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Jason Derulo Covered in 20 Genre-Bending Musical Styles [VIDEO]

Anthony Vincent, the voice behind Ten Second Songs, applied the musical styles of 20 different artists to Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" for one genre-bending cover song.

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LinkedIn For Love, Tinder For Business And Other Off-Label Technology Uses

In the pharmaceutical industry, it’s called off-label use, and it happens when doctors and patients realize a drug that’s been approved as a therapy for one condition is also effective at treating another. In the technology world, it happens all the time, and recognizing it can be the difference between making billions and going out of business.

Google's buy of Adometry makes Google Analytics better for you

Adometry helps advertisers get a better return on digital advertising by providing better attribution on the data collected about ads. The basic idea is that you’re far more likely to duplicate successful ad campaigns if you know where and how those ads are working.

Bill Gates sparks debate over Microsoft selling off its Xbox business

“We’re taking PC gaming, Windows gaming and Xbox gaming, and bringing those a lot closer together,” notes Gates, explaining that Microsoft has an overall gaming strategy so an Xbox sell off is “not as obvious as you might think.” Despite that, Gates says he’s “sure Satya and the team would look at that [selling off Xbox] and it’s up to them,” adding that he would “absolutely” support Microsoft’s new CEO if he chose to sell the Xbox division. That's not exactly glowing praise for the Xbox, but it's clearly Gates showing his support of the new Microsoft CEO. Indeed, that's how Microsoft’s head of communications, Frank Shaw,  attempted to explain Bill Gates’ comments yesterday, noting they were “support of Satya as CEO." Gates was key to the original  introduction of the Xbox back in 2001, standing on stage with The Rock for the console's launch.

OneDrive’s Mobile DAUs Up 3X Since October, Microsoft Updates Its Android, Web Experiences | TechCrunch

This morning Microsoft announced a sheaf of updates for its OneDrive cloud storage product, improving its web and Android experiences. The new stuff will be seeping out across the world over the next few days, so if you don’t see it right away, take a pause, and then check again.

Recreating TechCrunch Disrupt on HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ | TechCrunch

How did Mike Judge and his team of merry pranksters build Silicon Valley, the TV show? By learning as much as they could about the real Silicon Valley. The team appeared at TechCrunch Disrupt NY today where they talked about replicating Disrupt on their show.

Security Cam Maker Dropcam Announces A Location-Based Motion Sensor | TechCrunch

Dropcam , the makers of a plug and play security camera system, announced a new sensor, called Tabs, to add new functionality to the camera platform. The device, which is about as big as a stick of gum, can be carried around with you, attached to items, or even stuck to windows and doors. The sensors connect to Dropcam Pros via Bluetooth LE and transmit activities that happen around the house. They are battery powered and last for two years.

Like a streak of light, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives as UK No. 1

Like a streak of light, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives as UK No. 1

Exclusive: Emails reveal close Google relationship with NSA | Al Jazeera America

The NSA “has no business helping Google secure its facilities from the Chinese and at the same time hacking in through the back doors and tapping the fiber connections between Google base centers,” Cardozo said. “The fact that it’s the same agency doing both of those things is in obvious contradiction and ridiculous.” He recommended dividing offensive and defensive functions between two agencies.

DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you, finally challenges Google | PCWorld

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused "search engine that doesn't track you," saw its usage skyrocket in the wake of Edward Snowden's NSA revelations, but that privacy came at a price: While Google and Bing prettied up their design with card-like interfaces and graphical, inline information about everything from music videos to old presidents, DuckDuckGo's interface has remained straightforward and full of basic text links, reminiscent of the Google of old.

The Most Bike Friendly States In The U.S.

Check out the graphics here for how each state compares. Dark blue indicates highest compliance (80%-100%) to the League criteria. Grey indicates lowest (0%-20%). Generally, there's more blue in the policies and education columns and more grey in the infrastructure column. That shows how many states talk a better game than providing it with hard cash for road improvements.

Apple stores reportedly prepping for major iPhone upgrade push in bid to increase sales

According to the unnamed source, the tech giant will on Thursday begin contacting owners of older iPhone handsets by email, inviting them to visit their local Apple store to upgrade to the latest 5S or 5C models. It’s not clear if Apple will offer any incentives to upgrade, though without anything extra to tempt customers, it’s easy to imagine most will wait for the launch of the iPhone 6 – which could happen any time in the next six months – before switching handsets.

Intel Chromebook Lineup (pictures) - CNET

The $349 Dell Chromebook 11 will pack an Intel Core i3 processor, and is aimed at schools -- a popular target for Google's operating system. At today's showcase, one school principal claimed that Chromebooks are good "for 90 percent of what you do in school." The relatively low price tags probably don't hurt, either.

iOS 7 reportedly not encrypting email attachments - CNET

"Considering the long time iOS 7 is available by now and the sensitivity of email attachments many enterprises share on their devices (fundamentally relying on data protection), I expected a near-term patch," Kurtz wrote. "Unfortunately, even today's iOS 7.1.1 did not remedy the issue, leaving users at risk of data theft."

Moves App Backtracks, Shares User Data With Facebook

"Commingling, or merging, data would allow us to identify Moves users who are also Facebook users – we have no plans to do that. In other words, Facebook is not adding Moves user data to a Facebook user’s Facebook account. But, Facebook will be providing support and services to the Moves app and to be able to do this, we have to have access to the data that Moves already collects from its users – which is ‘sharing’ data.

15 You Can Now Hail an Uber From the Google Maps App

When the app is installed on your phone in two dozen of the larger cities where Uber operates, Google Maps will compare estimated travel time via Uber with transit and walking time. (This doesn’t include the amount of time an Uber will take to get to your location, though.) If you click to book, the Uber application will open.

Boost Mobile overhauls prepaid plans to stay in competitive mix - CNET

The change comes at a time when the prepaid business -- long seen as an outlet for growth at time when the traditional contract business slows -- is starting to see some serious competition. MetroPCS has come back to life under T-Mobile's management, adding nearly half a million net new customers, while AT&T has promised to aggressively enter the market through its acquisition of Leap Wireless.

Sunlight Is A Miracle Disinfectant--This Device Will Tell You When It's Worked Its Magic

Wadi, which is solar-powered of course, works like an alternative bottle top. You screw it in place, leave it in the sun (you can measure several bottles at once if they're close together), and then consult a progress bar on the side. An unhappy smiley indicates bad water. One, two, three, four bars (like on a mobile phone) show water getting cleaner. Finally, when there's a happy face, you're good to go.

Tencent To Buy 11.3% Stake In Mapping Company NavInfo For $187M | TechCrunch

Tencent , one of China’s largest Internet companies, will spend 1.17 billion yuan, or $187 million for a 11.3% stake in NavInfo , one of the country’s largest mapping companies.

23 new shots of Godzilla, and 5 city-crushing clips of the monster in action

It’s been public knowledge for a while now that Godzilla will square off against other, city-stomping creatures in director Gareth Edwards’ upcoming reboot of the famous monster’s big-screen franchise, but the context for that showdown has largely remained the stuff of speculation — until now, that is.

Rhapsody makes first outside investment, leads Series B in electronic music startup - GeekWire

Rhapsody International, based in downtown Seattle, is privately held. But RealNetworks, which spun off Rhapsody as an independent company in 2010, still owns about 45 percent of the music service, a stake that requires RealNetworks to report the results of its Rhapsody investment publicly.

Tumblr declares war on the internet's identity crisis

Tumblr’s vision for social profiles stands largely at odds with the design philosophies of many tech startups, which create products and profiles that look the same to every user on every platform. Their interfaces are designed to be highly accessible and legible over all else, but Tumblr thinks there’s more room for personalization than you might think. "People confuse consistency with customization," says Derek Gottfrid, Tumblr’s vice president of product. Karp is more precise with the finger-pointing. "I think that right now, the Valley is very tuned for communication, social, and very utilitarian tools, and I think a lot of that is built around their ‘engineers will show us the way’ mindset," he says, "where something we’ve always tried to instill here, and always tried to hire for, is that the creators are going to show us the way. We’re here to empower them."

iSurge: Apple Shares Return To $600 For First Time Since October 2012

Investors, it seems, are happy to be rewarded with some of the cash Apple has been hoarding for years. The return to $600 comes after Apple has not only agreed to split its shares (effective June 9), but also after they increased their share buyback and dividend programs to a total capital return of $130 billion.

Twitter set to open 7 percent lower as share lock-up expires

The lock-up agreement that expired this week applied to about 470 million shares, or 82 percent of Twitter's equity, held by insiders, venture capitalists and other investors. Twitter allowed one batch of shares to be sold in February, but that lockup governed only about 10 million shares, most of which were held by non-executive employees.

​2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil review: Qualifier

The FIFA World Cup is one of the grandest, most cherished sporting events in the world. The quadrennial competition pits teams of the best soccer players on the planet against one another, each representing dozens of nations (hundreds in the qualifying stages). To do the competition justice, a video game would need to elicit how special the World Cup is, especially to nations that hold the sport closer to their hearts (I'm looking at you, everyone but the United States). Purely by virtue of existing as a stand-alone product, you'd think 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil would drive home the event's importance as its own entity outside of soccer. However, EA Sports seemingly spent more time trying to convince us that 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is worthy of being its own $60 retail game than delivering enough to separate it from the main series in a truly meaningful way. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (5/5/14) 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil 's striking visual style immediately denotes how it differs from FIFA 14 . It carries the same menu and layout format as last year's primary FIFA game, but its clean lines and white backdrops are replaced with colorful paint splatters and strokes to give every element of the game an uneven, worldly feel.

Why Women CEOs Are More Likely To Be Forced Out

The thing is that Corporate world is still very much a ''macho" world sans the females. The "macho" fears that a female CEO will definitely "eat" up the corporate world, so why a female CEO? Of course, Yahoo appointed a female CEO --Melissa Mayer, 1 year back, but look at this CEO, how stupid and ignorant she is.She banned Yahoo from taking any Google mail in its search engine. Decisions like that will definitely cost females executives the top position. After all who thinks of taking a decision like that.I think only Melissa Mayer does.Thus females executives are definitely eating themselves. Females have only in the last 20 years have cracked into the top they have a long way to go. But overall i think male and female are biologically same or similar; two sides of one single coin.


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Mortal Kombat Creator Ed Boon Counting Down to Something - IGN

So far two tweets have been posted: the first asks the square root of 841, which works out as 29. The second asks how many days are in February when it isn't a leap year, which is 28. At this rate, the countdown should expire shortly before E3, around June 2.

How to Develop a LinkedIn Content Strategy |

If you want to capture something on the fly, you can use free iPhone apps like Word Swag to instantly create and share images with text right from your smartphone. Word Swag makes it extra-easy by offering dozens of stock photos and cool fonts to choose from so you can create an image with text in just a few seconds.

Before Apple's iPhone was too small, it was too

Glad you have come around DED. I remember debating this with you a few years back on your RD blog in comments and you were absolutely adamant that 3.5" was the perfect size. This was around the time of the iPhone 3 to 4s timeframe when you still had Microsoft in your sights. I miss those articles where you blasted Microsoft and Windows before Google became the focus of your attention. �Times change and so do consumer tastes. When the first iPhone came out it did seem large at the time but that is because back then phones were used primarily as phones along with texting and some occasional other usage. Nowadays phones are more pocket computer than phones and people simply spend far more time looking at the screen than they used to. I agree that this was the last safe bastion for Android and once Apple enters this space and keeps adding more and more carriers around the world pretty soon there will no longer be any safe haven for Android makers at all beyond the low-margin garbage phones which Apple rightly has no interest in ever competing.�

Tumblr finally adds blog customization to its iOS and Android apps - The Next Web

Tumblr is bringing in-depth blog theme customization to its mobile apps. On iOS and Android, you can now tap on a user’s name and see a mobile-optimized design for their page. Furthermore, you can tap on the profile tab and tinker with the look of your own blog, changing the header image, background and accent colors, fonts and more.

The concept cars that helped shape the future

Fantastical automobiles like the Norman Timbs 1947 Special pictured above may have never entered mass production but the same cannot be said of the ideas they inspired. Dream Cars: Innovative Design, Visionary Ideas is an upcoming exhibition showcasing concept cars made over the last 80 years or so. Many of the vehicles selected either explored the limits of automotive design or played host to innovations that would later become ubiquitous in modern cars.

U.S. businesses are being destroyed faster than they’re being created

Not only that, but during the most recent three years of the study -- 2009, 2010 and 2011 -- businesses were collapsing faster than they were being formed, a first. Overall, new businesses creation (measured as the share of all businesses less than one year old) declined by about half from 1978 to 2011.

Need for Speed: No Game Releasing in 2014 - IGN

IGN spoke with Ghost Games' Marcus Nilsson, who explained, “We’ve decided to take the time to build the game we really want to build in the next fiscal year. Looking at where the racing market now is, and looking at the Need for Speed brand, we see a pretty clear strategy of what we need to achieve. And to achieve that, we need time.”

Netflix Confirms 'Orange Is the New Black' Returning for Season 3

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Microsoft’s head of research opens up about Google X, Windows 9, and the future

Lee is a corporate vice president at Microsoft, formerly a key department head at DARPA and the guy in charge of Carnegie Mellon’s computer science department before that. He’s also as affable and charming as you could imagine, as well as unexpectedly amusing for a researcher who writes dense technical treatises with names like “Optimizing ML with Run-Time Code Generation” and “Metacircularity in the polymorphic lambda calculus.” (Published in a 1991 issue of Theoretical Computer Science – look it up.)

Google Maps Now Tells You What Lane to Get Into and More Goodies

Most significantly, when you're using Maps for turn-by-turn navigation, it will tell you which lane you should stay in (or move to), so you won't be surprised by suddenly having to make a left when you've been cruising in the far-right lane. This is fantastic. I can't count how many times I've missed a turn I could have easily made if only I'd known what lane I should be getting into. Reducing the number of times you have to drive off for miles in the wrong direction before you finally get to an exit where you can turn around? Massive improvement.

Report: Halo TV Show to Air on Showtime Before Xbox

According to a report from Variety , Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studios is currently in "deep negotiations" to launch the highly anticipated series on the premium TV network. As part of the deal, the show would be available on both Showtime and Xbox Live, but episodes would first air on the cable channel before making their way to Microsoft's gaming and entertainment platform with some type of "enhanced interactivity."

Flux Emerges From Google X And Nabs $8M To Help Build Eco-Friendly Buildings | TechCrunch

Flux , a platform that lets the building industry design eco-friendly homes by drawing on big data to do a lot of the hard work, is coming out of stealth with $8 million in funding from a pretty stellar group of investors. Led by DFJ, others include Borrealis, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures and Ev Williams (who knows a thing or two about building platforms that remove some of the technical work for users who want to create content).

MSI's '3K' gaming Ultrabook lands in the US for $1,999

When we reviewed MSI's GS60 Ghost gaming Ultrabook, we suggested that you hold out for the "3K" (really, 2,880 x 1,620) display of its higher-end cousin, the Ghost Pro. Well, it's here -- you can now buy the Ghost Pro 3K in the US starting at $1,999, complete with that extra-sharp 15.6-inch screen and a 4.4-pound, 0.8-inch thick body that should be easy to carry. You'll also get GeForce GTX 870M graphics that can handle the high resolution, and resource-intensive games should be happy with the quad-core 2.4GHz Core i7 processor, 16GB of memory, 128GB solid-state drive and 1TB hard disk. MSI GS60 Ghost Pro hands-on See all photos 7 Photos The Ghost Pro is bringing company, too, in the form of the GS70 Stealth Pro. You'll have to "settle" for a 1080p display and a heavier 5.7-pound chassis, but you'll get a bigger 17.3-inch LCD alongside more video memory and an extra 128GB SSD. You won't have to pay more, either, so it really comes down to a matter of personal prefe

Xbox: How Microsoft cracked gaming (video) - CNET

It was little more than a PC in a box, but the Xbox shot Microsoft to the forefront of the console race. Adventures in Tech examines how Microsoft found its cool.

Activision's $500 Million Bet On 'Destiny' Is Far From A Sure Thing

Follow-ups with Activision suggest that no, it’s not  just  the cost of releasing Destiny this fall. Rather, it’s building the game, infrastructure, marketing, and everything else that goes into launch and supporting the game thereafter. If I had to guess, it may include a budget for sequels as well, as Destiny is not simply the launch of a game, it’s the launch of a franchise that’s part of a ten year roadmap Activision and Bungie have planned for the universe. $500M over that stretch of time actually seems a bit more logical, and I can’t imagine all of it is being poured into this fall’s Destiny alone. Analysts are saying that Destiny would have to sell 15 to 16 million copies to break even with that figure, but I don’t think that’s what’s really expected out of the first installment by itself.

Time To Sell? Twitter Falls To New Post-IPO Lows After Lockup Expires

On Tuesday morning, after Twitter’s 6 month share lockup expired, the social network’s stock tumbled to new post-IPO lows. Trading volume was up by over three times average as shares sank nearly 12% to prices near $34 per share.

High-Tech Backpacks For Dogs Might Be The Future of Search And Rescue

But a small team of SERS researchers from North Carolina State University are developing what's being called a "high-tech harness equipped with sensors" that can be worn by rescue dogs. It is outfitted with cybernetic enhancements like cameras, microphones, gas monitors, and heart rate monitors, and can be used to issue instructions to the animals wirelessly, like if they come upon a survivor in need of help. Per PhysOrg :

The Trailer For Fox's "Gotham" Series Shows Off The Gloomy, Pre-Batman Gotham City

That's probably a smart move, as too much time spent on a 13-year-old Bruce Wayne (who presumably spends most of his time brooding and "learning to conquer fear," as he tells Gordon in the trailer) wouldn't necessarily make for compelling television. But as comics titles like the circa-mid-'00s Gotham Central have captured in the past, stories set in Batman's city, with Batman's villains, without a mask to be seen can make for quality storytelling. If Gotham gets the balance between the stories of the city and the story of the boy who will grow up to be the Bat right--and the trailer suggests that it might--the show could be something special.

Foresighted? Epson Moverio Smart Glasses Go on Sale for $700 - Personal Tech News - WSJ

Google Glass  may be the most widely known wearable tech today, but Google isn’t the only company trying to convince you that wearing a computer on your face is a good idea. Epson, best known for its printers and projectors, is pushing a pair of its own glasses, dubbed the Moverio BT-200. Unlike Glass, the Moverio headset has two screens, and is now on sale to the public. The cost: $699.99.

EMC acquires Flash startup DSSD | ZDNet

Terms of the deal, which is expected to close in the second quarter, weren't disclosed. DSSD CEO Bill Moore, who formerly was Sun Microsystems’ chief storage engineer and first employee at 3Par, will continue to lead the company within EMC. DSSD Chairman Andy Bechtolsheim, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and early Google investor, will remain as an advisor.

Greenpeace targets Pinterest over lack of clean power for its cloud provider, AWS

Greenpeace has been trying to persuade Amazon to commit to more clean power for its cloud computing service AWS, but to little avail. Now the environmentalists are turning to AWS’ big customers, like Pinterest. On Tuesday morning, Greenpeace protested outside of Pinterest’s headquarters handing out green cupcakes and calling to “make our pins green.” Other big consumer Internet users of AWS include Netflix, Spotify, Vine, Yelp, AirBnB and Reddit.

Google Tried And Failed To Build A Jetpack

It turns out that there is a way to build a jetpack that won't kill you, Teller said, but the real problem was that it'd be incredibly power inefficient. The jetpack would only be able to travel one quarter of a mile to the gallon, and it'd be as loud as a motorcycle. 

Why Your Life Needs A Mission Statement

Rimm says not having a direction is the number one mistake we make in our careers and personal lives. “Every great strategic plan starts with a declaration of an entity’s purpose that expresses why they exist, what they value and what they intend to accomplish,” says Rimm. Too many of us, she argues, wallow in our unhappiness, waiting for a new opportunity to come along, or something that will change our current situation. “An organization would never leave their business results to chance,” she says. “You would never get an investor to put up money for a project if they couldn’t see what the return was going to be on that investment.” In order for a business to know that they’ve been successful, they first need a mission statement.

5 technologies that will help big data cross the chasm

Reblogged this on Timothy Dockins and commented: I am positioning myself, it appears, on the forefront of the application of AI to predictive analytics. I have a decent academic background in machine learning where I started focusing on AI in my undergrad and continued it in graduate school. I’m currently researching at the forefront of transfer learning where we try to leverage past learning to improve learning performance on new tasks; all in an effort to learn more and faster. Part of that effort delves into automatically discovering new features about data that isn’t readily apparent. I’ve been looking at Deep Belief Networks, Convolutional Neural Nets, Sparse Coding, and now Restricted Boltzmann Machines. These tools, combined with something like Apache Spark, could really dig deep into some Big Data!

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