Brilliant 'SNL' parody invents an Amazon Echo for old people Video Description

For one thing, this version of Amazon's smart speaker responds to any randomly close name to "Alexa" that an elderly person might come up with -- Allegra, Anita, Odessa, Aretha, Excedrin, whatever. It patiently repeats answers over and over, even after the asker has forgotten the question. It dutifully reminds them their favorite ballplayer died in the 1980s, fills them in on what the young people goofing off on the street corner are up to, and helps them find the phone they've lost (it's in your right hand). And when they shiver under a blanket and ask for the heat to be cranked, it uselessly points out that the room is already at 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.7 Celsius).

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