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Goosebumps: HorrorTown promises a scarily good time on iOS | Cult of Mac

Back in my distant misspent youth, I was an enormous fan of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series of kids' horror books. Jump forward 25 years and this fond piece of nostalgia is about to make its way onto iOS -- courtesy of a new mobile game. And it actually sounds like it could be a lot of fun. Check out the trailer

Minecraft Update Aquatic Is the Last for Old Consoles

Update Aquatic will be the last content update for Minecraft on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, and PS Vita.

Ham ice cream is the newest thing that no one asked for

Nothing is sacred.

3D-printed airless bike tires deliver a 'smooth ride'

Dump the air pump. These 3D-printed flexible bicycle tires could be the future of riding.

Stephen Colbert’s Facebook dating video is the best ad Tinder could hope for

While no one knows what the new feature will look like yet, Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” gave us a sneak peak on Wednesday night’s episode anyway.

Snakebot named ground rescue robot of the year | ZDNet

Carnegie Mellon's bio-inspired disaster relief robot slithers to victory in an unusual international competition.

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Digital Trends on Twitter

The fastest way to share someone else’s Tweet with your followers is with a Retweet. Tap the icon to send it instantly.

Twitter urges users to change their passwords after finding major bug

"When you set a password for your Twitter account, we use technology that masks it so no one at the company can see it. We recently identified a bug that stored passwords unmasked in an internal log," said Twitter in a statement .

Gizmodo on Twitter

Lenovo's souped up standalone VR headset is sick, but Daydream let it down

The Verge on Twitter

Apple shutting down Texture’s Windows magazine app after acquisition …

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The only ways to travel in this week's best comics are by car or pentacorn

The Verge on Twitter

It genuinely has me worried the story will conclude with presenting the view that "Thanos Was Right, but his method was not worth the cost." as opposed to pointing out how flawed on a fundamental level it is.

Security pros: Get ready to patch for 8 new Spectre-related vulnerabilities soon

Of the eight vulnerabilities, four are rated as "high risk," while the other four are rated as "medium" by Intel. Schmidt claims that one of the vulnerabilities is a "VM escape," which would potentially allow attackers operating in a virtual machine (VM) or container to break free from those confines and gain control of the underlying hardware. Relative to the original Spectre and Meltdown disclosures, this would be relatively trivial to exploit in the wild according to Schmidt, specifically naming cloud hosting providers "such as Amazon."

8 Apple will fix bug affecting iPhone 7 and 7 Plus microphones

The document notes that in some cases the phones' speaker buttons will be greyed out and service providers should first ask customers to disconnect any Bluetooth accessories connected to their phones. If that doesn't help, they should run audio diagnostics. In the case that "device could not detect dock" or "accessory not supported" alerts come up, the service provider can repair the phone. MacRumors also reports that if the affected iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is no longer under warranty, Apple says the repair providers can request an exception for this issue.

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR lightsaber battles now let you duel a friend

The game will give each player prompts for which actions to take, such as telling one player to duck while the other player is instructed to swing. It might not be the freeform duel everyone has dreamed of since first seeing a Star Wars movie, but it will certainly test players' Jedi reflexes. 

Spy agency NSA triples collection of U.S. phone records: official...

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. National Security Agency collected 534 million records of phone calls and text messages of Americans last year, more than triple gathered in 2016, a U.S. intelligence agency report released on Friday said.

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Sous vide carnitas and eat tacos all summer long and possibly longer!

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The self-driving vehicle was not at fault in the collision. It was T-boned.

IGN Deals on Twitter

Walmart STILL has Super NES Classic in stock and they dropped the price: now listed at $79.96.

Josh Brunner on Twitter

PUBLIC ADVISORY: City of Toronto -Increasing winds due to coming storm -Some construction cranes will be left in neutral positions -They will be allowed to swing with the winds to decrease loads -This is a normal strategy to deal with high winds … ^dh

You can now easily buy movie tickets with Google Assistant

Google Assistant is gaining some new capabilities thanks to a deal with Fandango that should make ordering movie tickets a quick and easy process. Simply tell Google Assistant that you want to buy some movie tickets and you’ll see what’s playing nearby; you can dial in the specificity to find out just what’s playing at a specific theater or at which theaters a particular flick is going to be.

The IT workers of Star Wars

Sure, rebels and stormtroopers do all the dying in the Star Wars franchise, but it's the IT people who keep the Death Stars running. Here's to them; for 40 years, they've worked tirelessly...and never even gotten a medal from Princess Leia.

Microsoft rolls out Windows 10 April 2018 Update for Windows 10 IoT | ZDNet

Microsoft has made available this week its latest Windows 10 feature update (the April 2018 Update/1803) for its two Windows 10 IoT variants. The Windows 10 IoT Core version for ARM32, x86, x64 is available (as of April 30) on MSDN for download. The ISOs for Windows 10 IoT are available from this download site as of May 3.

Sorry folks, Vine isn't coming back anytime soon

There may never be a social network that can match Vine’s post-to-meme ratio again. So after Dom Hoffman, one of Vine’s co-creators promised the network would return, the web shed a collective tear of joy.

What to expect at Google I/O 2018

It's somehow already May, which means Google's I/O developer conference is right around the corner: next week, in fact. The show is once again being held in scenic Mountain View, California, and with its keynotes, sessions and musical acts, I/O feels like a developer conference with just a hint of Coachella. Personally, we're going for the hard news, and we expect a lot of it, even despite a recent, massive Google news dump. In anticipation of all that action, here's a quick primer on what we know Google has in store for I/O, along with a few things we're likely to see once the show kicks off on Tuesday.

Apple to shut down Texture's Windows app in July

In what may be a signal from its new ownership, Apple is shutting down the Windows client for magazine service Texture after June 30.

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Vine co-founder postpones successor v2 for "indefinite amount of time" …

ProBeat: We should applaud Twitter for disclosing its password hashing bug

Twitter yesterday revealed it had fixed a bug in its hashing process that saw passwords internally logged in plain text. The company asked all its users to change their Twitter passwords, and if they used that password anywhere else, to change it there too, just in case. Then, all hell broke loose.

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Ant-Man and the Wasp gets a snazzy Lego set, and more of the most amazing toys of the week

Why Google Assistant could help make Android wearables more business-friendly

This latest version of Wear OS has taken Assistant Actions and extended them to Wear OS, which makes Android watches productivity and IoT powerhouses. If you use a particular Action on your Android device or Google Home, you no longer need to go to one of those devices to find it—you can do so right from your wrist.

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Booster Gold gave Batman the worst wedding present ever

Signs you're in a codependent relationship with the Mueller investigation

Over the past two years, far too many people have developed a codependent relationship with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Their fixation is eminently understandable. Like him or not, that sullen piece of limestone rock is the only person capable of saving us from President Trump/nuclear holocaust.

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One of M'Baku's best moments in Black Panther was improvised

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Some of these toys are louder than a vacuum cleaner and can damage your kid's hearing:

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America's shittiest concert ticket company wants to collect your face data

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Doctors remove 132-pound nightmare tumor from Connecticut woman's abdomen

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Google News is getting a revamp with more video and faster load times …

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No, a study didn't just prove that cellphones cause brain cancer

Razer’s new mouse is built for budget gaming

If you do a lot of gaming on your Mac or PC, a $10 mouse from Walmart isn’t going to cut it. But that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank on something super-fancy, either.

Overcast is the best podcast app [Cult of Mac's Essential iOS Apps #9]

If you love podcasts, and want to up your listening game, you need to try Overcast. With support for all the best podcast player features, and its own little bag of tricks, Overcast is the perfect way to take your listening experience to 11. It’s the best podcast app out there.

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Soon you may not have to wait six weeks for a postpartum doctor visit:

Can humans get a handle on AI? | ZDNet

At the conference, we didn't find any speakers introducing the issue of when enough data is enough, but a presentation from Greg Zaharchuk , associate radiology professor at Stanford University, provided hints that successful AI might not always require seemingly infinite torrents of data. In this case, it was the need to optimize the use of medical imaging, especially CT or MRI scans which insurers and patients alike prefer to minimize because the treatments are costly and unpleasant. And so, you get that cloudy CT image of blood flow into the brain that's a symptom of data sparcity. Ideally, it would be better to either send the patient in for another or a longer scan, but that's not practical: it's too unpleasant for the patient and costly for the insurer to get, literally, picture perfect.

Live Nation to roll out facial recognition at events, and we're not cheering

In a world where ICE deportations and Muslim bans are the reality, the proliferation of facial recognition technology at the places people just go to have fun and let their guards down might not be cause for celebration. Mashable has reached out to Live Nation to ask whether it would comply with requests from law enforcement to use the software, and will update this when and if we hear back.

38 ‘I had to guard an empty room’: the rise of the pointless job

“I work in a college dormitory during the summer. I have worked at this job for three years, and at this point it is still unclear to me what my actual duties are. Primarily, it seems that my job consists of physically occupying space at the front desk. While engaged in this, I am free to ‘pursue my own projects’, which I take to mean mainly creating rubber band balls out of rubber bands I find in the cabinets. When I am not busy with this, I might be checking the office email account (I have basically no training or administrative power, of course, so all I can do is forward these emails to my boss), moving packages from the door, where they get dropped off, to the package room, answering phone calls (again, I know nothing and rarely answer a question to the caller’s satisfaction), or finding ketchup packets from 2005 in the desk drawers. For these duties, I am paid $14 an hour.”

Warren Buffett didn’t believe the iPhone X doom predictions | Cult of Mac

One person who apparently didn’t buy into the negative chatter about Apple? Renowned investor Warren Buffett. In the first quarter of 2018, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway firm shelled out for a massive 75 million AAPL shares. That joins the 165.3 million shares it owned at the end of last year.

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Hardware round-up: 15 bits of kit we've reviewed in the past month | ZDNet

A superb handset, with its triple rear camera setup the clear headline-stealer. Elsewhere, performance is great and battery life is among the best we've seen in recent times. Most of the negatives are a little picky, the exception being the fingerprint sensor location. This really should be on the back and not beneath the screen, where it's very awkward to find one-handed.

Google's .app domains offer built-in security for developers and tech pros

In addition to the added security, .app domains could give developers and businesses a way to stand out from other website domains. However, that is all contingent on whether or not the nomenclature catches on outside of the tech industry.

Android alert: This new type of rowhammer GPU attack can hijack your phone remotely | ZDNet

"We demonstrate the potential of such attacks by bypassing state-of-the-art browser defenses and presenting the first reliable GPU-based rowhammer attack that compromises a browser on a phone in under two minutes," the researchers from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam write in a new paper .

Season 4 Challenges Week 1 - FORTNITE Letters Locations and Map - Fortnite Wiki Guide - IGN

Week 1 Challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 4 are here and this page lists tips and tricks to completing each and every one including the tricky FORTNITE Letters Locations and Map. Clear at least four of the seven challenges to earn 5000XP. This set was released on May 1, 2018.

Google's search payments to Apple could diminish this year | Cult of Mac

It’s true that the Google search deal is incredibly easy money for Apple. Cupertino literally has to do nothing to collect the cash. However, Apple is enjoying growing success with other services like Apple Music, the App Store, Apple Pay and iCloud. Services is now a bigger part of Apple than just about any non-iPhone division.

The mute button is Twitter's most underrated feature

The beauty of the mute feature is that it's easy to undo. If I've had all I can take of live updates from a friend-of-a-friend's vacation, I can mute them for a short time without damaging the connection. It's so simple, and yet such a transformative feature for those of us who spend a ton of time glued to feeds.

Yale physicists find signs of a time crystal

Another unexpected thing happened, as well. “We realized that just finding the DTC signature didn’t necessarily prove that the system had a quantum memory of how it came to be,” said Yale graduate student Robert Blum, a co-author on the studies. “This spurred us to try a time crystal ‘echo,’ which revealed the hidden coherence, or quantum order, within the system,” added Rovny, also a Yale graduate student and lead author of the studies.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

Gizmodo on Twitter

Wait, my Lego toys could have been making me breakfast all these years?

A cyberattack knocked a Tennessee county’s election website offline during voting

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54 'Free' doesn't have to mean you're the product (with Viber CEO Djamel Agaoua) - MashTalk -
55 Tinder user got creative, sent match a thrilling interactive story
56 Sorry Elon Musk, there’s no clear evidence Autopilot saves lives
57 Instagram introduces in-app payments feature | Cult of Mac
58 Are 8 new 'Spectre-class' flaws in Intel CPUs about to be exposed? | ZDNet
59 Kris Jenner stops by 'The Ellen Show' and talks about Kanye West's controversial behavior
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62 Microsoft is making it easier to take screenshots in Windows 10
63 Here's what your name would be if you were a Kentucky Derby horse
64 It's Star Wars Day and Heathrow Airport has trips to a galaxy far, far away
65 Jeffrey Tambor confirmed for 'Arrested Development' Season 5
66 How to build (and rebuild) trust
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68 Star Wars: Every Sith and Dark Force User Ever - IGN
69 How Campo Santo’s Move to Valve Does, and Doesn’t, Affect In the Valley of Gods - IGN
70 Facebook is still falling short on privacy, says German minister
71 Review: Lenovo Mirage Solo headset with Google WorldSense tracking
72 16 cameos you probably missed while watching 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'
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76 iPhone 7 mic issues after iOS 11.3 update? Apple is aware
77 Idaho State University lost a dirty bomb's worth of plutonium
78 What Does the Soul Stone Do in Avengers: Infinity War - IGN
79 Christopher Nolan returns Kubrick sci-fi masterpiece '2001: A Space Odyssey' to its original glory
80 Tesla's Musk calls Wall Street snub 'foolish' but defends his behavior
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83 Particle physics gets the machine learning treatment as collider data multiplies
84 Criminals Use Drone Swarm to Harass FBI Rescue Team
85 Windows 10 'Redstone 5' test build adds screen snip options, separate Screen Sketch app and more | ZDNet
86 NSA says searches of Americans' data spiked in 2017
87 Apple hits high after Buffett ups stake
88 Gizmodo on Twitter
89 Apple CarPlay: The good, the bad, and the what were they thinking? | ZDNet
90 New Surface Pro models available: $999 for Core i5, $1,449 with built-in LTE | ZDNet
91 Sign the Petition
92 Building for iOS and Android: Getting started with Google's Flutter | ZDNet
93 Nyloon launches Apple Watch bands for extra-large wrists [Watch Store] | Cult of Mac
94 Reddit hopes to relaunch cryptocurrency payments - and not just Bitcoin, either | ZDNet