'Mad Max: Fury Road' is a jawdropping ode to the road (spoiler-free review) - CNET Video Description

It's a world in which it's not just "guzzle-ine" that's fought over, but the very fluids of life: water. Blood. Mother's milk. "Fury Road" is a beautifully realised vision of the post-apocalyptic future, filmed in Namibia but looking like another planet. The screen explodes with the fevered imaginings of a civilisation with no past and no future. From the Warboys' twisted cult, to the grotesque denizens each more bizarre than the last, to the crazy vehicles including a Slipknot concert on 18 wheels, "Fury Road" is packed with surreal detail. Even the character names alone are a treat: Rictus Erectus, Toast the Knowing, The Splendid Angharad, Cheedo the Fragile, The Doof Warrior and many more.

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