You might be sexually fluid and not realize it — or even care Video Description

But for some bisexuals, the issue is far more complex — as illustrated by celebrity representatives of the community. “In early interviews, David Bowie identified as gay, then as bisexual, but he’s been insistently heterosexual for a couple of decades now. If that’s not an example of fluidity, I don’t know what is," says Stephen, a 40-year-old single bisexual librarian in Buffalo, New York, who prefers a pseudonym for privacy. "Drew Barrymore is on the record everywhere as being bi, but like most bis, she seems inclined towards heterosexual marriage. Angelina Jolie. Gillian Anderson is another one. When you see her married to a man and having babies, you think she’s straight, but she’s on the record as being bi. It’s called bisexual erasure, it’s the major contributing factor to bisexual invisibility. You can go to the Wikipedia page or and just be blown away at the number of bisexual people who you assumed to be straight or gay.” Then again, part of the reason there is not a comprehensive dossier on every individual’s sexual hopes, dreams and fantasies is because, as Stephen observes: “Your sexuality is like your dreams or your ancestry — only a little bit interesting to others.” Journalist Liz recalls the disappointment she experienced from her father when she asked him in 1999 (right after Ellen DeGeneres came out) if she could bring her girlfriend to a black tie dinner. “He looked at me with big sad eyes and asked why I couldn't bring my ex-husband as a date instead. It basically broke my heart.” Taunted and beaten up (and told by her school that she needed to resist fighting back while she was being terrorized and called “lezzie,” “dyke” and “butch”) in her teenage years, Liz, who describes herself as a Late Boomer says, “Maybe identifying as fluid is helpful for men and women who are coming out because it says, ‘I love many people of many gender preferences, and that's okay.’ .”

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