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Yubico Brings Security Keys to iOS

The YubiKey NEO now works with applicable iOS apps, thanks to Yubico's new SDK.

IBM combines AI and blockchain to turn your phone into a counterfeit detector

IBM Research today unveiled its Crypto Anchor Verifier, an AI-powered counterfeit detector that verifies an item’s authenticity using your phone’s camera and blockchain technology. How it works: You pull out your phone, open an app, and take a pic of, for example, a diamond. IBM’s AI determines what is unique about this particular diamond, and …

Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs attempts a boardroom coup

On May 23, 1985, Steve Jobs attempted a coup to seize control of Apple from CEO John Sculley. It didn't work.

Turtle sex videos, ranked

The best way to celebrate World Turtle Day!

This magical cosplay gun fights off evil with LED fan

The gun appears to be channeling the powers of the mystic plane in real life. How the heck?

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Apple may owe you $50 for iPhone battery replacement | Cult of Mac

The company revealed today that it will start offering a $50 credit to all customers who purchased a battery replacement for the iPhone 6 and later.


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3 Twitter

President Trump cannot block Twitter users for their political views, a federal judge in ruled, saying such action is unconstitutional and a violation of the First Amendment.

Uber drops self-driving operation in Arizona, following fatality

Two months after an autonomous car struck and killed a woman in Arizona, Uber is shuttering its self-driving car program in the state.

Apple now lets you download a copy of all the data it has on you

Apple is now giving users the opportunity to download a copy of all the data the company has collected from them. This includes App Store and iTunes activity, Apple ID account and device information, online and retail store activity, AppleCare support history, and more.

Facebook finally stops screwing around with two-factor authentication

For those unfamiliar, two-factor authentication provides a second layer of security to online accounts. In addition to the standard password, you need a second factor — usually a number texted to your cellphone or generated by an authenticator app —to login. For those who worry about phishing attempts or any kind of hacking (which should be everyone on the internet), setting up 2FA is a must.

7 Matt Groening's animated Netflix series debuts August 17th

The new show takes on the fantasy genre with a hard-drinking princess Bean, her spunky elf buddy Elfo and her personal demon pal, Luci. "Ultimately," said Groening in a statement last year, " Disenchantment will be about life and death, love and sex, and how to keep laughing in a world full of suffering and idiots, despite what the elders and wizards and other jerks tell you."

The Acer Predator Helios 500 is a top-tier Intel Core i9 gaming laptop

The new Predator Helios 500 is a gaming laptop to be reckoned with by combining the latest 8th Gen Intel Core i9 processors with overclockable Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070. Acer claims it has developed a superior thermal architecture utilizing its proprietary AeroBlade 3D metal fans that keeps the Predator Helios 500 running cool during marathon gaming sessions.

Judge to Trump: Blocking Critics on Twitter Is Unconstitutional

"We hope that the White House will simply implement the court's order," Knight First Amendment Institute spokeswoman Ujala Sehgal said. But if the White House ignores the order or tries to appeal it, the Institute will take further legal action, including seeking a court injunction, she added.

Battlefield V will have endless cooperative missions

Battlefield V is launching October 19, and when it does, you don’t have to go solo in the War Stories or fight other humans in the online multiplayer, because developer DICE has a cooperative mode that will never end called Combined Arms. The studio revealed during an event today that these cooperative adventures will connect the other modes as a way for new players to get accustomed to the Battlefield experience while also hanging out with friends.

U.S. seeks to take control of infected routers from hackers

TORONTO/KIEV (Reuters) - The U.S. government said late on Wednesday that it would seek to wrestle hundreds of thousands of infected routers and storage devices from the control of hackers who security researchers warned were planning to use the “botnet” to attack Ukraine.

Apple's self-driving shuttle project to use Volkswagen vans, report says

After rebuffed attempts to partner with major carmakers over an ambitious electric vehicle project, Apple has reportedly inked a deal with Volkswagen to convert a number of T6 Transporter vans into self-driving shuttles for company employees.


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Salesforce Tower Opens After Transforming San Francisco Skyline

On Tuesday, the building’s developers described it as a symbol of San Francisco’s prosperity and innovation. Benioff sought to dispel views that his industry was the source of the city’s rising income inequality and homelessness. He announced a $3 million donation to combat family homelessness in San Francisco -- Salesforce’s philanthropic arm will give $1.5 million to nonprofit group Hamilton Families, which Benioff and his wife, Lynne, will match.

Apple reportedly partners with Volkswagen for self-driving employee shuttles

Earlier this month, Apple’s fleet of self-driving cars registered with the California Department of Motor Vehicles grew to 55 vehicles. That means Apple has the second largest fleet of self-driving cars in California, with General Motors’ Cruise coming in at number one. Apple’s standard autonomous vehicle tests rely on Lexus SUVs that have been equipped with sensors and autonomous hardware.


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Acer Chromebook Spin 15 is the world's first 15-inch, 2-in-1 Chrome OS laptop

The laptop brings size to Acer's 2-in-1 Chromebook line as well as claims of immense battery life to the tune of up to 13 hours. Furthermore, it appears that Acer has accounted for convertibility in every aspect of the laptop's design.


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Welcome to Marvel Stadium, which is a real thing in real life

The soon to be named Marvel Stadium is one of Australia's most recognisable stadiums. It has a capacity of over 55,000 and regularly plays host to some of the biggest sporting events in Australia, and the world. In November 2015, the UFC held UFC 193 at the then-Etihad stadium and broke all of its attendance records there, with a crowd of 56,214.


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How will the GDPR impact machine learning?

This article aims to demystify this intersection between ML and the GDPR, focusing on the three biggest questions I’ve received at Immuta about maintaining GDPR-compliant data science and R&D programs. Granted, with an enforcement data of May 25, the GDPR has yet to come into full effect, and a good deal of what we do know about how it will be enforced is either vague or evolving (or both!). But key questions and key challenges have already started to emerge.


Hi. A) in in the UK, which I'm presuming is why I haven't received any notification from Instapaper, as we've 'kinda but not' left the EU... B) couldn't read your article until I hit 'reader view' because - see screengrab - Safari screen filled with this?!

iPhone Czar Seeks $4.3 Billion IPO to Emerge From Apple’s Shadow

Terry Gou’s Foxconn has ridden Apple Inc. ’s ascendancy for a decade as its most important production partner. Now, Taiwan’s second-richest man is prepping a $4.3 billion coming-out party for a division that best embodies his hope of becoming a major player beyond just cranking out iPhones as the smartphone boom winds down.

Apple Watch wins Q1 wearables race, no matter who you ask | Cult of Mac

Apple was the top wearables vendor in Q1 according to market analysis firm Canalys. A rival analyst from Asymco also placed Apple at the top, but with a higher total of devices shipped. Canalys put the number at 3.8 million. the other at just over 4 million.

Forget bitcoin. Blockchain has plans for solar energy

The blockchain also keeps your power company accountable. Before you can trade energy with your neighbor, you need to buy "Sparkz," a digital currency, from your power company, sold at a flat rate of 1 cent each. The Sparkz sit in your digital wallet and can be converted to Australian dollars whenever you want. By preselling energy, the companies can pay the operator who maintains the grid.

Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Instagram: “The folks you meet when you go on bike rides”

How to meet project goals by creating a work breakdown structure

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the process of breaking down each deliverable within a project. The WBS details all the work that is to be done by the project team that is required to meet the project goals and successfully deliver the customer's product or service. In the WBS, all deliverables (products or services) are broken down to the smallest possible units to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

How to mute people on Instagram | Cult of Mac

Instagram finally lets you mute people, letting you remove their pictures from your timeline. If you’re too cowardly to just unfollow someone (like they’d even notice anyway), or your best friend just got their first dog/baby, and has flooded their Instagram with “cute” photos, you can now block these photos and videos without ditching the person responsible for them. Let’s see how to mute Instagram.

Uber Shows a Quarterly Profit, Sort of, Thanks to Grab Deal

The company recorded a profit on paper, after accounting for the value of selling its Southeast Asian business to Grab and its Russian business to Yandex. But it’s a different story without those windfalls. Uber had a loss of $312 million before interest, taxes and other expenses in the quarter, cutting those losses in half compared to the first three months of 2017, according to financials provided by Uber. That’s a marked improvement for a company that’s burned through more than $10 billion.

This alligator skin iPhone X will destroy your bank account | Cult of Mac

We’ve seen gold iPhones that pay tribute to Putin and Harry and Meghan . We’ve even seen an iPhone X with solar panels in the back . All of those were ridiculously expensive. But none of them compare to Hadoro’s lineup of 20 custom designed iPhones that cost between $5200 – $10,399.


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Smartisan CEO Luo Yonghao bashes Apple to sell smartphones

Despite his company’s small market share, Luo, a former English teacher, has helped raise Smartisan’s profile by talking big and bashing the most valuable technology company in the world, Apple, when he has an opportunity.

34 Comcast prepares to top Disney's $50 billion offer for Fox

Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters earlier this month that Comcast was working on financing for a cash offer worth as much as $60 billion for the Fox assets, but Wednesday’s statement was the first formal confirmation by the company.

OnePlus 6: Cheat sheet

The 64 GB version is priced at $529, and the top-of-the-line 256 GB version is $629. The OnePlus 6 has the same fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor as the Galaxy S9, and it has twice the RAM, at 8 GB. Technically, the OnePlus 6 also has more storage than the US version of the Galaxy S9, which only comes with 64 GB, but there's a caveat: The Samsung phone has a microSD slot to expand storage to 400 GB. (The European version of the Galaxy S9 comes with 128 GB and 256 GB options.) In comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S9 ranges from $719 to $839, and the Galaxy S9 Plus ranges from $839 to $959.

Killzapper zaps annoying webpage elements | Cult of Mac

When you click the Killzapper on the Mac, you get a handy guide to help you zap elements. As you move the mouse over the page, a hairline outline indicates the exact thing that will get zapped when you click. On iOS, you need a bit of guesswork. Tapping on an element will remove it, but there is no outline to guide you, because there is no mouse pointer to follow.

The Snapdragon 710 will add flagship features to mid-range phones

Data connections should be pretty speedy too, thanks to the Snapdragon 710's X15 LTE modem, which supports download rates of up to 800 Mbps. Not quite the gigabit speeds of the Snapdragon 835 and 845, but the 710 uses similar technologies like 4X4 MIMO and LAA (License-Assisted Access), which should boost performance compared to the company's previous mid-tier CPUs.

iPhone 7 Plus tops ACSI survey of customer satisfaction | Cult of Mac

Specifically, the 7 Plus garnered an 85 ACSI score, while the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus both scored 83. The elderly iPhone 6 Plus was in there swinging with an 82 score. The X had an 80 score, tied with a raft of other Apple models, including the iPhone SE, iPhone 7, and iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

​Google and LG develop world's highest resolution OLED display - for VR | ZDNet

Google's head of AR and VR Clay Bavor last year said engineers needed to keep pushing VR displays until they feel "completely real", and researchers from both companies have been working out how to achieve this within the confines of today's mobile technology. At Display Week 2018 this week they revealed what they are describing as "the world's highest resolution display".

Here’s what Foxconn will manufacture at new Wisconsin facility | Cult of Mac

The percentage of each iPhone made in the U.S. may increase, claims a new report, suggesting that manufacturer Foxconn’s proposed Wisconsin factory will be used for producing small and medium-sized LCD — and possibly eventually OLED — smartphone displays.

Facebook will fight fake news with real newspaper ads (and more)

The first is a news literacy campaign that offers tips on how to identify fake news, as well as information on what the social network is doing to combat the issue. The information will show up at the top of News Feed and in print ads, beginning in the US and then spreading to other countries over the next few months, the company said.

Spotify seriously needs to add a blocking feature

"We don’t censor content because of an artist’s or creator’s behavior, but we want our editorial decisions — what we choose to program — to reflect our values. When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful (for example, violence against children and sexual violence), it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator," the policy reads.

43 Sony says it’s the beginning of the end for PS4

The PS4 era is entering its final stages. Speaking to investors, PlayStation boss John Kodera outlined the company's three-year roadmap and it seems console sales are not expected to be a major source of revenue going forward. This is largely due to declining sales which is, Kodera notes, typical of the usual profit- and life-cycle of consoles. It does also suggest a new console might be on its way -- likely the PS5 -- but Kodera didn't give away any specifics.

Businesses in these 10 US cities are most likely to get hit by cyberattacks

What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, except when it comes to cyberattacks, the report found. As one of the world's top tourist and trade show destinations, Las Vegas exceeds the national average in every network and device vulnerability category. Public Wi-Fi in hotels, casinos, and restaurants, along with an underfunded statewide cybersecurity budget, add to the city's security woes, according to the report. In Vegas, users face a 43% probability of connecting to either medium- or high-risk networks, impacting both the local population and the millions of tourists and conference attendees.

Tweetbot is the best Twitter client on iOS [Essential iOS Apps #17]

During that time, many third-party Twitter clients blossomed, providing a more streamlined, logical experience. While many faded away, a select few managed to stick around. For several years now, Tweetbot has been one of the best Twitter clients on iOS. It offers a clear design, simple gestures, and provides a better Twitter experience.


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New to Netflix for June 2018 - IGN

There are also new seasons of Netflix Originals GLOW, Marvel's Luke Cage, and Voltron: Legendary Defender - along with the fifth season of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, the fourth season of iZombie, the second season of Supergirl, and the - um - fourteenth season of Grey's Anatomy.

Warning: Here's what could happen if you ask your husband for Fenty Beauty products

"Vince says 'Stink after going to a few drug stores I couldn't find no Fenty but I got you Sharpie because they are the best highlighters and they been around for a cool minute,'" she continued. "Thank you for my present baby but....I don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life!!!!"

Pete Souza is releasing an entire book of nothing but Trump shade

"During the past year, I have been as distressed as anyone by the lies and hate emanating from the current administration. I began to use my personal Instagram account to throw shade at what was happening in the White House," Souza explained in a press release. "Since then, I’ve been inspired by the comments I’ve received from many people who have posted on Instagram, sent me emails, or talked to me at my speaking events around the country."

50 Twitter

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51 I wish mum's phone was never invented
52 Nintendo just filed a trademark for a classic game console: the N64
53 Twitter
54 Report: Google just beat Amazon in the smart speaker wars for the first time
55 Sorry we missed you: Australia Post pondering blood deliveries by drone | ZDNet
56 Spotify's $112 million class-action settlement win approval
57 Turns out Pluto might really be a giant comet
58 Are you going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story?
59 Nintendo Starts Selling Switch Without a Dock
60 India considers taxing cryptocurrencies instead of banning them
61 Find the Chivas Hidden Studio at TNW2018 to hear exclusive interviews
62 Battlefield 5: The 9 Big Things We Learned From the Reveal - IGN
63 Hands on with Acer's premium Chromebooks and Helios 500
64 ​FBI inflated encrypted device figures, misleading public | ZDNet
65 All this time, Trump was building an unconstitutional wall on Twitter
66 Windows 10 April 2018 Update problems: Users struggle with mystery 'black screen' | ZDNet
67 OnePlus 6: Not perfect, but it costs less than it does to fix the rear glass panel on the iPhone X | ZDNet
68 Over a dozen vulnerabilities uncovered in BMW vehicles | ZDNet
69 Twitter
70 DARPA Challenge will send robots to new frontier: Underground | ZDNet
71 Go-Jek says to enter Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines
72 Seven things Apple needs to fix in iOS 12 (but probably won't) | ZDNet
73 Facebook expands controversial revenge porn prevention to more countries
74 Google and Coursera launch a new machine learning specialization
75 ​Ubuntu's Mark Shuttleworth pulls no punches on Red Hat and VMware in OpenStack cloud | ZDNet
76 Samsung is opening a massive AI research center in the UK
77 Microsoft steps up its business push with its Windows 10 April 2018 Update for the HoloLens | ZDNet
78 GDPR compliant? Here's a handy five-step preparation checklist | ZDNet
79 NASA Curiosity rover gets its drilling groove back on Mars
80 Twitter
81 The TheTechNewsBlog Daily
82 HTC U12 Plus announced: in pictures | ZDNet
83 Microsoft extending GDPR protections to all global customers, here's how
85 Cord-cutters for the win: Netflix just passed Comcast in market value
86 'Impossible' EmDrive Space Thruster May Really Be Impossible
87 George R.R. Martin short story headed to the big screen
88 Comcast confirms plan to buy 21st Century Fox and control of Hulu
90 7 new 'Battlefield V' features that promise to change the way you play
91 Twitter
92 Amazon reportedly rolling out Map Tracking, which shares exact package location
93 Database leak exposes personal records of nearly 1 million South Africans
94 'Battlefield V' brings huge changes, but maybe not what you're expecting
95 Hands on with Acer's premium Chromebooks and Helios 500