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See SpaceX launch its rocket designed to fly up to 100 times

Elon Musk's company is unveiling the final version of its Falcon 9, meant to kick the era of reusable rockets into high gear.

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off its agility for the scouts

In 2015 Boston Dynamics terrorized us with a tethered Atlas robot in the woods, but now it's running free.

Hands On With Built-In Android Auto on a Dodge Ram

Over 400 car models support Android Auto, but they require that you connect a smartphone. At I/O, we saw it as a built-in feature on a concept Dodge Ram.

Hacker Kevin Mitnick shows how to bypass 2FA

A new exploit allows hackers to spoof two-factor authentication requests by sending a user to a fake login page and then stealing the username, password, and session cookie. KnowBe4 Chief Hacking Officer Kevin Mitnick showed the hack in a public video. By convincing a victim to visit a typo-squatti…

Malicious Siri voice commands can hide in regular music | Cult of Mac

Suppose you're listening to some music, then glance over an realize your iPhone has loaded a porn site all on its own. That's the nightmare scenario researchers say is possible after they proved voice commands can be concealed in songs.

So long, aluminum! Why the iMac needs a total redesign.

With no substantial visual changes since 2012, Apple’s all-in-one iMac design is getting a bit long in the tooth. It's time an overhaul, something that would get the world excited about Macs again and prove Apple's committed to innovative computing.

Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres tonight: Here's how to watch it

Han Solo's early life will be open for all to see next week, tonight for a lucky handful.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story toys now on sale, peek at new movie

Funko has several lines of figures based on Solo: A Star Wars Story, including these from the Pop line. These figures cost $11 (roughly £8 and AU$15), including this look at Han Solo.

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Almost time to buy those last-minute Mother's Day flowers:

Apple Pay credit card is coming, backed by Goldman Sachs

As of today, the Apple Pay service offers a variety of transaction options ranging from direct cash transfers using Apple Pay Cash to credit card purchases based on a user’s existing credit cards. Though it’s an all-digital service, Apple Pay Cash notably is represented within the iPhone’s Wallet app as a black card with a holographic-style rainbow pattern — a design that looks just like a real credit card. Bringing a similar card into tangible form could offer a new avenue for Apple Pay advertising and add new customers to Goldman’s two-year-old credit card business.

Spotify introduces hate content policy following R. Kelly controversy

We’ve also thought long and hard about how to handle content that is not hate content itself, but is principally made by artists or other creators who have demonstrated hateful conduct personally. We work with and support artists in different ways – we make their music available on Spotify and help connect them to new and existing fans, we program and promote their music, and we collaborate with them to create content. While we don’t believe in censoring content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, we want our editorial decisions – what we choose to program – to reflect our values.

Steam Link app for Android and iOS will allow you to play games on mobile

It’s all thanks to a new Steam Link app that Valve just announced. The app will be available on Android (phone, tablet, TV) and iOS-based (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) devices, and will allow you to play games from your Steam library while connected via 5Ghz network or wired via Ethernet to a Mac or PC.

Dropbox tops estimates in first results since IPO

(Reuters) - File sharing and storage company Dropbox Inc ( DBX.O ) beat Wall Street expectations for quarterly results and topped estimates for paying subscribers in its first financial report as a publicly traded company.

Now Google Wants To Bring AR To You (Even On An iPhone)

Meanwhile, Cloud Anchors—ARCore’s new multiuser capability—is notable in part because Google isn’t trying to use it to give Android phones an edge over iPhones. “One of the key things with Cloud Anchors is, works great on Android, and it works great on iOS,” VP of AR and VR Clay Bavor told me. “So developers can build their experiences that bridge the two platforms. I think that’s going to be really important in unlocking some much more powerful and interesting AR experiences than are out today.”

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All these stories went viral online before they were picked up by national outlets. Say what you want about social media, but it has provided marginalized communities a way to force their stories into the national consciousness after years of being repeatedly ignored

Wooden Escalators of St. Anna's Tunnel

Majestic wooden escalators lead you deep down into a tunnel that stretches beneath the Scheldt River. They’re the highlight of the otherwise staggeringly monotonous 1,876 feet of ceramic tiles that backdrop your walk from shore to shore.

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Photo of the Week: Hawaii's Massive Volcano Seen From Above

Lenovo revs up budget-minded laptops with IdeaPad 330, 330S and 530S

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, the new laptops have you covered without the big price tags.

How to use Confidential Mode in Gmail

By now you've certainly heard all about the new Gmail features, and with good reason. A Gmail overhaul has been long overdue. But little did we know that Google would roll out some serious game-changing features to the rather mature email service. One of those features could make some serious noise for businesses and any privacy-centric user. That feature is Confidential Mode. With Confidential Mode, emails can be created and sent with an expiration date. Say, for instance, you want to ensure sensitive data isn't sitting around in an inbox for an indefinite period of time (waiting for prying eyes to spy). With Confidential Mode turned on, you can set a specific expiration date for that email, so it will automatically delete after a specific set deadline.

Solo: A Star Wars Story red carpet has some good-lookin' nerf herders

But while the world was waiting to hear the first verdicts about Solo, we were treated to some primo red carpet action, thanks to the film's stars (as well as some old favourites from the original Star Wars films).

How to configure, monitor, and manage Apache with ApacheGUI

If you've been hoping for an easier way to manage your Apache web server, this might be exactly what you're looking for. Since ApacheGUI is so easy to install and setup, it's certainly worth a try. Chances are, you'll find it the one tool you've been missing for your Apache management.

This was the most viewed Facebook ad bought by Russian trolls

Out of the 3,000 ads bought by the IRA from 2015 to late 2017, this post was the most successful. And it cost 110,587 rubles, or $1,788.66. The Russian trolls targeted the post to people who were interested in State Police, Law Enforcement in the United States, Police, Sheriffs in the United States, as well as groups like National Police Wives Association and Police Wives Unite.

China's Didi apologizes after killing of passenger sparks safety fears

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China’s biggest ride-sharing company apologized on Thursday over the killing of a passenger, apparently by her driver, and said it had to win back the trust of users after a “tragedy” that has sparked a widespread debate on Chinese social media.

Robert N. Hall, 96, Whose Inventions Are Everywhere, Is Dead

Dr. Hall began working at the G.E. lab after graduating from the California Institute of Technology in 1942. With World War II in progress, he soon designed a type of magnetron that could jam enemy radar. Shortly afterward, an engineer at Raytheon standing near one of the devices noticed that it had melted a candy bar in his pocket. Raytheon engineers used the discovery to develop the microwave oven.

"A Weirdo" --Carbon-Rich Asteroid: Relic of the Primordial Solar System Detected

An international team of astronomers has used ESO telescopes to investigate a relic of the primordial Solar System. The team found that the unusual Kuiper Belt Object 2004 EW95 is a carbon-rich asteroid, the first of its kind to be confirmed in the cold outer reaches of the Solar System. This curious object likely formed in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and has been flung billions of kilometers from its origin to its current home in the Kuiper Belt.   The early days of our Solar System were a tempestuous time. Theoretical models of this period predict that after the gas giants formed they rampaged through the Solar System, ejecting small rocky bodies from the inner Solar System to far-flung orbits at great distances from the Sun. In particular, these models suggest that the Kuiper Belt—a cold region beyond the orbit of Neptune—should contain a small fraction of rocky bodies from the inner Solar System, such as carbon-rich asteroids, referred to as carbonaceous asteroids. Now, a recent paper has presented evidence for the first reliably-observed carbonaceous asteroid in the Kuiper Belt, providing strong support for these theoretical models of our Solar System's troubled youth.

10 questions developers should ask employers during a job interview

"I'm always impressed by engineering candidates that have done their homework on our company and have taken the time to think about the technical challenges of building such a product," said Sean Borman of Obsidian Security. "These folks will ask good questions related to architecture, technology choices, scaling, machine learning, and so on. It's as much an opportunity for the candidate to shine as it is a way for the candidate to assess whether or not the company really knows what they're doing."

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This blessed Chrome extension replaces "Elon Musk" with "Grimes’s Boyfriend" …

Get 2 Google Home Minis for $58

Place a Google Home Mini in each room you use regularly, and you'll always have hands-free access to the Google Assistant. Find your lost smartphone, manage your smart home, set an alarm, and pump your favorite jams just by speaking a simple command.

Elon Musk says first Boring Company tunnel in LA near completion

First Boring Company tunnel under LA almost done! Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months. Super huge thanks to everyone that helped with this project. Strong support from public, elected officials & regulators is critical to success.

Can online outrage from fans save Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Here’s the thing about Brooklyn 99 being cancelled, I don’t want it to be. I love all of those people & they earned the right 2 have a final season victory lap where I could emotionally prepare. Don’t know them. Have nothing 2 do with the show. I’m just a fan who deserves better.

Apple video patent offers wild idea for dual-camera capture

An electronic device has multiple cameras and displays a digital viewfinder user interface for previewing visual information provided by the cameras. The multiple cameras may have different properties such as focal lengths. When a single digital viewfinder is provided, the user interfaces allows zooming over a zoom range that includes respective zoom ranges of both cameras the zoom setting to determine which camera provides visual information to the viewfinder and which camera is used to capture visual information.

Google says it’s designing Duplex with 'disclosure built-in'

"We understand and value the discussion around Google Duplex -- as we've said from the  beginning , transparency in the technology is important," a Google spokeswoman said in a statement. "We are designing this feature with disclosure built-in, and we'll make sure the system is appropriately identified. What we showed at I/O was an early technology demo, and we look forward to incorporating feedback as we develop this into a product."

Apple forges eco-friendly aluminum venture with Alcoa and Rio Tinto

Aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials in Apple products, and also one of the company’s largest remaining sources of toxic emissions — a result of the metal smelting process. To make the process “carbon-free,” Apple will join the US$144 million joint venture, as well as offering technical support to its partners. The aluminum makers will cover the balance of the investment along with the Canadian and Quebec governments, which will see the new company locate in Montreal and open a research office within Quebec. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, and Apple senior director Sarah Chandler attended the announcement in Saguenay, Quebec.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos on why work-life balance is ‘a debilitating phrase’

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently shared why he doesn’t like the term “work-life balance,” why companies should strive for consumers’ trust and his career transition from investment banking to entrepreneurship, among other topics, during an interview in Berlin. Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Axel Springer, interviewed the mogul, who also received the Axel Springer Award 2018 at the event.

Where Are All the Aliens? Maybe They're Mostly Microbial (and Dead) - ExtremeTech

The “Great Filter” theory explains the Fermi Paradox by positing the existence of a specific bottleneck that prevents most species (or life in general) from reaching the point where the colonization of space is possible. Life might evolve frequently, but supernovae and gamma ray bursts sterilized many of the planets on which it evolved earlier in our galactic history. Maybe highly intelligent life has a tendency to over-consume the resources of its home planet, and therefore becomes extinct before developing the technology to colonize a galaxy. Life might be abundant, but the evolution of high intelligence and efficient tool use could be extremely rare.

How to change a hostname on a Linux Server

During the installation of Linux on your Servers, you are asked to set a hostname. You may have either skipped that step, or you've realized the hostname you've set will not work. Either of those being the case, what do you do? Fortunately—within the world of Linux—setting or changing a hostname is very, very easy. I'm going to show you how to set (or reset) that hostname in two ways: Manually and with the hostnamectl command. I'll be demonstrating on a daily build of Ubuntu 18.04 , but both of these methods will work on Ubuntu 16.04 as well.

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DC's excellent Young Animal imprint is coming to an end

FCC slaps $120 million robocall fine on Florida man

The FCC proposed the fine in June 2017 , alleging that Adrian Abramovich had made 96 million robocalls during a three-month period in 2016. The commission finalized the penalty at its monthly open meeting. Chairman Ajit Pai and commissioners Brendan Carr and Jessica Rosenworcel approved the measure, while Commissioner Michael O'Rielly approved it in part and dissented in part.

Carnegie Mellon University starts first AI degree program in U.S.

Carnegie Mellon University today announced it will offer an undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence. The college claims the degree will be the first of its kind in the United States. The first courses for the Bachelor of Science degree will be offered this fall.

Why Westpac is making 'frenemies' with fintechs

"Open banking is a really large and current topic ... at Westpac we're huge supporters of the concept of open data and open banking as that actually enables the community to grow and enables the industry and the economy to grow. But similarly, being the CIO, my own concern on that is let's be careful around a cyber environment — if you lose that, getting it back is really difficult."

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These Uber Air ‘Skyport’ concepts look straight out of #StarWars  #desing

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Jobs | RentHop

We have many years of rental and sales data combining housing inventory listings, consumer inquires, and manager interactions, including payment participation and retention. Over the years, our client base has grown more diverse and multi-national. Participants in the New York City real estate ecosystem must cater to the growing segment of international consumers, as well as the landlords and brokers who serve them. We need a statistical data analyst who can lead a series of high impact projects leveraging the vast amount of information we’ve collected. We intend to use any findings to revamp our growth and pricing strategies. Tasks include interviews and focus groups with clients to test demand elasticity, computing customer lifetime value under different acquisition strategies, identifying and tracking differing metrics across differing cohorts, and optimizing our pricing packages to maximize customer and company value. Immediate projects include analysis on the effectiveness of our VIP programs, including the marketing, pricing, and promotion strategy. We will experiment with various subscription plans, bulk packages, and seasonal discount offerings, and craft unique positioning statements for each market segment.

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Genetic analysis suggests leprosy may have originated in Europe

Google's creepy AI phone call feature will disclose it's a robot, after backlash

I am genuinely bothered and disturbed at how morally wrong it is for the Google Assistant voice to act like a human and deceive other humans on the other line of a phone call, using upspeek and other quirks of language. "Hi um, do you have anything available on uh May 3?" #io18

How to set up a GitLab server and host your own Git repositories

During the above installation, you will be asked how to configure Postfix. Select Internet site, and then enter either the domain or the IP address of the server. If you're users are familiar with Linux, you could always select a local-only Postfix configuration, knowing that all users would have to use the mail command on the server to check to see if they have any mail delivered by GitLab. If you do go that route, you'll need to install the mailutils package, like so:

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FCC hits robocaller with $120 million fine but the calls probably won't stop anytime soon

The coolest things we saw at Google I/O

Most important news to drop from Google I/O is that Google has fixed the cheeseburger emoji so the cheese is on top.

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Google backtracks, now will tell people a robot is on the phone

Symantec says annual report may be delayed due to investigation

(Reuters) - Symantec Corp said on Thursday its financial results and forecast may change based on the outcome of an internal investigation that was initiated after concerns were raised by a former employee.

Windows 10 users should wait to install the latest update-it's bricking some PCs

In both the Microsoft forum thread and the KB4103721 patch notes only one solution has been found to work: rolling back to an earlier version of Windows 10. Luckily for those affected, Windows creates a restore point before an update is installed, so if you can get to the Advanced Startup Options (ASO) screen you should be able to fix it.

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Remember when Jim Mattis was supposed to rein in Donald Trump?

The Billion-Dollar Bank Job

Although no one knew this yet, Bin Huda was in the middle of the most daring bank robbery ever attempted using Swift. And it would prove to be the most severe breach yet of a system designed to be unbreachable. Swift’s transmission process — by which money moves through the dispatching of encrypted messages to multiple operating centers and then on to the receivers — has become the standard in the banking world, flawlessly processing more than three billion payment orders a year. It uses “military grade” security systems, says Adrian Nish, the head of Threat Intelligence for BAE Systems, a cybersecurity firm in Britain that investigated the attack on Bangladesh Bank. Swift (the acronym stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a cooperative founded in 1973 and owned by its member banks) recommends that its institutions use multifactor authentication to log on and that they segregate the Swift server from the rest of their internal network.

Toast’s awesome iPhone skins can now be customized

The skins look great in their original form, but for those who want a personal touch, Toast skins now be customized with gorgeous metallic inlays or your own text. There are 12 designs to choose from, including an Apple logo, or you can upload your own. You can also add a front panel.

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Arrow: "The Ties That Bind" Review - IGN

We'll have our review of "The Ties That Bind" up a bit later tonight. Until then, let us know what you thought of the new episode in the comments below.

IBM Employees Can't Use Removable Storage Anymore

It's hard to argue against that. USB sticks and SD cards are very easy to forget or lose, and whoever finds them will usually check what they contain. Removing them from the equation completely solves that problem, but the cloud access replacing it needs to be rock solid. It looks likely USB storage sticks will quickly be replaced with USB 4G LTE sticks.

51 Google Pixel watch coming in fall 2018, says report
52 Scientists find missing link in Yellowstone plumbing: This giant volcano is very much alive
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57 Five ways to add a note to an Outlook email message
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59 Fox Cancels Last Man on Earth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Mick - IGN
60 This surge-protecting tower is on sale for $18.49
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62 PSA: Saving passwords in public Trello boards is a really, really bad idea
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64 Nintendo Switch to get Minecraft Bedrock update June 21
65 Boston Dynamics SpotMini dog takes itself on an autonomous walk
66 Cybersecurity insurance: What to look for when comparing policies
67 Uber CEO says its self-driving car tests will start up again 'in a few months'
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71 Nintendo Made a $20 Charging Stand for Switch
72 FAA drone testing program takes off in 10 cities | ZDNet
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75 AI regulations? Don't worry about it, White House tells tech industry
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77 Report: Apple and Goldman Sachs are launching a joint credit card
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81 Foxtel-Fox Sports merger drags down News Corp results | ZDNet
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85 Goldman Sachs and Apple Plan to Offer a New Credit Card
86 Instagram’s new “emoji slider” is a fresh take on polls
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89 Social influence platform Klout to shut down on May 25
90 Google I/O 2018 recap: We came, we saw, we're sleepy
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93 Google Pay’s app adds boarding passes, tickets, p2p payments and more