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Microsoft Surface Hub 2 may actually make video conferencing cool

You'll want it, but will it be yet another piece of conference-room tech no one can figure out?

Yanny or Laurel? The internet is fighting over this robot's mysterious word

Move over, The Dress. A new audio illusion is tearing the internet world apart.

People hear two different words when they play this clip and it's tearing the internet apart

An audio version of The Dress has arrived on our shores.

Logitech's G305 is an affordable, no-lag wireless gaming mouse

Logitech's extremely-low-latency Lightspeed technology was largely reserved for well-heeled gamers when it first hit the scene last June, but it's a much differ...

Today in Apple history: Apple stores reinvent computer sales

On May 15, 2001, Steve Jobs flipped the script on boring computers stores, unveiling an ambitious plan to open 25 innovative Apple stores.

Please enjoy this wonderful dog frolicking through a homemade ball pit

We can only hope to one day achieve this level of happiness.

Russia stole these activists' causes — but they're not backing down

Activists respond to Facebook ads Russian agitators took out to "sow division" in America.

Meet the Georgia Tech robot that is learning how to help people get dressed

The robot learned to safely guide a human’s arm into a hospital gown by running more than 11,000 simulations.

Introducing state of the art text classification with universal language models · NLP

This idea has been tried before , but required millions of documents for adequate performance. We found that we could do a lot better by being smarter about how we fine-tune our language model. In particular, we found that if we carefully control how fast our model learns and update the pre-trained model so that it does not forget what it has previously learned, the model can adapt a lot better to a new dataset. One thing that we were particularly excited to find is that the model can learn well even from a limited number of examples. On one text classification dataset with two classes, we found that training our approach with only 100 labeled examples (and giving it access to about 50,000 unlabeled examples), we were able to achieve the same performance as training a model from scratch with 10,000 labeled examples.

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Cult of Mac on Twitter

ICYMI: How to look up anything with one tap on Mac

Techmeme on Twitter

Sources: DOJ and FBI are investigating Cambridge Analytica and "associated US persons", seeking info from former employees and banks that handled its business (New York Times) … …

Google employees reportedly quit over military drone AI project

Project Maven seeks to help the military analyze drone footage faster through machine learning, as the AI detects people and objects for human review. Those who resigned from Google cited ethical concerns over the use of AI in drone operations and the company's broader involvement in political and military spheres -- Google recently sponsored the Conservative Political Action Conference, for instance.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Snapchat's unskippable six-second ads have, sadly, arrived

Gizmodo on Twitter

YouTube might finally get an Incognito mode to hide your weird searches

Lyft also ends arbitration policy for sexual assault claims

“Lyft has a longstanding track record of action in support of the communities we serve, from our commitment to the ACLU to standing up for pay equity and racial equality,” a Lyft spokesperson told TechCrunch. “The #metoo movement has brought to life important issues that must be addressed by society, and we’re committed to doing our part. Today, 48 hours prior to an impending lawsuit against their company, Uber made the good decision to adjust their policies. We agree with the changes and have removed the confidentiality requirement for sexual assault victims, as well as ended mandatory arbitration for those individuals so that they can choose which venue is best for them. This policy extends to passengers, drivers and Lyft employees.”

White House just eliminated its cybersecurity coordinator role

There was near universal agreement that the cybersecurity coordinator position was important. But the White House disagreed.

'Solo' spoiler-free review: This is not the Han you know, and that's a good thing

But if Solo feels, at times, like the writers are going down a fan service checklist – here's how Han met this character or that one, how he acquired this or that, how he got here or there – at least the line items are handled with enough care and affection that it's easy to forgive any narrative jerkiness.

State of Decay 2: Surviving another zombie apocalypse!

State of Decay 2: Surviving another zombie apocalypse!

51% of companies publicly exposed cloud storage services in the past year

On average, 27% of organizations experienced potential account compromises in the past year due to cloud security failures, the RedLock report found. Nearly a quarter of enterprises (24%) have hosts missing high-severity vulnerability patches in the public cloud—essentially providing an open invitation to cybercriminals. Major companies including MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Intel, and Drupal were all impacted by cloud vulnerabilities over the past year, the report noted.

6 essential documents for project management success

Careful project planning and execution rest on having talented project managers and the right techniques and tools. There are also several key documents that enable sponsors, project managers, teams, and stakeholders the ability to carefully and precisely manage required project activities. Below is a list of those documents, the role they play, and why each one is necessary for managing project activities and providing necessary deliverables.

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Tweetbot 3 for Mac adds a dark mode, timeline filters, and video previews …

Robert Downey Jr. is hosting a Youtube show about A.I, is basically Iron Man

In a move straight out of Tony Stark's playbook, Robert Downey Jr. will executive produce and host a new YouTube Red exclusive series about artificial intelligence. The yet-untitled series will feature experts in A.I. and related fields and is set to premiere on the platform in 2019.

The Verge on Twitter

Google is delaying a Chrome audio update that broke countless web games …

HTC is launching a blockchain-powered phone

But, all of these features can be integrated into any average smart phone with the help of software alone, and trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will incur mining fees to transfer anyway – whether on regular phones or blockchain phones. Privacy-oriented web browsers and messaging apps can all be installed on any smartphone as well.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Microsoft's big ideas are sick, but when does reality catch up with the tech?

Apple now has second biggest fleet of self-driving test cars in California | Cult of Mac

Apple still hasn’t publicly announced its plans when it comes to autonomous cars. However, in the meantime it continues to grow its fleet of self-driving test cars — which are now the second largest in the state of California.

Facebook deleted 583 million fake accounts in the first three months of 2018

That's an average of over 6.5 million attempts to create a fake account every day from Jan. 1 to March 31. Facebook boasts 2.2 billion monthly active users, and if Facebook's AI tools didn't catch these fake accounts flooding the social network, its population would have swelled immensely in just 89 days.

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Kaspersky is moving some of its operation from Russia to Switzerland to win back trust

A glimpse of Apple's in-display fingerprint scanner that will never be | Cult of Mac

When Apple decided to create a bezel-less iPhone, it needed a replacement for the fingerprint scanner in the Home button. The company decided to go with facial recognition, but also looked into embedding a Touch ID scanner into the display.

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Man arrested for child porn named as suspect in leak of CIA files to WikiLeaks

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The new AI-powered Google News app is now available on iOS replacing the Google Play Newsstand app ( @nickstatt / The Verge) … …

NBC News MACH on Twitter


Angry nurses want Mark Zuckerberg's name removed from a San Francisco hospital

The nurses, many of whom work for the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital And Trauma Center — commonly referred to as just the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital — worry that patients will associate it with the social network and its recent scandal involving the leak of data to Cambridge Analytica. They're also concerned about being connected with Zuckerberg and Facebook in light of some of the company's ethically questionable practices in the past.

How to manually set up groups in the Windows 10 Mail app

However, one of those irritated Microsoft customers suggested a work around for the problem that will work in a pinch. And, while it is not the most elegant of hacks, it is fairly simple to use once you get it set up. This tutorial shows you how to use a work around to set up mailing groups using the Mail and People apps of Microsoft Windows 10.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Instagram: “Garden shot #3”

Highlights: Hedge funds chomped on FAANGs during first quarter tech...

(Reuters) - The following are some hot stocks including the so-called FAANG technology stocks - Facebook Inc ( FB.O ), ( AMZN.O ), Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ), Netflix Inc ( NFLX.O ) and Google parent Alphabet Inc ( GOOGL.O ) - as well as other companies in which hedge fund managers either took new stakes, adding to or exiting existing positions in the first quarter, filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed on Tuesday.

Healthcare groups can be "perfect storm" of vulnerability to hackers

Every industry is a target for hackers and a number of different hackers means you need to have a number of different solutions. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met with Mike Simon, CEO of Cryptonite to discuss how hacks in the healthcare field will continue to grow in 2018, and how organizations can protect themselves. Whether or not we will see more hacks in the healthcare sector depends on a hacker's perspective, Simon said. The way hackers seek potential targets is by looking for easy access, the seriousness of an attack, and how much money they will get out of it, he added. "When you look at healthcare locations, it's sort of the perfect storm," Simon said. There are organizations that don't have a good amount of security professionals protecting the organization, and they also have medical devices that weren't designed to protect against attacks.

How to use the Linux screen command to keep your remote processes running

How many times have you secure shelled into your data center Linux servers, only to have (for whatever reason) your remote secure shell connection broken? When you reconnect to that server, is that critical command you issued still running? Or did the severed connection put the kibosh on the command? Not only can this be incredibly confusing, it can also be a cause for you to lose precious work and time.

The Google Pixel Buds update you were waiting for has arrived

The first is a triple tap gesture that powers the Pixel Buds on and off. Previously, the only way to turn them off was to return them to their charging case. This will be good for saving battery life. Google’s headphones rank well among its peers already, so it should do even better now.

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We asked audio experts if it’s ‘Yanny’ or ‘Laurel’ and why

Gizmodo on Twitter

The Communist Manifesto gets a comic adaptation that's both nightmarish and timely

The gadgets and apps I used to lose over 130 pounds and get fit and healthy | ZDNet

It's also opened up the way for using a number of apps to do useful things such as track my sleep, heart rate, exercise exertion, and workouts. Again, I'm not going to pretend that it's perfect, and I had to experiment a lot to find the apps that worked for me, but in the seven months or so that I've owned it, the Series 3 Apple Watch has become a key tool that I used to get fit.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here's why you should store your plastic wrap in the freezer:

Apple's self-driving car fleet leaps to 55 vehicles

Apple's fleet of self-driving cars continues to grow as the tech giant now has 55 autonomous vehicles on the road, according to data gathered from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Let the blockchain get you buck wild drunk with this cryptobeer vending machine

Sure, the tech is poised to reshape the fundamental power structures of society and blah blah blah we get it; however, up until now, the supposed benefits have been more promised than delivered. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you those benefits have finally been realized — and they taste like Budweiser.

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Roku will give you access to Showtime shows for the next week:

Microsoft moves toward consolidating its many speech services | ZDNet

Microsoft is aiming to have the common speech API and SDK "run on all modern platforms" and "support all modern programming languages." Microsoft wants the service to be accessible by all levels, from novice to expert developer, and to work online, offline, in hybrid situations and batch, officials said. The new API and SDK will provide speech-to-text; speech-to-intent; speech translation and custom keyword-spotter invocation. They will work with both single-shot spoken commands and continuous ones. Microsoft is committing to handle all 28 spoken languages in the one unified Speech SDK.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Fast-growing Apple Music has a massive 50 million active users | Cult of Mac

However, it’s worth noting that Cook’s 50 million users figure doesn’t exclusively refer to paying customers. While Apple Music does not offer a Spotify-style free tier (with the exception of allowing people to listen to its Beats-1 radio station), the number also refers to people trying out Apple Music on a free trial.

Verizon picks AWS as preferred public cloud provider | ZDNet

Verizon used to have big plans for public cloud services. Today, it's standardizing on AWS. If you can't beat em...

Hungry, hungry black hole would take only two days to eat the mass of our sun

If this shining, feeding black hole, also called a quasar, were at the center of our Milky Way, it would likely make Earth uninhabitable due to the X-rays emitted by it, Wolf added in the Australian National University statement.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Warwick Davis' role in Solo has a really cool story behind it

Brainwavz B200 review: Budget earbuds offer premium listening

Looking for a new set of earbuds for the summer? Brainwavz Audio’s B200 earbuds deliver high-fidelity audio with impressive clarity and detail. Plus, their over-the-ear design won’t frustrate you by falling out.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Being subtweeted by Dwight Schrute is the only good way to get subtweeted

is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Disney releases first full line of LGBTQ Pride merchandise

This year, the company has finally decided to embrace their queer following (and profit potentials), releasing a full brand new line of gay pride merchandise. As of Monday, Disney's queer fans and allies can purchase everything from rainbow tank tops to rainbow Mickey Mouse hats.

AT&T’s DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features

AT&T’s over-the-top streaming service for cord cutters, DirecTV Now, is finally beginning to roll out its cloud DVR feature – a year and a half after its launch . The DVR has been in testing since last year , with AT&T in seemingly no hurry to push out the feature that’s since become a baseline for live TV services, including YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV and others. In fact, AT&T’s DVR remains in beta today, the company says. But it is now broadly available iOS and tvOS users, along with the launch of several other features, including support for additional streams, an expanded on-demand library, and more access to local channels when traveling.

The Coolest Blockchain Startups at Consensus

Of all the startups I talked to at Consensus, Decenturion was the most...outside the box. This startup has created its own "autonomous decentralized society" for blockchain entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts. Decenturion issues Ethereum-based utility tokens and actual physical passports that get you into events around the world. Still not sure what it is? Well, the website describes Decenturion as "the first decentralized state with an economy supported by instruments of direct democracy. Residents do not pay taxes to the state, and all assets are distributed for free among residents." Power to the people, I guess.

How to try Gmail's AI-powered Smart Compose feature

To try it, you’ll need to click the gear icon in your Gmail inbox, then click on Settings, and then check the box next to ‘Enable experimental access.’ The feature could take a while to show up, but it worked for me as soon as I turned it on. G Suite users may not see the option, as it’s either not available to them at present or is controlled by their domain administrator.

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52 Tim Cook told Trump tariffs are the wrong way to deal with China | Cult of Mac
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58 Instagram CEO confirms upcoming “time spent” Usage Insights
59 Apple OLED iPhone X and ProMotion iPad Pro win Display Industry Awards
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61 Fan builds replica of Rey's 'Star Wars' blaster, and it actually shoots 'lasers'
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68 Amazon cuts Whole Foods prices for Prime members in new grocery...
69 DirecTV Now adds DVR for all, updates iOS and Apple TV apps
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72 NASA satellite snaps adorable Earth portrait on way to Mars
73 Feds Identify Suspect in CIA Hacking Tools Leak
74 Sprint is bringing 5G to New York, Phoenix and Kansas City in 2019
75 U.S. lawmakers push back on Trump talk of helping China's ZTE
76 Science doesn't quite know why you hear Yanny or Laurel
77 Twitter update hides tweets posted by trolls
78 Seattle's new 'Amazon tax' should serve as a model for all major cities
79 Meet Tesla's new bondholder: Billionaire George Soros
80 Carnegie Mellon welcomes our robot overlords with first-ever AI undergraduate degree
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82 Open-source vulnerabilities plague enterprise codebase systems | ZDNet
83 Smart radar startup MetaWave raises $10 million from Hyundai, Toyota, and others
84 Google's Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap
85 iOS 11.4 looks set to be Apple's most boring iOS release to date | ZDNet
86 Google Duplex beat the Turing test: Are we doomed? | ZDNet
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88 HPE buys networking startup Plexxi | ZDNet
89 US cell carriers are selling access to your real-time phone location data
90 Borderlands 3 E3 Speculation Potentially Shut Down by Gearbox - IGN
91 Twitter's new policy on trolls is 'out of sight, out of mind'