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Google’s Project Ara is about more than just modular phones

I had exactly half an hour with four people from the Project Ara team at Google I/O to extract as much information as I could about the mission to actually launch a modular phone. So I rattled off...

Delta's 'Innovation Lines' could change travel forever

Delta's 'Inovation Lines' project moves travelers through TSA checkpoints u to twice as fast, reducing wait times and frustration levels.

10 'Game of Thrones' fan theories, ranked least to most likely

May the old gods and the new give us strength this season.

The new 'Doom' hides sinister images in its soundtrack

One more thing for your parents to get worked up about.

'Walking Dead' cast crafts a 'Star Wars Holiday Special' spoof

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and others from the hit show envision a Star Wars-esque special complete with musical acts, weird celebrity appearances and nonhuman sidekicks for Red Nose Day.

'Catlateral Damage' VR is out on Steam for HTC Vive

The game is 50 percent off this Memorial Day weekend on Steam.


This project is the RGB LED display (16x10) based on WS2812B LEDs. Its core is the ATmega644pa controller running on 16 MHz frequency. The board has several buttons (up, down, left, right, forward, back, reset) and the ADXL345 accelerometer. It also has the 5-digit numeric display. There're also UART interface (MAX232A-based) and SPI programming interface for USBASP or similar programmer.

Best phone 2016: the 10 top smartphones we've tested

Helping you choose the best mobile phone since 2008

Animal rights activists react to gorilla killing after child fell into zoo enclosure

Some people are reacting strongly on social media after Harambe the gorilla was killed at a Cincinnati zoo on Saturday.

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The Economic Lessons of Star Trek’s Money-Free Society

“They are consistent with the economic circumstances in which they live. Imagine yourself growing up in a society where there is never any want or need or financial insecurity of any sort. You will be a very different person. You will be absolutely uninterested in conspicuous consumption. … You will probably be interested in things of a higher nature—the cultivation of the mind, education, love, art, and discovery. And so these people are very stoic in that sense, because they have no worldly interests that we today could relate to. … I usually say that they’re all aliens, in a way. My friend Chris [Black], who wrote on the show, said it was really hard for the writers, because it’s a workplace drama, but there’s no drama.”

Samsung's building the first national network dedicated to smart cities

Samsung Electronics and SK Telecom just  announced plans to build a nationwide network in South Korea to connect the intelligent devices required for the smart cities of the future. It’s hailing the new LoRaWAN-based network as the world’s first for commercial use (although  KPN in The Netherlands says it will also have a nationwide network available by June, and  Swisscom is deploying its national network this year as well). These are in addition to several community-based networks already taking root around the world.

Mars Is Making Its Closest Approach to Us in a Decade and Here's How to Watch

Mars is one of our nearest space neighbors, but even it is still pretty far away—which is why its closest approach in a decade is such an unmissable opportunity. Here’s how and why to watch Mars’ close approach, and what you should be looking for when you do.

Twitter says usernames and images will no longer count against 140-character limit

Twitter is  expanding the number of things you can post in a 140-character tweet, without expanding the number of characters. Within the next few months, usernames, quoted tweets, photos, and other media attachments will no longer count against the tweet’s 140-character limit. The company says it will also (finally) enable users to begin tweets with usernames without first adding a period, and — attention thought leaders — natively retweet themselves.

This Might Explain Why Captain America Is Evil Now

Whatever twisted legacy has worked its way into Kobik’s head may have led her to pervert Steve Rogers’ memories and turn him into a Captain America that says Hail Hydra. Steve even says he feels like a stranger in his own body. Of course, there could be another reason, like the telepathic powers that the Red Skull gained from stealing Professor X’s brain—this is superhero comics, after all—but a messed-up preschooler with Cosmic Cube powers seems like a very likely culprit.

What UX designers can learn from 1990s Japanese video games

I got to play a lot of games, record the screen and see UX and video games in a new light. It’s about the good and bad parts of 1990s Japanese video games, and what we should (and shouldn’t) learn from them today.

Microsoft lays off hundreds as it guts its phone business

Microsoft is signalling the end of its Nokia experiment today. After acquiring Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion two years ago,  Microsoft wrote off $7.6 billion last year and cut 7,800 jobs to refocus its phone efforts. Microsoft is now writing off an additional $950 million today as part of its failed Nokia acquisition, and the company plans to cut a further 1,850 jobs. Most of the layoffs will affect employees at Microsoft's Mobile division in Finland, with 1,350 job losses there and 500 globally. Around $200 million of the $950 million impairment charge is being used for severance payments.

In a World of Self-Driving Cars, We’ll Still Need the Miata

In the long run, though, I must consider the possibility that an autonomous vehicle could bring our family together in a way the little convertible can’t. A few times each year we drive from our home in New Jersey to Deer Isle, Maine. The kids don’t relish the 500-mile ride, but music, movies, conversation, and occasional stops for snacks keep them occupied. If the car were driving and we were riding, the conversation could be richer. I wouldn’t be so tired. My wife and I might even use the time to write the novels we’ve talked about for years.

Data analysis from Paris raid on Google will take months, possibly years: prosecutor

"We have collected a lot of computer data," Houlette said in an interview with Europe 1 radio, TV channel iTele and newspaper Le Monde, adding that 96 people took part in the raid.

Twitter investors were sharply divided over Jack Dorsey’s stock plan

“We appreciate the stockholder feedback we have received on our proposal to approve the Twitter, Inc. 2016 Equity Incentive Plan at our 2016 Annual Meeting of Stockholders,” the company said in a filing. “Based on discussions with our stockholders, we have committed to amend the 2016 Plan after the Annual Meeting to prohibit the repricing of stock options, including through an option exchange program or cash buyout, without the consent of Twitter’s stockholders. We recognize the importance of protecting the value of your investment in Twitter and we also endeavor to be responsive to stockholder feedback on our compensation programs.”

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

JR Raphael on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Secret German WW2 code machine found on eBay - BBC News

The teleprinter, which resembles a typewriter, would have been used to enter plain messages in German. These were then encrypted by a linked cipher machine, using 12 individual wheels with multiple settings on each, to make up the code.

The Startup Van sets up shop to make internet stars - BBC News

The Startup Van project began by visiting technology trade shows and filming interviews with entrepreneurs in the back of a van.

French finance minister rules out Google tax deal, more firms could be targeted

PARIS France will "go all the way" to ensure that multinationals operating on its soil pay their taxes and more cases could follow after Google and McDonald's were targeted by tax raids, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said.

The inside story of Apple's forgotten project to change how we explore the world from our computers

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, QuickTime VR was de-emphasized. Apple put out its last QuickTime VR-specific press release in 1997, although Apple continued to use it to provide 360-degree views of new products like iPods as late as 2006. "Quicktime VR all really happened in that Scully window before Steve came back and I think that Apple does not pay any attention to the stuff that happened during those years," Bohrman said.

An Urban Explorer Group Stumbled Upon a Really Cool Star Wars Location

Oblivion State is a British urban exploration forum, and several of its members came across a really exciting find: the Millennium Falcon film set for the upcoming eighth Star Wars film.

New study suggests Americans don’t trust AI systems

“In today’s world, technological solutions provide a convenience in our lives that is unmatched by anything else. From on-demand apps like Uber to food delivery services like Seamless, it’s almost possible to avoid human contact altogether,” said Barnaby Lashbrooke, CEO and Founder of Time etc. “While people may be comfortable using technology to get their lunch and dinner delivered, there are some tasks that will always be better accomplished by humans. This is where virtual assistant services that are backed by real people, like Time etc, provide a happy medium of the convenience of tech and the reliability of human intelligence.”

This text line is helping teens talk about mental health without saying a word

Because of this data, Crisis Text Line knows that text counseling appeals to teens and young adults. About 65% of Crisis Text Line texters mention "school" as their location. While that’s not entirely surprising, an unexpected 35% of texters are estimated to be older than the line's target teen audience. In fact, 10% of Crisis Text Line texters are middle-aged men.

4 Ways to Create Social Media Ads That Stand Out : Social Media Examiner

If you need help figuring out where to start, look at your company’s blog and social stats. Which blog posts are the most popular? Which social content gets the most engagement? Build on that. And if you’re still stuck, look at your competitors. What kind of content are they offering? Do that, but do it better.

Polaris inbound: AMD teases unannounced Radeon RX 480 graphics card

If that's any indication of the Radeon RX 480's potential performance, it could hint towards a very supercharged future for affordable graphics cards—and a supercharged future for affordable graphics cards could mean a bright future for virtual reality, which has been limited to high-end rigs up until now. Yes please!

10 legendary computers photographed in a way in which they've never been seen before

However, he had an urge to document these magnificent machines in a way that honored them better than the old black-and-white photos he was seeing. So Ball began to research, locating the computers that changed the course of technology, and found that most of them were sitting in museums. In his formal request to photograph them, Ball made it clear he would be photographing the machines in a way in which they'd never been seen.

Jawbone may be getting out of the wearables business

The rub there is that Fortune indicates the speaker sell-off was made so Jawbone can focus on its “health and wearables” business — which Tech Insider indicates may also be in jeopardy. Sadly, people really seemed to like Jawbone’s speakers, but increased competition made them an expensive gadget rather than a cool must-have.

Calm down: Google's use of Material Design on iOS is fine

So, here’s some personal insight: I fucking hate Material Design. I think it’s too reliant on dumbed-down, wannabe ‘clever’ animations and feigned shadowing. It tries way too hard to look like it’s not digital (Google’s design lead Matias Duarte notes Material Design’s creation had a lot of paper cut-outs at inception to help designers understand its ‘real world’ feel), but it is.

Dear GitHub: Thanks for getting rid of streaks

Companies typically don’t keep their code bases in the open air market of GitHub, instead choosing private repos where their developers and engineers can work in peace. In allowing us to show how much work we’re doing on private repos, GitHub is letting us show how effective (and probably valuable) we are to our current employer or clients.

A new terrible father on 'Game of Thrones' gave the Internet daddy issues

A new terrible father on 'Game of Thrones' gave the Internet daddy issues

28 Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight Black: Electronics

Sarlar &Trade; Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Wireless Stereo Sports Earphone Studio Music Handsfree Earpiece Headphone Sweatproof for Iphone Samsung Sports/running &Gym/hiking/jogger/exercise Sweatproof Bluetooth Earbuds Earpiece Headphones Headsets/microphone with Clear Sound,aptx,cvc6.0 Noise Cancellationet,hands-free Calling,and In-ear/ Ear-canal-fit Design for Iphone 6,6plus, 5s 5c 5 4s 4, Ipods,htc One,one Mini, One Mini 2,ipad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note 2, S5 S4, S3, S2,lg Optimus,lg G3,g2,moto X,most Android Smart Phones and Tablets and Other Bluetooth-enabled Tablets (Black/green)

Grill Like a God With the Best BBQ Tech

If you’re a purist, you’re probably happy with a half dome full of charcoal, some lighter fluid, and a can of cold beer. But you’d be surprised how much the right gear and some handy gadgets can turn a basic barbecue into a gourmet fun fest. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some of the best tools for grilling, as well as some absolutely wacky additions to any outdoor party. No matter what you end up doing, please don’t roast your smartphone, though.

Isaac Newton Once Tried To Invent His Own Language

The great 17th century physicist Isaac Newton is known for many things. There’s his laws of motion and theory of gravity. Plus, the dude invented calculus, wrote a lengthy treatise about optics, and dabbled in alchemy for good measure. But few people know that as a young college student, Newton tried to invent his own universal language.


Thousands of different hardware devices, each selling around one million units, "would suggest the need for a much greater diversity of chip configurations than we've seen to date." Currently smartphones are engineered using a "System on a Chip" design where all the components are "locked into a single manufacturing process," but Derhacobian predicts chip manufacturers will continue a trend of moving towards a "System in a Package" approach -- "packing components closely together, without the complete, end-to-end integration... In a smart, connected world, sensor requirements could vary greatly from factory to factory, not to mention between industries as varied as agriculture, urban planning and automotive." "In some ways, the great trends of the PC and smartphone eras were toward standardization of devices. Apple's great vision was understanding that people prefer a beautiful, integrated package, and don't need many choices in hardware. But in software it's generally the opposite. People have different needs, and want to select the apps and programs that work best for them.

How a failed education startup turned into, the most popular app you've probably never heard of

Lately, has also seen a rising tide of demand from the traditional music industry. It's been proactive about working within the music industry — an area where a lot of startups ignore the complicated rules about legally licensing music. The company has a number of deals in places with major players in the music industry, says its president of North America, Alex Hoffman, and a third-party provider supplies the music and tracks everything to make sure the company is following the rules, he said.


Once you are ready to send your message, press the enter key. You should see the Messages app flash for a moment and send your message and then you should see it appear in the terminal.

Necessity as the mother of invention: Photos of homes in unexpected places

Iwan Baan is not as interested in what architects build as he is in the beautiful ways that people appropriate the spaces once the planners are gone. In his TED Talk , Baan — whose breathtaking image of lower Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy hangs on at least one of our walls — shows incredible images from communities thriving in ways that seem quite opposite to the uniformity of suburbs. First, Baan takes us to Chandigarh, India, where people inhabit buildings created by modernist architects Le Corbusier in very different ways than expected. Then, Baan takes us to Caracas, Venezuela, where an abandoned 45-story building has become a miniature city. From there, Baan takes us to a Nigerian slum built on water, to a community in Cairo thriving amid recycling heaps, and to an underground village in China.

How Airbnb Made Its Payments System More Accessible To Brazilians For The Rio Olympics

It also updated its site to support two local forms of payments that aren’t typical in Airbnb’s native San Francisco. The first, called Boleto, allows people who don’t have credit cards to participate in e-commerce. Instead of entering their credit card number at checkout, they print a ticket with a barcode, which they can take to a local store to pay. (Allpago processed 24% of its partners’ online payments this way last year.)

What Facebook Live and Periscope need is a waiting room

Imagine an alternative to immediately starting your Facebook Live or Periscope broadcast. You’d get a link that you could freely distribute, when typically it’s awkward or impossible to post your stream to other social networks when you’re on camera already. You could potentially set an estimated start time, or wait to begin the broadcast whenever you’re ready. There could even be an option to schedule a stream further in advance, though the platforms and people lining up to watch might worry the broadcaster would flake out.

Weird Object Falls Out of Woman's Chimney; Internet Tries to Help

There are a lot of theories as to where the #chimneyegg came from. A feasible theory suggests that it might be a bezoar stone, which are solid masses from the intestines of animals such as sheep or goats and that were used centuries ago as a poison cure-all. Twitter user lucyinglis stated that they were kept in chimneys for superstitious and pagan purposes, although I wasn’t able to confirm this elsewhere.

Comixology launches 'unlimited' subscription service, creators unpleasantly surprised

The "Netflix for comics" is available now, but only to customers in the US for the time being. Comixology has not yet revealed when the rest of the world might receive the service, although Comixology senior director of communications Chip Mosher said in an email that the company was "excited to share our love of comics worldwide and we plan to expand Comixology Unlimited in other regions in the future."

Why do chatbots suck?

What’s really surprising is that, despite all this hoopla, it’s hard to find a single chatbot that’s actually a really good product. Of course, we can wrangle over the definition of what makes a good product, but in its simplest terms, a great product would have three traits: (1) It’s simple and easy to use; (2) It works well 99 percent of the time; and (3) It removes or reduces friction in whatever it was you want it to do.

This is what it's like to grow up in the age of likes, lols and longing

She doesn’t respond, her thumb on Instagram. A Barbara Walters meme is on the screen. She scrolls, and another meme appears. Then another meme, and she closes the app. She opens BuzzFeed. There’s a story about Florida Gov. Rick Scott, which she scrolls past to get to a story about Janet Jackson, then “28 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Both British and American.” She closes it. She opens Instagram. She opens the NBA app. She shuts the screen off. She turns it back on. She opens Spotify. Opens Fitbit. She has 7,427 steps. Opens Instagram again. Opens Snapchat. She watches a sparkly rainbow flow from her friend’s mouth. She watches a YouTube star make pouty faces at the camera. She watches a tutorial on nail art. She feels the bump of the driveway and looks up. They’re home. Twelve minutes have passed.

Pope meets YouTube creators from around the world

Popes are no stranger to YouTube (Benedict XVI got a YouTube channel years ago), but Pope Francis is stepping things up a notch. He just met with 11 YouTube creators from around the world in a "first-of-its-kind" chat to share perspectives on issues of peace and tolerance, such as gender equality and immigrant rights. In the weeks ahead, each of those online video makers will produce clips sharing what they learned from the meeting. This probably won't usher in a brave new era of generosity and kindness, but we also haven't seen YouTubers get this kind of access before. At the least, it should lead to fresh perspectives on important topics.

A New Extended Promo For Dark Matter Asks You To Trust Your Instincts

The first season of Dark Matter ended with one hell of a cliffhanger : our heroes captured by the Galactic Authority, turned in by one of their own. A new extended promo for the show shows just what happens to them next.

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Go behind the scenes with 4Chan's strangest in-person meetup

ARM’s new CPU and GPU will power mobile VR in 2017

ARM, the company that designs the processor architectures used in virtually all mobile devices on the market, has used Computex Taipei 2016 to announce new products that it expects to see deployed in high-end phones next year. The Cortex-A73 CPU and Mali-G71 GPU are designed to increase performance and power efficiency, with a particular view to supporting mobile VR.

Self-driving cars will seriously disrupt advertising — here’s how

Although it might be more like 20 years before self-driving cars are the new normal, it’s important to let it sink in now that Google — the company with arguably the biggest head start in the race to put these cars on the road —  didn’t spend years investing billions in developing self-driving technology for the fun of it; it did so because it’s fundamentally an advertising company. Its leadership clearly understood that if a company could free people from driving, it would have access to more of consumers’ time to look at content and even ads. The average commute among Americans is a total of 50 minutes per day , so that likely means a significant boost to Google’s bottom line, and to the rest of the mobile ad industry.

Gilly got a 'Pretty Woman' moment on this week's 'Game of Thrones'

One of which had to be when Gilly got to meet Sam's family at the good castle Tarly. It was a tense dinner, not unlike many Thanksgivings. But Gilly let her hair down and took off her wildling glasses, and turned it into a scene straight out of Pretty Woman .

Nvidia: Our software is about building a ‘platform’

Nvidia sees itself as a platform company, according to GeForce head of marketing Matt Wuebbling. And he explained how that vision drives the company to focus on making useful, competent software that complements its chips. Nvidia, according to Wuebbling, isn’t a hardware vendor — instead, the company is developing an ecosystem that comprises software and services as well. For Nvidia, building the entirety of a platform is crucial to creating the best experience for its customers even if that means annoying PC gamers who prefer competing cards.

ARM prepares for VR in 2017's phones with new chips

Come next year, ARM has one major theme in mind for its next batch of mobile processors: virtual reality. Its new Cortex-A73 chip and Mali-G71 GPU are, naturally, faster than its current lineup. But more so than the past few years, where incremental improvements were enough, ARM sees VR as the ideal goalpost for its chips. The new Mali chip, for example, will be able to push up 4K screens with refresh rates of up to 120Hz (90Hz is the bare minimum for decent VR). And both new processors will also be easier on battery life, which means you'll be able to stay jacked into virtual worlds for much longer.

Playing by ‘startup rules’ almost killed my digital health startup

In the digital world, the three startup growth mantras we hear are, “move fast and break things,” “release products early and often,” and “sales overcome all problems.” They’ve become accepted truths. They’ve scaled massive innovation, created an abundance of wealth, and made significant contributions to society across various venture-funded tech sectors.

Let’s be clear: Tesla’s Autopilot is not a ‘self-driving car’

It can steer a car through traffic, and execute passing maneuvers with no involvement from the driver other than a flick of a turn-signal stalk. But while it does enable some autonomous driving, Autopilot does not turn a Tesla Model S or Model X into a self-driving car.

51 Iran orders messaging app makers to store data inside the country
52 Tesla's Gigafactory sets grand opening for July 29th
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69 Watch This Cheetah Run With a GoPro On Its Back
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75 Alphabet's Eric Schmidt Says Samsung is Better Even as he Uses an iPhone
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78 I defeated a long-broken fridge and became a household hero through 3D printing
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80 The First Four Things You Should Do Every Workday
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82 Forget the Starks: The best part of 'Game of Thrones' is House Greyjoy
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85 Technological innovation is often simply an innovation in how we think about technology
86 Gene editing can now change an entire species -- forever
87 How to change the DNS server on your iPhone and iPad
88 Thanks to virtual reality, could backpack PCs become a trend? | ZDNet
89 Reg Saddler on Twitter
90 Snapchat said to raise $200M for $20B valuation