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Project Ara Lives: Google's Modular Phone Is Ready for You Now

After more than a year of silence, Google's wildest idea about smartphones is starting to come true.

Google and Levi's Project Jacquard is the first jacket with a beta test

Here's when you can get your arms into it

At last! Here's when Project Ara modular phones are coming out

Project Ara release date has been announced

Hands On With Android Wear 2.0

In short, Android Wear 2.0 is everything you already know, with a few tweaks and a handful of new features.

Google is building its own consumer Android phone

We've spent a lot of time this past year wondering if and when Google would bite the bullet and just build its own Android phone for consumers to take on the iPhone directly — there have been hints...

Cate Blanchett joins Thor: Ragnarok as Marvel Studios' first major female supervillain

Marvel today announced that Cate Blanchett has joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok as the mystical villainess Hela. Her stepping into the role marks the first time Marvel has cast a woman to play the...

George R.R. Martin seems really sad, you guys

Writing 'Game of Thrones' takes a lot out of you.

Project Ara is finally shipping to developers fall 2016

Google's Project Ara modular phone is finally shipping to developers in the fall of this year, but with major changes. It's still awesome, but less modular.

Google aims to launch its consumer Project Ara phone in 2017

Despite some grim portents last year, Google's "Project Ara" modular smartphone is far from dead. For starters, it now has its own business unit within Google's...

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PCMag on Twitter

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2 Reuters

U.S. authorities on Thursday charged a former chairman of Dean Foods Co (DF.N) and a professional Las Vegas gambler with engaging in a years-long insider trading scheme, which included a tip that benefited professional golfer Phil Mickelson. William "Billy" Walters, who has built a multimillion-...

Forbes Welcome

"Have a vision of life that inspires you, then try every day to grow closer to the fulfillment of that vision."

Apple yanks iOS 9.3.2 update for iPad Pro due to bricking issue

This issue is not affecting the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, so the iOS 9.3.2 update is still available for that model and is completely safe to install. As soon as Apple rolls out a new update for its little brother, we’ll update you.

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"Let everyone else call your idea crazy. Just keep going."

6 Chromebooks outsold Macs for the first time in the US

Google's low-cost Chromebooks outsold Apple's range of Macs for the first time in the US recently. While IDC doesn't typically break out Windows vs. Chromebook sales, IDC analyst Linn Huang confirmed the milestone to The Verge . "Chrome OS overtook Mac OS in the US in terms of shipments for the first time in 1Q16," says Huang. "Chromebooks are still largely a US K-12 story."

Uber Says Riders Will Pay the Most When Their Phone Battery Is Dying

When our phones are dying we sometimes do desperate things. And the ride-hailing company Uber knows that. The company recently admitted that riders with a dying battery are willing to pay the most in surge pricing. But they insist they’d never use this knowledge to raise rates on desperate people.

Google launches Science Journal to turn your phone into a research lab

Google believes there’s a scientist in all of us, so it’s launching a new app that turns your phone into a powerful little research lab.

Google and LG built a smartwatch that understands hand gestures from ATAP’s Project Soli

Google ATAP has worked with LG Electronics and MC R&D Lab to assemble an impressive-looking smartwatch that you can quickly control with subtle hand gestures. Of course, the watch will also support touch and speech input, but the real magic here is what you can do by moving your fingers ever so slightly, Google ATAP’s Ivan Poupyrev said today at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California.

Google I/O 2016: A recap of everything you need to know

Google I/O 2016 winds down today, and it’s been a packed three days of announcements, demos, and teasers. One thing we know for sure is that nothing announced this week will be readily available soon, which is a bummer – but here’s a look at what we can expect from Google for the rest of the year.

Apple might soon let you unlock your Mac with your iPhone

So, instead of having to type out a password to pay for shopping from our Macs with Apple Pay, all you'd need to do is unlock your iPhone with Touch ID while you're near your Mac.

Google built a tiny radar system into a smartwatch for gesture controls

Jaime Lien is the lead research engineer for Soli, and it's her job to tune the machine learning algorithms which ultimately get hardwired into the chip. Her first realization was that it made sense to convert the spatial signal radar provides into a temporal one that makes more sense on a computer. But that was nothing compared to noise problems you run into at these tiny scales. She showed me the "glitch zoo," a huge set of screenshots of every kind of impenetrable noise that her algorithms have to find signal in. At these scales, it's impossible to do any sort of beam forming and the very electrons running through the chip have to be accounted for.

Why Google's Allo messaging app is a big step backwards

Given the environment, it’s little wonder Google would attempt a new, bot-powered take on messaging. Allo’s sales pitch leads with artificial intelligence. By typing "@google," you can access a wide range of services, from basic web queries to making restaurant reservations. Think Facebook Messenger, if its M assistant were globally available and integrated into your other chats. Allo’s artificial intelligence manifests in another way: as suggested "smart replies" to messages from your friends. A friend suggests you eat Italian food; a smart reply suggests "yummy!" Smart replies work with photos, too — and I can’t wait to see the suggested reply the first time somebody sexts me in Allo.

The World’s Largest Solar Plant Just Torched Itself

Located on 4,000 acres of public land in the Mojave Desert, the sprawling concentrated solar thermal plant is equipped with 173,500 heliostats—each with two mirrors—that focus sunlight on boilers located on top of three 459-foot towers. The tremendous heat created by the concentrated solar power produces steam that drives turbines to produce electricity. The plant, the largest of its kind in the world, features a gross capacity of 392 megawatts, enough to power 140,000 homes. Each of the computer-controlled solar-reflecting mirrors is about the size of a garage door.

Reasons to Cancel the Olympics, Ranked

Just before every Olympics, looming doubt starts to surface. Are the cities ready? Has the host country accepted its geopolitical consequences? Will people come?

iPhone Design Is in the Danger Zone

This certainly isn’t the first we’ve heard of an all-glass device, but the idea of Apple reverting to a design with more glass seems a step backwards that would make iPhones worse. The last glass-heavy design came with the iPhone 4 and 4s. And while the execution was admittedly beautiful, it was the most brutal of liabilities. I broke three of them . That glass back was a disaster—it was just one more surface to shatter. That’s what made the aluminum back on subsequent designs brilliant! Metal is more durable than glass. The thought of carrying around another fragile China doll everywhere I go gives me the shakes.

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Sundar Pichai confirms that Google is working on a new "Area 120" corporate incubator

How to Decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware Files Using Master Key

Here’s some good news for victims who are trying to unlock and remove TeslaCrypt ransomware. Now, you can decrypt all your important files that have been encrypted by TeslaCrypt ransomware. So, stop Googling about How to decrypt TeslaCrypt Ransomware encrypted files, as the malware authors themselves provided the solution to your problem. Since its launch in March last year, TeslaCrypt computer virus has been used in massive malvertising attacks. The ransomware, which often targets PC gamers, locks up files until a ransom is paid, usually $500 in Bitcoin. Infection generally comes through corrupted websites, malvertising or phishing emails. In a surprising move in the malware's story, the cybercriminals behind the nefarious TeslaCrypt ransomware have apparently shut down their operations and released a master key to the public that can unlock all encrypted files on PCs infected by the latest versions of TeslaCrypt. The icing on the cake is that the universal decryption key is free, so victims can decrypt their files without paying a single penny.

Levi’s is making a commuter jacket with Google’s Project Jacquard

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group today announced an update to the Project Jacquard touch-sensitive textile technology that it debuted last year. Building on its partnership with Google ATAP, Levi Strauss is making a commuter jacket featuring the technology. It’s coming out in spring 2017, with a limited beta coming this fall.

'Minecraft' is making its way to China

Partnering with Chinese internet company NetEase is what's made this development possible, the very same NetEase that operates games like World of Warcraft and Hearthstone in China already. There's no official release date yet and no further information on what kind of alterations to the main game are even warranted for the Chinese market. What we do know is the Chinese version will only launch for PC and mobile devices, not consoles, when it finally makes an appearance. "We are excited to bring Minecraft to Chinese audiences, and expect our large online community to embrace this preeminent game," William Ding, CEO and founder of NetEase, Inc. announced. "With our deep understanding of the Chinese market and our ability to successfully launch world-renowned online and mobile games, we offer a strong platform for the introduction of Minecraft to China's vast user base."

Here's Your First Look at America's New Food Label

The FDA just released its first major change to its nutritional labels in over twenty years. Here’s the new label you can expect to see on the back of your food:

This Is How Your City Got Crazy Expensive

If you’ve been considering the idea of purchasing real estate, this map of “Million Dollar Listings” in the US’s priciest cities will make you want to roll up into the fetal position and bawl your eyes out.

A closer look at Google’s modular phone prototype

I just sat down with Rafe Caramago and several members of his Project Ara team to learn more about the modular smartphone — because there's a lot going on with this thing. The project, which many had assumed was on its way to being Spring Cleaned by Google is instead coming out in almost the biggest way possible: it's the first phone ever that Google is manufacturing itself , and it's going to be available to consumers next year.

With Instant Apps, Google Aims to Make the Web and Apps One

Kevin the permanently surprised cat has a story to inspire you

"Kevin was surrendered to my clinic when he was a tiny four-week-old kitten after he was found alone in a carpark," Tailah said. "It was obvious straight away that Kevin had medical concerns, so he had a full physical assessment and was diagnosed with hydrocephalus."

Someone's Made a Pokémon Game for the 'Adult Fan' - IGN

As Kotaku points out, that doesn't mean we're getting into, er, Rule 34 territory - Nathan Gunzenhauser's project is about a child of divorce who escapes into video games, before making that escape a little too literal and landing smack-bang in a world of demons... that just happen to be named Pokémon.

NFL star Patrick Willis is thriving in retirement as a Silicon Valley tech worker

Eren Niazi's career arc is one of those classic Silicon Valley fables. He grew up in the area, but dropped out of high school and didn't attend college. He did odd jobs like washing dishes to get by. He lived out of his car for a period as a teenager.

US Navy to arm its submarines with 'Blackwing' spy drones

The Navy recently announced its plans to deploy an armada of stealthy spy drones from AeroVironment aboard its submarines and UUVs. Specifically, the Navy is going with the small-form " Blackwing " UAV, a four-pound flyer with a 20 inch wingspan that collapses down to fit into a 3-inch diameter launch tube. It will use its array of electro-optical and infrared sensors as well as its anti-spoofing GPS capability to act as the submersible's remote eyes and ears.

McDonalds releases questionably green 'Angry Birds' burger

"The Naughty Green Pork Burger" will include a pork patty, egg, lettuce, a mystery sauce with jalapeños and green buns. Frankly, the combination sounds delicious, even if it does look like it was designed by a Kool-Aid packet from 1990s.

'Game of Thrones' star drops big hint about King's Landing S6 storyline

So from the sounds of it, the Lannister/Tyrell plan — basically to march the Tyrell army into King's Landing in order to arrest/kill the High Sparrow — could be about to pay off after all.

Disney World makes another dream come true by honoring an unused ticket from 1994

In the video , Herline, now 26 years old, explained that her father, "was cleaning our basement, and he found the ticket in our safe in the basement, so he had kept it for 22 years, and he knew we had a trip to Florida coming up, so he brought the ticket with him."

Angry Birds Is Over

The dramatic climax of the film starts when the birds fling each other at the palace, a ham-fisted (look, if they’re gonna do it, so am I!) attempt to invoke the core Angry Birds gameplay experience. “Just look where the last bird went and adjust from there,” Red says smarmily. Sure, you’ll clear a level like that, but you need to do better if you want three stars. After the birds begin their siege of Pig Castle, one of the main characters exclaims “we’re making history here!” It’s the wrong kind of history. From there, it’s a buffet of recycled by-the-numbers plot beats: “Don’t be a hero,” “We’re outnumbered!” “You don’t know when to stop, do you?!” “I thought you were dead!” Bomb’s performance anxiety gets overcome, Terence turns out to have a lovely singing voice and Red’s transformation in a hero comes from saving fuzzy blue triplets that were presumed dead. These sturdy pillars of popcorn fare gets rolled out in their most basic form with no cleverness or subversion to justify their presence. This isn’t Inside Out or The Lego Movie . There’s no heart or soul here. The execution reeks of contemptuous four-quadrant Hollywood calculus.

Whimsical distillery creates vodka made using real California fog

Just so we're not foggy on the details, the vodka, called Fog Point, isn't actually made from  fog: it's distilled from California grape wine. The water used in the distilling process is the fog in question — and it's condensed using these big ol' fog catchers.

Debunking The Myth Of The Woman Card In Silicon Valley

All this to say that Trump's assertions are flat-out wrong: The woman card doesn’t exist. The data says that women don’t get hired for a job unless they’ve proved themselves capable multiple times over. Clinton is far from immune to this curse. Perhaps it could be said that Clinton, with her eight years as First Lady, two terms in Congress, and four years as secretary of state is more qualified for the presidency than others who have held the post, and certainly more qualified than a businessman with no political experience.

Google and Levi’s team up on a “connected” jacket that lets you answer calls, use maps and more

At Google’s I/O conference today, Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) research unit offered an update on its interactive textiles project unveiled last year, Project Jacquard . ATAP’s Ivan Poupyrev announced that the company was collaborating with iconic clothing company, Levi’s, to launch a “connected” smart jacket aimed at urban cyclists that will allow wearers to do things like control their music, answer phone calls, access navigation and more, all by tapping and swiping on the jacket’s sleeve.

This freaky electric motorbike was 3D printed with metal powder

The Light Rider is an electric motorbike that weighs just 77 pounds and has a frame like an alien skeleton. Its creator, Airbus subsidiary APWorks, crafted the bike with 3D printing -- but it's not plastic. The hollow frame is aircraft-grade aluminum (this is Airbus , after all) and it takes shape via thousands of thin metal layers produced in a bed of metal powder.

'Woorld' makes a strong argument for weird Project Tango apps

See, unlike the Katamari Damacy series, or the more obtuse Noby Noby Boy , there doesn't seem to be an overarching goal in Woorld. There's an exploration mode (that we weren't allowed to play with) that basically helps you wrap your head around the arithmetic of these objects -- placing a cloud in the air and making it rain on a sprout causes the tiny plant to grow, and so on. Most of the time though, you'll be hanging out in a sandbox mode, free to place objects where you like and see how your tiny virtual world comes together. There might be more to the game -- Google didn't have much information on how the final product would turn out -- but at least we won't have to wait too long to find out.

Google will stop you hitting backspace in Chrome by mistake

On a Chrome Code Reviews page, Google explains that 0.04 percent of page views are currently triggered by going back with the backspace button. In addition, 0.005 percent of page views are from people using the backspace key after a form interaction. "Years of user complaints have been enough that we think it's the right choice to change this given the degree of pain users feel by losing their data, and because every platform has another keyboard combination that navigates back." Inevitably, some users aren't happy with the change. Especially those that are careful or nimble-fingered enough to have never experienced such a backspace snafu.

Google’s New Chatbot Won’t Shut Up—And That’s a Good Thing

According to Rebecca Michael, head of marketing for Google’s communication products, suggestion chips are designed to be personal, conversational, and “keep the conversation flowing.” But there’s a lot more going on here. For starters, suggestion chips can dramatically reduce the number of steps you need to take to get things done on your phone, whether it’s typing out a response or booking a reservation. They also help you discover what the Google search assistant is capable of. Most importantly, they give you a sense for how you might talk to the virtual assistant as it rolls out to the rest of Google. “It will be in the context of a user’s daily life,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said at I/O. “It will be on their phones, devices they wear, in their cars, and even in their living rooms.”

Could La Niña Break Our Global Hot Streak?

It’s crucial to stress that any slight global warming relief in the coming year or two will be temporary. In the long term, our planet will keep heating up as long as we’re pumping carbon into the air, and there’s no indication that we’re going to stop anytime soon. We’re teetering on the edge of a world where atmospheric carbon concentrations are permanently above 400 parts per million ; the highest they’ve been in millions of years. The rate of carbon emissions hasn’t been this high any time in the past 66 million years— since the dinosaurs went extinct or even earlier.

Chime is the Keurig for chai, because manually boiling milk sucks

Drinking tea is an essential part of many cultures, and Chime founder Gaurav Chawla knows this well. Growing up in an Indian family, chai is what you offer when guests come over or wind down with after work – but even the most proficient chai makers can forget the boiling milk on the stove if they’re not watching carefully.

FCLA: Fast Company’s Creativity Counter-Conference Live Blog

Catch our keynote addresses—featuring honored guests such as actress/producer Geena Davis, Tinder CEO Sean Rad, and actor/WWE superstar John Cena—and get live updates from our site visits to the likes of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Vans, and Clique Media. All here. All day Tuesday May 24 and Wednesday May 25.

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This 2ft-high self-driving robot could deliver pizzas to your door one day

MIT Just Developed A Super-Cheap Paper Zika Test

Here's how the test works: Tiny sensors, which are available for less than $1, are embedded on paper discs. A tiny sample of the patient's blood is dropped on the disc, which can detect the RNA sequence associated with the Zika virus. When the sequence is present, it will initiate a reaction that turns the paper from yellow to purple.

One of the most important execs at HBO is leaving after 33 years

HBO's president of programming, Michael Lombardo, speaks during HBO's portion of the 2014 Television Critics Association's cable summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California, on July 10, 2014.

Kim Kardashian live blogs her pregnancy scare on Snapchat, as one does

Kim and Kanye's discussion about whether or not they'll have more kids has been very public. Kim is against it, while Kanye wants to populate the whole world with his offspring.

This portable microwave is perfect for adventures

Oh, the microwave. The preferred gadget of college kids in need of a quick dinner and New Yorkers who only eat takeout but need to heat up their leftovers. The box has typically been stationed in kitchens and dorms rooms, but now, a company is freeing the microwave and letting it travel the world. Wayv's Adventurer is a portable microwave that the company imagines will be used by militaries and humanitarian groups during emergencies.

This Year's Google I/O Is All About Lowering Barriers

For a few years at its developer conference, Google has touted Android One , a reference platform for inexpensive phones. It hasn’t made much headway in developing economies, but those markets have embraced Android anyway. Google's mobile operating system has lowered the economic barriers that have prevented millions from acquiring smartphones. The company has also supported efforts to make Android phones work well with the slower wireless connections in many countries.

CNBC interviews Digital Trends’ Jeremy Kaplan about Apple’s new look flagship store

15 years after the opening of its first store, Apple’s flagship location in San Francisco re-opens its doors this Saturday with more than a new look. Today on CNBC, Jeremy Kaplan, Editor-In-Chief of Digital Trends, weighs in on how the tech giant is rebranding the overall experience at the new Apple store. The entire store is solar powered and with a 6K video wall, a stage for live music, and greenery decorating the aptly named “ Genius Grove,” Kaplan suggests Apple is making the store more of a destination rather than simply a place to buy computers.

Indiegogo will help bring tech products to market with Arrow Electronics alliance

The latest partnership will provide discounts to Indiegogo creators on materials and design software, as well as access to engineers through Arrow’s live-video platform. Indiegogo says that the alliance came about after the company noticed Indiegogo creators were increasingly using Arrow’s services. “We’ve seen an incredible amount of growth among tech and IoT projects on Indiegogo, due, in part, because our team is constantly developing new ways to help entrepreneurs with support beyond funding,” said Mandelbrot.

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