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Meet the teen who just won $75,000 for inventing a system to keep germs from spreading on airplanes

Canadian teen Raymond Wang won the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

Michael Fassbender Invents The Future In First 'Steve Jobs' Teaser

"I sat in a garage and invented the future," Michael Fassbender says in a voiceover in the first "Steve Jobs" teaser. Fassbender portrays the Apple CEO and innovator in the biop

The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan That Forever Changed Film | WIRED

The definitive oral history of ILM, the special effects powerhouse that revolutionized moviemaking and changed entertainment forever.

Watch 100 years of beauty in the Philippines in 1 delightful minute

A video explores 100 years of beauty in the Philippines in one minutes.

If famous movie characters spoke like the actors who play them

CollegeHumor imagines if movie character spoke in actors' tweets, instead of their usual scripted dialogue.

Panasonic's G7 mirrorless camera records 4K video for only $800

The Panasonic Lumix G7 is a smaller, cheaper 4K mirrorless camera that costs only $800.

KFC brings back Colonel Sanders in the form of Darrell Hammond [VIDEO]

The Colonel's reemergence comes just in time for the 75th anniversary of buckets full of breaded, deep-fried chicken.

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Energy stored in used cigarette butts, could be your next PC component | Science! |

The increasing demands of a connected world have led to the development of novel new materials that can store energy with higher efficiency. There are promising options like graphene and carbon nanotubes, but researchers from Seoul National University think they might have an even better material: used cigarette butts. With a little processing, a new study from Professor Jongheop Yi and colleagues says cigarette butts can be an exceptional energy storage medium.

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel hit Android phones in beta

In November, Microsoft released mobile versions of its Word, Excel and PowerPoint office apps on Android, but they were only compatible with tablets to start.

3 RealNetworks banks on RealTimes Stories photos app to write a happy ending

RealNetworks banks on RealTimes Stories photos app to write a happy ending RealNetworks hopes that its new RealTimes Stories app and service will help turnaround the company. Check out this story on

Iowa Spent $50 Million to Lure IBM. Then the Firings Started

When IBM came to Dubuque in 2009 and then to Columbia, it needed workers to help companies run their technology. Three years later a new CEO decided to automate some of the business, and the firings began. It’s a blow to Dubuque and Columbia, cities that spent a combined $84 million on tax breaks and other incentives to lure Big Blue in the hopes of attracting other technology firms and incubating a startup scene.

5 St. Louis Federal Reserve URLs hijacked

St. Louis Federal Reserve URLs hijacked Park of the St. Louis Federal Reserve's website was hijacked last month, sending users to fake webs sites set up by cybercrooks. Check out this story on

6 Create a free website or blog is the easiest way to create a free website or blog. It’s a powerful hosting platform that grows with you.

IGN on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Farmers Business Network Raises $15M From Google Ventures

Farmers Business Network is an independent and unbiased℠, farmer-to-farmer agronomic information network. The Network's mission is to improve the livelihood of farmers by making data useful and accessible. Farmers Business Network (FBN) utilizes data science and machine learning to provide members with unbiased and unprecedented insights about each of their fields, powered by billions of data …

URL-spoofing bug in Apple's Safari could enable hard to detect phishing attacks

The ability to control the URL shown by the browser can, for example, be used to easily convince users that they are on a bank’s website when they are actually on a phishing page designed to steal their financial information.

BitTorrent Sync's cloudless cloud storage just became a lot easier to manage

Sync 2.0.120 is all about bringing better organization to your synced files with a flexible search function, simplified device management, and new optional columns to make it easier to find critical information at a glance. And of course, your data still stays in your control, rather than residing on a third-party server somewhere.

The Flash: Tom Cavanagh and Danielle Panabaker on the Season Finale, Reverse-Flash and Killer Frost - IGN

Of course in the comics, Caitlin Snow has a suit of her own, as the supervillain Killer Frost. I asked Panabaker if she’s talked to her producers about how they could take the kindly Caitlin to such a place and she replied, “Absolutely. It’s in a constant dialogue. I trust them and they do an incredible job, as they have done all season just developing characters’ arcs and I trust that they’ll do that with Killer Frost as well.”

Bill Gates: 7 summer books you should read

* Should We Eat Meat? by Vaclav Smil. Gates himself has been writing about the virtues for sustainability by shifting away from animal production for meat. This book by an author he often refers to, build the case. “I’m betting on innovation, including higher agricultural productivity and the development of meat substitutes, to help the world meet its need for meat. A timely book, though probably the least beach-friendly one on this list.”

Tweets now appear in Google search results

Google has provided links to tweets in its search results for some time. But the new integration will display actual tweets, including photos contained in them. Searchers can also click on the tweets to view them within Twitter.

Tim Cook, tech CEOs tout social activism to graduates

Tim Cook, tech CEOs tout social activism to graduates Top tech CEOs including Apple's Tim Cook and Salesforce's Marc Benioff used recent commencement addresses to hammer home the need for graduates to embrace social activism. Check out this story on

7 Things to Watch This Week (5/18/15 - 5/24/15) - IGN

Supernatural's Season 10 closes things out with a two-hour episode as Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that may change not only his life but Sam's too. Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena face off, and Castiel gets caught in the middle. Check it out...

Why you should think twice before trusting Airbnb reviews

Perhaps the best thing for Airbnb to do is to keep the policy as is but without notifying either host or guest that a review has happened on either side. Most hosts and guests can generally sense whether a lukewarm review is imminent, so it’s possible to game the 14-day window by waiting till the very end or waiting for other positive reviews to deflect a negative or lukewarm review. Another option? Hide the names of users/hosts for their written and starred reviews to keep it less personal. That would simplify things.

Will a Scramble for Airwaves Dent Talking Cars?

A revamped Cadillac CTS sedan hits U.S. roads next year as the first vehicle on sale with wireless technology for chatting with other cars—a feature experts say will make travel substantially safer.

Microsoft to offer an ‘attractive' Windows 10 upgrade to ‘non-genuine' users

In an update posted to the Windows blog on May 15, Microsoft’s Terry Myerson wrote that the company will be releasing a “very attractive” Windows 10 upgrade offer to those running older devices in a “non-genuine” state. However, Myerson specified that a free upgrade will not be available on non-genuine Windows devices. He would not provide any more specifics at this point in time.

Apple and Google Beg Obama to Reject Encryption Backdoors

A collection of tech giants, including Apple and Google, along with noted cryptologists, have sent President Obama a letter urging him to reject government proposals to include backdoors in encrypted communication systems.

Are you going to put a case on your Apple Watch?

You’d think that after I got the display switched out (thanks, Apple!) I’d be quick to put a case on my phone. Learn from my ways, so to speak. But I didn’t. I’m just not a fan of cases, and now I’m a lot more careful when I pull my phone out of my pocket.

Pilz präsentiert BND-Abhörvertrag mit Deutscher Telekom

Pilz will am Dienstag in Berlin gemeinsam mit dem Vorsitzenden der deutschen Grünen, Cem Özdemir, und dem luxemburgischen Grünpolitiker Christian Kmiotek eine Pressekonferenz abhalten. Die drei Politiker werden darin bekanntgeben, wie sie in der Spionageaffäre weiter vorgehen wollen. Die namentlich genannten Mitarbeiter von Telekom und BND sollen angezeigt werden, berichtet der " Spiegel ".

Is there such a thing as ethical hacking?

I took the system out of the box and powered it up. Instead of Windows, the system was running a special version of Linux with about two dozen pre-loaded apps. On the desktop wallpaper, the Grim Reaper held his scythe as a thinly-veiled encouragement about how to use the system. A company I won’t mention had sent me the laptop as a way to show how “ethical hacking” works in the real world. There were password generators and tools for sniffing out and breaking into Wi-Fi networks. I knew the laptop and pre-loaded apps were perfectly legal; what I could do with the laptop was totally up to me.

Ricoh invents super-efficient power-producing rubber

No, this is not an image of a delicious Fruit Roll-Up, it's actually a unique new flexible material from Ricoh that can create electricity from pressure and vibration. Dubbed "Energy-Generating Rubber," this piezoelectric mat combines the best features of existing ceramic and polymeric materials; high energy output and flexibility, respectively. In fact, this new rubber produces just as much power as ceramic does while surpassing the flexibility of polymeric materials, according to Ricoh . What's more, it is more easily produced than either existing form of piezoelectric .

California prostitute pleads guilty to killing Google exec

California prostitute pleads guilty to killing Google exec A California prostitute charged with killing a Google executive with an overdose of heroin aboard his yacht has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and administering drugs. Check out this story on

Automatic Launches Its SDK, Turning The Car Into An App Platform

Owners of the existing Automatic adapter will have access to most of the apps available in the App Gallery, though the few apps that offer real-time data to your phone will require the new model, which is up for sale today for the same $99 as the last generation. After a demo last week, Automatic CEO Thejo Kote told TechCrunch that the new adapter is shipping today, so we should have a video review of the new hardware and apps shortly.

As OpenStack Matures, IBM Wants A Piece Of The Action

Specifically, it’s offering a new set of public cloud services in Bluemix, its Platform as a Service and Softlayer, the company’s Infrastructure as a Service offering. The new tools aim to simplify OpenStack. Up until now, for the most part, OpenStack has required a high level of technical expertise, a requirement that has kept many interested companies on the sidelines or working on small experimental projects. IBM and others want to mainstream the project now and by making services available that remove some of that complexity, it hopes to attract more customers.

Spotify Inks Deal With Starbucks Tasking Customers With Picking In-Store Music

Spotify and Starbucks just announced a clever deal to promote Spotify Premium while giving Starbuck customers and employees the opportunity to influence the music played at their local Starbucks. This is the latest in a line of high-profile deals Spotify bagged that puts its brand in front of an important consumer demographic.

In first teaser trailer for ‘Steve Jobs,’ star Michael Fassbender looks nothing like him

Now, throw in the fact that after actor Christian Bale dropped out of the movie, he was replaced by Michael Fassbender, who we see in the trailer wearing the obligatory black turtleneck and circular glasses, but otherwise looking nothing like Jobs.

What happens if you threaten Obama on his new @POTUS Twitter account?

Legally speaking, that’s a grey area that will likely get a little more color in the next few weeks. “Basically, the First Amendment does not protect true threats: any statement that conveys an intent to do harm or physical injury,” Hanni Fakhoury, senior staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told the Daily Dot. “What makes this particularly complicated and interesting is the Supreme Court is considering a case of whether a person actually had to show the threat of harm with Elonis v. United States .”

AMD sheds light on High Bandwidth Memory in new Radeons, pokes Nvidia

Part of GDDR5’s problem is how the chips connect to the GPU. GDDR5 RAM uses contacts at the edges of the individual chips. To add more bandwidth, you add more chips. But those chips must be laid out on a videocard’s circuit board alongside each other, which leads to a suburban sprawl-like issue. Besides consuming a lot of space on the printed circuit board, it also means very long wires or traces must be run to reach the GPU. And it’s not just the RAM chips—the power plants or voltage regulators to run that suburban sprawl also have to be factored in. Because you’re pushing more signals along longer wires, you have to use more power, which means larger voltage regulators.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right VC

The show gets so much right about struggling to get your product to market, dealing with eccentric personalities and navigating the Sand Hill Road dog and pony show. But I was cringing as Richard and Erlich obsessed over dollar amounts at the expense of where the money was coming from. It’s an easy trap to be dazzled by dollars, and Pied Piper isn’t the first startup to fall into it. The show glossed over the importance of finding the right VC. Founders need great venture partners not only to sign the check but to provide good advice, make business connections and provide benchmarks against companies with similar business models in their portfolio.

Apple Rolls Out 15" MacBook Pro with Force Touch and Cheaper iMac Retina

You don’t always have to wait for a keynote for new Apple products, as is the case today with a sneaky rollout of some new Macbook Pro and iMac with Retina 5K configs.

Oculus Sends Out Invites For Special Rift Event June 11

There’s still a lot left to learn about the Rift’s consumer launch, however, including exactly when buyers will be able to put in for pre-orders and when the first units will ship, beyond a very general timeline. We still also have yet to see what the experience of actually using the final Rift hardware will be like, and June 11 is nicely timed just ahead of E3 for live demo potential.

34 Yahoo stock down on Alibaba spin-off concerns

Yahoo stock down on Alibaba spin-off concerns Shares of search engine company Yahoo plunged more than 7% on Tuesday after an IRS official told a group of corporate lawyers at a luncheon in DC that the government agency is reconsidering a rule related to corporate spin-offs that could complicate or delay Yahoo's planned spin-off of its massive stake in online retailer Alibaba. Check out this story on

Google, Apple among tech giants urging US to support encryption - CNET

The debate over data encryption and privacy is even more concerning in light of the Edward Snowden leaks. The former NSA contractor, who is currently living in Russia and away from US law enforcement, revealed several US government surveillance programs, including the National Security Agency's PRISM program. Those programs have been heavily criticized by people around the globe for scraping any and all data that hits foreign servers and allows the US government to access any communication it desires. The leaks, which have been ongoing since 2013, have shined a bright light on US government activities and data privacy. They've also provided ample fodder for technology companies like Google and Apple to justify their data-protection efforts.

Airbnb Signals Expansion Into Professional Vacation Rentals

Airbnb Inc. is signaling an expansion into the professional vacation-rental business as tighter local government controls from Santa Monica, Calif., to New York threaten the home-sharing site’s growth in urban areas.

Java at 20: The JVM, Java's other big legacy

Because the JVM wasn't designed to run any particular language -- Java is only one of many possibilities -- it's become somewhat of a platform unto itself. Languages have been developed for the JVM that owe little or nothing to Java, and the future development of the JVM is turning more to empower the creation of new items that can leverage Java's existing culture of libraries and software or depart from it entirely.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Names First Woman Executive to Coveted Top Role

Bezos recently named 15-year Amazon veteran Maria Renz to the role of “shadow” or, more formally, technical adviser to the CEO. Renz was most recently CEO of Quidsi, the parent company of that Amazon acquired in 2011. She has held a variety of other roles at the company, including president of its MyHabit flash-sale business and VP of its physical media business, according to her LinkedIn profile. Renz replaces former Kindle VP Jay Marine, who is moving on after two years as the shadow, or technical adviser, to run the company’s Amazon Instant Video business in Europe. Old Navy veteran Emilie Scott has replaced Renz as CEO of Quidsi.

'Netflix for Pirated Movies' Now Works in Your Browser

With popcorninyourbrowser, you watch right from the Web, without downloading anything to your device. It's not entirely clear if the people behind are also running; Popcorn Time did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Uber Battles Locals for Future of African Taxis

NAIROBI, Kenya—In the traffic-clogged, potholed streets of Kenya’s capital city, there is a battle waging for the future of the African taxi ride that is pitting local startups eager to become the “Uber of Kenya” against, well, Uber.

Report: Apple pulled the plug on its long-rumored HDTV project

But according to a new Wall Street Journal report , the Cupertino company just couldn’t find a good enough reason to jump into the saturated TV hardware market currently dominated by Samsung. Apple spent 10 years brainstorming what it could deliver customers that other companies can’t—everything from ultra HD displays to FaceTime on your TV set—but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

RealNetworks Turns Photos and Videos into Personal Montages

RealNetworks Inc., an Internet pioneer searching for a new formula for growth, is betting on helping smartphone users make better use of the photos and videos they’ve taken.

ReadWrite Fund

"I started out doing print journalism in 2000. A lot has changed since then. Practically every newsroom has an online presence, and some of the drop-dead basic standards of reporting have seemingly gone out of style. I've worked for quite a few blogs, as well, and I've seen firsthand how corporations try to take over the newsroom. It's time to stop these harmful trends and get online journalism back on track with strong support from the community."

Bitcoin gains mainstream support with NYSE index launching today

From today the NYSE will feature the Bitcoin index in the NYSE Global Index. It will also be temporarily available publicly on the NYSE’s website .

YouTube Kids app in trouble again over inappropriate content

A Google spokeswoman told the WSJ that users can flag videos they consider inappropriate, for YouTube to manually review and remove if necessary. She added that parents can turn off the search function, to ensure children do not stumble upon potentially inappropriate content.

2 problems every tech startup must solve

In this video from DEMO Traction in San Francisco on April 22, 2015, Michelle Zatlyn, cofounder and head of user experience at web performance and security company CloudFlare, details the issues entrepreneurs should -- and shouldn’t -- focus on to build a successful company. (To watch the video, register or log in below.)

The Verge on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

56-year-old tech giant Computer Sciences is cleaving itself into two public companies

CSC is best known for outsourcing contracts and working on huge government contracts. Those are the kind of expensive, multi-year projects that are going out of favor as companies look use cloud computing for more of their tech needs.

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro and iMac lineups

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro, iMac lineups Apple is touching up its 15-inch MacBook Pro line. The company's premium Pro notebooks get the "Force Touch" trackpad that was showcased earlier this spring on its new MacBook laptop. Check out this story on

Mashable on Twitter

“ @mashable : People aren't listening to Disney World's ban on using selfie sticks on rides ”

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