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Everything Microsoft announced at Build 2018

The first day of Microsoft’s Build 2018 developer conference came and went, and the technology giant unveiled myriad tools and products for developers and geeks of the world to chew on. From artifi…

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Apple keyboard issue prompts lawsuit

Unresponsive keys? If compressed air doesn't work, try an attorney (that seems to be the plaintiffs' approach).

Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering? You Could Get a Free Replacement

"We have heard your feedback and after careful examination, have determined that a small percentage of Surface Pro 4 devices are exhibiting a screen flicker that cannot be addressed with a firmware or driver update," Redmond revealed Friday. "To support customers affected by this issue, we will replace eligible Surface Pro 4 devices for up to three years from the date of purchase, free of charge."

Best wireless speakers for grads

The waterproof UE Roll 2 plays 15 percent louder than the original Roll, has a longer wireless range of up to 30 meters (about 98 feet), and it ships with a UE Floatie, so you can take it into the pool with you right out of the box. Certain colors of this speaker often go on sale, particularly now that the newer UE Wonderboom has been released.

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Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot goes for a run in the burbs …

The hottest movies hitting this summer

What a start to the summer: Infinity War unites Marvel's greatest heroes for a record-breaking box office sensation. But what sci-fi, action and nerderiffic movies are coming to try to claim the Avengers' crown? Click through the gallery for the movies hitting theatres this summer.

5 best things from Google I/O this year

The Maps app is also becoming more social. A new tab called "For You" tells you about places and events in your area, tailored to your tastes. A feature called "Match Score" gives you recommendations for restaurants with a score out of 100 that predicts how much you'll like a place. It uses things like machine learning and, if you opt in, location history. And, through a tie-in with the Google Assistant, you'll be able to text someone your ETA while you're using turn-by-turn driving directions, so you can focus on the road.

Big Bang Theory stars open a wedding gift from Stephen Hawking

When  Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik) finally got hitched on the season 11 finale of the show Thursday, there were plenty of celebrities present for the wedding. (Disclosure: The Big Bang Theory airs on CBS, parent company of CNET.)

Tesla engineering head, Doug Field, takes break from company

(Reuters) - Tesla Inc Senior Vice President of Engineering Doug Field is taking a break from work but is not leaving the company, a Tesla spokesman confirmed to Reuters.

Take a tour of Nest's third-gen thermostat

This latest version features some clear design updates, including a larger display and a sharper resolution.

LG did well by this $2,000 electric, slide-in stove

The $2,000 LG LSE4613BD is an electric slide-in oven. It's designed to sit flush with your countertops.

Cable in a Minute - IGN Video

Here's everything you need to know about Cable: time-travelling mutant from the future, key X-Men player, and future Deadpool 2 star! (Yes, we know this video is not 60 seconds long. But it's not 120 seconds either, and since the idea is it's something you can watch quickly, in a jiffy, on the run, we figured the general idea of "In a Minute" makes sense.)

US introduces legislation for Chinese tech sales | ZDNet

"The magnitude of the Chinese market reserved to Huawei and ZTE allows the companies to effectively fund their R&D with domestic sales while insulating the companies against global infrastructure spending downturns. The government has also extended an estimated $100 billion line of credit to Huawei to finance deals abroad. Combined with aggressive pricing, diplomatic support, and suspected payments to local officials, Huawei has quickly taken market share in the radio infrastructure market as well as optical and routing, leaving them poised to take market leadership of 5G."

The ethics lessons will continue until morality improves | ZDNet

In both cases, it's the same technology -- but the difference is what developers do with it, what controls there are for preventing abuse, how clearly the designers of the system think about who will use the system, what the context is, how it could go wrong, and how it could be abused. Automation takes something inefficient and makes it unbearable because of the unavoidable, inhuman scale. It doesn't even matter if the technology works perfectly every time, because unless the systems built around it look for nuance and exceptions and false positives, the results are going to be applied -- right or wrong.

The nine types of Facebook ads that Russian trolls paid for

This ad was targeted to Facebook users in Texas and received 36,702 views. More than 3,800 people clicked on it, and Russian trolls spent 31,104 rubles on it, or $502.

Avengers directors flip off Deadpool with Thanos's gauntlet

Deadpool's parody of the Avengers spoiler warning earned him a flippant Twitter response from the Infinity War directors.

NBC will save Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fans flooded Twitter with pleas for another network to rescue the show after news hit Thursday that Fox axed it. They expressed hope Hulu would save Brooklyn Nine-Nine like it did another fan-favorite previously canceled by Fox, The Mindy Project .

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Why buying a mattress online can be a risky mistake

SpotMini -- the cute, agile, dog-like robot and YouTube star -- will go on sale next year

In an onstage demo Friday, a human operator piloted the dog, giving commands about where the dog should go but not exactly how it should position its legs. The robot walked over some small obstacles -- moving sideways at one point. And it can hold its canine-like, grabber-equipped head stationary as the rest of its body moves around.

A Year Later, WannaCry Ransomware Persists

A huge swath of Windows machines across the world—particularly in China—have yet to install patches that can ward off the attack's infection method, according to security firm Kryptos Logic.

Abyss Diana, an extreme performance headphone for extreme audiophiles

Diana is now the company's second headphone. It sounds incredible, but it's a very different, more practical, much smaller, lighter, easier-to-drive headphone. It is the product of years of research and of building countless prototypes. Diana is designed, machined, finished and hand-assembled in Abyss' Lancaster, New York factory. Uber-performance and hand-crafted build quality never comes cheap, though, and Diana can be yours for $2,995, £3,450 or AU$4,299.

How has Google dodged data privacy issue? It's the ROI | ZDNet

Google has just as much of your data if not more. Yet Google consistently gives you a return on that data sharing. Whether it's a helpful Google Assistant tidbit, unsolicited directions from Google Maps, a notification for your flight based on a Gmail entry and learning your screen habits over time, there's a return on your data. Am I thrilled Google knows so much about me? Not really. Do I get value for sharing my information? You bet.

​Goodbye, Klout: Social media measuring power quietly disappears | ZDNet

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Windows 10 security: Google Project Zero shreds Microsoft's unique Edge defense | ZDNet

Fratric contends that for ACG to be successful at blocking all attacks, ACG, CIG and CFG all need to be impervious to bypasses. But that's not the case with CFG, and in some attack scenarios Chrome's site-isolation feature would be harder to bypass than Edge with ACG enabled, according to Fratric.

UK cell giant EE left a critical code system exposed with a default password

We couldn't independently verify that the portal's credentials were both "admin" without logging in -- which would be illegal under both US and UK law. For that reason, we're not naming the researcher who discovered the flaw. When we reached EE for comment, we told them of the default password. A spokesperson later told ZDNet that the company had changed the password and that the service was pulled offline while the company investigates.

Blockchain is crappy technology and a bad vision for the future

To understand why this is the case, let’s work from the practical to the theoretical. For example, let’s consider a widely-proposed use case for blockchain: buying an e-book with a “smart” contract. The goal of the blockchain is, you don’t trust an e-book vendor and they don’t trust you (because you’re just two individuals on the internet), but, because it’s on blockchain, you’ll be able to trust the transaction.

TreasureHunter source code leaked for the masses to pillage PoS systems | ZDNet

It is not known why the source code has been leaked. It may be that the operator is leaving the PoS criminal world and is washing their hands of their creation, or it could be that a new-and-improved PoS malware is in development.

What would Steve Jobs think of today's Apple? | ZDNet

Steve Jobs was never one to leave anyone in any doubt as to what was on his mind, and thanks to hundreds of hours of keynotes, speeches, and interviews, we can get an insight into what he might think about the current state of the company he founded. Feel free to share your favorite Steve Jobs comments in the TalkBack.

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What an awesome lot of brand new roboticists to come out of the #HackadayWorkshop in San Francisco! Thanks for all the fun, and don't forget to enter your projects to the #HackadayPrize Robotics Module Challenge!

Symantec shares plunge after board discloses internal investigation | ZDNet

Symantec is facing a brutal day on Wall Street after disclosing Thursday that its board is investigating concerns raised by an ex-employee. The cybersecurity firm didn't reveal the nature of the employee's concerns, and the uncertainly sent its stock plunging more than 30 percent on Friday.

Best headphones for Mom on Mother's Day 2018

Audeze's Sine is the company's most affordable full-size planar-magnetic headphone. This type of driver technology is known for delivering impressively clean, distortion-free sound. The Sine's sound is superb for the price, although some people might wish it was a little more comfortable. It comes with two wired options: one that has a traditional miniplug, and one with Apple's Lightning connector which had a recent upgrade.

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Week’s best Apple deals: Get a HomePod for less than $300 | Cult of Mac

Whether  you love it or you’re on the fence , this week you can save big on an Apple HomePod if you’re willing to shop in-store. Plus, we are seeing an all-time low price on the Apple Watch Series 1 Sport!

Go big at the office: This 27-inch Dell monitor is just $125 | ZDNet

One important caveat: It lacks VESA mounting holes. If you want to mount it on an arm or stand, you'll need a special bracket (available online for about $30). Needless to say, that kind of offsets your savings, so if mounting is indeed a priority, you might as well just buy a monitor with VESA holes.

Cult of Mac Magazine: Strength is the missing Activity Ring on Apple Watch, and more!

Strength is the missing Activity Ring The Activity Rings on your Apple Watch don’t provide a complete picture of your fitness. There is one important ring missing: Strength. And both the Exercise and Move rings essentially measure the same thing: cardio. As any fitness expert will tell you, an effective workout program should combine cardio with strength training. Here’s why strength is currently Apple Watch’s weakness, and how you can use third-party apps to make sure it isn’t yours as well.

iPhone X owners can now watch HDR YouTube videos

Owners of the iPhone X can now enjoy HDR YouTube videos on their flashly smartphones after the feature rolled out quietly to the handset.

RIP ZTE: Which Chinese smartphone company is next? | ZDNet

Why is this even possible, in this day and age, that a multi-billion dollar Chinese telecommunications company with thousands of employees is effectively forced to close overnight?

Best games and gear for gamer dads

Now that it offers motion-sensing hand controllers and dual sensors for about half what the original Rift cost, this is one of the best deals in virtual reality hardware. It's also probably the best user experience among a series of products that aren't always beginner-friendly. You might still have to help Dad manage all the cables.

A future proof degree? Artificial Intelligence is now a major at this university | ZDNet

"Specialists in artificial intelligence have never been more important, in shorter supply or in greater demand by employers," according to Andrew Moore, dean of the School of Computer Science. "Carnegie Mellon has an unmatched depth of expertise in AI, making us uniquely qualified to address this need for graduates who understand how the power of AI can be leveraged to help people."

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Thank you for this. Every time people talk about the 'future of transportation' I kinda roll my eyes. The people I see every day who take our massive system, are people who can't afford Uber. Who depend on the system to take them to work at AMZN. But, due to socioecon seg...

What is Microsoft 365? Microsoft's most important subscription bundle, explained | ZDNet

Microsoft 365 is becoming a centerpiece of Redmond's cloud strategy. Here's everything you need to know about what it is and how it's evolving.

7 common misconceptions about masturbation

Just like there is no right way to eat a pizza (go ahead and fold it , you New York monsters), there's no one correct way to masturbate. Whether you use your own hands or your favorite sex toy, it's all fair game when it comes down to doing the deed. There aren't rules you should follow except ensuring that you are practicing good hygiene. As many before me have suggested, masturbation is an opportunity to explore your body and what makes you feel good.

How to delete photos from your Android device and retain them on Google Drive

You have freed up space on your Android device without losing your photos and videos. If you need to view those photos and videos, open Google Photos, and you'll see them. If you need to get a local copy back, open the photo in Google Photos, tap the Menu button, and then tap Download—photo restored.

Microsoft wants to work with Apple to bring iMessage support to Windows 10

As Ranganathan explains, Microsoft’s wish is to bring a fully-featured experience for Windows users, no matter if they have an Android or iOS device. “I want to do this in a supported way with a respect for the ecosystem we’re building on and at the same time make it a delightful experience", Ranganathan says, "Messages is one where we’re not currently where we need to be compared to Android, but we need to work with Apple.”

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This timeline is where you’ll spend most of your time, getting instant updates about what matters to you.

Google I/O 2018: Key takeaways on Duplex, AI, privacy, Android | ZDNet

There was something jarring to the Android controls on screen time and the extent Google outlined how limits were needed so people can live their lives . JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) is an acronym that was worth a chuckle. Leave your phone at home and you get JOMO instantly. I like the controls and have my own limits for myself. So, what's the problem? Those controls scream cover your arse to me. Whether it's Facebook, Google, or Apple there's a growing consensus that too much screen time is a health issue. Adding these controls almost feels like the Surgeon General's warning on cigarettes. Controls are handy, but may be there to head off class-action lawsuits in the future.

Best of the best iPhone accessories | ZDNet

There's what feels like an infinite amount of iPhone accessories on the market. Some are good. Some are OK. Many are just awful. But a select few are amazing. Here are the iPhone accessories that I rely on daily.

Google's Material Design update: You'll be seeing new-looking Android, iOS apps | ZDNet

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Nvidia claims cryptocurrency miners are buying far fewer graphics cards

As Bloomberg reports , Nvidia admitted that demand from the cryptocurrency market had been stronger than the firm expected in fiscal Q1, with sales totaling $289 million (£215 million, AU$385 million). Projected earnings were around $200 million (£150 million, AU$265 million), incidentally.

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TCL’s 55-inch Roku P-Series TV is on sale at Best Buy today for $499.99 …

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Yeah we had that in futurama, doesn't mean we can't have it again in rick and morty. Also those two shows have very little in common aside from both being sci-fi related so I fail to see the correlation as to why to it has to be one or the other. Also the simpsons are trash now.

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