts should show up farther down your feed and they won't be eligible to become a Facebook ad.

Tesla opens up preorders for its solar roof

Tesla’s solar roof connects to the Powerwall 2, its home battery, which is capable of storing 14kWh of energy, with a 5kW continuous power draw, and 7kW peak. The tiles themselves are made with tempered glass to protect the underlying panels from damage. They’re also printed a special way so that the solar panels aren’t visible from the road — they supposedly look opaque enough to be mistaken for traditional roofing tiles unless you’re looking almost straight down on them.

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Snap shares plunge on first quarter user growth, revenue that missed estimates

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La verdad detrás del la separacionNeumann-Cubero. La estrategia de Nicole para conseguir el divircio.

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A crashed advertisement reveals the code of the facial recognition system used by a pizza shop in Oslo...

Why Windows must die. For the third time | ZDNet

Windows, as we know it today, based on the legacy Win32 APIs that have been around for decades, will die. That's Microsoft's intention as well as its current mission to improve the overall computing experience for everyone. But Windows as a brand will continue, as a secure operating system optimized for applications that heavily leverage public and private clouds.

Google Chrome won't be allowed on Windows 10 S

Microsoft's newest Windows 10 edition is designed to allow desktop apps that have been converted to packages for the Windows Store. But a provision in the store's policies blocks desktop browsers like Chrome. Is it about security, or something else?

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