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Do you want to watch Google I/O 2017's Keynote address? We've got your hookup right here

It's one of the most exciting days of the years for Google and Android fans, Google I/O 2017. The yearly developer conference is always full of some surprises! Sometimes we see some products announced, sometimes we get some updates on Android, and sometimes we see some get something completely out o

It’s time for Google to be boring

Google I/O will never again be as wild as it once was.

Latest 'Futurama' mobile game is part social sim, part retro action

'Shut up and take my in-app purchase money.'

Google Photos upgraded with new sharing features, photo books, and Google Lens

Google today announced an upgrade for its popular Google Photos application, which is now being used by 500 million people every month. The app now has a new..

'Overwatch' celebrates its first birthday with an anniversary event

Time to buy more loot packs

Google Assistant is about to be everywhere

Google Assistant is about to be everywhere.

Android passes 2 billion monthly active devices

Google revealed a handful of milestones today during its I/O 2017 developer conference, but the biggest was undoubtedly that Android now powers 2 billion active devices. The milestone was passed in the past week, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said onstage. "It's a privilege to serve users on this scale," he declared.

How to watch Google I/O 2017

Today Google is kicking off its biggest event of the year: Google I/O, a massive developer conference created to promote Android.

How to watch Google I/O 2017

Today Google is kicking off its biggest event of the year: Google I/O, a massive developer conference created to promote Android.

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Google Assistant is coming to Android TV later this year

Google is bringing its Assistant to the Android TV platform later this year, the company announced at its I/O conference today. The arrival of Assistant will be accompanied by a brand-new launcher as well, Dave Burke, Google’s VP of engineering for Android announced onstage.

Google to Push AI Smarts to iPhone, New Photo Books Service

Google's voice-based Assistant, unveiled at last year's I/O and released in the fall, competes with Apple's Siri and Inc.'s Alexa. It is set to land on the iPhone as a free, standalone app that can be downloaded from Apple's App Store, according to the person. It would arrive first in the U.S., but Google is working on adding support for other countries in the future.

Amazon chops the price of its Fire HD 8 tablet

Amazon refreshes its line of bargain tablets with a $10 price cut on its 8-inch model and a modest specs upgrade on its entry-level 7-inch model.

Google brings Smart Replies to Gmail on iOS and Android

When Google launched Inbox, its more experimental next-gen email client for Gmail, one of its flagship features was Smart Reply. With Smart Reply, Google’s machine learning algorithms look at your incoming emails and then suggest short, three- or four-word replies (think “Sure” or “Yes, thank you”). Until now, this feature was only available in Inbox and the Allo messenger, but as the company announced today, it’s now also coming to Gmail for iOS and Android.

Chelsea Manning has been released from prison

“Like far too many people in prison, particularly transgender women, Chelsea Manning has had to survive unthinkable violence throughout the seven years of her incarceration,” the ACLU’s Chase Strangio said in a statement . “Finally, she will be leaving prison and building a life beyond the physical walls of the many sites of her detention.”

Qualcomm sues four Apple contract manufacturers

Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc ( QCOM.O ) filed a lawsuit against four Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) contract manufacturers, including Foxconn Technology Group, for not paying royalties, as its legal battle with the iPhone maker intensifies.

Soon your phone will be able to do everything but make your bed for you

At its annual developers conference, Google highlighted how its machine learning and AI technologies informed improvements across all its platforms. In other words, Google Assistant just got a lot smarter and more useful.

Google IO 2017 keynote live blog

Google's annual developer conference is kicking off again. We expect news on Android, the Google Assistant, the web, and much more.

'Arrested Development' is officially returning to Netflix for season 5

The fifth season news comes after much teasing from Netflix, Hurwitz and various cast members over the past few years, saying that a new season would be coming, but talent scheduling was delaying the renewal. After airing for three seasons on Fox from 2004-2006, the sitcom went to Netflix for a fourth season in 2013. The show never had significant broadcast ratings, but garnered widespread critical acclaim and was nominated for 25 Emmy Awards, winning six.

The Witcher is being made into a TV show by Netflix

In a press release Sapkowski said he would be serving as a creative consultant on the series. “I’m thrilled that Netflix will be doing an adaptation of my stories, staying true to the source material and the themes that I have spent over thirty years writing,” he wrote. “I’m excited about our efforts together, as well as the team assembled to shepherd these characters to life.”

Google's Android now powers more than 2 billion devices

It took three years for Android to double its user base, having disclosed that it had 1 billion active devices at its developer conference in 2014. In 2015, Google said it had 1.4 billion active users on Android. While phones make up a bulk of its devices, it's starting to see a proliferation of other gadgets running on the software.

Tech Adoption Climbs Among Older Adults

At the same time America is graying, recent Pew Research Center surveys find that seniors are also moving towards more digitally connected lives. Around four-in-ten (42%) adults ages 65 and older now report owning smartphones, up from just 18% in 2013. Internet use and home broadband adoption among this group have also risen substantially. Today, 67% of seniors use the internet – a 55-percentage-point increase in just under two decades. And for the first time, half of older Americans now have broadband at home.

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning walks free Wednesday

"For the first time, I can see a future for myself as Chelsea," says the soldier after her 35-year sentence was commuted before President Obama left office.

Android O wants to make your phone twice as fast

Google wants to make Android faster. In fact, the company says that Android O is more than twice as fast as Android Nougat. That goes for boot times (those apparently dropped from 35 to 13 seconds on the Pixel) to apps like Google Sheets running a hell of a lot faster.

Google Home can now make phone calls

By offering phone call capabilities, Google is expanding its ever-growing list of Home features. You can also connect the speaker to smart home appliances and use it play music or ask a variety of search questions. Earlier last week, Home's competitor, the Amazon Echo , received an update that will allow it to patch phone calls as well from device-to-device. However, the Echo can both make and receive calls, whereas Home only supports outbound calls.

At I/O, Google is still trying to kill the Echo and Siri

Google Assistant is coming to Apple's (AAPL, Tech30) iPhone and will be accessible inside Google's mail iOS app. That still requires one more step to get to than Siri. It's also coming to regular Android devices -- it was only on the Pixel previously. Google is adding a way to type questions with a new keyboard option on all its apps. To further spread the Assistant's reach, Google announced a software development kit which will let third parties like Sony and LG integrate the tool into their own gadgets. The assistant can now speak French, German, Japanese and Portuguese.

Google Assistant standalone iPhone Siri competitor app launching for iPhone [u]

As predicted, Wednesday's tenth I/O conference saw the launch of the Google Assistant voice recognition tool to the iPhone. The app will be restricted to just the United States at launch, with voice-based queries processed in a similar way to the existing Google search app. Due to Apple's control over the iOS architecture, users will not be able to replace Siri with Google Assistant, and will need to enter the app in order to perform verbal requests. Other enhancements to the package coming soon include the new Google Lens image processing algorithm, with text interpretation related to location, an "always on" approach, all demonstrated at the 2017 I/O Keynote. The company is adding 10 languages before the end of the year, beyond just English. Google Assistant is considered to be more advanced than the existing Google Voice Search tool, due to being able to interpret context within a conversational-style query, such as follow-up questions. For example, asking "How old is he" after the query "Who is the President of the United States" would provide the President's age in Google Assistant, whereas competitors typically treat each individual statement as a separate query.

Android Go: A basic OS for basic phones

If you roll around town with premium hardware, it's easy to turn up your nose at phones like this and Android Go. But it's an important link in Google's mission to bring computing to people in developing communities, many of whom start with a phone.

Welcome to InformationWeek's Interop ITX News Desk - InformationWeek

Follow the action at Interop ITX and hear from the experts through the InformationWeek News Desk, streaming live from Las Vegas.

Google Lens turns your phone into a super-intelligent camera

Using Lens with Assistant will give your AI friend a new visual component, allowing it to use images to do things like set up events in your calendar. The Photos integration will give you the ability to identify famous paintings, building, and even make phone calls directly to businesses from photos after their subjects have been identified.

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Google's new Photo Books uses AI to make printing your pictures dead simple #io17

Google Home adding hands-free calling, proactive assistance, Bluetooth streaming

Google Assistant makes its way to your large home appliances

Google Home, Google's $130 plug-in Wi-Fi voice control speaker, integrates with a variety of small appliances. But today, Google announced partnerships with three major large appliance manufacturers -- LG, Whirlpool and GE .

2. Barriers to adoption and attitudes towards technology

Digital technology has transformed the way people communicate, get news, shop and even find love. And as more tasks migrate online, there are unique barriers and challenges that may hinder some older Americans from going online and using new technology. But despite these challenges, many seniors have a positive outlook about technology and the benefits it can provide. And once online, many older adults engage deeply with online content and activities.

UK police charge activist under terrorism law for not turning over passwords

Muhammad Rabbani, international director at Cage, a group that focuses on investigating human rights, torture cases and other injustices, was charged Wednesday after refusing to turn over his phone and computer passwords at the UK border in 2016.

1. Technology use among seniors

Although seniors consistently have lower rates of technology adoption than the general public, this group is more digitally connected than ever. In fact, some groups of seniors – such as those who are younger, more affluent and more highly educated – report owning and using various technologies at rates similar to adults under the age of 65.

Qualcomm sues Apple suppliers amid global patent battle

Asked for comment, Apple pointed to a statement made by CEO Tim Cook during a recent earnings call. Qualcomm, Cook said, is “trying to charge Apple a percentage of the total iPhone value” when its technology is only “one small part of what an iPhone is.” In an earlier statement, Apple said it had been trying to negotiate with Qualcomm for five years and that it had finally decided to withhold payments “until the correct amount can be determined by the court.”

28 TechCrunch on Twitter

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Trump gave Russians secrets that news orgs are being asked to withhold

U.S. intelligence officials have asked NBC News and other media organizations not to report the type of equipment, where it was stolen, and the name of the city where the intelligence was gathered, because doing so could harm U.S. national security, they say. But Trump told the Russians those things, the U.S. officials said, as he described intelligence that led to the new rules banning electronic devices in the cabins of certain flights.

Reuters Live

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How to watch the Google IO 2017 keynote livestream

While this year's event is at the same large concert venue where Google held IO last year, attending the conference is not only expensive; it's also hard to score an invite. But not to worry if you didn't get yours: there are a few easy ways to watch the Google IO 2017 keynote livestream, including right on this very page.

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"A company can always be more open...but that's not the default" -Naval Ravikant (AngelList) #TCDisrupt

Why the alien isn't the only scary thing in 'Alien: Covenant'

Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston and the stars of the new movie share their fears of androids, AI and technology.

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We Crashed a Few Drones to Find the Best Folding Drone

It’s drone season! It’s gorgeous out there and the world is full of beautiful scenes that need recording with a drone that buzzes through the air like a cloud of angry bees. Whether you’re an aspiring aerial photographer or a thrill-seeking life-caster, there have never been more options on the market for excellent quadcopters. Two of the best drones are so flexible you can fold them up and fit them in a backpack. We’re here to help you figure out which one might be for you.

Google Photos can now automatically design a physical Photo Book for you

The headline addition is Photo Books. Letting you make and order a physical photo album in minutes, you can search by person, location (or any other search parameter Google Photos recognises) and the app’s machine learning capabilities will automatically pick what it considers the best snaps before sending them off to be printed in book for you.

The First Picture From Star Trek: Discovery Explores Strange New Worlds

Our first good look at the stars of the next Star Trek show is here, and there’s not a Starfleet uniform in sight. But there is a mysterious planet, and a peek at the show’s two leading ladies—Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green—in action.

YouTube is bringing 360-degree videos to TVs

Today YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced that the service’s two-year-old 360-degree feature will “soon” land on smart TVs and streaming devices that run the YouTube app, including Google’s cheap Chromecast streaming dongles. The TV experience works a lot like it does on a laptop: You click on your remote and drag to a new position in the video.

Google brings hands-free calling, proactive alerts to Home

Home is about to get a lot more powerful with voice-calling, new notifications and response systems and a bunch of new music/video services.Google’s Rishi Chandra announced a bunch of new additions to the company’s home voice assistant onstage at I/O.

US Senate approves encrypted chat app Signal for staff use

That the current administration would approve Signal for official use came as somewhat of a surprise. Back in February, House Republicans Darin LaHood and Lamar Smith demanded an investigation into the EPA's use of secure messaging apps to secretly express their dissatisfaction with President Trump's policies. They said encrypted conversations can "run afoul" of the government's record-keeping rules. Nevertheless, Signal's approval isn't really groundbreaking. The National Archives and Records Administration told ZDNet that Senate staff members are exempt from those rules, so long as they don't use encrypted apps for anything considered "historically valuable."

22 companies join Partnership on AI, begin to study AI's impact on work and society - TechRepublic

In September 2016, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Google announced the creation of a " Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society " (Partnership on AI), a nonprofit formed to "study and formulate best practices on AI technologies, to advance the public's understanding of AI, and to serve as an open platform for discussion and engagement about AI and its influences on people and society." Apple joined the partnership as a founding member in January 2017.

Shooting with Sony’s wonderfully wide-angle lenses

Externally, there might not seem like a whole lot different between it and Sony’s other GM offerings, however, the FE 16-35 f/2.8 GM is notably light for a wide-angle zoom, weighing in at only 680 grams. Sony’s main competitor, the Canon 16-35mm f2.8L USM III tips the scales at a more significant 1,157g.

Baby Orangutans Rely on Their Mothers' Milk For Almost a Decade

But what causes the new findings, that orangutans appear to nurse more during different times of the year, and for many years? Smith thought it could be that developing juveniles are responding to resource scarcity in the Indonesian rainforests they live in. Maybe it simply takes orangutans a long time to become independent enough to feed themselves an adequate amount of food. The cyclic nature of their suckling could be due to the alternating fruit and monsoon cycles. Smith wonders whether or not this behavior is unique to orangutans. “Is it possible that other primates use milk as a fallback food when times are tough?”

Google's AI tech can now learn, replicate on its own

"We are excited about designing better machine learning models, but these days it is really painstaking," said Pichai. Instead of relying on human labor to design new models, Google is now delegating the responsibility to machine learning models it already built.

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Apple's first made-in-India iPhones are coming this month


Now is the time not just for modularization, but for the big Android players to tell the carriers that the era of them deciding when OS updates get to devices is over. It would be really, really bad PR for Verizon or AT&T to be seen fighting a party composed of Google, Samsung, LG and Motorola over what amounts to "we demand the right to help our users maintain the phones you sell them." They'd fold pretty quickly because T-Mobile would immediately declare itself on the side of the Android vendors becau

Setting up my new notebook with seven types of Linux - and Windows 10 | ZDNet

Then it immediately wanted to "Upgrade to Windows 10" (don't ask me what this means for a freshly installed Windows 10 system), so I let it do that. It downloaded 4GB of data, and then spent another hour and a half installing that. Once that was done it seemed to be quiet for a while - but the next day it once again said that it needed to install "critical updates", and it downloaded another 4GB and spent another two hours installing it. Now it seems to be happy about updates, at least for the moment. But every time I boot Windows, the performance monitor shows the disk access constantly running at a minimum of 40 percent.

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IGN Deals is your source for the latest deals on stuff you actually want to buy. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale.

'Minecraft' is changing to make sure kids don't kill their birds in real life

I get that you want to give chocolate chip cookies a use in the game, but literally millions of kids will play this game and chocolate and pet parrots are common enough that this will cause a problem. There is no question about that. You can't tell me some 6 year old is going to play Minecraft and then try to feed their Mom's 45 year old Macaw chocolate chips or a chocolate chip cookies.

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