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Real-Life Wolverine Claws Could Slice You in Half

These real-life Wolverine claws are both awe-inspiring and dangerous.

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1 Product reviews and prices, software downloads, and tech news - CNET

With Apple gearing up to unveil the next iPhone -- or iPhones -- in the coming months, here's a rundown of the features and design upgrades we'd most like to see in an iPhone 6.

Bill Gates-Backed Food Startup Hampton Creek Begins To Come Out Of Shell, Make Money

Eggs have cholesterol, and if you have normal levels of cholesterol, it won’t really affect your cholesterol levels, but the ‘normal’ levels of cholesterol are not cardio-protective. So a plant-based egg with no cholesterol would be far superior. Plus, if it can be made without squeezing hens into small cages for their entire lives, it makes sense. Kind of like how the horse and buggy business died out – people just transitioned from industries that were no longer profitable to ones that provided more profit in a changing world/economy. It’s just the natural progression of the economy, and there is no stopping it.

The Best Free Stock Image Resources on the Web

Pickupimage is a large collection of free stock images mostly focusing on nature- and outdoor-related scenes that can be copied, modified an distributed—even for commercial purposes. No registration necessary! Since the pool isn’t too broad this site didn’t pass the “coffee” search, but here’s a sample of what you can find there.

Which Social Network Can't You Live Without?

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Twin Peaks Blu-ray Coming, 90 Minutes of Deleted Scenes - IGN

Here's a new trailer that highlights the deleted scenes from Fire Walk With Me that have been included on the set, including a ton of characters from the TV series that didn't make it into the final cut and, perhaps most enticing of all, footage of Heather Graham as Annie Blackburn that was produced for the film that took place after the events of the show's finale, despite the film being a prequel.

Avengers Assemble for Terminal Cancer Patient's 'Winter Soldier' Wish

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

5 Internet Trolls Too Goofy to Hate

Yes, the time-honored Internet trade of leaving comments, arguing and being generally annoying is sometimes taken up by those with a great sense of humor. Trolling is usually irritating, but not when it's in the hands of an able comedian — especially when that comedian is so dedicated to his jokes that he spends hours, days and even years crafting them.

TicketZen Lets You Pay Parking Tickets From Your Phone

The startup has more than just parking tickets in mind for its future. "We are using parking tickets as a gateway into a city," he says. "We can create value for both the citizen and the city by streamlining parking ticket payments. Eventually, TicketZen will become the sole solution to pay your city, no matter the payment type... parking ticket, real estate tax, court fees, and so on."

Parking App Asks: What's Wrong With Paying for Someone Else's Spot?

MonkeyParking is simple to operate: It connects to your Facebook account to create a profile; you then enter the location of where you're parked, or where you want to park. If you’re looking for parking and see a user — known as a "Monkey" — leaving his or her spot, you can start bidding for it, starting at $5. MonkeyParking said the average bid ranges from $5 to $10. Currently, the app is only available in two cities: It launched in San Francisco last month, and in Rome, Italy, on May 11.

52 Alaskan Volcanoes in One Shot | Science Blogs | WIRED

It’s not everyday you can see 52 potentially active volcanoes in a single image, but good conditions over the Aleutian Islands and Peninsula in Alaska allowed for just such a shot to be taken. The MODIS imager on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured clear skies over many of the eastern Aleutian arc volcanoes, including one that is currently erupting — namely Shishaldin . Now, the current activity at Shishaldin isn’t impressive enough to show up well in this shot. However, if you click through to the big version of the image and zoom in on Shishaldin, you might be able to see its darker at the summit from the strombolian eruptions (in the form of lava fountains) occurring right now.

Updated: WhatsApp removed from Windows Phone Store, will return after fixes

WhatsApp has informed us that the removal of their app from the Windows Phone Store was an intentional one, taken to address technical issues. Those that have downloaded the app should expect it to continue to work for now, but until WhatsApp has finished "working closely with Microsoft to resolve the issues", we wouldn't expect to see the app returned to the store for download. That WhatsApp chose to pull the app entirely is some indication that there was some serious showstopping bug or other issue that they couldn't allow to go on, though they've been unclear as to what exactly that might be:

The Slow Evolution of Apple's Online Store

The team reported to Jennifer Bailey, Apple's VP in charge of worldwide online stores, who joined the company in 2003. Bailey is among the highest-ranking women at Apple, but some insiders who worked with her questioned why she was left out of the company's senior management team while the person in charge of offline retail, Ron Johnson, was included in it. Some viewed it as an indication that the online store was second tier, despite having comparable sales.

12 Party Survival Tips for Wallflowers

Before you wear your nails down to the cuticles at the mere thought of a shindig, perhaps a game plan will help you get you through the night. Besides, it's a lot more fun than getting more acquainted with your host's house pet.

Microsoft lowers Xbox One price to $400 without Kinect

Is the $500 asking price of Xbox One too rich for your blood? Turns out you're not alone, and Microsoft's responding: the price of the Xbox One is dropping to $400, and the company's dropping Kinect from the box as well. Starting June 9th, the Xbox One will be sold in a second bundle sans Kinect (a standalone version of Xbox One's Kinect will be available "this fall," should you wish to add one later on). The "premium" bundle with Kinect packed-in will stick around after that, though it is clear why Microsoft made today's move: sales numbers. Though the Xbox One is doing well at around 5 million units, it's lagging behind Sony's PlayStation 4 to the tune of several million units.

Why I Don't Do CrossFit

I’ll start with a few personal anecdotes. When I first stumbled upon CrossFit, I was working on a Navy base and started working out with some of the guys there. CrossFit was just starting up and military guys were loving it. The first workout I did was a series of pullups, pushups, and dips, and I couldn’t move my arms the next day. No big deal, I’d been sore before. I did a couple more WODs (CrossFit-speak: Workout of the Day) that were these types of circuits and they were fine. But one of my friends later invited me to the gym she taught at and I jumped in on a WOD. First of all, I got there as people were attempting to do muscle-ups. No one was succeeding. The training they’d had in CrossFit really hadn’t prepared them to do this movement, so it was just a matter of attempting it over and over again. These were people who had been doing CrossFit for years at this point, and I’ve never gotten as many looks as when I jumped up on a pair of rings and pumped a couple out. What was my secret? How could I do this without having done CrossFit ever before? Well, I had trained as an athlete, lifted, and done many bodyweight exercises over my years as a collegiate athlete.

The Strange, Secret History of Isaac Newton’s Papers | Science | WIRED

Even in his lifetime, Newton was hailed as an eminent scientist and mathematician of unparalleled genius. But Newton also studied alchemy and religion. He wrote a forensic analysis of the Bible in an effort to decode divine prophecies. He held unorthodox religious views, rejecting the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. After his death, Newton’s heir, John Conduitt, the husband of his half-niece Catherine Barton, feared that one of the fathers of the Enlightenment would be revealed as an obsessive heretic. And so for hundreds of years few people saw his work. It was only in the 1960s that some of Newton’s papers were widely published.

Android user sues Apple for not delivering texts after she ditched her iPhone

once they switched from an Apple iPhone or iPad to a non-Apple device for their wireless service needs, Apple’s iMessages and Message service and application still retained text messages that were directed at these persons from other Apple users, and failed to deliver these text messages to the putative class members as long as these putative class members continued using a non-Apple device

'The Internet Of Things' Will Change Everything About The Global Consumer Economy

The arrival of the Internet of Things marks a major watershed in the global consumer economy. Internet connections will be built in to a massive quantity of new products, from air conditioners to light bulbs and security alarms. These will all be controlled through apps and websites, and feed data into the cloud. 

Now You Can 'Print' Your Own Makeup at Home

"Most makeup comes from the same basic substrates, from high-end labels like Chanel all the way down to the cheap stuff available at drug stores," they write, explaining how Choi has standardized the formulas that the printer uses for each different type of makeup. We have a bone to pick with that, because a Tom Ford lipstick is not a Wet 'n Wild one—and sometimes the cheaper one is actually better!—but obviously, the pull here is the printer's color-matching capabilities, not the fancy ingredients it uses.

Do the BMW i3 and i8 electric cars pose a threat to Tesla? - CNET

A report on Barron's looks at BMW's long-term commitment to electric vehicles and suggests it represents a market threat to Tesla Motors.

A Critique of "Don't Fuck Up The Culture"

I’m glad someone finally said that you should test values. I did this at, of all places, Google. The employment agreement they asked me to sign said that I had read the employee handbook. It turns out that they don’t have an employee handbook as such. They have a web page with the title “employee handbook” but it’s just links into the Google intra-net. When I asked a Google lawyer what is the employee handbook exactly, she said it was the whole Google intranet. Then she said “Sorry if that’s not clear enough but this seems to suffice for 99.9 percent of our employee population. If it does not for you, that’s a decision you need to make re where you work.” When I challenged Larry Page about this at a company-wide TGIF, he simply refused to answer. The lawyer he sent to talk to me after that (the boss of the previous lawyer) just told me to lie about something else. In my resignation letter email, I said Google should change it’s motto to “we never do evil but as a supposed good”; I think that’s a Ben Franklin quote, but I’m not sure as I can’t find a source for it.

LRB · Mary Beard · The Public Voice of Women

What I want to underline here is that this is not the peculiar ideology of some distant culture. Distant in time it may be. But this is the tradition of gendered speaking – and the theorising of gendered speaking – of which we are still, directly or more often indirectly, the heirs. I don’t want to overstate the case. Western culture doesn’t owe everything to the Greeks and Romans, in speaking or in anything else (thank heavens it doesn’t; none of us would fancy living in a Greco-Roman world). There are all kinds of variant and competing influences on us, and our political system has happily overthrown many of the gendered certainties of antiquity. Yet it remains the fact that our own traditions of debate and public speaking, their conventions and rules, still lie very much in the shadow of the classical world. The modern techniques of rhetoric and persuasion formulated in the Renaissance were drawn explicitly from ancient speeches and handbooks. Our own terms of rhetorical analysis go back directly to Aristotle and Cicero (it’s common to point out that Barack Obama, or his speech writers, have learned their best tricks from Cicero).

21 Things I Learned About Bitcoin Living On It A Second Time

1. It is easier to live on Bitcoin this year than last. I did “Living on Bitcoin: Part Deux” because every time I talked about living on Bitcoin for a week in 2013, people would ask if it would be easier now. I got sick of saying, “I think so.” Now I know that the answer is, “Yes.” Last year, I had to bike or walk anywhere I wanted to go, lost 5 pounds, moved out of my home, and constantly felt like a crazy person for asking people if they would accept payment in a made-up currency they’d never heard of. This year, I ate a 17-course dinner, went on a wine tour in Santa Cruz, and was able to use a ride-sharing service for all my trips, though I couldn’t buy gas when I drove myself. More people are familiar with Bitcoin and more merchants accept it. Most importantly for me, payment intermediaries such as Gyft and Foodler accept it, giving me access to the services of the retailers and restaurants they’ve partnered with. And there will only be more merchants, with eBay being the latest to say they are considering it .

18 People Arrested in Turkey Mine Disaster, Including Mining Company Execs

Police have arrested three people on negligence charges, and initially detained 25 people — including mining company executives — following the deadly accident that killed 301 miners in western Turkey , according to a prosecutor

Pinterest Is Sneaking Up on Twitter and Facebook

Pinterest just introduced a tool for its mobile app called "guided search," which, is essentially a fusion of Facebook's Graph Search and Google Images. Type in a search term, and Pinterest will pull up suggested categories to refine your search further. It does this using the metadata associated with the images its users post, and the idea is to give users a way to hone in on what they're looking for. (Search for "Men's Style," for example, and categories like "Summer," "Casual," "Rugged," and "Vintage" appear. Click on one of those, and you get even more subcategories, until you find exactly the pair of seersucker shorts you're looking for.)

Are Red Wine And Chocolate Not So Healthy After All?

I fell into writing about health shortly after grad school, where I realized I didn't want to work in a lab for the rest of my life! My areas of interest are the brain and behavior, as well as what influences the decisions we make about our health, and how the media helps and hinders people's understanding of health issues. As an undergraduate, I studied English Literature and Biopsychology at Vassar College, and got my PhD in Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at CUNY's Graduate Center in New York City, where I grew up and live now. My day job is as Associate Editor with the health website, My work has appeared in several other publications, including and, and I'm particularly excited to join the Forbes health team. Email me at alicegwalton [at] gmail [dot] com .

Apple Faced More Patent Lawsuits Than Any Other Company in 2013

AT&T, Google and HTC are next on the patent lawsuit rankings after Apple and Amazon. The number of patents doesn't fall sharply after the first few either. The tenth company, HP, was listed as the defendant in 34 patent lawsuits last year; Google, No. 4 on the list, had only five more lawsuits (39 in all).

How Two Former Roadies Created A Billion-Dollar Energy Company

Coming from rock n’ roll touring gave Campion and Anderson a unique advantage when it came to building and growing their energy company. In rock n’ roll, you take a show from one part of the world to another in a matter of hours, moving thousands of tons of equipment and hundreds of people. “Say you do a show in Miami on Sunday and you’re doing another stadium show in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday,” says Campion. “The rock star will walk on that stage at 8 o’clock in Rio de Janeiro. And the exact same light will hit him in the exact same place. That’s the equivalent of taking a dart and throwing it out of an airplane and hitting a dartboard somewhere below, bull’s eye. It’s that difficult. And you’re doing it with a hundred percent repeatability.”

Sustainable Materials Take Shape: Japan's New Dual Carbon Battery

A Japanese start up filled with seasoned entrepreneurs, battery pioneers and a vision to create the proverbial, next generation of sustainable materials in the shape of a new battery, emerged to show the world its new dual carbon battery today in San Francisco, California.

Grasswire founder Austen Allred is trying to build a Wikipedia-style platform for real-time news

Grasswire’s founder says he launched the crowdsourced breaking-news service because he believes the power of the crowd to generate and curate news is a much stronger force for good than many people — including professional journalists — give it credit for

The Most Expensive ZIP Code In The Country Belongs To A Small, Quiet Town In Silicon Valley

The ZIP is 94027, which is the ZIP code for Atherton, California; it has a population of around 7,000. Atherton is about 45 minutes south of San Francisco, and it's home to Paul Allen, Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, and a few others who are lucky enough to count themselves as one of the 71 Bay Area billionaires . 

The New York Times has shuffled the executive deck chairs, but it's still on a collision course

The departure of executive editor Jill Abramson has drawn a lot of attention, but the New York Times has a much larger challenge ahead of it, as the paper’s own internal report details — its culture is out of sync with reality

Forget Wearables—Get Ready For Earables

Add Apple’s M7 coprocessor, though, and it could track your steps. Add a full-fledged processor and a voice-controlled Siri, and you could ask questions and get answers. Today, Bluetooth devices must be tethered to a smartphone, but the wireless technology is evolving quickly, and soon smart gadgets will be able to talk to each other . That means my Bluetooth heart-rate monitor could whisper the pounding of my own heart into my ears as I work out. My beats on my Beats, if you will.

The Tech Sector Needs More Women; Here's How You Can Make It Happen

Despite years of widespread discussion and a number of high profile female leaders, most Silicon Valley technology companies remain boys’ clubs. Women remain sparsely represented at venture capital firms, in corporate boardrooms and in executive suites – and they remain a distinct minority among rank-and-file programmers and engineers. Sadly, the situation simply is not improving. But there’s a way forward – and women in tech business can make it happen.

Your Cybersecurity: Don't Count On The Government

Last week I attended the United States Cybercrime conference outside of Washington, D.C. For the past eleven of twelve years, the Department of Defense organized this gathering, but this year it was privately funded due to budget constraints. This was a five-day event with six hundred cybersecurity experts, government agents, intelligence officers, and private sector IT professionals. There were more than 170 speakers, sixty exhibitors, and in-depth hands-on training courses in digital forensic investigations, decryption techniques, malware smartphone analysis, and covert exploration of digital services.

Shopping Cart Abandonment: Online Retailers' Biggest Headache Is Actually A Huge Opportunity

More broadly, an abandoned shopping cart should be seen as part of the increasingly complex series of steps a consumer might take before finally making a purchase, and a strong indicator of consumer interest in a product or a brand. Technology that helps retailers collect and leverage online shopping cart data is likely to be a worthwhile investment. 

The Literary Magazine of the Future: Chipotle Bags?

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Snapchat Isn't Standing Up For Your Privacy: Report

The popular photo messaging startup was singled out in a survey released Thursday that gave it only one star out of six for how it protects consumers' data from government requests. The annual survey by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a digital rights group, evaluated more than two dozen companies on several factors, including whether they require a warrant before handing over communications and whether they notify their users and the public about government data requests.

Godzilla Is on a Tech Rampage

The 50-story-high lizard monster returns to movie screens this weekend, and now we finally know why he causes all that destruction in San Francisco and Tokyo. He's a gadget-distracted dude, just like the rest of us.

Why Net Neutrality Became A Thing For The Internet Generation

This generation, after all, has grown up the Internet as a ubiquitous and ever-present utility. It's a generation that doesn’t think of broadband as an information service—it has no memory of Usenet, or bulletin boards or AOL or Web "portals"—but a utility like water or electricity. This generation wants its broadband access on tap, on demand, for a fair and reasonable price.

LG G2 Mini review - CNET

Although it bears the same "G2" name as its big brother, the LG G2 Mini is watered down in every respect. Its screen has a disappointingly low resolution, its processor doesn't put up much of a fight and it has an 8- rather than 13-megapixel camera. Unless you crave 4G, the Motorola Moto G is a much better buy as it offers a better screen, the same processor and costs half the price. If however you're after the best mobile tech but in a more pocketable size, Sony's superb Xperia Z1 Compact is where your money should go.

Gartner's ERP Market Share Update Shows The Future Of Cloud ERP Is Now

I'm serving as Product Marketing Manager for Plex Systems, a leading provider of Cloud-based ERP systems for manufacturers where my responsibilities include new product introductions, messaging, marketing strategy, business development, and competitive strategy. Previous positions include senior analyst at AMR Research (now Gartner), marketing and business development at Cincom Systems, Ingram Micro, a SaaS start-up and at hardware companies. I am also a member of the Enterprise Irregulars. My background includes marketing, product management, sales and industry analyst roles in the enterprise software and IT industries. My academic background includes an MBA from Pepperdine University and completion of the Strategic Marketing Management Program at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. I teach MBA courses in international business, global competitive strategies, international market research, and capstone courses in strategic planning and market research. I've taught at California State University, Fullerton: University of California, Irvine; Marymount University, and Webster University.

The Biggest Filer of Copyright Lawsuits? This Erotica Web Site

One federal judge has compared its lawsuits to an “extortion scheme” writing that many defendants, whether they committed copyright infringement or not, would rather settle than face the costs and potential embarrassment of fighting their cases. It is hard to see why anyone facing such a suit would choose not to settle: hiring a lawyer costs more than settling, and damages are exponentially higher in the event of a loss at trial. Plus, no one wants to be publicly accused of stealing pornography. To avoid embarrassment, many defendants may choose to settle before Malibu Media names them in a complaint. Many judges have allowed defendants to remain anonymous as their cases progress toward a trial or settlement, although their names would be revealed if they ever faced a monetary court judgment. (Malibu Media’s attorney said that the company would never oppose a defendant’s wish to remain anonymous, and doesn’t threaten to out anyone.) So far, only one of Malibu Media’s cases has proceeded to trial. The judge in that case, determining that a defendant had stolen five movies and lied about it in court, decided that a hefty punishment was necessary—two hundred and forty thousand dollars in damages and attorneys’ fees.

10 Mondo Movie Posters That Rival the Original Artwork

There’s this moment the first time you see a dinosaur in  Jurassic Park  where you take a second and really question what you’re seeing. In a darkly lit theater, with the huge screen in front of you, for a split second Steven Spielberg has you believing that dinosaurs are real. It’s that sense of wonder and awe that JC Richards captures in his poster for the film. Taking not just one of the few calm scenes after the park loses power, but also the same dinosaurs we’re first introduced to at the start of the film, Richards brings you back to that sense of wonder. The muted color palette helps add a sense of calm; the shooting star sets the tone for a tranquil night; and the scale of how big these creatures are embodies what makes this film so powerful. Instead of placing focus on the fear instilled by the dinosaurs, it enables us to reflect on how wonderfully this film envisions what these animals could have really been like.

How to Master Voice Control on Android: Beyond Google Now

This is what I meant when I said that Utter is the best of both worlds—for things that Utter is good at, it will take over the functionality from Google Now, but if you ask it a general knowledge question or try to set a location reminder, it will just pass it on to the latter, which will do the job for you. And since Utter and Google Now often use slightly different syntax for similar commands, you can be sure that one of the two services will get the job done, no matter how you phrase the instruction.

Original Stitch Is A Shirt Company That Offers 1 Billion Computerized Style Combinations | TechCrunch

Menswear, like sewage treatment and rabies, needs to be disrupted. I’ve already seen about a dozen folks trying to change the space, most notably Bonobos and Indochino, but no one has quite cracked the “older, odd-shirt-wearing tech dude demographic.” Until now.

How the Godzilla Team Designed the Monster’s Iconic Scream | Magazine | WIRED

First, they broke down the roar’s parts. “The main element is this metallic shriek accompanied by an earth-shattering sound,” Aadahl says. “But there is kind of a bellowing finish. There’s the RRAAAAAAAAH of the attack and then an OWWWOOO-WOOMPH.” After plenty of experimenting, Aadahl and Van der Ryn put dry ice on a metal vent that would vibrate and scream as the ice sublimated. “We enhanced that with some low-end sound of rocks crunching,” Aadahl says. For the bellow, they started with actual whale bellows … which didn’t work. “Eventually we dragged a giant wooden crate across a polished floor.” Usually the sound designers would save all this for postproduction, but the filmmakers wanted it early to aid the monster’s visual design. The team even recorded in a New York set on the Warner Bros. lot to make sure the sound bounced and reverberated realistically. “We projected the roar out over a 12-foot-high, 18-foot- wide, 100-kilowatt speaker array,” Aadahl says, “and got phone calls from Universal Studios across town asking what we were doing.

A Semi-Soft Silicone Ladle Would Scoop Out Every Last Drop

Trying to get every last drop of liquid out of a serving bowl with a ladel is all but impossible. The contours of the rigid scoop and the bowl never seem to match up. But designer Jeho Yoon had a brilliant solution. Since a ladel made entirely from silicone would have no rigidity, he compromised by only making half the scoop from the flexible material, allowing it could squeeze into contoured corners.

Check Out This Glorious, Colorful History of Arcade Games | Game|Life | WIRED

Fine, so we’re suckers for long scrollable timelines. But you have to admit that the one below, created by Pennsylvania arcade game distributors M&P Amusement , is a doozy. From Skee-Ball’s 1909 debut to the surround-sound experiences of the present day (and on, we imagine, into the Oculus Rift-enabled attractions of the near future), it’s a visual history of game arcades.

Disney Meets Orwell With These Super Cute Surveillance Cameras | Design | WIRED

Instead of anonymous grey boxes, Trevisanutto has created a menagerie of animals to house the delicate optics. An owl, squirrel, and other tree-dwelling creatures are joined by a cricket and chameleon to round out a cheerful set of cameras that facilitate security while eliciting smiles.

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