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Black men arrested at Philadelphia Starbucks got the most inspiring settlement possible

The two hope to help other young entrepreneurs like themselves.

Japanese roller coaster stalls and strands people face down for 2 terrifying hours

Remind me to never ride a roller coaster again.

Of course Lando's Millennium Falcon has a walk-in closet just for capes

"This ship has probably never looked better than when Lando had it."

Today in Apple history: First Apple watch is free for System 7.5 upgraders

On May 2, 1995, Apple launched its first Apple watch -- a giveaway gadget for anyone paying to upgrade to System 7.5 on the Mac. These days, the original Apple watch can fetch hundreds of dollars on eBay.

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MoviePass is unlimited again, but you never know when that'll change

MoviePass is unlimited again, but you never know when that'll change

​Windows 10: We're going to kill off passwords and here's how, says Microsoft | ZDNet

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DC Comics’ new streaming service now has a name and a landing page …

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Cambridge Analytica, a U.K.-based political consulting firm at the center of the recent Facebook data scandal, is "immediately ceasing all operations," the company says

7 Spotify touts 75 million subscribers in first quarterly earnings report

Despite a growing subscriber base, one that Spotify says could hit 96 million by year's end, the company is still spending more than it's taking in. For Q1 2018, Spotify's operating loss was down from Q4 2017 (€41 million down from €87 million). The company explains that number would've been even less, but it missed on revenue for the quarter which lead to a higher gross margin than expected. Spotify says the reason for this is "primarily related to changes in rights holder liabilities booked in the quarter."

Zynga founder Mark Pincus reduces voting power after changing stock

Zynga announced today that its founder Mark Pincus is converting his high-voting shares in the mobile game company to Class A common stock. As a result, Pincus’s overall voting rights at Zynga will drop from about 70 percent to approximately 10 percent.

Stephen Hawking's farewell: Last paper published in physics journal

The legendary scientist's multiverse theory came out Tuesday in the Journal of High Energy Physics,​ after appearing elsewhere online just after he died.

As Google and AWS kill domain fronting, users must find a new way to fight censorship

The technique, in essence, relies on a quirk of HTTPS and TLS to fool deep packet inspection systems. In a given connection scenario, a domain name appears three times, first as part of a DNS lookup, then for SNI , which is used to differentiate between multiple secure websites with heterogenous certificates, and finally for the HTTP host data. Under normal circumstances, the same domain would appear in all three places, though using domain fronting, the DNS and SNI portions use a different domain to masquerade as some other traffic, leaving only the HTTP host data as the real destination. Importantly, for HTTPS traffic, this real destination is encrypted, making it impossible to block the fronted traffic without blocking other services as well.

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You don't need to buy a double boiler if you have a chopstick and a bowl:

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Nokia is selling its digital health business back to the co-founder of Withings …

Facebook Fires Engineer for Using Its Data to Stalk Women

The issue was brought up on Monday when Jackie Stokes, founder of Spyglass Security, tweeted that she had evidence of the stalking, which she said likely involved "privileged access" of Facebook's data.

Controversial biotech CEO found dead in flotation tank

Aaron Traywick, the 28-year-old founder of biotech startup Ascendance Biomedical, was found floating face down in a sensory deprivation tank in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, reports the Daily Mail . While police are still investigating his death, they say no foul play is suspected so far. Traywick was something of a maverick in the biotech circle, who once injected himself on Facebook Live with his company’s herpes drug in an attempt to speed up FDA approval.  The deprivation tank was housed in D.C.’s Soulex Float Spa, a company that offers “flotation therapy.” That’s a meditation technique in which a person lies in a shallow, sensory-free pool that is heated to their body temperature.

Facebook’s open-source Go bot can now beat professional players

It’s not just Go that the team is interested in, though. Facebook’s AI Research group has also developed a StarCraft bot that can handle the often chaotic environment of that game. The company plans to open-source this bot, too. So while Facebook isn’t quite at the point where it can launch a bot that can learn any game (with the right amount of training), the team is clearly making quite a bit of progress here.

Tesla beats expectations

Tesla reported its Q1 2018 earnings today, posting adjusted losses of $3.35 per share with revenues on $3.4 billion. This is a beat, as analysts expected Tesla to report a loss of $3.48 a share with revenues of $3.22 billion, up from $2.7 billion a year ago. Last quarter, Tesla reported revenues of $3.29 billion. Tesla also ended Q1 with $2.7 billion in cash.

Google invests in startups to find new horizons for its Assistant

Google's investment program will offer money, advice and insider access to promising startups that can push the boundaries of Google Assistant.

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INSANE. What this really means: Team @Instagram trained their artificial intelligence YEARS BEFORE @Facebook purchased them. It has taken Facebook 6 years after the purchase of Instagram ($1B USD) to train their AI to behave/function like Instagram …

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Why NASA's next Mars lander will launch from California instead of Florida

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We really hope this rumor is true: 2018 iPhones to come with new 18W USB-C power adapter

Apple resists government's proposed iPhone 'backdoor' | Cult of Mac

They have drawn a line in the sand, even against giving police access. “We have consistently raised concerns about proposals that would undermine encryption of devices and services by requiring so-called “exceptional access” for law enforcement. Weakening the security and privacy that encryption helps provide is not the answer.”

Learn to play a musical instrument with iOS | Cult of Mac

In fact, my favorite markup tool is the one in Files app. All you have to do is start scribbling on a PDF with the Apple Pencil, and you’re already marking up. There’s no mode to switch. Keeping your PDFs in iCloud Drive also means that they are accessible to any app, on iOS or Mac, and the Files app’s search helps find stuff easily. And consider tags. Tags can organize files across Mac and iOS without having to put them in specific folders. For instance, I have a tag called In Progress which I use to mark anything I’m learning/working on right now. This gives me one place to look for videos, PDFs, music tracks and so on, but leaves all those file sin their original locations.

Apple's iPhone bucks smartphone market trends, gains marketshare in Q1

Though the wider smartphone market contracted in the first quarter of 2018, Apple was able to grow its share of the pie on the back of healthy iPhone demand in the U.S. and China, according to market analytics firms.

Apple adds Octavia Spencer TV show to growing lineup | Cult of Mac

Apple has officially ordered one season of “Are You Sleeping,” which will feature Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer in the starring role.

Data scientists can use MLPerf to see how fast their machine learning tools truly are

"MLPerf combines best practices from previous benchmarks including: SPEC's use of a suite of programs, SORT's use one division to enable comparisons and another division to foster innovative ideas, DeepBench's coverage of software deployed in production, and DAWNBench's time-to-accuracy metric," the release stated. "Benchmarks like SPEC and MLPerf catalyze technological improvement by aligning research and development efforts and guiding investment decisions."

Apple Watch Credited With Saving Florida Teen's Life

"If it wasn't for her Apple Watch alarming her about her [heart rate] we wouldn't have discovered her kidney issue," Recktenwald wrote in a letter to Apple obtained by WFTS Tampa Bay. "I honestly feel that your Apple Watch saved my daughter's life. She is heading off for college in August, and her condition may have been overlooked and if it wasn't caught now the doctor said she would have needed a kidney transplant. Now I can send her off to college and know that she can monitor her [heart rate] and seek attention if it alarms her again."

PodPocket review: Nifty accessory protects your precious AirPods [Review]

All told, there’s only one thing I didn’t love about the PodPocket Flex case. Peeling back those flexible lips makes getting to your AirPods slightly more difficult. It requires more of a finger-thumb maneuver, since you’ll be holding the lid up due to pressure exerted by the PodPocket’s back flap. You lose that simple Zippo lighter-style flick of the thumb to fling the AirPods case open.

Spotify crosses 75 million subscribers

As the world's biggest subscription music service by members, Spotify has been a major force in a larger cultural shift in music. After decades of buying music outright -- be it records, tapes, CDs or digital downloads -- the explosive popularity of services like Spotify and Apple Music mean people are increasingly paying flat fees for all-you-can-access tunes.

Did you know that you can use emojis to label the bookmarks in Safari’s favorites bar? You’ll find things prettier, and easier to use, without boring old text.

Safari’s Favorites bar is the handiest part of the whole app. On Mac and iPad, it sits permanently at the top of the screen, ready for you to tap bookmarks and bookmarklets, either for fast access to a site, or to execute some neat JavaScript trick. But it can get cluttered up there.

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At least one person has died after eating romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli

See the LG G7 ThinQ's dual cameras and Google button

The LG G7 ThinQ , LG's newest phone, has a heap of hardware and software skills. You'll find a dual camera that can automatically apply the right settings for your scene. There's also waterproofing, wireless charging and, yes, a headphone jack.

Barack Obama gives us a new twist on the presidential library

Since the center is not part of the federal presidential library system, it’s free to go its own way. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the first chief of staff for the former president, said in a statement: “This branch will serve as a neighborhood anchor with 21st-century learning opportunities and shared spaces that will bring together community residents to gather, share, and succeed for generations to come.”

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Watch "Studio 1.0" with Melinda Gates at 9:30pm ET

Special report: Sensor'd enterprise: IoT, ML, and big data (free PDF)

The Internet of Things is revolutionizing business processes, providing real-time data on everything from supply chains to customers to equipment status. This ebook, based on the latest special report from ZDNet and TechRepublic , explores a host of ways IoT is improving operations and delivering business value to enterprises around the world. From the ebook: The collection and analysis of data from sensor-equipped devices in order to achieve a business or organisational goal—a.k.a. the Internet of Things, or IoT—is a key component in the wave of digital transformation underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Although the IoT has been discussed and analysed for many years (ZDNet’s first special report on the subject was in January 2013), there’s a widespread sense that the pieces are now falling into place for it to begin delivering real value for businesses of all kinds, and not just early adopters. Business value will flow from real-time information about operations, supply chains and customers, which (if analysed properly) should translate into lower costs and increased revenues.

Raspberry Pi meets AI: The projects that put machine learning on the $35 board | ZDNet

What it uses : A Raspberry Pi camera module suspended above the chess board captures the pieces' current positions, feeding the images back to the Python OpenCV image library running on the Pi for analysis. Once the system has calculated the position of all the pieces on the board, these are fed to the open-source chess engine Stockfish, which works out the next move for the robot arm -- controlled by the Pi and an Arbotix-M Robocontroller -- to play.

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These are the best Chrome extensions for productivity:

JetBlue subtly renovates its A320 planes with wider, plushier seats, bigger hi-def TVs

Over the next nine months, 12 planes will get the first phase of the redesign with new seats and entertainment options. In 2019, more changes will come in like the expanded entertainment features. Eventually, (JetBlue says it's a three-year project) the entire line of A320s will sport a new look.

The iPhone X continues to be Apple’s top-selling smartphone

In its second-quarter 2018 results , Apple reported revenue from its phone business was up by 14%, even with just a 3% increase in unit sales. Although Apple doesn’t break down how many of each of its phone models it sells, it’s clear that the company is seeing this increase in revenue by selling more expensive handsets.

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Apple is reportedly refusing to replace iPhone batteries. Luckily there's an alternative solution:

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At this point, MoviePass is just messing with us

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Give your phone an Android P makeover with the latest Action Launcher update:

Verizon's Oath signs distribution deal with Samsung

(Reuters) - Verizon Communications Inc’s Oath Inc subsidiary has signed a deal to place four of its most popular apps on millions of Samsung devices across the U.S. and eventually globally, the company told Reuters on Tuesday.

Save money on iTunes with CheapCharts [Essential iOS Apps #8] | Cult of Mac

iTunes and the App Store are two of the best online stores for buying digital content like movies and books. They’re also really good at getting you (the customer) to spend money. CheapCharts for iOS is the perfect companion to the App Store and iTunes Store, helping you get apps and digital content at the best price possible.

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Btw. The website looks great. I don’t care about Bloomberg tv, apps, daily newsletters, pods. I want news on the internet at a reasonable price. 2x the NYT and more than WSJ is terrible. Offer a basic sub for $50/yr at least. $400+ yr what are you guys thinking?

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10 years of Marvel movie hero costumes, ranked

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This is the longest straight path you could travel on water without hitting land

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The Flash's 'Mystery Girl' just got a little less mysterious

Nokia is ditching its health business a year after striking deal with Apple

The Finnish firm paid $191 million for the company as it looked to do battle with the likes of Apple Health; now it looks like it could be returned to its original owner, Withings co-founder Eric Carreel.

Facebook announces PyTorch 1.0, a more unified AI framework

Though Facebook’s focus on day 1 of its F8 conference centered on the company’s recent struggles and their relationship with the phrase “taking broader responsibility,” day 2 shifted most of the pizazz to the technical advances its giant team has made over the past year.

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Firefox and Pocket are conducting an experiment: how can you make in-browser advertising ethical?

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52 Lifehacker on Twitter
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54 Apple could be using shady tactics to cash in on iPhone battery replacements | Cult of Mac
55 Facebook animates photo-realistic avatars to mimic VR users’ faces
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58 Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems: how to fix them
59 Apple again meets with California DMV to talk autonomous vehicles | Cult of Mac
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61 LIVE: Spotify missed big on its bottom line
63 Building Robotics Hack Chat with MeArm
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65 Google revamps its Google Maps developer platform
66 Facebook is using your Instagram photos to train its image recognition AI
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72 Watch Facebook’s F8 2018 Day 2 keynote right here
73 The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company
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75 6 Cover Letter Introductions That Don’t Put Hiring Managers To Sleep
76 LG G7's Google Assistant button vs. Samsung Bixby button
77 Facebook announces ‘clear history’ tool for everything you’ve clicked on
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79 The Apple Watch may have saved a teen's life
80 Poorest U.S. consumers seen hit hard by T-Mobile, Sprint merger
81 LG G7 specs vs. the V30 and G6: How LG's latest phone is different
82 North Korea's SiliVaccine antivirus contains stolen Trend Micro engine | ZDNet
83 Why Trying To Measure Performance At Work Backfires
84 LG G7 ThinQ announced with focus on AI and audio | ZDNet
85 Somehow, Amazon is still selling the SNES Classic for $80 today
86 Google Maps user? Beware attackers using URL-sharing to send you to shady sites | ZDNet
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88 Senator urges Uber to stop forced arbitration in sexual assault cases
89 Samsung's new Galaxy A6 phones arrive: Budget Galaxy S9 with focus on cameras | ZDNet
90 T-Mobile tops Q1 targets on strong customer gains | ZDNet
91 Tech giants hit by NSA spying slam encryption backdoors
92 Three big questions we still have about Facebook's new dating service
93 The price of Musk cutting off analysts? For Tesla, it's $2 billion
94 Square satisfies Q1 targets, shares slip on light guidance | ZDNet
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96 ​LG OLED burn-in at Incheon Airport reignites controversy | ZDNet