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Watch ghosts assault New York City in the latest Ghostbusters trailer

Despite the gross sexist rhetoric being hurled at the cast and crew, the new Ghostbusters is still on its way, and, hey, it still looks pretty great. In the latest trailer, we get another look at...

Google I/O 2016: Android, VR, the web, and the great outdoors

Google has been holding its I/O developer conference for years, but this year's event is the first one it's ever held at

We break down Google’s 6 different personal chatting apps

Google now offers Hangouts, Allo, Duo, Spaces, Messenger, and Voice. Confused? Here's how the services differ, and where they overlap in terms of features.

Watch Live: Google's I/O 2016 Keynote

Google's I/O keynote begins at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET; watch it live here.

'Maize' mates first-person puzzle gaming with sentient corn

Self-aware plants are just the start of the absurdity.

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Channel 9: Videos about the people building Microsoft Products and Services

Submit it below. If you're lucky, the host will queue up your question for the panel.

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Live from the Google I/O 2016 keynote

It’s Google I/O Keynote day! It’s the day Google finally shows off just about everything they’ve been working on in secret for the past few months.

Live from the Google I/O 2016 keynote

It’s Google I/O Keynote day! It’s the day Google finally shows off just about everything they’ve been working on in secret for the past few months.

5 Google I/O 2016 Liveblog—Join Us for Live Updates and Analysis

Google I/O 2016 Liveblog: Join Us for Updates and Analysis

Coding school 42 plans to educate 10,000 students in Silicon Valley for free

42’s mission is to undercover the talents of their generation in the field of programming and to do so on a broad scale. To achieve this, 42 would like to give all young people an opportunity to learn to code. Students are selected neither on the basis of financial ability nor educational degree, but solely on the basis of their talent and motivation. By employing this new educational approach, 42 …

Live from the Google I/O 2016 keynote

It’s Google I/O Keynote day! It’s the day Google finally shows off just about everything they’ve been working on in secret for the past few months.

Google I/O 2016

I/O 2016, Google's annual developer conference, starts with a bang on Wednesday, May 18. Android N and virtual reality are expected to be two of the big highlights, with plenty more on deck. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg


Why does not report on ping, latency, jitter and other things? is a simple-to-use way for consumers to estimate what speed their ISP is providing. It is not a network engineer's analysis and diagnostic suite.

Live from the Google I/O 2016 keynote

It’s Google I/O Keynote day! It’s the day Google finally shows off just about everything they’ve been working on in secret for the past few months.

The Best and Worst From Google I/O So Far [Update: Day 2]

The first Google I/O keynote just wrapped up and Sundar Pichai & Co had lots to say. New smart home gadgets! New all-powerful AI bots! New VR goodies! Next-generation messaging apps! Dad jokes and hijinks! Whoa.

Google Home is official, and Amazon Echo should be worried

Amazon may have beaten Google to the punch, but Google’s voice technology is arguably more advanced – and will become more so after the improvement announced today at IO. It’ll be interesting to see how the devices develop in parallel.

Say 'Hello' to Allo, Google's New AI-Powered Messaging App

The bot inside Allo is known, at least for the moment, as the Google search assistant (lowercase “s,” lowercase “a”). And in Google’s grand vision, this assistant won’t just live within Allo. Later this year, sometime after Allo is released, the company says, it will also roll out a device that sits in your living room and lets you chat with the Google search assistant using your nothing but your voice. It’s called Google Home, and it’s a bit like the Echo, a device from online retail giant Amazon. With Google Home, the company says, you can not only interacts with the Google search engine and other Google services, but control other devices around the house, including TVs and stereos, thermostats and smoke detectors.

Allo is a messaging app with Google built right in

Kay says that the diversity of Android hardware precludes Google from creating an iMessage-like system that co-opts SMS — not to mention that Allo also needs to work on iOS. Instead, the plan for acquiring users for Allo seems a little, well, unformed. Rather than talk about jump-starting user growth, Fulay emphasized that Google is just focused on making a good app: "The first order of business is just nail the product... make sure we have a product people love." Kay says that "if you don't have a great product that users love and are willing to recommend to their friends, then there's no sense in worrying about distribution."

Google I/O 2016: Everything we know, plus how to watch live

Today Google is kicking off its biggest event of the year: Google I/O , a massive developer conference that opens with a two-hour keynote (gah, yes, two whole hours). For a glimpse at the future of all things Google, you can stream the event live via the video below and on Google’s event site .

Google I/O 2016

I/O 2016, Google's annual developer conference, starts with a bang on Wednesday, May 18. Android N and virtual reality are expected to be two of the big highlights, with plenty more on deck. comments0facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusmoremore+emailtumblrstumbledeliciousredditpinterestdigg

17 Watch Google’s I/O keynote live right here

Alphabet Inc. is the holding company for Google and several Google entities, including Google X, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Calico, and its Life Sciences efforts. On Monday, August 10th, 2015, CEO Larry Page announced the operational restructuring effort for Alphabet Inc. to replace Google Inc. as the official publicly-traded entity. He announced that all shares of Google would automatically …

Here's how to watch Google's biggest event of the year live

Business Insider Google is about to kick off IO, its massive, three-day developer conference that's taking place at a big stadium near its Mountain View headquarters .

A hacker is reportedly selling the stolen emails and passwords of 117 million LinkedIn users

Nan Palmero/Flickr A hacker known as "Peace" is selling what is reportedly account information from 117 million LinkedIn users. The stolen data is said to include email addresses and passwords, which a malicious party could use to gain access to other websites and accounts for which people used the same password.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

Will Tesla's recent big name hire help the automaker reach its lofty production goals?

21 Google Home will take on Amazon Echo

Google Home will take on Amazon Echo Search company's new entry into at-home voice command assistant will debut later this year. Check out this story on

Reuters Live Video

Thomson Reuters is the world's largest international multimedia news agency, providing investing news, world news, business news, technology news, headline news, small business news, news alerts, personal finance, stock market, and mutual funds information available on, video, mobile, and interactive television platforms. Thomson Reuters journalists are subject to an Editorial Handbook which requires fair presentation and disclosure of relevant interests.

Google shows off Duo, its new HD video calling app and answer to Apple’s FaceTime

Some have criticised Google for falling behind when it comes to social networking and new communications services, but the company is how working hard to catch up. Today, the company announced a new video calling app called Duo — a high-definition app for Android and iOS devices.


May 18 – 20, 2016

Google IO liveblog: live updates from the 2016 keynote

10:10: AM: Google Assistant is the first major announcement of our Google IO 2016 liveblog. Sundar says the company wants to help you do things in the real world. it's conversational, gets things done and supposed to be "in your world," which likely means it'll be personal to you. After all, Google has all of your data, so it'll know way more about you than your best friend.

Reuters Live on Twitter

WATCH: It's Google's smart messaging app Allo, live from the I/O developer conference. 

Google’s Making Its Own Chips Now. Time for Intel to Freak Out

For now, Google is using both TPUs and GPUs to run its neural nets. Hölzle declined to go into specifics on how exactly Google was using its TPUs, except to say that they handles “part of the computation” needed to drive voice recognition on Android phones. But he said that Google would be releasing a paper describing the benefits of its chip and that Google will continue to design new chips that handle machine learning in other ways. Eventually, it seems, this will push GPUs out of the equation. “They’re already going away a little,” Hölzle says. “The GPU is too general for machine learning. It wasn’t actually built for that.”

What to Expect at Google I/O 2016

The Android Nexus Each year, Google gives developers their first crack at the latest version of Android. This year will be different, because Android N , Google's newest iteration of its mobile operating system, has been in the hands of developers for months. I doubt we'll see any big surprises for Android as an OS, and this year's I/O documentation talks a lot about extra time set aside for developers to work with Googlers on their code. My bet is that Google wants this year's conference to kickstart a new era in Android development.

Foreign hackers reportedly spying on US presidential candidates

Enlisting hackers to work for foreign governments isn't entirely new. Both the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections dealt with similar activity. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, says officials from Homeland Security and the FBI are working to improve campaign security, but experts say the Trump and Clinton campaigns are particularly vulnerable.

Google Photos passes 200 million monthly active users

Google’s photo app appears to be a hit: CEO Sundar Pichai said today that the  Photos service now has 200 million active users every month .

Apple is hiring 4,000 Maps devs in its new Hyderabad office

Today, the company revealed that it’s opened a new office in Hyderabad , another major IT hub in the country. The new facility, located on the Waverock SEZ campus, will house 4,000 developers who will work on Apple’s Maps product and features.

Apple is opening an app design and development accelerator in India

Apple is increasing its focus on India after announcing plans to open its first developer center in the country. The new ‘iOS App Design and Development Accelerator’ will be located in Bangalore (known also as Bengaluru) and it is scheduled to open in early 2017.

How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With Prospects : Social Media Examiner

To build your authority status on LinkedIn is more challenging every day, as there is a lot of meaningful content being published. Being included on the Pulse stream seems to be a critical component for exponential exposure, do you have any trade secrets on how to increase the percentage for inclusion?

Google is making its assistant 'conversational' in two new ways

Today, that same reticence is still obvious when you talk to Google about its assistant capabilities. "Whether we have a name or not, we think of this as Google," says Huffman. "We think of this as really a continuation of what Google has been doing for years and years." That's certainly true — and again, all indications point to Google's assistant being at least as competent as anything else that's out there — but it's doing so under the same name that sells DoubleClick ads and makes Android and productivity software. People talk about Siri and Alexa like a person in their life. Google? Not so much.

Fitbit is getting into mobile payments

Thomson ReutersFitbit Blaze watches are displayed during the 2016 CES trade show in Las Vegas (Reuters) - Fitbit Inc said it bought wearable payment technology assets from Silicon Valley-based startup Coin, as it looks to develop mobile payment technology for its wearable fitness devices.

36 Nokia licenses brand and IP to HMD Global to sell phones and tablets made by Foxconn's FIH

Nokia licenses brand and IP to new company HMD Global to sell Android phones and tablets made by Foxconn's FIH Mobile

Now you can embed Reddit posts on other websites

If you’re an online writer or publisher, that means you can start including live Reddit content in your stories. If you’re a reader, that means you might start to see more Reddit posts on other sites, the same way you can see embedded tweets and YouTube videos.

What to Expect From Google I/O 2016

Like I said, Google has so many different projects going—which the company publicly admitted could be a problem —that it’s hard to say what will get some stage time. Another fly in the ointment is that this will be the first Google I/O with Alphabet, Google’s parent company, in the mix, so we may not hear about projects at Verily, Calico, or any other Alphabet subsidiary at all! Who knows!

jeffersongraham on Twitter

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Everything Google announced at I/O 2016

Google today introduced the latest generation  of Android TV partnerships. The connected television platform will be integrated into Sony’s and Sharp’s next product lines, specifically the 2016 Bravia and Sharp Net Player, continuing a long relationship between the companies. In addition, Google has struck a partnership with RCA, which will produce its first Android TV, and Xiaomi, which will make its 4K set-top box.

Allo is Google's answer to Facebook Messenger

And sure enough, Allo looks a whole lot like Facebook Messenger at first blush -- or really most any messaging app you've seen before. But most messaging apps don't automatically suggest artificially intelligent answers to your friends and family's prompts. (Not even with " chatbots .")

Silicon Valley is mocking Trump over his tech bubble warning

"FINALLY someone calls it out," Marc Andreessen, a general partner at the prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, tweeted, mocking Trump.

43 Google Home: a speaker to finally take on the Amazon Echo

Instead, Google Home is going to work with a smaller set of home automation devices — Google wouldn't say which, but it will include at least some thermostats and lights. And it will be able to do all the stuff that Google's voice assistant can currently do (plus perhaps a bit more, we'll know when we get a chance to really try it). Fortunately for Google, that's quite a lot — thanks in no small part to the Knowledge Graph. It's a kind of super database that understands thousands of "entities" and their relation to one another. So if you ask for a basketball player's jersey number, Google can just give you the answer and then stand at the ready for more related questions without needing you to walk it through the current context.

Uber to test self-driving cars on Pittsburgh roads in the coming weeks

“From the first steel mills to the laboratories at Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh has a long history of innovation,” said Mayor William Peduto. “Now we’re taking another step forward, this time as home to Uber’s Advanced Technologies Center, where some of the world’s leading innovators are helping to shape the future of transportation. We’re excited that Uber has chosen the Steel City as they explore new technologies that can improve people’s lives — through increased road safety, less congestion, and more efficient and smarter cities.”

Apple might let you unlock your Mac with an iPhone and Touch ID

The feature  sounds an awful lot like Knock , a Mac app that lets you use either your phone or Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. That software works by having you install an app on your computer, input your password there, and then gesture on either the phone or watch screen to initiate the unlock. Apple's solution may be more streamlined, alleviating the need to install an app and most likely making it an option in the settings panel of the iPhone or Apple Watch. Releasing this type of feature would also remove the need to install biometric identifiers directly within Mac computers, as Windows PC makers have done.

The FAA has been testing the FBI's drone-detection system at JFK airport

The Federal Aviation Authority is still looking for the best way to take down rogue drones. The agency may have introduced new registration rules for quadcopters (signing up  nearly 200,000 earlier this year ), but that doesn't stop someone from being an idiot  — especially near sensitive areas like airports. This week, the FAA said it had been  conducting trials of a new drone-detection system built by the FBI, testing the technology at JFK airport in New York.

Your Chromebook Will Soon Be Able to Run Android Apps

To make this work, Google engineers will build the Android N framework into Chrome OS. That ensures Android apps run quickly and easily with “no overheard and no performance penalties from emulation or virtual machines,” says product manager director Kan Liu. It also means you’ll see phone notifications on your Chromebook and share files between devices. Apps will appear on Chrome OS the same way you’d expect from a desktop app: in individual, resizable, see-a-bunch-at-once windows. (It helps that Google encourages developers to build apps for all screen sizes, so things should scale well.) You can share between apps, even between Android apps and the Chrome browser.

jeffersongraham on Twitter

Google is talking Android N, the new edition of mobile software, at #io16 , and it's hardcore geektalk.

Most Creative People in Business 2016 | Fast Company

Unconventional advice, tips, habits, and hacks from the most creative people in business.

Samsung Pay now works with loyalty cards in the US

Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Pay capability during its developer conference last month in San Francisco. At that time, it also said the service would let you withdraw cash from an ATM, no debit card needed. And it added support for transit systems and online payments, letting you pay for your subway ride on the go and shop in apps without leaving the screen. All those features were initially available only in South Korea. Loyalty and membership card support is the first to make its way to the US.

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