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AI Is (Also) a Force for Good

Just ask Pat Quinn, an ALS sufferer who got his voice back, thanks to Project Revoice and Lyrebird, one of a handful of companies using AI to clone a person's voice.

Control analog guitar pedals with DC Pedals looper and iPhone app

This looper pedal, and its associated iPhone app, let you manage your old-school guitar stomp boxes remotely. Here's how the DC Pedals Bluetooth Looper and VirtualLooper app work hand in hand so you can control your live sound.

iOS 11.4 inches closer to launch with fifth beta | Cult of Mac

Apple appears nearly ready to launch iOS 11.4 to the public after releasing its fifth beta build to developers this morning.

Apple and Samsung will meet in court again today | Cult of Mac

Apple and Samsung are heading back to court again today for the latest chapter in their never-ending legal battle.

Elaine proposes to Jerry in genuinely good 'Seinfeld' parody song

It could happen, if only in our dreams.

Boston Dynamics will start selling its dog-like SpotMini robot in 2019

After 26 years, Boston Dynamics is finally getting ready to start selling some robots. Founder Marc Raibert says that the company’s dog-like SpotMini robot is in pre-production and preparing for commercial availability in 2019. The announcement came onstage at TechCrunch’s TC Sessions: …

This neural network can turn pitch black images into bright colorful photos

Scientists working with Intel and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign recently developed a deep learning technique and data set for training neural networks to turn dark images into bright, colorful pictures.

'Rage 2' officially revealed with new trailer

The leaks were real.

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Lenovo Z5 is an all-screen phone with no notch or bezels

All-screen phones look cool, but they challenge the manufacturer to find a place to put front cameras, sensors and other hardware. That's why we see bezels on some phones and notches on others. It's not clear what Lenovo plans to do with the front camera on the Lenovo Z5. Cheng's post claims that "four technological breakthroughs" and "18 patented technologies" were made for the phone, but doesn't go into details.

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Facebook suspends 200 apps that may have mishandled your data

NES Classics are coming back to stores in June

After selling out in stores immediately and leaving thousands of Nintendo fans disappointed, the NES Classic Edition is returning to stores starting June 29, Nintendo announced with a tweet Sunday. The throwback consoles are expected to be available through the end of 2018.

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Leaked image reveals Microsoft’s new Xbox controller for accessibility …

A major new vulnerability could expose your encrypted emails

On Monday morning, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) reported that Efail is able to expose HTML emails encrypted with PGP and S/MIME encryption programs — even those that were sent years ago. These tools are commonly employed by journalists, politicians, and other users who require secure communication.

You can rate your Uber driver during your trip

That data will also be put to more use. Uber says it will be launching a new program next month that will celebrate drivers that provide great service, though there's no word on what that recognition will entail. Additionally, Uber will use specific issues reported with lower ratings to improve its technology. If a rider reports a problem with their pickup, for example, it will be classified as a pickup location error and sent to the team that works on that feature.

U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down Federal Sports-Wagering Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court has struck down a federal sports-wagering ban, Bloomberg News reports.

An Update on Our App Investigation and Audit | Facebook Newsroom

As Mark explained, Facebook will investigate all the apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform policies in 2014 — significantly reducing the data apps could access. He also made clear that where we had concerns about individual apps we would audit them — and any app that either refused or failed an audit would be banned from Facebook.

Apple sued over iPhone's alleged role in EgyptAir flight 804 crash

The claimants operating theory suggests that an overheating iPhone 6s or tablet caused the crash that killed 66 people in 2016. Several survivors of victims of the EgyptAir crash have filed a lawsuit against Apple, claiming that an iPhone 6S or iPad Mini belonging to the copilot overheated in the cockpit and caught fire, leading to the crash. The suit was first reported by gossip website TMZ . EgyptAir Flight 804 was a flight from Paris to Cairo that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on May 19, 2016, killing all 66 people aboard. Nearly two years later, the cause of the crash remains mysterious. Investigations continue, although many reports have stated that smoke had been detected on the plane. Theories as to what caused the crash have run the gamut from terrorism to a fire that began in the plane's avionics bay. Now, plaintiffs' attorneys think they've found a culprit for the mysterious crash: Apple. It's not clear how much money the suit is for, or what jurisdiction it was filed in. Not much substance, and a hard road Also unclear is how the plaintiffs plan to establish that the iPhone or iPad caused the crash, or how they may determine that the copilot's device was responsible.

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GDPR on Flipboard

By TechRepublic | On May 25, 2018, the GDPR will take effect. Read about the key provisions of the GDPR, the penalties for noncompliance, and how the policy will potentially affect cloud security, DevOps, and other aspects of your organization.

Google employees reportedly quit over military drone AI project

Project Maven seeks to help the military analyze drone footage faster through machine learning, as the AI detects people and objects for human review. Those who resigned from Google cited ethical concerns over the use of AI in drone operations and the company's broader involvement in political and military spheres -- Google recently sponsored the Conservative Political Action Conference, for instance.

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Google employees are resigning over the company's AI work with the Pentagon

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Winklevoss' Gemini exchange to add support for Zcash on May 19, along with Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash at a later date, after receiving approval from NY regulator ( @delrayman / Forbes) … …

Security flaw could expose your encrypted emails, researchers warn

The vulnerability, which European researchers called Efail , doesn't break email encryption standards like Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), but takes advantage of a flaw from how email clients read HTML codes. While encrypted email keeps your messages secret, email clients see HTML content -- for example, images or hyperlinks -- and translate them in plain-text, even if there is encrypted content in them. The security flaw allows potential hackers to use that element to expose the most popular email encryption standards, the researchers said.

Senate vote to save net neutrality happens Wednesday

But even if the resolution were to pass the Senate, it will have an uphill battle in the 435-member House of Representatives, where currently only 160 Democrats have pledged support for a similar House resolution led by Rep. Mike Doyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania. What's more, it's unlikely President Trump would sign the resolution repealing the rules.

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Intel Z390 chipset specs revealed: Meet Coffee Lake's new high-end motherboards … by @BradChacos

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Musk tells staff that Tesla will flatten its management structure, after a senior exec leaves for Waymo and engineering chief Doug Field takes leave of absence ( @timkhiggins / Wall Street Journal) … …

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Australian badass sets speed record for climbing tallest mountain on every continent

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Grown ass people seem real salty about this happening It's awesome seeing Nintendo featured on a popular show like this! But hey, everything aint for everyone

Dutch government to phase out use of Kaspersky anti-virus software

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - The Dutch government said on Monday it had decided to phase out the use of anti-virus software made by Kaspersky Labs “as a precautionary measure” and was advising companies involved in safeguarding vital services to do the same.

Amazon adopts new policy to promote board diversity

(Reuters) - Inc on Monday said it is adopting a new policy to promote diversity in its board of directors, saying that women and minorities are to be among the company’s board nominees.

Spiffy new iPhone X cases look like original iMac and iPhone | Cult of Mac

Spigen's new iPhone X case is inspired by the original iMac G3, bringing some retro charm to Apple's latest handset. Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Indeed rolls out platform to remove bias from hiring | ZDNet

The platform leverages technology from the startup Interviewed, which Indeed acquired in 2017 . Assessments provides short tests and professional simulations to evaluate how a candidate measures up when it comes to specific skills. The platform includes more than 50 pre-built test modules under the categories of cognitive (such as attention to detail and critical thinking), language, computer skills and job skills (everything from classroom management to mechanical skills). Employers can also build their own custom modules.

Overwatch celebrates its 2nd birthday with new cosmetics, map, and a free weekend

Blizzard Entertainment announced plans today to celebrate  Overwatch ‘s second anniversary, which starts May 22 and ends June 1. The event will add 50 new cosmetic items available in the team-based shooter’s loot boxes, a new deathmatch map, and a free weekend on May 25 to May 28. So if you haven’t played Overwatch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC yet, that’ll be your chance.

Apple and Canal+ to offer Apple TV 4K as alternate cable box

A deal between Apple and French cable television giant Canal+ may breathe new life into the Apple TV platform in France and show a way forward for the media streaming device in other markets. Starting on May 17, Canal+ will offer its 5.2 million subscribers the option of an Apple TV 4K , rather than a traditional cable box, for a 6€ ($7) per month rental fee.

Why Amazon and Red Hat are the two biggest winners in enterprise cloud

In other words, Red Hat is now doing the same thing with cloud computing as it once did for open source: Bringing order to chaos. The Red Hat business model has long depended on complexity: The more moving parts in a given open source project (e.g., Linux), the more value Red Hat provided by offering a stable, certified version of it. To the extent that cloud computing is a straightforward affair of buying from one dominant hegemon (e.g., AWS), Red Hat's place can still be important but is minimized.

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Fortnite leak hints at next new weapon for Battle Royale

A “Bullpup Burst” has been uncovered in the game’s data files following its most recent release. The gun deals more damage than the regular three-burst assault rifle, and could be available in epic and legendary varieties.

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A new Wi-Fi standard could let different mesh routers work together …

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This new YouTube feature will stop you from binging videos all day:

Fujifilm unveils its first square-format analog Instax camera

Fujifilm's Instax SQ10 is already available if you want to take square-format instant photos, but what if its half-digital technology is still too close to Instagram for your tastes? Don't worry, you're covered. The company has unveiled the Instax Square SQ6, its first analog camera to take (you guessed it) square shots. The closest you get to digital is the programmable electronic shutter release -- otherwise, it''s mostly a throwback to the pre-digital days. Not that you go without some creature comforts.

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A simple guide to not being a jackass at a concert:

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Buy your wedding flowers yourself at Sam's Club or Costco:

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Facebook data on 3 million users reportedly exposed through personality quiz …

Cash App expands Cash Boost rewards to Shake Shack, Chipotle, more

Square’s Cash App just got far more rewarding. The Cash Boost program now offers cash back at several well-known restaurants and stores, including Shake Shack and Chipotle. Even better, now anybody can participate.

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We talked to @brit about how becoming a parent has helped her become even more efficient:

Today in Apple history: Computer seller Businessland closes, hits NeXT

But that didn’t happen. While impressive, NeXT Computers simply proved too expensive. By the end of the decade, Businessland had sold just 360 units. Even worse, Businessland spent $10,000 for every NeXT Computer sold, due to forced investment in a dedicated sales and marketing team. At a meeting with Businessland’s regional vice presidents, Jobs pounded his fists on the table and screamed, “If you can’t do better than that, you shouldn’t be in sales at all.”

YouTube bingers can now set ‘take a break’ reminders

I know I’m not the only one. There’s a large number of us out there. But now we have help. YouTube’s new “take a break” reminders let you know when it’s time to put down your phone and experience life outside of videos.

John Carmack

One time, my wife, then fiancée, and I were meeting with Steve at Apple, and he wanted me to do a keynote that happened to be scheduled on the same day as our wedding. With a big smile and full of charm, he suggested that we postpone it. We declined, but he kept pressing. Eventually my wife countered with a suggestion that if he really wanted “her” John so much, he should loan John Lassiter to her media company for a day of consulting. Steve went from full charm to ice cold really damn quick. I didn’t do that keynote.

iPhone SE with Face ID could debut in September | Cult of Mac

The report claims that production on the handset has yet to begin, and that Apple has not even decided on a finished design for the phone just yet. However, regardless of which design Apple opts for, all prototypes supposedly have one thing in common. This is the fact that they will offer Face ID and have no Touch ID sensor included in their design.

Apple earned more money last quarter than Amazon ever has | Cult of Mac

With Amazon’s business growing at a frankly bonkers rate — and businesses like its cloud computing services and Amazon Prime membership continuing to set records — there’s every chance that Amazon could overtake Apple over time. Since share prices are very much based on future potential, rather than past success, Amazon is very much a solid investment.

Board Game Shop Is Getting Support Calls From Fortnite Fans - IGN

"There are so many calls—pranks, angry gamers, kids who don’t understand why the support doesn’t have a readily available method of contact,” Davies told Kotaku. “We started telling them to use the website because they can’t actually talk to anyone on the phone."

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Turning an Ikea chair into an RC plane is definitely the cheapest way to fly

Hey Google, stop trying to make Assistant my friend

Maybe instead of trying to make machines have meaningful conversations with human beings, Google Assistant should butt out and let real people focus on having meaningful conversations -- with each other.

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RIP to Margot Kidder, the actor who defined Lois Lane for a generation

Apple’s App Store redesign improved app discovery, report finds

When Apple introduced its completely redesigned App Store last fall, one of its goals was to improve app discovery by placing a larger emphasis on editorial content – including things like “app of the day” picks, lists, how-to’s and even interviews with app developers, among other things. Now, a new study from Sensor Tower reveals those changes appear to have been working.

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Say hello to Google One

Google is revamping its consumer storage plans today by adding a new $2.99/month tier for 200 GB of storage and dropping the price of its 2 TB plan from $19.99/month to $9.99/month (and dropping the $9.99/month 1 TB plan). It’s also rebranding these storage plans (but not Google Drive itself) as “ Google One .”

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55 Get 10% off Corel PaintShop Pro 2018 Ultimate – only for TechRadar readers
56 Radical Heights, Lawbreakers studio Boss Key Productions shuts down
57 Here's how the US has paralyzed Chinese phone maker ZTE
58 Why Google makes Android phone notches now
59 Apple Seeds watchOS 4.3.1 Beta 5 to Developers
60 The Boosted Mini is the best electric skateboard for everyone
61 Google employees resign over controversial Pentagon drone AI project
62 'Whack-A-Kass' is still the best game on Neopets
63 Email encryption flaws can expose Apple Mail, Outlook, and Thunderbird messages
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65 AT&T faces pregnancy discrimination suit
66 President Trump's defense of China's ZTE continues on Twitter
67 This is what work will be like for the class of 2018
68 Anyone could download Cambridge researchers’ 4-million-user Facebook data set for years
69 This malware is harvesting saved credentials in Chrome, Firefox browsers | ZDNet
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71 TiVo set-top boxes are getting Alexa support by June 1
72 This nifty site lists all hot cryptocurrency meetups in your area
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74 New DNA forensics are helping police find out who definitely didn’t do it
75 Researchers say a breathalyzer has flaws, casting doubt on countless convictions
76 Rail Europe had a three-month long credit card breach
77 Toshiba says memory chip unit sale to boost annual profit by a third
78 Windows 10, Android and iOS: Gearing up for the next ecosystem battle | ZDNet
79 Cyber crime: Under-reporting of attacks gives hackers a green light, say police | ZDNet
80 HP updates Envy, Elite PC portfolios | ZDNet
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82 AMD integrates Ryzen PRO and Radeon Vega graphics in next-generation APUs | ZDNet
83 Report: facial recognition software inaccurate in up to 98% of cases
84 Chili's restaurant chain suffers data breach | ZDNet
85 What is the future of blockchain? | ZDNet
86 Windows 10 tip: Use an ISO file to create a bootable USB flash drive | ZDNet
87 Nvidia continues to ride AI, gaming, machine learning, crypto waves | ZDNet
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89 Netflix snags Guillermo del Toro horror anthology series
90 German bank replaces SWIFT with Bitcoin for international loan transfers
91 Monster Hunter Movie Starring Milla Jovovich Will Start Production in September - IGN
92 The gadgets and apps I used to lose over 130 pounds and get fit and healthy | ZDNet