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Amazon is selling facial recognition technology to law enforcement

Its Rekognition system is already in use in Oregon and Florida, and interest is spreading.

Stickman is Disney’s new headless acrobatic robot

The team at Disney Research never fails to deliver fascinating (if not always particularly useful) experiments. Take Stickman. The robot is essentially one long limb, capable of some cool acrobatic maneuvers. The system, detailed in a new paper from DR titled “Towards a Human Scale Acrobatic Roboti…

The Eudora™ Email Client Source Code | Computer History Museum

The discussion with Qualcomm for the release of the Eudora source code by the company’s museum took five years. In the end, they decided not to simply grant a license, but to transfer ownership of the code, the Eudora trademarks, the copyrights, and the Eudora domain names to the Computer History Museum (CHM). The transfer agreement allows us to publish the code under the very liberal BSD open source license, which means that anyone can use it for either personal or commercial purposes.

Today in Apple history: Newton spins off as its own company | Cult of Mac

On May 22, 1997, Apple spins off its Newton division. The new company's first job? Selling the MessagePad 2000. The stand-alone Newton Inc. also bears a mandate to develop new technologies, says Newton Inc. COO Sandy Benett. However, this is the beginning of the end for the Newton PDA.

Razer’s new eGPU enclosure is cheaper and works with macOS

Razer today updated its lineup of eGPU enclosures, adding a more affordable model that’s finally compatible with macOS. The Core X is $200 cheaper than its sibling, the Core V2 — and in some ways, it’s even better.

How controversial Theranos founder borrowed Steve Jobs’ look | Cult of Mac

Apple and particularly its iconic co-founder Steve Jobs have inspired some great people, ideas and companies over the years. But Apple's beloved former leader and highly regarded products were also singled out as an inspiration for controversial health tech Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. In a forthcoming book,

Nickelodeon's Double Dare revival debuts June 25

The new Double Dare brings back Marc Summers along with new host Liza Koshy.

Google rolls out early access to new YouTube Music subscription service

Google today announced early access to its all new YouTube Music subscription service. The Mountain View company intends to challenge Spotify and other services with a new app and Google's AI.

First look at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, opening 2019 at Disney Resorts

They're Disney's largest single-themed land expansions. Ever.

Zuckerberg didn’t make any friends in Europe today

Speaking in front of EU lawmakers today Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg namechecked the GDPR’s core principles of “control, transparency and accountability” — claiming his company will deliver come Friday, when a new European Union data protection framework, GDPR, s…

Bitcoin explained by AI will melt your brain

Hello, I have watched this video and I will never be the same again.

Facebook made an AI that convincingly turns one style of music into another

Researchers from Facebook's AI Research team just unveiled an neural network capable of processing and translating music in a way that's never before been done. Hearing is believing.

'Solo' star Donald Glover correctly says: 'How can you not be pansexual in space?'

"There's so many things to have sex with."

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Zuckerberg apologises to Europe for 'harm'

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologised to European Parliament lawmakers for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform.

The questions Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg didn't answer for EU Parliament

Then the European Parliament member turned to the issue of monopolies for his fourth and fifth questions. "Would you cooperate with European antitrust authorities to examine [Facebook], and to open your books so that we can see it, yes or no, is it a monopoly?" he asked. "And secondly, if you have to split off... Facebook Messenger, to give you an example, and WhatsApp, to keep the Instagram, [would] that be a good deal for you, that you could accept?"

Apple to live stream WWDC 2018 keynote on June 4

As it has done in years past, Apple will present live streaming coverage of the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 keynote event, offering those unable to attend a glimpse at this year's upcoming software platform updates.

FBI said to repeatedly inflate cell phone encryption threat numbers

The bureau counted nearly 7,800 encrypted devices connected to crimes last year, when the number is probably closer to 2,000, the Washington Post reports.

Microsoft delivers Windows 10 April 2018 Update for HoloLens - Video | ZDNet

Microsoft is starting to roll out its first Windows 10 feature update for HoloLens since 2016, and is making previews of two new first-party business apps available for the device. Read more:

Microsoft: Our chatbots can converse like humans, too | ZDNet

"While our social AI chatbots and Cortana both leverage the Bing back end, they are different technologies with different purposes. Cortana is the world's first truly personal digital assistant designed to help you get things done throughout your day. With a focus on helping you get things done at home, at work and on the go, Cortana gives you the tools to achieve more no matter where you are. Xiaoice, Zo and our other social AI chatbots are designed for social conversation and entertainment.

Amazon banning shoppers who return items too often

Amazon boasts free and easy returns for several of its items, which has pushed many brick-and-mortar stores to offer the same policies as they struggle to compete with the e-commerce giant. But it turns out Amazon's return policies may come at a price.

Apple sends out invitations for its WWDC keynote

The annual event is where Apple typically introduces the next version of iOS and macOS, along with its other platforms. In recent year's we've also seen new hardware come out of the event, which has historically been strictly focused on software. Last year the company introduced the HomePod at the developer event.

Instagram lets you mute accounts you don’t want to see

Instagram is rolling out an update “over the coming weeks” that will finally add the ability to mute accounts you follow. You will still appear in their list of followers, and they will continue to see anything you post. You will also be able to view their profile and unmute them if you change your mind.


Instagram Finally Adds Mute Feature

Perhaps you have a friend who spams your feed with multiple posts per day (or hour). Maybe it's all selfies all the time. Now you can mute them without unfollowing.


Photos: The OnePlus 6 smartphone

Teena Maddox is a Senior Writer at TechRepublic, covering hardware devices, IoT, smart cities and wearables. She ties together the style and substance of tech. Teena has spent 20-plus years writing business and features for publications including People, W and Women's Wear Daily.

14 Netflix and Michael Bay to make an action movie starring Ryan Reynolds

This could easily be Netflix's most ambitious project to date. Deadline sources claimed that Netflix is making a $150 million commitment -- for context, Avengers: Infinity War cost about $321 million. The streaming service is clearly betting that the combo of a big-name director (if one who takes flak from critics) and an A-list actor will go a long way. You could see this kind of spending coming when Netflix said it could spend up to $8 billion on content in 2018, but it's still a sharp departure from what the company has done before. It's done with simply creating movies with top talent -- now, it wants blockbusters that could easily compete with the hottest summer fare.

Next-gen Apple iPhone chips reportedly already in production

The chip could help Apple's devices run apps faster and operate longer between charges -- giving the iPhone maker an advantage in a competitive market that has experienced stagnant demand for new handsets. A lack of new hardware design innovation, along with longer replacement rates and diminishing carrier subsidies, have been blamed for the cooling.

Fortnite update brings jetpacks to Battle Royale

Epic Games just pushed out its latest content update, finally giving players the ability to use jetpacks for a limited time. You can also start completing your week four challenges if you’ve bought the Battle Pass.


Плюс това с твоето съотношение между следящи те и следвани от теб, ти отдавна си в графата "Twitter famous", та не знам що още не си се надула и к'во чакаш... 😆 Мен сигурно затова никой не се занимава да ме "ban"-ва, I'm just a pleb, too faaaar from famous... so no one cares. 😂


Facebook face-off: EU gets little news from Zuckerberg

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sailed through a grilling from EU lawmakers about the social network’s data policies as lengthy questions left the 34-year-old American little time to answer.


My friends are not stalking me and collecting data. Facebook is stalking and collecting data but not my friends. Though I don't have many of those lol.

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SpaceX is launching twin NASA satellites to spy on droughts and melting ice sheets…


Tesla Model 3 updates coming after Consumer Reports found "big flaws"…

How to stop websites hijacking Safari | Cult of Mac

Did you ever visit a website and find that it had blocked the usual behavior of the Safari browser? Maybe it’s a banking site that won’t let you paste in your long password into its password field? Or maybe you discovered that YouTube disables Safari’s contextual (right-click) menus and replaces them with it’s own versions? Or maybe you can’t drag that image to the desktop, or copy text from the page?

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Apple manufacturing partner TSMC has started mass production of next-generation chips for new iPhones

More than 800K DrayTek routers vulnerable to DNS reprogramming attack

Nearly all of the 800,000+ DrayTek routers currently in operation are subject to an exploit allowing an attacker to change its DNS settings. Update your firmware now.

Side Winder reels in MacBook's charger cables | Cult of Mac

This is the Side Winder, a spinning reel for your MacBook’s power brick that coils and spools out both the mains and the DC cables from the brick in seconds. It adds a little bulk to the charger, and in return it promises to free you from tangles and knots, forever.

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The Star Wars sections of Disneyland and Disney World are coming Summer and Fall 2019


Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet: Microsoft makes its business AR apps Layout and Remote Assist available in preview and rolls out its first Windows 10 feature update for HoloLens since 2016

Massive iPhone sales buck the trend in falling smartphone market | Cult of Mac

In total, Apple occupied the top 5 slots for U.S. handsets in the quarter, and six out of the top 10. Top place is reportedly the 64GB iPhone 8, followed by the 64GB iPhone X. While Apple pointed out that the iPhone X was its top-selling handset for the quarter, this may still be possible since the 256GB iPhone X is in third place, potentially resulting in a higher cumulative total.

Fortnite challenge guide for season 4, week 4

Give yourself a head start with the first circle by staying on the Battle Bus at the beginning of the game until you get kicked out. Open up your glider right away and stay in the air until the circle is marked on the map, then head towards its center. It will be easier to get to the other two circles with a decent start, but remember that you’ll be without guns and equipment, so start looting as soon as possible.


Sure don't see many of those Jaguar coupes anymore. Take on old XKE?

No CS degree? For skilled developers, 75% of hiring managers don't care

Strong work experience is the most important qualification that recruiters and hiring managers look for when filling tech positions, the report found. However, resume-bolstering factors like degree, prestige, and skill keywords are not accurate predictors of future job success, according to the report. Instead, hiring managers and recruiters are looking to indicators that demonstrate ability, such as previous work experience, years of work, and personal projects, which get closer at measuring a candidate's skills.

Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked program gets the axe

The shutdown includes all facets of the program from free to paid memberships, and Best Buy will not enroll any new members. Existing members will enjoy the benefits of the program for the remainder of their subscription, and no subscriptions will be renewed. Best Buy has yet to confirm the email leak or the closure.

​Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: The whole world is now a computer | ZDNet

"You need to be able to take computing to every place where data is going to be generated in large volumes -- to an oil rig or a retail shop or a factory. All of these are going to have lots and lots of sensors and lots and lots of data which will require computing, and that's what we are doing. Nine billion microcontrollers that are shipped every year as part of your toasters, your refrigerators, your drills -- every piece of equipment you can think of -- and we want to cloud-connect them."

Giant predatory worms invaded France, but scientists just noticed them

The oldest sighting was a home video from 1999, made by a family who kept the VHS tape for so long because the creatures on it were so bizarre. Justine put their mystery to rest: flatworms. In 2013, a group of terrorized kindergartners claimed they saw a mass of writhing snakes in their play field: Again, flatworms. All told, these citizen scientists made 111 observations of large flatworms between 1999 and 2017.

Apple ropes in new showrunners for Amazing Stories reboot | Cult of Mac

“Once Upon a Time” co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have signed a deal with Apple to be the new showrunners for Amazing Stories , a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s anthology TV show from the 1980’s.

Spectre isn't dead: Here are 2 new variants IT should patch against

Following rumors of the existence of new Spectre-like vulnerabilities, Microsoft and Google are jointly disclosing a new out-of-order execution vulnerability. Speculative Store Bypass (SSB) relies on the memory loading behavior common to Intel and AMD CPUs, IBM's POWER8 and POWER9 CPUs, as well as System Z and certain ARM processors.

Clips goes soccer mad with new World Cup update | Cult of Mac

Ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on June 14, Apple has updated its Clips video app with a soccer-themed refresh.


Adrian Kingsley-Hughes / ZDNet: LastPass integrates Yubico SDK in its app on iOS, enabling the use of the $50 YubiKey NEO for two-factor authentication via NFC on iPhone 7 and newer devices

This steel mesh Apple Watch band shines like a prism [Watch Store] | Cult of Mac

Stainless steel meticulously weaves its way through the Mesh Band for Apple Watch — Casetify’s answer to the significantly more expensive Milanese Loop by Apple. Casetify’s version is just as stylish and functional as the behemoth brand’s band, and now comes in two brand-new finishes: Iridescent and Gold (that matches the Series 3).

ACLU tells AWS: Stop selling facial recognition tools to the government | ZDNet

After Amazon highlighted its law enforcement customers in Oregon and Orlando, Florida, the ACLU requested public records in Oregon, California and Florida to learn more about government use of Rekognition. The documents provided showed how Amazon provided product support and offered free consulting services to the government. The ACLU specifically asked for any evidence that the public had been given an opportunity to discuss the use of this technology before its deployment, but no such evidence was provided. However, one email from a Washington County employee acknowledged that "the perception might be that we are constantly checking faces from everything, kind of a Big Brother vibe."

Woman orders 'Summa Cum Laude' cake, gets the censored version instead

In a Facebook post shared Sunday, Koscinski of South Carolina shared photos of a cake she'd ordered from her local Publix supermarket. Though the cake was meant to read, "Congrats Jacob! Summa Cum Laude class of 2018," she was surprised to see the word "Cum" — Latin for "with"; slang for... you know — replaced with dashes.

Starbucks, not Apple Pay, is the king of mobile payments

But still -- Starbucks. Not Apple Pay or Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Not a single one of the biggest mobile payment platforms is bigger than coffee, in terms of user base. And those 23 million people buying Starbucks with their phones only account for 12 percent of Starbucks transactions in the US, according to the company .

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New: The FBI is refusing to say how many investigations are negatively impacted by its 7,775 encrypted phones in custody. Revealing that figure would likely poke a major hole in the agency's anti-encryption rhetoric.…

Parents sue their 30-year-old son because he won't move out

In Syracuse, New York, a couple is suing their 30-year-old in order to get him to move out of their house. According to News 8 , the Rotondo parents say they've given their son Michael five notices over the past few months telling him to leave. They also told him that they'll help him if he does vacate.


Didn't even know there was a Twitter app for my Xbox in the first place - seriously who uses that?

Legrand Radiant Wireless Charger offers in-wall power for Apple's iPhone 8 & iPhone X

The newest twist on charging the iPhone 8 and X is the Legrand Radiant Wireless Charger, a wall outlet with a built-in Qi-compatible charging pad.

SpaceX launches NASA, Iridium satellites with used Falcon 9

SpaceX is getting a lot of mileage out of its used rockets. The company successfully launched a used Falcon 9 on Tuesday from Vandenberg Air Force Base's Space Launch Complex in California.

LGBT activists are unhappy about Apple's location for new corporate hub | Cult of Mac

But one potential spanner in the works could be the area’s history of anti-LGBT laws. Most infamous of these is the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, which made it law for people to use the public restrooms and changing rooms which correspond with their birth certificate sex, as opposed to their self-identified gender.

Hacker News

Hacker News

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52 Special Olympics and Microsoft will host a ‘Forza 7’ tournament
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54 Zuckerberg's EU Facebook Testimony: What to Watch For
55 ZTE reportedly expects at least $3 billion in losses due to US ban
56 Xbox meets PlayStation in this $200 monster of a PS4 gamepad
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58 Marantz's slim AV receivers add turntable input because 2018
59 Foxconn's unit targets raising $4.3 billion in biggest China IPO...
60 Instagram now lets you mute annoying people without unfollowing them
61 A Beats-branded HomePod? Why would Apple do that? | ZDNet
62 Amazon Prime Day 2018 date and details
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68 Intel, Micron's first-ever QLC NAND flash: Cheaper, denser SSD storage is coming | ZDNet
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71 HPE beats Q2 expectations | ZDNet
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86 Fortnite now has jetpacks...and everyone is dying
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