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Ringling Bros. will broadcast its final circus on Facebook Live

After retiring its elephants from its touring show, the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced in January that it would be shutting down in May. The circus’s final show will take place...

HTC’s sapphire U Ultra is more scratch resistant than any iPhone or Galaxy phone

Imagine a world without screen protectors.

'Twin Peaks' teaser FINALLY shows us some new footage from the Showtime revival

Agent Cooper is back and looking damn fine.

A scrambling lizard set to Dragonforce is exactly the entertainment we need

Know lizard shitpost, know peace.

This DIY Google Home uses Raspberry Pi and cardboard to make the magic happen

Want a Google Home but would rather prioritize cost savings over fit and finish? Getting the latest issue of the officially magazine of Raspberry Pi, the..

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Darwin Award 🔞 on Twitter

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Acer Leap Ware enters the smartwatch market - ReadWrite

With the sudden increase in fitness smartwatches, primarily driven by Google’s Android Wear smartwatch software, the market has seen a big surge in wearables. And Acer Leap Ware is one of the newest watches to look at for your wrist.

Facebook shuts down its Oculus Story Studio team

Oculus VR content boss Jason Rubin revealed today that the company is closing its internal Oculus Story Studio, which is the division that worked on non-interactive 360-degree short films for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets. Story Studio is likely best known for the Henry short that tells the story of a spiky hedgehog that likes to hug people despite this prickly parts. Now, instead of building that kind of content itself, Oculus and parent company Facebook will look externally for similar projects.

'Game of Thrones' set to rule HBO forever with four new shows

"We've closed deals for four very talented writers to each explore different time periods of George R. R. Martin's vast and rich universe," HBO said in a statement. "There is no set timetable for these projects. We'll take as much or as little time as the writers need and, as with all our development, we will evaluate what we have when the scripts are in."

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Apple will invest $1 billion in U.S. manufacturing, CEO Tim Cook says

Families of San Bernardino shooting sue Facebook, Google, Twitter

LOS ANGELES Family members of three victims of the December 2015 shooting rampage in San Bernardino, California, have sued Facebook, Google and Twitter, claiming that the companies permitted Islamic State to flourish on social media.

Brave Americans to Congress: 'I am a pre-existing condition'

That totally guts protections for people with pre-existing conditions—which can include anything from heart problems to cancer to depression to being sexually assaulted. To health insurance companies, those people are a financial loss, which is why they could be denied coverage if the bill passes the Senate and is signed by the president.

Verizon acquires Renovo to build on self-driving offerings

According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon just slapped down $10 million on Renovo Auto, the autonomous vehicle startup that became famous after turning a vintage DeLorean into a self-driving vehicle.

Why Qualcomm Wants to Ban Apple's iPhones

Incensed over Apple's decision to stop paying it billions of dollars in licensing fee, Qualcomm plans to retaliate by asking a U.S. trade agency to ban the imports of iPhones. Bloomberg's Ramy Inocencio reports on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)

Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon?

The company was also hesitant to let outside sellers list their wares on This “marketplace” idea generates half of Amazon’s unit sales. It also creates a prodigious amount of unseen internal conflict, since Amazon employees have to compete with third-party sellers who are pursuing the same buyers. But the company tolerates and even encourages the tension because choice and price competition are good for customers. Wal-Mart, accustomed to dominating its relationship with brands and showing its entire assortment in its massive stores, was reluctant to foster such competition, and it didn’t have the technological chops to support an expansive marketplace. Instead of focusing on increasing online selection, Wal-Mart kept building supercenters—more than 700 from 2010 to 2016 in the U.S. alone. only started adding third-party sellers in 2015, and though it now has more than 40 million products in its marketplace—Toms canvas shoes, Rebecca Minkoff satchels, and other stuff it doesn’t sell in stores—the number is small compared with the 350 million or so items available on Amazon.

Uber is now facing a criminal investigation, report says

Uber received a subpoena from a Northern California grand jury seeking documents concerning how the software tool functioned and where it was deployed, one person familiar with the request said. That indicates a criminal investigation is underway. The second source confirmed that was the case.

Why the Google Docs scam was a different kind of phishing

With OAuth exploits, as in the case of the Google Docs scam, accounts can be hijacked without the user typing in anything. In the Google Docs scheme, the attacker created a fake version of Google Docs, and asked for permission to read, write and access the victim's emails.

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Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi launches commercially in India

As James Beldock, Facebook’s product manager for Express Wi-Fi, told me, the idea behind this project was always to create an entrepreneurial grassroots base for the service. That means Airtel and its other ISP partners will continue this work with local entrepreneurs who want to resell internet access to their communities. “Our strategy has always been that these programs work if they are financially sustainable for the partners we work with,” Beldock told me, and added that while Facebook provides the software, it’s the ISPs and their partners that decide what to charge, for example. “Facebook’s strategy is to enable partners to make connectivity at scale sustainable, not to dictate pricing.”

What the Hell Is Marvel's Inhumans Doing About Medusa's Wig Situation?

Today, we got our first look at the royal family of Marvel’s upcoming Inhumans TV series. We saw Black Bolt grimacing without his mask, Maximus looking suspiciously like Ramsay Bolton, and of course, we saw Queen Medusa. Wearing what looks like a Party City wig. Marvel, what the fuck is going on?

Apple Steps Up Its Effort to Emphasize Its Economic Impact

Since 2014, Apple has issued a series of reports intended to underscore its contributions to U.S. jobs and economic growth. Its first report came after years of complaints about labor practices and suicides at Foxconn, one of the company's major contractors in China, drew more attention to Apple's reliance on overseas factories. Apple to also issues a separate "supplier responsibility" report reviewing the labor conditions in those facilities.

Another Group of Google Veterans Starts a Self-Driving Technology Company

A diaspora of autonomous driving entrepreneurs from Google has spread throughout Silicon Valley. Google X founder Sebastian Thrun just spun an autonomous car startup out of his online learning company Udacity. Top engineers Chris Urmson and Bryan Salesky have set up companies called Aurora Innovation and Argo AI, respectively. Another engineer, Anthony Levandowski, is the focus of an embittered legal battle between his former employer Alphabet and Uber over allegations that he stole intellectual property from the search giant when he left to form his startup, Otto.

How to avoid the devious Google Docs phishing frenzy hitting Gmail users everywhere - TechRepublic

A phishing attack has recently started showing up in the inbox of Gmail users, attempting to convince them that one of their contacts is sharing a Google Doc with them. The attack is especially heinous, as the shared link appears to come from a known contact—maybe even someone you email regularly.

Gadgets with Gurman: Everything About the Surface Laptop

Gadgets with Gurman is a live webcast hosted by Bloomberg Technology's consumer tech reporter Mark Gurman. This week, Mark gets first access to Microsoft's Surface Laptop. He'll walk through the top features, offer pro tips and take questions from the audience. Watch every Wednesday on, Facebook and Twitter. (Source: Bloomberg)

How to work with remote filesystems using sshfs - TechRepublic

Linux is one of the most flexible platforms on the market. If you have a need to do something, with Linux you can do it. Take, for instance, the ability to securely mount remote file systems and work with them on a local machine. Although this feature isn't built into the operating system by default, it can easily be added with sshfs.

Google and Facebook’s Idealistic Futures Are Built on Ads

Google and Facebook both pursue lofty ideals and champion hopeful aspirations. But there remains a fracture between their inventive side and the motivations of their core business. Google may want to cure death, and Facebook may want to bring an epic virtual reality to life. It’s just that along the way, the companies would really like to make sure that you’re online as much as possible and that their algorithms know as much as possible about you, so they can sell you more stuff. This is the first time engineers—paid for by advertising—have risen to such a crucial role in our future. “Nerds never had such power before,” Harari says. “On the whole, I think humanity is much better off in the hands of nerds than in the hands of the Genghis Khans and the Napoleons. Yet there are dangers inherent in nerd power, too.”

Caffeinated bagels are making us so excited, we just can’t hide it

"The second facet of this story and most worrying has to do with the de-coupling from what the passenger pays and the driver receives (and to be fair, this is also a practice that Lyft has taken to). Uber drivers are independent contractors yet it's becoming more and more difficult to figure out how we're paid. If Uber is going to claim that they're merely a 'technology platform that connects drivers and riders', they should act like it. I appreciate them facilitating payment but I don't want them charging the passenger one price and then paying me another price. As a driver, I should always know exactly what the passenger paid, what I got paid and what Uber's cut was – that's how a marketplace works."

This Guilt-Free Ice Cream Is a Cult Hit, Thanks to Instagram

“Part of it is fun,” said Kyle Lowry, 34, from Tulsa, Okla. “It's like, when are they going to have it, and what flavors are they going to have?” She and her sister, Kara, use Instagram to document the meals on their Weight Watchers diet. When they discovered Halo Top counted for only a handful of the program’s points, they would head out on excursions just to find pints, often leaving stores empty handed.

Here’s what’s in the GOP health care bill that just passed the House

The Daily Mail  reports that Ivanka received advice from the Office of Government Ethics that she could use her personal social media accounts to promote her book. However, the ethical line here is very blurry, since the Trump family has not divested from their business interests: it is impossible to determine how much their current high-profile political roles are boosting their ability to make money from the many tentacles of their brand, from Ivanka's clothing line to the family's hotels. 

10 more quick tips to make Linux networking easier - TechRepublic

You might be inclined to set up NFS to local file sharing. Don't. The NFS system requires you to have far too many ports open on your desktop or server. Instead, go with the considerably more powerful Samba. With Samba, you only are required to have a bare minimum of ports open, so security isn't nearly as big an issue. In fact, Samba runs on TCP ports 139 and 445 and UDP ports 137 and 138. For NFS you'll need UDP ports 111, 1039, 1047, 1048 and 2049 and TCP ports 111, 1039, 1047, 1048 and 2049. Why open up the security holes when Samba does an exponentially better job of sharing files across a network (plus it works great with other platforms and can connect to Active Directory).

Raspberry Pi: This Google kit will turn your Pi into a voice-controlled digital assistant | ZDNet

Voice-powered assistants like Google Home (and Amazon's Echo) are among the hottest technology trends, and tech companies are trying to get their own particular technologies adopted as widely as possible. Encouraging Raspberry Pi tinkerers to adopt Google's technology would be a big win considering that over ten million of the devices have been sold already, and they are being used as the computing power behind a number of gadgets.

Exclusive: Uber faces criminal probe over software used to evade authorities

SAN FRANCISCO The U.S. Department of Justice has begun a criminal investigation into Uber Technologies Inc's use of a software tool that helped its drivers evade local transportation regulators, two sources familiar with the situation said.

TV shows are coming soon to Snapchat | Cult of Mac

Following the lead of Amazon and Twitter, Snapchat reportedly plans to start showing vertical short films in its app. Only instead of doing all the work on its own, the company is inking deals with some of the biggest names in media.

Apple updates its analytics service with new metrics showing how apps get discovered

Apple yesterday updated its App Analytics service for mobile app developers on iTunes Connect, which will now offer more detail on how users found an app – whether through browsing or searching the App Store, or if they were referred by way of another app or a website. The updates could help developers better understand how keyword changes affect their search ranking on the App Store, or figure out if it’s better to be ranked higher in the charts than it is in search, among other things.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Will Open in the US on April 22, 2018

The real magic in this situation, however, will be actually be getting your hands on tickets. We still don’t know when they will go on sale—but they’re sure to go fast, since the play appeals not only to Potter fans, but also general theater fans, since The Cursed Child won a bunch of awards in England.

Supportive teacher uses Twitter to show creative student how talented she is

The choice to show support for her in this way was driven by the fact the his students are growing up in the digital age. Mensah explained, "Teenagers these days live in the social media age. As much as we hate it, that stuff matters to them. So that's the tool I used. I figured if she got a couple of thousand retweets I'd make her smile, build some confidence, bring her some joy. I just wanted her to recognize the talent she has and be proud of it. I wish someone had done that for me at her age."

Exclusive: Uber faces criminal probe over software used to evade authorities

SAN FRANCISCO The U.S. Department of Justice has begun a criminal investigation into Uber Technologies Inc's use of a software tool that helped its drivers evade local transportation regulators, two sources familiar with the situation said.

How to Get Your Friends to Go Along With a Bad Idea

Sometimes you have a really bad idea, but you need friends to help you pull it off. Maybe it’s something that will benefit you but not them; or maybe you’ve all talked yourself into believing that this obviously stupid idea has some kind of upside.

Billboards target lawmakers who voted to let ISPs sell user information

The group unveiled four billboards, targeting Reps. Marsha Blackburn and John Rutherford, as well as Sens. Jeff Flake and Dean Heller. All four billboards, which were paid for through donations, were placed in the lawmakers’ districts. “Congress voting to gut Internet privacy was one of the most blatant displays of corruption in recent history,” Fight for the Future co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng said in a statement on the project.

Google Reaches $333 Million Tax Settlement in Italy

ROME—Alphabet Inc.’s Google has agreed to pay around €306 million ($333 million) in back taxes in Italy, settling one of multiple legal and regulatory battles that have dogged the tech giant in Europe.

State Department plan would require some visa applicants to list social media handles

The proposal, which is posted here , is part of a larger attempt to ramp up the “extreme vetting” that President Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail. In addition to social media details, it would add requirements to list the names and dates of birth for siblings. And it would require applicants to list biographical details like addresses and travel histories for longer periods of time — up to 15 years back.

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Most US households have given up landlines for cellphones

The figures, based on a telephone poll of nearly 20,000 households, show just how quickly Americans have abandoned landlines. Just 10 years ago, only about 15 percent of households were wireless only. But the number has risen sharply as smartphones became more prominent, and it looks like the wireless-only homes are bound to keep growing.

A Beautiful, Terrifying Guide To The World’s Man-Made Plants And Animals

Fish aren’t the only genetically modified animals in the book–Renhui also highlights artificial grapes made of gelatin, grape flavor, and food coloring that have been mistaken for real ones in Chinese roadside markets. There’s an extremely overweight polar bear, who scientists believe fattened up so much because its hunting time has been so shortened due to climate change. And rhinos and elephants that have evolved with smaller tusks, or without them altogether, because poachers tend to kill both types of creatures for their valuable ivory; only tuskless animals have survived to pass on their genes.

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The Product Hunt Story: How it all began according to its founder Ryan Hoover #TNW2017

The Google Docs spam attacks played off Google’s most fundamental weakness

This is a core strategy for Google: embracing open protocols and building on top of them until it’s difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. Versions of that can be seen in almost all the company’s products, most notably Gmail, Adwords, and search, but it’s on particular display here. A company like Apple might have made a special login process for in-house products, but logging into the real Google Docs through OAuth is no different from logging into Joe’s Document Reader. When Google wants to share something, it sends you an email — not a notification or a Google+ pop-up, but an email. That makes it easier to pick and choose your Google services, but it also makes it harder to tell when you’ve ventured outside the Google garden. That confusion was what made the spam attack so effective: it looked like Google, so people trusted it.

The 5 most important features of the Samsung Chromebook Plus - TechRepublic

Like a solid utility player in baseball, the Samsung Chromebook Plus smoothly handles tasks in all sorts of situations. Need a laptop? Tilt the screen above the standard Chrome OS keyboard with touchpad, then run any Chrome OS app. Need an Android app? Go to Google Play, then search and install an app from the store. Need a tablet? Flip the screen around behind the keyboard, then navigate Chrome OS or Android apps on the touchscreen with either your fingers or the included stylus. The Chromebook Plus will also work in tent-mode, positioned upside-down in a V-shape.

YouTube is tapping Kevin Hart, Ellen DeGeneres and other big-names to make original shows

The effort to bankroll high-quality original programming for the site marks YouTube's third-attempt at playing a more direct role in shaping the content on its site and underscores the challenge of finding the right formula for success in video streaming. YouTube initially spent more than $100 million in 2011 to help launch channels anchored by big names like Madonna and ESPN. That initiative was not entirely successful, and YouTube took another shot a few years later , this time relying on home-grown YouTube stars instead of celebrities.

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Social media and smartphones have forced teen dramas to evolve

One of the best features of this genre is the built-in conclusion. Senior graduation is a mass vacuuming of people from your life. It’s a template to prepare you and teach you how to say goodbye, by uprooting dozens upon dozens of kids you’ve likely known most of your adolescent life. “Your circumstances are going to remain the same for a long time,” Hashino says of adult life. “That's why we wanted to focus on high school students, to get that precious feel."

Can a New Domain Finally Bring the Art World Into the 21st Century?

The pitch is that .art instantly creates an identity aligned with the art world; you can see plainly why Apple Inc. rushed to register and, among 36 domain names. During the preferred access period, which launched in December, more than 2,000 domains were purchased on .art by cultural organizations, as well as tech companies, luxury brands and banks., and were all snatched up. Ditto: .art domains for the Louvre, Tate and Centre Pompidou. Mega-gallery Hauser and Wirth celebrated its 25th anniversary with a special .art micro-site.

This Warhammer 40,000 Animated Short Series Is Unbelievably Gorgeous

Not only is this fan-made short series really well edited and put together, it’s got an art style quite unlike anything you’ve seen before from the grim dark future of Warhammer 40,000 's setting.

Trump said Australia's healthcare is better, and Bernie Sanders can't stop laughing

"The President has just said it. That's great. Let's take a look at the Australian healthcare system, and maybe he wants to look at the Canadian healthcare system, or systems throughout Europe. Thank you Mr. President, let us move to a Medicare for all system," a delighted Sanders told MSNBC.

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