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Ex-Googlers' self-driving kit for commercial trucks takes over on freeways

While Google, Tesla and BMW race to develop their own autonomous vehicles, a startup created by four ex-Google engineers  is inching closer to launching a

Google made an insanely high-res camera to preserve great works of art

In its first five years, the Google Cultural Institute scanned and archived 200 works of art in super-high-resolution gigapixel images. Now in just the past few months, it has managed to scan a...

'Forza' NASCAR expansion puts stock cars on the world stage

An add-on for 'Forza Motorsport 6' delivers a 10-hour campaign and 24 cars.

Motorola just announced three new Moto Gs

The 'Plus' has a fingerprint sensor and a swanky camera.

The new Justin Timberlake video is existentially menacing

I like Justin Timberlake, but I have a couple of small issues with his latest music video — you know, the one for "Can't Stop the Feeling (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls")." For example, it's...

Google's gigapixel Art Camera captures the subtle details

Google's super high-res camera takes hundreds of images using lasers and sonar.

iOS 9: 62 tips and tricks

Get the most out of Apple's new mobile OS

The Founder Of TED Shares What It Takes To Build The World's Most Popular Conference

He created a conference that sells out before the speakers are announced. Here's how Richard Saul Wurman did it.

'Crowd Control,' part 7: 'Mom's not dead, she's just in another universe'

In this installment of CNET's crowdsourced science fiction novel, there's lots of family drama going down with the Parkers -- and an experiment may have gone too far.

Microsoft needs to fix Skype

I’ve used Skype for more years than I care to remember. My Skype username is an embarrassing result of me thinking I was a cool teenager, and I’ve got a big list of important friends and family as...

How to Film a Hollywood-Worthy Movie on Your iPhone

Your clip of a rat schlepping a quesadilla has the power to out-hype a summer blockbuster. Do it right.

Smartwatches fail to keep time despite wearables growth

The wearable market has seen a 60 percent growth in annual growth, but fitness trackers and basic wearables account for most of it, not smartwatches.

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Forbes Welcome

"Have a vision of life that inspires you, then try every day to grow closer to the fulfillment of that vision."

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

What's it like to be in a VC outside of Silicon Valley? Tune in to The Premise for more:

Coding school 42 plans to educate 10,000 students in Silicon Valley for free

42’s mission is to undercover the talents of their generation in the field of programming and to do so on a broad scale. To achieve this, 42 would like to give all young people an opportunity to learn to code. Students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational degree, but solely on the basis of their talent and motivation. By employing this new educational approach, 42 …

More Room to Tweet – Twitter to Stop Counting Photos and Links in 140-Character Limit

Worth noting, too, that even in their initial discussions of an expansion to the tweet limit, Twitter made it clear that your timeline was not suddenly going to get clogged-up with massive tweets that took up an entire window – the extended tweets, according to reports, would still be shown in the timeline as normal, but they’d have a ‘Show More’ type option at the end of the 140 character limit, which would enable users to expand the full message.

I'm a fucking webmaster

Back in 1993 you weren’t a designer, developer, copywriter or in devops. You were a fucking webmaster, and your name was at the bottom of every page.

Apple's Garage Band adds Chinese instruments

“GarageBand is the most popular music creation app in the world and we’re excited to introduce these new features that incorporate the rich history of traditional Chinese music,” says Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “By adding classic Chinese instruments and new Live Loop templates, the new GarageBand app makes it fun and easy to make Chinese-inspired music right on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.”

3D printer uses lasers to create metallic objects in midair

This Harvard-made 3D printer can create complex metallic objects other printers can't. See, instead of spitting out one layer over another, the machine was designed to ooze out metal that immediately freezes solid. That allows it to print free-form patterns that look like they're suspended in air, like coils. Created by the university's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), the printer uses "ink" composed of silver nanoparticles. A focused laser then heats the material and solidifies it as it comes out.

The Partnership That Built Valentino Into A $1 Billion Juggernaut

What are the biggest changes facing the fashion marketplace today—and how are you responding? Chiuri: [With] the Internet—Instagram, websites—everything goes so fast. Now you can see a show immediately, in other parts of the world. At the same time, we want to maintain our values. So we work like in the past. We believe that for a luxury brand, time is a value. To do things in a way that is special, we need time. Piccioli: It’s important to stay close to who you are and what you want to say, [to] use social media to deliver the message, not change the language itself. You need identity. You need your memory. If you lose who you are, you are lost in the world. Fashion is still a community of people who deliver messages. Fashion is not only about clothes—it is about what is beyond clothes. It is about culture.

BitTorrent launches a live video streaming platform

The app is free to download and comes with free programming anybody can access, including channels that broadcast electro festivals, MMA and boxing, various ball games, current affairs and tech news. A BT spokesperson told us that it's not a social streaming app "at this stage," so you can't use it for your own broadcasts like Periscope . You'll eventually have plenty of channels to choose from, though, since the company is adding ad-supported and paid (either subscription- or pay-per-view based) tiers in the future. Live for Apple TV will land on iTunes sometime this week, while the iOS, Android and Mac OS X versions will come out in June.

10 I worked on Facebook's Trending team – the most toxic work experience of my life

Most, if not all, of what you’ve read about Facebook’s Trending team in Gizmodo over the past few weeks has been mischaracterized or taken out of context. There is no political bias that I know of and we were never told to suppress conservative news. There is an extraordinary amount of talent on the team, but poor management, coupled with intimidation, favoritism and sexism, has resulted in a deeply uncomfortable work environment. Employees I worked with were angry, depressed and left voiceless – especially women.

Apple is staffing up on wireless charging experts

There are many approaches to crafting a breakthrough in wireless charging, and also many applications for the expertise Apple has been acquiring. Its smartwatch already works with wireless charging — not over distance, but as local, inductive charging — which could explain the hiring over the last two years. And it has hired lots of engineers who specialize in ultrasound technology to work on haptics and sensing for wearable devices, so the recent pick-ups from uBeam could be aimed at developing technology unrelated to charging. Apple declined to comment for this piece.

SoundHound adds powerful voice control for hands-free music listening

The SoundHound mobile app, which can listen for and identify music it hears through your smartphone speakers, is getting a huge artificial intelligence upgrade. Starting today, the app will be controllable with your voice using SoundHound's new virtual assistant voice software, called Houndify. That means you'll be able to say, "Ok, Hound," and ask the app to play music from Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and a handful of other streaming services. You'll also be able to ask it to add songs to a Spotify playlist, play music videos through YouTube, and use the software to answer musical trivia questions.

​NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1080 is a PC gamer's dream

Even if you're not chasing 4K, a powerful card like the 1080 could be used to "supersample" games, which involves rendering them at a higher resolution than what's being shown on the screen to remove unsightly jagged lines. It's a technique that's fallen out of fashion in the PC gaming world, but now that cards have computing power to spare, it could be a smart way to make games look even better. With Hitman, I was able to get around 60 fps when running it at 2,560 x 1,440 with a 1.2X supersample. I couldn't see a huge difference without enabling the feature, but this is the sort of thing that some PC gamers might eat up.

14 Face recognition app taking Russia by storm may bring end to public anonymity

It works by comparing photographs to profile pictures on Vkontakte, a social network popular in Russia and the former Soviet Union, with more than 200 million accounts. In future, the designers imagine a world where people walking past you on the street could find your social network profile by sneaking a photograph of you, and shops, advertisers and the police could pick your face out of crowds and track you down via social networks.

15 Magic mushrooms lift severe depression in clinical trial

A clinical trial, which took years and significant money to complete due to the stringent regulatory restrictions imposed around the class 1 drug, has found that two doses of psilocybin, the active substance in the mushrooms, was sufficient to lift resistant depression in all 12 volunteers for three weeks, and to keep it away in five of them for three months.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 review: The most badass graphics card ever created

And pick up your jaw! The GTX 1080 indeed rocks utterly ridonkulous 1,607MHz base clock and 1,733MHz (!!!!) boost clock speeds—and that’s just the stock speeds. We managed to crank it to over 2GHz on air without breaking a sweat or tinkering with the card’s voltage. Add it all up and the new graphics card blows its predecessor out of the water in both gaming performance and compute tasks, leaping from 4,981 GFLOPS in the GTX 980 all the way to 8,873 GFLOPS in the GTX 1080.

Confirmed by Nvidia: Official GeForce GTX 1070 tech specifications leak

With a quarter of the GP104 GPU’s Streaming Multiprocessors disabled in the GTX 1070, the mainstream variant of Pascal definitely won’t punch quite as high as the monstrous GTX 1080. But with the GTX 1080 offering roughly 25 to 30 percent higher in-game performance than the Titan X—as we covered in our GTX 1080 review —it’s very feasible that the GTX 1070 could indeed achieve Titan-level frame rates. That’ll depend on how much the significant clock speed reduction affects performance, however. While the GTX 1080 boosts up to 1733MHz and hits 1607MHz as its baseline, the GTX 1070 hits 1600MHz max .

Microsoft comes through with rollup of updates and fixes for Windows 7 | ZDNet

The new Windows 7 convenience rollup is cumulative back to Service Pack 1, which Microsoft released in 2011. It doesn't include updates to IE 11 (which are released separately) or updates to .NET releases. But it does include core Windows fixes, security fixes and hot fixes.

iOS 9.3.2 is bricking some 9.7-inch iPad Pros

If you haven’t already updated your 9.7-inch iPad Pro to iOS 9.3.2, then you might want to wait. Some users are being plagued by a mysterious error that renders their device completely unusable after installing Apple’s latest software .

Jack Dorsey is moving too slowly to save Twitter

Justin Sullivan/Getty ImagesJack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. Twitter is not a young company. Launched in July 2006, it is now a decade old, and is well recognized by most thanks to the massive cultural influence of its highest-profile users (one of its enduring successes). If people don't use Twitter, it's not because they haven't heard of it. It's because they don't want to or have used it before and didn't stick around.

YouTube Star Lilly Singh On Turning Low Points Into New Beginnings

For me, I still love to (work in traditional media), not because I think it's better, but for me personally as an entertainer it's a different challenge, it's a different skill set. But I'm very adamant, if I get into TV or film it's not instead of YouTube, it's in addition to YouTube. It's very important to me to maintain that channel and to maintain that community for as long as I do that, my audience will be willing to accept me missing a video every once in a while if I'm consistent for four months, because I had to do an audition or I had to do a shoot. Or them seeing me on a billboard and feeling like, oh, she's not ours anymore. They're much more willing to embrace that if you stay consistent.

OneDrive for Windows 10 is now touch-friendly thanks to new universal app

Microsoft originally released a touch-friendly version of its OneDrive app for Windows 8 to make it easier for tablet users to navigate files and folders stored on the cloud service. With Windows 10, Microsoft returned to the desktop sync client built into File Explorer, but the company is now experimenting with a new touch-friendly universal OneDrive app.

What Happens if You Swallow Your Cell Phone? Nothing Good.

So it all turned out okay in the end. The moral of the story, per the case report’s authors, is that it might be wise to revisit standard procedure when it comes to trying the minimally invasive option first—if someone swallows a cell phone, it’s probably more efficient to go right to surgery. Alternatively, perhaps it’s time to improve the design of the various instruments used for retrieval of foreign objects so that it’s easier to manipulate those foreign objects into the optimal position for removal.

HP begins selling its Jet Fusion 3D printer; says it's 50% cheaper, 10X faster than others

"Compared to high-volume manufacturing of the same part, there is a cross-over point at which it is cheaper to produce the part with traditional technology than with 3D printing," Basiliere continued. "Injection molding, for instance, has a cost curve that starts high (due to tooling costs) but declines as those and other costs are amortized over the long production run. 3D printing has essentially a horizontal cost curve since there are no tooling costs and make-ready cost is low."

Google I/O 2016: What to expect from Android N to virtual reality

Android N (which in keeping with Google tradition will be named after something sweet - Marshmallow and Lollipop being its most recent predecessors), will include updates such as multi-window support and replies from within notifications. But we can expect some more updates on Wednesday.

Affirm teams with Eventbrite and Expedia to offer monthly payments for events and travel

If you elect to use Affirm, you’ll be able to secure a ticket to the event or book the reservation while you’re still paying the ticket off. This is likely due to the trust the lending startup has placed in you, thanks to its algorithm that assesses someone’s ability to fulfill their financial obligations. At checkout, it’ll ask you for a few pieces of information, such as your name, email address, phone number, birthday, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Suppliers gearing up to ship Apple's 'iPhone 7' by end of September

Like clockwork, Apple's well-established annual iPhone release cycle is on track once again, as a new report claims the company's suppliers are prepared to begin shipping the "iPhone 7" and "iPhone 7 Plus" by the end of the third quarter.

Firefox usage overtakes Microsoft’s IE and Edge desktop browsers globally for the first time

According to analytics company StatCounter, which tracks browsing data over 15 billion page views per month across three million websites, Firefox narrowly elbowed Internet Explorer and Edge into third place with 15.6 percent desktop browser usage, compared to just 15.5 percent for Microsoft. However, this doesn’t mean that Firefox usage is on the rise — it actually dropped from 16.1 percent in February. What it does indicate is that Microsoft’s browser usage share fell more than Firefox’s. Google’s Chrome browser remains in front with more than 60 percent share.

SoundHound Adds Apple Music, Spotify Integration with 'OK Hound' Voice Commands

Unlike Siri, which is baked into iOS and always available, and on newer iOS devices easily accessible all the time with the “Hey Siri” voice command, you’ll need to open up the SoundHound app to take advantage of the “OK Hound” feature. However, if you want to go all-in with hands-free, you can simply use the “Hey Siri” voice command to ask Siri to open SoundHound, and then, once the app is open, use the “OK Hound” command to do what you want — an ability that Apple recently showed off in an add starring Siri and Neil Patrick Harris .

Thailand orders halt to Uber, Grab motor bike taxi service

BANGKOK Thailand has ordered Uber Technologies UBER.UL and Grab to halt their motorcycle taxi-hailing services, a senior transport official said on Tuesday.

Microsoft and SAP deepen partnership with Azure and Office integrations

SAP and Microsoft have expanded an existing partnership to offer new products to users of the Azure and Office 365 cloud services, focused on better integrating the two companies' offerings.

Star Wars: Rogue One Leak Reveals New Characters, Names, Vehicles - IGN

Sample pages from an upcoming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Visual Story Guide have revealed new details about the upcoming film, including character names, vehicles and even two non-human members of the Rebel band looking to steal the Death Star plans.

That Insane, $81M Bangladesh Bank Heist? Here’s What We Know

When they finally got the software working the next day and were able to restart the printer, dozens of suspicious transactions spit out. The Fed bank in New York had apparently sent queries to Bangladesh Bank questioning dozens of the transfer orders, but no one in Bangladesh had responded. Panic ensued as workers in Bangladesh scrambled to determine if any of the money transfers had gone through—their own records system showed that nothing had been debited to their account yet—and halt any orders that were still pending. They contacted SWIFT and New York Fed, but the attackers had timed their heist well; because it was the weekend in New York, no one there responded. It wasn’t until Monday that bank workers in Bangladesh finally learned that four of the transactions had gone through amounting to $101 million.

NVIDIA's Ansel game camera placed me in 'The Witcher 3' with VR

Ansel was a small part of NVIDIA's massive GTX 1080 launch event , but it has the potential to impact far more people than the company's shiny new GPUs (in part because it'll also work on its older cards, too). It's an in-game camera that developers can easily plug into their titles. Ansel lets you move the camera around independently of the player character, change the color intensity, add a vignette and make other tweaks to get your screenshot looking just right .

Microsoft comes out against Brexit

"Our view is that the UK should remain in the EU," Microsoft's UK chief executive Michel Van der Bel said on the firm's website. "The UK remaining in the EU supports important criteria for continued and future investment by Microsoft and others."

Motorola just announced two new Moto Gs

Motorola has just announced a pair of phones, the Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus. Both phones share the same basic design with a 5.5-inch 1080p display, a Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM and a 3,000mAh battery with fast charging. Where they differ is in the details: The Plus has a 16-megapixel rear camera with an f/2.0 aperture, "big pixels" and laser and phase detection autofocus. It also has a fingerprint sensor. The regular G has a 13-megapixel camera (likely the same as in the current generation G, and no biometric magic. Of course, both will be customizable with the company's Moto Maker service.

Watch Facebook's stunning 360-degree video of Grand Central Terminal

When Facebook's internal creative team, known as The Factory, set out to film a proof of concept for its new 360-degree video camera, they picked an ambitious subject: Grand Central Terminal. A New York City transit center is among the more challenging places to shoot, especially so if you're trying to tell an interference-free story. In fact, Facebook only had three 90-minute windows over the course of a few days to shoot back in March, right when Grand Central closes down at 2AM before reopening at 5:30AM.

NBA wants to help fans create basketball videos for YouTube

The first videos for the new initiative will be a series that builds on the "Every Second Counts" playoff campaign. The official TV spot , which features music from Timbaland, already aired. However, as the games move towards the NBA Finals, the fan-produced versions will debut across the league's social channels. There will also be a dedicated YouTube channel for selected videos made through the Playmakers project that's set to go live later this year.

Motorola announces its new G4 and $200 G4 Plus phones

Motorola has launched two new dual-SIM phones today to advance its line of budget handsets: The Moto G4 and the Moto G4 Plus.

NASA launches near-space monitoring balloon from New Zealand

WELLINGTON NASA successfully launched a super pressure balloon from New Zealand's South Island Wanaka Airport Tuesday to conduct near-space scientific investigations.

Nest products gain a ton of new smart home integrations

Nest products just got a whole lot more powerful thanks to a suite of integrations with third-party products, software, and services. Starting today, Nest devices can link up to products from August, LIFX, Misfit, WeMo, and others. Many of the supported companies have already built integrations for Nest's thermostats and cameras, but developers can build in more down the line.

The Best Operating Systems for Your Raspberry Pi Projects

The Raspberry Pi itself doesn’t come with an operating system. For that, you need NOOBS , short forNew Out of the Box Software. It’s an operating system manager that makes it easy to download, install, and set up your Raspberry Pi. When you first boot up NOOBS, you’ll get a selection of OSes to choose from. Which operating systems are available depends on which model of Raspberry Pi you are using. For this guide, we’ll stick to the most common OSesoperating systems available on the newest models of the Raspberry Pi. Right now, that’s Raspbian , OSMC , OpenELEC , Windows IoT Core , and RISC OS .

The Post Office Almost Delivered Your First E-Mail

Fortunately, Johnson was already working on a way to protect the USPS against just such a threat. It was called Electronic Computer Originated Mail, or E-COM for short. The postal service’s largest customers, among them banks and insurance companies, already prepared most of their bills and account statements on computers. Rather than trucking mountains of printouts to nearby post offices, these large users would be able to transmit messages—either electronically or on reels of computer tape—to the USPS’s Sperry Rand Univac 1108 computer system in Middletown, Va. From there, the postal service would send the messages in the blink of an eye to post offices around the country, where clerks would print them out, seal them in envelopes, and pass them on to letter carriers who would deliver them to people’s homes along with their junk mail and packages.

Genes tell how the giraffe got its long neck

LONDON Scientists have sequenced the genome of the giraffe for the first time, uncovering DNA quirks that help explain how the tallest animals on earth developed their remarkably long necks.

YouTube for iOS now supports Google Cardboard

Months after  adding VR support to its Android version of YouTube, Google is bringing the feature to iPhone users. An update to the iOS YouTube app notes that it now comes with Google Cardboard support, a feature that's been notably absent so far. By selecting the small Cardboard icon under any video, users can either watch a 360-degree video in virtual reality through one of the simple cardboard headsets, or watch any other video on a flat screen in a VR environment, like a big-screen TV.

It's true: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 1080 officially supports only 2-way SLI setups

The new SLI HB connectors (shown above, which work only with Nvidia’s new Pascal GPU-based graphics cards) occupy both SLI connectors on a GeForce graphics card in order to transfer data between them at 650MHz, compared to the 400MHz that traditional SLI bridges run at. This allows dual GPUs to deliver a smoother gaming experience at 4K-plus resolutions and on multi-monitor Nvidia Surround setups, the company says. That of course means there’s no room to extend SLI configurations to more than two GeForce cards now—and Nvidia says it’s A-OK with that.

How to watch porn (at work) and not get caught

Another politician got caught watching porn today and it makes you wonder – don’t these people know how to be discreet about this type of thing? Well, apparently not, which is what has led us to publish a very basic ‘how-to guide’ for enjoying NSFW content at W. Share this with your friends, co-workers and local politicians, please.

Blockchain Company Wants to Reinvent Companies

But the U.S. legal system has built up a pleasantly redundant system of safeguards so that investors usually get more or less what they expect. If you invest in a U.S. public company, you are in a sense signing up for a certificate of incorporation and bylaws, which are written in lawyerly language. But you also get a prospectus that explains the terms of your investment in relatively (relatively!) plain English. Also the terms of that investment -- how you vote, what duties the company owes you, what rights you have, etc. -- tend to be constrained by federal securities law, state law, stock exchange listing requirements, underwriter due diligence, public policy, custom and tradition. Even if you invest in a company whose bylaws say that the board of directors can sacrifice you to a demon on the first full moon of a leap year, it's unlikely that that term would be enforced. There is only so much leeway to depart from the standard terms.

3 drag queens try to save Hillary Clinton’s campaign

Three of New York's finest drag queens — Scarlet Envy, Delighted Tobehere and Hattie Hathaway — as well as host Glace Chase compete in the ultimate Hillary Clinton drag race. More details:

An eight-year-old virus is still infecting thousands of PCs | ZDNet

Despite its age, Conficker isn't alone. Both the Sailty virus and Zeroaccess worm -- which date back to 2003 and 2011 respectively -- still to this day target Windows machines. All three kinds of malware sit at the top of the list of the leading ten malware families, which account for half of all recognized attacks.

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