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British YouTubers jailed for faking an art gallery heist

Five members of the Trollstation YouTube channel are now behind bars.

Hate ordering fried chicken from human beings? KFC’s new restaurant has you covered

KFC and Baidu have partnered to open the first fast food restaurant run exclusively by artificial intelligence robots in Shanghai.

The cold hard truth about 'Minions'

If the minions were real, we wouldn't chuckle at the sound of their gibberish. We would scream in terror.

Little girl does not want to hug her friend

Not today, kid.

John Oliver explains why 911 is in desperate need of saving

"Even the Dominoes app can tell where you are and they've barely mastered the technology to make a palatable pizza."

Emilia Clarke fans the flames for Daenerys' ascension to the Iron Throne

Emilia Clarke explains how Daenerys Targaryen's emergence from a flaming bonfire of misogynist Dothraki could land her on the Iron Throne.

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Does the media have a "duty of care"?

In this thoughtful talk, David Puttnam asks a big question about the media: Does it have a moral imperative to create informed citizens, to support democracy? His solution for ensuring media responsibility is bold, and you might not agree. But it's certainly a question worth asking ... (Filmed at TEDxHousesofParliament.)

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit

The company earlier this year considered raising the limit to as many as 10,000 characters. But the quick, concise nature of Tweets has helped set the site apart from the competition. Executives have spent the last few months emphasizing how Twitter is a destination for live events and discussion. Removing the character requirement for links and photos may encourage users to add more media to their posts.

Introducing Spaces, a tool for small group sharing

Group sharing isn’t easy. From book clubs to house hunts to weekend trips and more, getting friends into the same app can be challenging. Sharing things typically involves hopping between apps to copy and paste links. Group conversations often don’t stay on topic, and things get lost in endless threads that you can’t easily get back to when you need them. We wanted to build a better group sharing experience, so we made a new app called Spaces that lets people get people together instantly to share around any topic. With Spaces, it’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images without leaving the app, since Google Search, YouTube, and Chrome come built in. When someone shares something new to a space, the conversational view lets you see what the group is talking about without missing a beat. And if you ever want to find something that was shared earlier—articles, videos, comments or even images—a quick search lets you pull it up in a snap. You can create a space with just one tap for any topic and invite anyone via messaging, email, a social network, or whatever way you like.

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Warren Buffett just announced he has a stake in Apple

The stake was worth more than $1 billion at the time, a regulatory filing from the company headed by Warren Buffett showed Monday. It ranked Berkshire as the 56th largest Apple shareholder, Bloomberg reported.

Microsoft is making nearly a million used Gamertags available

Since the original Xbox era, players have signed onto Xbox Live with a Gamertag. The virtual identity is akin to a Twitter username, and like Twitter usernames, many Gamertags are coveted. For example, who wants the username "Beemo1932049" when they can just have the username "Beemo"?

Google wants to kick Flash to the curb in Chrome this fall

Of course, this is still a proposal and hasn’t yet been implemented, so we’ll have to wait and see if Google goes ahead with its plan to hammer yet another nail into Flash’s coffin – but it’s clear that the company is done with the bug-ridden tech that frequently puts users at risk of being hacked.

New Mr. Robot: Season 2 Trailer - IGN

SHOOTER, which will premiere on USA Network this summer, is based on the best-selling Bob Lee Swagger novel by Stephen Hunter, Point of Impact, and the 2007 Paramount film starring Mark Wahlberg. Starring Ryan Phillipe (“Secrets and Lies”) and Omar Epps (“House”), who both attended today’s Upfront, the series follows the courageous journey of Bob Lee Swagger, a highly-decorated ex-Marine sniper who is coaxed back into action after he learns about a plot to kill the President. SHOOTER is executive produced by Wahlberg (“Boardwalk Empire,” “Entourage”) of Closest to the Hole Productions; Stephen Levinson (“Boardwalk Empire,” “Ballers”) of Leverage Entertainment; and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (“Transformers,” “The Real O’Neals”). John Hlavin (“The Shield”) wrote the pilot and will also executive produce. Simon Cellan Jones (“Ballers”) directed the pilot. SHOOTER is a co-production between Paramount Television and Universal Cable Productions.

Legendary investor Warren Buffett takes $1bn stake in Apple

Berkshire Hathaway, led by the 85-year-old “Sage of Omaha”, had not previously revealed a stake in Apple, and has avoided technology stocks in general besides a large stake in IBM, but may have seen the company as a buying opportunity after a lengthy decline in its share price.

Google to launch Spaces app for more focused group sharing

Articles, images and videos will be the center of group conversations, called "spaces," because of the app's built-in integration to other Google products such as Google Search, YouTube and Chrome. For example, you can invite friends to a space in which you discuss your favorite YouTube cat video or create a space to discuss an article about your least-favorite presidential candidate.

Here's what team TNW hopes to see at Google I/O 2016

Google I/O is two days away, but there have been very few rumors about what we may get from this year’s event. Nobody seems to have much of a clue as to what will happen, which is either Google playing its cards close to the chest, or having a bad hand.

Apple's Garage Band adds Chinese instruments

“GarageBand is the most popular music creation app in the world and we’re excited to introduce these new features that incorporate the rich history of traditional Chinese music,” says Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “By adding classic Chinese instruments and new Live Loop templates, the new GarageBand app makes it fun and easy to make Chinese-inspired music right on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.”

The Spark is gone: Microsoft scraps game-creation toolkit for Xbox, PC

Microsoft has  announced that it is ending support for its Xbox One and PC game-building app Project Spark less than three years after its initial public beta release.

YouTube for iOS now supports Google Cardboard

Months after  adding VR support to its Android version of YouTube, Google is bringing the feature to iPhone users. An update to the iOS YouTube app notes that it now comes with Google Cardboard support, a feature that's been notably absent so far. By selecting the small Cardboard icon under any video, users can either watch a 360-degree video in virtual reality through one of the simple cardboard headsets, or watch any other video on a flat screen in a VR environment, like a big-screen TV.

Google just combined Chrome, YouTube, and Search into a single messaging app called Spaces

With Google+ dying a slow death , Google has been looking for other ways to help users share content online. Its latest attempt is a new standalone app for group discussions on specific topics called Spaces .

Surgeons Perform First Successful Penis Transplant in the United States

The surgery—which took over three years to develop—is part of a collaborative research program to help combat veterans with severe pelvic injuries. From 2001 to 2013, over 1,300 men in the U.S. military suffered genitourinary injuries (as they’re called) often caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Penis transplants will also apply to patients who have lost their genitalia owing to accidents or disease.

Researchers Just Solved One of the Biggest Problems for World Hunger

Planet Earth is doomed with a fast growing global population and a limited amount of farmland to produce food for everyone. That means that we’re going to need to figure out how to maximize what we’ve got—and researchers just made a major breakthrough in getting the most from our crops.

Waze brings its carpooling service to the Bay Area

Waze is a social traffic & navigation app based on the world's largest community of drivers sharing real time road info and contributing to the “common good” out there on the road. By simply driving around with Waze open users passively contribute traffic and other road data. Users can take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way, …

Game of Thrones Recap: Oh, It’s Lit

Daenerys is like Robert Baratheon that way—a formidable warrior who was always better with a sword in his hand rather than a sceptre. Ultimately, Daenerys is at her best when she’s a disruptive force, a goddess of destruction carving a path of fire through the world. Tyrion is a political man, and political men are by definition interested in manipulating existing systems of power to achieve their goals—however corrupt those systems may be. But Daenerys is something else: a visionary who sees the world as it could be rather than how it is, and is willing to set fire to everything in order to build something new from the ashes.

Apple squashes bugs with tvOS 9.2.1, watchOS 2.2.1 updates

Before the next-generation operating systems for Apple Watch and Apple TV are unveiled at WWDC, there are bugs to be squashed in the current versions, which Apple accomplished with a pair of updates issued on Monday. tvOS 9.2.1 and watchOS 2.2.1 are both now available to install to the public. The tvOS update can be found in the fourth-generation Apple TV's settings app, while Apple Watch updates are installed through the iOS Watch app on a connected iPhone. Release notes accompanying the updates say they include bug fixes and security patches. After a handful of developer betas , no major user-facing changes to the platforms were identified. If Apple has anything big in the works for its two newest software platforms, it's likely to be kept under wraps until Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, where next-generation versions of tvOS and watchOS, as well as iOS and OS X, are expected to be unveiled. WWDC 2016 will kick off on June 13 , likely with a keynote presentation from Chief Executive Tim Cook and other members of Apple leadership. The developer-focused conference runs through June 17 in San Francisco.

How "Hamilton" Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Building A Brand For The Ages

As for a much-rumored Hamilton film, Miranda says he won’t be making one anytime soon. "I am absolutely interested in as many people seeing this as possible," he says. "But not before people have had the opportunity to see it live." There is no doubt that Hamilton will continue to run on Broadway for the foreseeable future (even after he is no longer onstage every night), sparking ongoing dialogue among viewers about what it means to live in America. It will continue reflecting both our present and our complicated past. As Miranda notes, "The Constitution was a giant f—king compromise. Black people were three-fifths of a human, and women aren’t mentioned in it. We set [the production] in a world where not everyone is equal. And we are still in a world where not everyone is equal. Despite the various hues of our cast, we never pretend otherwise." Still, the show allows audiences to dream of a nation where change can happen. "Government’s going to expand and contract based on who’s in charge," he says. "And that gives me hope, in a weird way.

Razer's first US retail store is also an arcade

Console gaming killed the American arcade, but it's possible that PC gaming might be responsible for the resurrection. Razer is opening its first US-based retail store in San Francisco but it sounds more like the arcades of yore than a high-end retailer. The centerpiece of the 1,300 square foot, two level outlet is the 20 "gaming stations" where patrons are encouraged to "stay all day and play games." In addition, the company will support the local community with regular gaming competitions, which will be broadcast on the store's 16 x 9-foot video wall.

Tim Cook will visit India this week to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi

His visit comes at a crucial time as Apple seeks new growth markets such as India after posting its first-ever decline in iPhone sales.

BBC could take aim at Netflix with its own streaming service called Britflix

This streaming service wouldn’t be restricted solely to BBC content. The broadcaster is currently in talks with its commercial rival in the U.K., ITV, as well as NBCUniversal. The BBC and ITV alone would provide substantial back catalogs, while NBCUniversal is the parent company of Downton Abbey production company Carnival Films.

First three Indian Apple Stores rumored to launch by end of 2017

Apple is working to introduce its first three retail stores in India within the next 18 months, setting up shop in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai, a report said on Monday. Each location will occupy 10,000 square feet, and require investments of $3-5 million apiece, a source told FactorDaily . For the past few months a team of 40 executives has allegedly been working on the project from an office in Gurugram — despite this, the hunt for real estate is said to be ongoing. A second source meanwhile said that Apple is planning to launch a local startup accelerator geared toward iOS development. An announcement will allegedly be made on Tuesday when CEO Tim Cook visits the country . The Indian government only recently approved Apple's entry into the local retail world, letting the corporation skip rules that normally require a foreign company running a single-brand store to source 30 percent of its goods from domestic suppliers. The Indian market has been a tough one for Apple, at least in terms of its chief product, the iPhone. Despite a recent sales surge the device has just a two percent marketshare, something normally attributed to the high cost of iPhones relative not just to people's wages but other smartphones.


The ISS Just Completed Its 100,000th Orbit

Today at 2:10 am ET, the International Space Station began its 100,000 tour around this blue-and-green globe we call home. Travels at a blazing 17,500 mph, ISS finished that historic achievement only 92 minutes later. In its 18-year lifespan, the station has traversed about 2,643,342,240 miles, more than 28 times the distance of the earth to the sun. Damn, ISS.

Get ready to start seeing ads in Google Image search

As part of its offensive against Amazon, Google's also making its local inventory ads — which let stores list which products they have in stock at which locations — more useful. Starting today, advertisers can add a store pickup link on the product page that shows up after a user clicks on their local inventory ad, and make all of their inventory searchable.

iOs 9.3.2 update kills bugs and encourages late-night reading

Mainly a bug-fixing update, 9.3.2 solves a Bluetooth issue for the iPhone SE which prevented playback, and makes dictionary definitions more reliable.

Fancy cat accompanies high school student to prom

Prom time is always fraught with drama, especially for the students out there who can't find a date. However, sometimes you don't have to look very far to find the ideal companion for the best night of your high school life.

Australian Athletes Will Get Anti-Zika Condoms for the Olympic Games

The United States Olympic Committee has remained relatively mum on the Zika issue. It said in March that it would provide athletes with guidelines about the virus but left the decision of whether to attend up to the individual . And while the AOC has already begun to take Zika-related precautions—a company that makes heavy-duty bug spray became an Olympic sponsor in February—even it warned against going too far, noting that participating athletes needn’t submit to compulsory blood testing when they return from the games.

Absurd Creatures: The Vicious Fish With a Strike Like You Wouldn’t Believe

Your average high school teacher has heard it a thousand times: “No way, I’m not high. I’m just tired.” Man, if the silky anteater went to high school, it’d be screwed. It really is just tired, because it has no business being up during the day. It’s a nocturnal hunter, and a proficient one at that. Find out more in this week’s episode of Absurd Creatures !

Code Climate for Chrome reviews and grades GitHub repos

It can also scan pull requests. Code Climate won’t assign scores to Pull Requests, but it does alert you to potential issues (and copy/paste code). You can also extend alerts in-line to get a better idea of what the plugin is alerting you to.


Are you the type to dash madly toward any new online service's sign-up page even if you think you'll never touch it again, just to lock down your username of choice? As any good geek knows, handles are a precious commodity, especially for free services that don't have explicitly advertised nickname-recycling policies. One online ecosystem, Xbox Live, may have a respite in store for users who want to remove extraneous numbers or characters from their Gamertag of choice. A Monday announcement from Xbox Live PR chief Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb confirmed that a slew of "nearly one million" dormant Gamertags will be made available for qualified Xbox Live Gold members starting on Wednesday, May 18, at 2pm EDT.

Most Creative People in Business 2016 | Fast Company

Unconventional advice, tips, habits, and hacks from the most creative people in business.

NYTimes Bits on Twitter

China is requiring Apple and other tech companies to answer questions about their products

AT&T acquires OTT video platform Quickplay ahead of DirecTV streaming service launch this year

“With AT&T, we’ll have the resources we need to further scale, grow the business, and continuously enhance that platform,” added Wayne Purboo, founder and CEO of Quickplay. “Our team is proud of what we’ve built so far and excited to join the AT&T family. This combination will help us power the next generation of video services.”

Little child gives mannequin the respect it deserves

While most people would pass by a motorized doll and think nothing of it, this little girl treats it like the almost-human it almost-is. She doesn't pass by and laugh. She gives it respect.

Bossbabe's Alex Wolf Demystifies What Millennials Really Want

I noticed this was a real thing for young women and there wasn’t a lot of space to talk about it. When I was going through it personally, I didn’t have a place to talk about it. My dad refused to talk to me for a while because I didn’t go to school. That was really hard on me emotionally. I’m not anti-college, but I am anti-pressuring really young people in a transitional time in the economy and the job market to sign up for and commit to what’s almost like a marriage. It’s like you’re signing a huge contract saying you’ll pay all this money, and you don’t even know what the next big thing is going to be in social media or business or otherwise. Do you want to spend $50 grand on something you might want to do in five years? Is there space for me to say "I don’t know"? Bossbabe is a space for support.

Google Play will soon let you join Android app beta programs

Android Police reports that the upcoming version of Google Play allows people to join or leave betas right from the app listing page. It’ll also let you leave feedback, which the developer will be able to see but won’t be published in the app review section.

Zuckerberg to meet key conservatives over Facebook’s alleged political bias in Trending Topics

(Reuters) – Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg will meet this week with prominent conservatives in the media, a spokesman said on Sunday, to address allegations of political bias at the popular social networking site.

Double your MacBook's storage with a tiny card called TarDisk

So if your MacBook has 128GB of onboard SSD storage and you add the 256 GB TarDisk, OS X will combine the two into one 384GB hard drive. You don't have to worry about where a file is stored, or remember which drive to you created a folder on -- it's all the same.

16 Daenerys Targaryen quotes to inspire your new feminist mantra

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. And be inspired to take what is yours with fire and blood.

The Tao of “The DAO” or: How the autonomous corporation is already here

This is new frontier, and the list of unknowns goes on. What does this mean for the future of corporations? The future of VC? While it could certainly be a profitable and successful endeavor itself, The DAO is in many ways a grand experiment in a new form of economic cooperation. Many of the unpredicted benefits and unexpected kinks will be discovered by this first pioneer. It will sure be fun to watch.

This is the plan for Tim Cook's big trip to India

Ministry of External Affairs, India Apple is planning to announce an accelerator program for Indian startups when CEO Tim Cook visits the country later this week, the Economic Times and Factor Daily reported on Monday .

Google begins true self-driving car testing

These types of tests will provide automakers with early data on how much they trust self-driving cars and how they would act in them as both driver and passenger. This will also help the companies figure out how to earn drivers' trust and ensure that the cars are safe for frequent civilian operation.

Why you shouldn't buy Amazon's programmable IoT Dash button

The original Amazon Dash Buttons make sense because you’re unlikely to push for detergent refills every day or week. But as a testing device, Amazon may want to reconsider the cost or battery capacities of its IoT version while it’s got the chance to restock.

Watch any YouTube video in glorious VR on iPhone

But Google is trying its best (unlike Apple) to make VR on iOS as best as it can be. With a new YouTube update that’s rolling out today, you can watch any video — not just those filmed with special 360-degree cameras — in VR.

How "Hamilton" Creator Lin-Manuel Miranda Is Building A Brand For The Ages

As for a much-rumored Hamilton film, Miranda says he won’t be making one anytime soon. "I am absolutely interested in as many people seeing this as possible," he says. "But not before people have had the opportunity to see it live." There is no doubt that Hamilton will continue to run on Broadway for the foreseeable future (even after he is no longer onstage every night), sparking ongoing dialogue among viewers about what it means to live in America. It will continue reflecting both our present and our complicated past. As Miranda notes, "The Constitution was a giant f—king compromise. Black people were three-fifths of a human, and women aren’t mentioned in it. We set [the production] in a world where not everyone is equal. And we are still in a world where not everyone is equal. Despite the various hues of our cast, we never pretend otherwise." Still, the show allows audiences to dream of a nation where change can happen. "Government’s going to expand and contract based on who’s in charge," he says. "And that gives me hope, in a weird way.

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58 Disney puts all of its movie VR experiences in a single app
59 Apple releases iOS 9.3.2, lets you use Night Shift and Low Power Mode at same time
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77 'Yo-kai Watch 2' invades the US this September
78 Canada picks its next astronaut to go to the International Space Station
79 Bots Unite to Automate the Presidential Election
80 Google has a weird new app that will let you share anything you see online with your friends
81 Garmin's new fitness tracker is a more accurate Vivosmart HR
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83 Google targets HTML5 default for Chrome instead of Flash in Q4 2016
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86 These headphones measure the unique biology of your ears, and tailor music to suit your hearing
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93 Oracle co-CEO says it did not buy Sun Micro to sue Google