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Netflix & Marvel's The Defenders gets a smashing trailer

Netflix just released the official trailer for its version of a watershed Avengers team-up: The Defenders. If you watch nothing else this morning, watch this: “We're hunting for awesome startups” Run an early-stage company? We're inviting 250 to exhibit at TNW Conference and pitch on stage! CHECK IT OUT Try to imagine me squealing and quivering with glee …

Nissan’s Faraday cage armrest is the abstinence of mobile driving distraction

Nissan has released details of a new prototype it designed to help drivers keep their mind on the super dangerous and highly complicated task of driving,..

Hulu officially launches its live TV service at $39.99 per month

Hulu is officially launching the beta version of its live TV product today, offering access to more than 50 channels for $39.99 per month. Those channels..

Urgent memo to DNC staffers: Don’t open that Google Doc someone just shared with you

If you get an email invitation this afternoon from someone sharing a Google doc, don't open it! It's very possible it

Dolphins prove they're the coolest animals alive by hydroplaning on the shore

Watch these guys go!

This Play Features Law Enforcement Officers Performing The Words Of Undocumented Immigrants

Do You Know Who I Am? is the theatrical antidote to Trump’s “immigrants are criminals” rhetoric.

Dramatic dashcam footage captures plane crashing in fireball

Commentary: No one is seriously hurt after a blazing plane crashes on a road in Washington state.

Inside Domino’s Idea To Top Its Pizza Tracker With IFTTT Tech

Crispin Porter + Bogusky creative directors talk IFTTT, pizza tech ideas, and the balance between meeting and exceeding our expectations.

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Beware phishing emails posing as Google Docs invites (updated)

If you received an out-of-the-blue email purporting to share a Google Docs file, you're not alone -- and whatever you do, don't click the link inside. Many people online, including more than a few journalists , have been bombarded with phishing emails (currently from a account) that try to trick you into opening a fake Google Docs link. If you click through and grant a bogus "Google Docs" app access to your Google account, the perpetrators can get into your email. And of course, havoc follows after that -- the app spams email to everyone you've ever messaged, and bypasses Google's usual login alerts (including for two-factor authentication).

Tim Cook says Apple will start $1B fund to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in US

Tim Cook says Apple will start $1B fund to promote advanced manufacturing jobs in US and announce the first investment later this month

Qualcomm seeks to block US iPhone imports - report

As a part of the legal battle between the two firms, Qualcomm is reportedly looking to secure a ban on Apple's U.S. iPhone imports — a move that would financially devastate the Cupertino tech giant if successful.

Facebook beats across the board with $8 billion revenue and closes in on 2 billion users

All eyes are on what Facebook has cautioned to be a "meaningful" slowdown in revenue growth this year as it reaches the limit of the number of ads it can show in the News Feed. Luckily, the company is starting to ramp up with Instagram and video ads, which Wall Street sees as two key growth drivers.

Facebook Hiring 3,000 People to Monitor Live Video for Violence

Facebook doesn’t just want to remove disturbing videos. It wants to prevent the violence from occurring and make people safer, Zuckerberg said. Earlier this year, the CEO wrote a letter to users pledging to will take responsibility for Facebook’s impact on its community of almost 2 billion users, whether through the spread of misinformation or civic engagement. That’s a shift from Facebook’s earlier stance of being a neutral platform for its content.

Facebook approaches 2 billion users

Facebook, founded 13 years ago, is expected to hit 2bn users in the coming weeks. The company’s figures showed that as well as more people signing up, they are also using the social network more often, with two thirds of its users now log in once a day.

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Tesla boosts sales and revenue ahead of Model 3 release

Speaking of Model 3, Tesla says production is still on-target, set to begin in July. By the end of 2017, Tesla promises to be producing 5,000 of the $35,000 sedans per week, doubling that by the end of 2018. The company is also making significant expansions of its service centers to handle the anticipated load. With 30 percent more service centers globally, and with centers themselves getting bigger, getting your Tesla serviced should soon be a lot easier than it is today.

Cleveland Browns get ready to WHOOP it up

Campbell believes that taking care of his body is extremely important. At 24 years of age, this third-year pro’s role may continue to grow with the Browns.  The 5-foot-11, 208-pound strong safety puts a lot of focus on working out and staying in shape, which is why his interest in technology revolves around devices that help him to better recover.

WhatsApp is down

According to hundreds of users on Twitter, the outage seems to have started around 30 minutes ago, and there’s no word (yet) as to when it might return. DownDetector shows the platform being down in the areas its most widely used, such as across Europe, and in parts of Latin America including Brazil.

Who exactly is Microsoft's new $999 Surface Laptop for?

Does that mean there's a new fifth-generation Surface Pro on the way soon? "When it's meaningful and the change is right, we'll put it on market," he said of the still-hypothetical next Surface Pro. "Meaningful change isn't necessarily a hardware change, which is what a lot of people look for. They're like, 'Where's the latest processor?' That's not what I mean. I'm looking for an experiential change that makes a huge difference in product line." Examples he cites include making big strides in battery life or dropping the weight significantly, rather than just upgrading the processing power.

WhatsApp’s Status feature now has more daily users than Snapchat

The popularity of WhatsApp Status has been hard to gauge for US-based journalists, since the app is much more popular overseas. Given that relatively few international users had been exposed to the stories format before, it seemed reasonable that it could prove popular in WhatsApp. Facebook’s announcement today during an earnings call confirms that, for now at least, it appears to be working.

Facebook reactions have now infiltrated comments

Unlike the implementation on posts and Messenger, the emoji seem to crowd and overlap a bit especially as more reactions are added. To add a reaction, just hover over the Like button and see your default options of six. Unlike the Messenger’s mobile implementation, there is no animation after you click a reaction button.

What businesses can learn about process design from the United Airlines incident - TechRepublic

Much of the attention paid to the United incident is because we've all experienced air travel, and the associated stress and low-quality experience, where it seems like we're treated as animals herded into a railcar rather than paying customers. Intriguingly, one can't help marvel at the tens of thousands of processes and systems that must be successfully executed to get an aircraft from one location to another with a high degree of safety. While airlines should be lauded for this process excellence, it seems they've forgotten about the customer side of the equation, as one incident has undone all manner of expensive operational and systems investments. Take heed of this lesson and recognize that even the best processes and systems won't make your company successful if you ultimately brutalize even a single customer.

This 'Wonder Woman' homemade trailer might as well be the official movie trailer

The Sword of Athena made out of cardboard? The Lasso of Truth is Christmas lights? This must be Homemade Wonder Woman! In this DIY, shot-for-shot remake of the Wonder Woman trailer, our hero uses her super powers to smash through cardboard windows, slash plastic container towers, and summon 2D lighting!

Sprint's free plug-and-play small cell Magic Box boosts data signal inside your office - TechRepublic

In addition to improving coverage, Sprint said that the unit will boost download and upload speeds by 200% on average. Using a technology called LTE User Equipment (UE) Relay, which is traditionally used for wireless backhaul, the Magic Box establishes a more efficient connection to the Sprint network on its 2.5 GHz or 1.9 GHz spectrum. Using the 2.5 GHz channels, the unit can also improve network efficiency by cutting down on noise and interference, the post said.

How an AI 'super expert' will predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby - TechRepublic

How was this unlikely partnership born? In 2016, I met the founder of Unanimous A.I., Louis Rosenberg, at an AI conference. Before the Kentucky Derby last year, I asked Unanimous A.I. if they could use the platform to predict the Derby. Despite the unpredictability of horse races, the company took on the challenge—and TechRepublic published the results the day before the race. The swarm nailed the superfecta—top four horses in order—beating 540-1 odds. (I had placed a $1 bet on the race, returning a $541.10 ticket).

LG's giant 42.5" monitor is a productivity monster, squeezes four screens on one display - TechRepublic

Many of the features on the new 43UD79-B monitor will appeal to gamers, and that segment is specifically pointed out by LG in its press release. However, the potential for multiple screens could have a huge draw for professionals working in finance and data science, for example, who often need easy access to multiple screens at one time. LG also said in its release that the monitor is recommended for professionals in "various fields" and would make a good tool for multitasking.

All the Secrets Unlocked by the Dark Tower Trailer

For obvious reasons, the trailer features a lot of Roland’s gunslinging skills. I would note the blue in the background which matches the beams that hold up the Tower. (The Tower is the center of creation and it keeps everything from falling into hell. The six beams—in the book they’re only seen by their “effects,” but they’re literal energy beams in the movie—keep it up. The Man in Black wants the Tower destroyed, Roland does not.)

Tesla Assures Model 3 on Time as Musk's Cash Burn Continues

Tesla Inc. assured investors its highly anticipated Model 3 sedan is on track to begin production, mitigating concerns that the carmaker led by Elon Musk is burning through more cash to bring the vehicle to market.

21 Hulu's live TV service is here to take on cable and Netflix

In addition to catching on-air television, the base package for Hulu's live TV offering also includes full access to Hulu's standard streaming service (which typically runs $7.99/month, if subscribed separately), 50 hours of DVR storage, and up to two simultaneous screens per account. 

Waymo has 'no smoking gun' in Uber self driving car case: U.S. judge

SAN FRANCISCO A U.S. judge on Wednesday said he had not seen clear evidence that Uber Technologies Inc had conspired with an engineer on its self driving car program to steal trade secrets from Alphabet Inc's ( GOOGL.O ) Waymo, and that he was wrestling with whether to issue an injunction against the ride service.

FBI director Comey backs new Feinstein push for decrypt bill

Answering questions at a Senate oversight committee hearing this morning, FBI Director James Comey has hinted at growing consensus between technology companies and intelligence agencies over the controversial issue of how to access encrypted data.

Facebook Reports First Quarter 2017 Results

This press release contains forward-looking statements regarding our future business expectations, which are subject to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements are only predictions and may differ materially from actual results due to a variety of factors including: our ability to retain or increase users and engagement levels; our reliance on advertising revenue; our dependency on mobile operating systems, networks, and standards that we do not control; risks associated with new product development and their introduction as well as other new business initiatives; our emphasis on user growth and engagement and the user experience over short-term financial results; competition; litigation; privacy and regulatory concerns; risks associated with acquisitions; security breaches; and our ability to manage growth and geographically-dispersed operations. These and other potential risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ from the results predicted are more fully detailed under the caption "Risk Factors" in our Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the SEC on February 3, 2017 , which is available on our Investor Relations website at investor.

Google just accused Uber of creating a fake, shell company with its former engineer in order to steal its tech

The hearing on Wednesday marked the opening round of a legal battle between two of Silicon Valley's tech superpowers, each trying to establish supremacy in the nascent market for self-driving-car technology. At stake is a market that could one day be worth tens of billions of dollars, upending everything from the automotive industry to the fast-growing ride-hailing business that Uber has pioneered to become the world's most valuable private tech company.

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Tableau Q1 mixed as customers adopt subscription pricing | ZDNet

While higher ratable mix therefore impact our near-term revenue growth, it speaks to the strong customer demand and longer term revenue potential of our subscription offering. We do our jobs and retain our customers. This should generate strong results over the long term. More and more organizations are demanding subscription purchasing options for all of their software and data analytics is no different.

WhatsApp faces worldwide outage, says is fixing it

WhatsApp suffered a widespread global outage on Wednesday and was working to fix it as soon as possible, the Facebook Inc messaging service said.

The New Jean Grey Comic Wants to Show She's More Than Just an X-Man, Love Interest, or Phoenix Host

Jean Grey is one of those comic book characters that people either unabashedly love or despise with a burning passion. She’s been the focal point of some of Marvel’s most convoluted, retcon-packed storylines and after over 50 years of saving the world, she’s finally getting a chance to be a three-dimensional person in her own solo series.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the Apple Watch helped him lose 30 pounds

Because it motivates you, and it constantly gives you feedback, it constantly gives you rewards. And this makes a difference over time. And I'm getting calls and letters from so many people where the watch has made a difference in their life. And this is why we are in business. We're in business to help people achieve their objectives, to empower them to do great things.

FBI Boss Comey Finally Explains His Infamous Clinton Letter

Despite the candor, Clinton supporters will no doubt still condemn Comey’s decision. His comments didn’t address the argument that the bureau should have at least looked into whether there was anything nefarious in the new trove of emails (there wasn’t), before stoking speculation. Comey also continues to draw scorn from the “lock her up” wing of the Republican party, including most notably President Trump, who tweeted just last night that the FBI gave Clinton a “free pass.”

Google fortifies Gmail on Android to battle phishing attacks

The update is rolling out gradually, so it should be on your device within a matter of days from now. We’ve contacted Google to find out about the status of this feature on iOS and will update this post if there’s a response.

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A Mysterious Box Causes Curiosity and Chaos in This Clever Stop-Motion Short

Stop-motion animator Kevin Parry now works at Laika, where he helped make Kubo and the Two Strings and The Boxtrolls . The film that got him the gig: student film The Arctic Circle . Guided by silent movie-style titles, it observes a man whose solitary life takes a sudden turn when he makes a strange discovery.

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

The Nest Cam Outdoor is essentially the same camera as its popular indoor model, but with a weatherproof enclosure and power cord. Otherwise it's pretty much identical in features—it uses Wi-Fi to send a full-time video signal (up to 1080p) you can monitor via the Web or mobile apps. It also provides alerts for motion (in zones you set) or audio. Pay for the Nest Aware subscription and you'll get days of video stored online that turn into clips you can watch whenever you like.

Ecobee's Alexa thermostat is essentially a wall-mounted Echo

If you're Ecobee and you have to compete against an Alphabet-backed heavyweight like Nest in the smart home space, what do you do? Simple: add built-in voice control that Nest can't currently match. The new Ecobee4 thermostat incorporates Amazon's Alexa . That gives you hands-off control over your home's climate, of course (such as saying when you're away), but it also turns your thermostat into a sort of wall-mounted Echo -- you can use just about any Alexa skill that makes sense. If you want to set a reminder or fetch a recipe , you might not need a separate device.

Acer Leap Ware enters the smartwatch market - ReadWrite

With the sudden increase in fitness smartwatches, primarily driven by Google’s Android Wear smartwatch software, the market has seen a big surge in wearables. And Acer Leap Ware is one of the newest watches to look at for your wrist.

How PwC’s Tim Ryan Creates Trust-Based Leadership

Ryan is still “getting used to the fact that people view you differently [as CEO]. I understand why they do, but I don’t want to be treated that way.”  In turn, he has had to learn to really trust his team and not solve all the important problems for key clients himself.  “I’m a big believer in what I call trust-based leadership,” a term he coined to describe his belief that “the more empowerment I can put in other people’s hands the better.”

How to add printing services in Android - TechRepublic

Although this feature has been around for a while, in some instances of Android, the Printing option has moved. Open up Settings and, if you don't find Printing listed, tap on Advanced. There it is. Tap Printing and then tap ADD SERVICE. This will open the Google Play Store with a listing of all the available printer services. Scroll through the list until you find the app that matches your printer. Tap that app and then tap INSTALL. Allow the installation to complete and then back up to Settings | Printing (or Settings | Advanced | Printing). At this point you can configure the printer. Depending on the printer, the available options will vary. In some cases, there is only On or Off. In some cases, such as the Samsung printer service, tap the menu button and then tap Add printer. From the next window, tap ADD PRINTER, give the printer a name, enter its IP address, and tap OK. You should now be able to print to this particular printer. Each printer setup will vary, but will complete with a working printer.

Does big data today keep the doctors away?

There’s a small cadre of highly skilled big data professionals and doctors who are leveraging technology to help you live a longer, healthier life. Armed with mountains of government-funded genomic data sets along with mature and easily accessible analytics tools, these technicians and doctors are building apps, tools, and systems which can help you diagnose and treat illnesses ranging from common to catastrophic.

Snapchat Keeps Unique Daily Audience Against Instagram Challenge

But Snapchat can still say it has a unique offering, according to App Annie. The app data firm measured user behavior during the fourth quarter and said that on an average day, 35 percent of Snapchat’s daily users in the U.S. aren’t reachable on Facebook that same day, and 46 percent can’t be found on Instagram. About 61 percent of Snapchat’s fans aren’t watching YouTube on a given day, either. Snap said it had 60 million daily active users in the fourth quarter in the U.S. and Canada.

A Dangerously Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Spreading Like Crazy [Updated]

On Wednesday afternoon, countless unsuspecting email users—including reporters from BuzzFeed, Hearst, New York Magazine, Vice, as well as your friends here at Gizmodo Media—received some seemingly legit invites to view a Google Docs file. The email doesn’t look quite right, but anyone who clicks through arrives at a login screen that looks almost indistinguishable from the same screen you’d see if someone actually invited you to a Google Doc. It’s the one with a list of your Google Accounts, and it even matches Google’s recent redesign.

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Windows 10 S is the new Windows RT. It will be a joke, everyone will upgrade to Pro during the free period to run REAL applications.

Dare you look at the travesty that is this watermelon recipe video?

First, chef James Briscione cuts the watermelon into cubes. Weird, but efficient. Then, he chops off the rind and sticks a skewer into each piece. Seems unnecessary, but sure. Next, he sprinkles the melon with salt. Sweet and savory — hell yeah! Finally, he finishes the dish off with a generous dusting of taco seasoning.

The Struggle Is Surreal For a Student Who Can't Stay Awake in This Animated Short

We’ve all been there—midway through a boring lesson or meeting, maybe after a late night or not enough caffeine, the simple task of staying awake becomes a mighty struggle. Seoro Oh’s Afternoon Class , about a student’s failing efforts to just keep his eyes open, has a lot of weird fun with this scenario.

6 ways that IoT is reshaping today’s insurance proposition

#2: Minimize or avoid potential claims – IoT devices can not only detect an incident but also initiate an automated response to minimize the cost of a claim. For example, sensors that detect a property flood caused by an appliance failure or pipe burst can be linked to IoT-based actuators that will shut off water and electricity supplies to minimize any damage, even if the home owner is not present. IoT can also be used to preemptively avoid the need for a claim entirely. Sensors could detect abnormal temperature or voltage levels in machinery used by a small business to provide advanced warning of a future failure and thus avoid unexpected breaks in production, spoiled raw materials, or costly equipment repairs.

Google’s home solar panel estimates launch in Germany

Because Google is partnering with an energy company for Sunroof’s launch in Germany, the tool works a little bit differently than it does in the US. Rather than providing visitors with the contact information for a number of solar panel providers that could offer installation, German homeowners will be directed to go straight through E.on, instead of being presented with multiple options.

Obama’s VR tour of the White House almost makes those stupid headsets worth it

In the film, the former President and First Lady take you around the White House, explaining the history and purpose of individual rooms. Viewers are given a close look at otherwise-private spaces in the First Residence.

American Airlines Plans to Squeeze You In Even Tighter

American’s effort marks the latest push by U.S. airlines to cram more passengers onto each plane by using new, slimmer seat designs that are supposed to maximize room for a passenger’s knees even as rows move closer together. America’s newest contribution to the so-called densification trend will begin in the third quarter when the carrier takes delivery of its first 737 Max planes.

This prototype device can detect health problems by the way you walk

Created by a team at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the WiGait is a wall-mounted, router-like device designed to help monitor a user’s health by the way they move. It tracks your speed and the length of your stride when you walk, and is capable of differentiating walking from other activities which require movement.

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