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Captain America: Civil War Is Fantastic, But Not Because of Captain America

Marvel's latest ensemble piece ranks among the studio's best.

8 ways you never knew you could masturbate

Consider it fitness.

SpaceX Landed a Freaking Rocket on a Robot Boat in the Dark

Say it again. Say it louder!

The next 'Battlefield' drops you in WWI, launches on October 21st

EA and developer Dice today revealed the next major entry in the venerable warfare series Battlefield. Just as the rumor mill believed, the game will be set in...

NVIDIA's GTX 1080 GPU is faster than Titan X, lands May 27

It's the "largest GPU endeavor, largest chip endeavor, largest processor endeavor, in the history of humanity."

Manus VR gloves add full-arm tracking to the HTC Vive

Finally, a place to put your Pip-Boy in virtual reality.

Battlefield 1 will bring the EA shooter franchise back to World War I

The next Battlefield game will be called Battlefield 1, and will come out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC this fall.

Building Iron Man's gauntlet and Captain America's shield

Former MythBusters cast member Grant Imahara and replica builder Allen Pan make and test the battling superheroes' gear in honor of "Captain America: Civil War."

Kid takes exactly 5 years to get through Coldplay song

"My Life in Technicolor" is best enjoyed slowly. Really slowly.

Justin Timberlake's new song, 'Can't Stop the Feeling,' is a sugary summer jam

The drought is over, JT fans. Soak it in.

Apple lets you add your own photo to 'Mother's Day' ad

Apple kicked off the Mother's Day celebrations early when it rolled out its latest Shot on iPhone ad. And now you can create a personalized version.

'Battlefield 1' takes the shooter series to the all-out conflict of World War I

Zeppelins, trench clubs, capes, gas masks, and mustard gas. Battlefield is going back in time to "the true dawn of all-out warfare" this year.

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SpaceX launched a communications satellite and stuck another landing early Friday morning:

2 SpaceX Just Made Its Fastest Successful Rocket Landing on a Drone Ship

Overnight, SpaceX attempted to make its most audacious rocket landing yet on a drone ship. Amazingly, it succeeded .

Another Important Game of Thrones Character Is Coming Back and It's Not Who You Think

Two episodes in and it’s already been a good year for the good guys on G ame of Thrones. Sansa finally met up with Brienne. Tyrion made some dragon friends. And, well, something happened with that Snow guy, too. Now, Arya Stark has confirmed some more good news.

State chemist was high daily, thousands of drug prosecutions jeopardized

The 37-year-old former chemist has already served an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty in 2014 to evidence tampering, theft, and possession charges relating to a handful of criminal cases. The state's investigation into her behavior was released Tuesday by the state's attorney general. Farak was granted immunity from further prosecution for her assistance in the AG's investigation. "All told, she estimated that she was smoking crack 10 to 12 times a day," according to the report.

Facebook testing 'Discover' for Groups to help you find like-minded weirdo's

Facebook Groups aren’t often talked about, but they’re a great resource for finding a community around specific topics. Whether it’s parenting, photography, food or sports, there are groups for nearly every topic — even a few that shouldn’t exist at all .

Riders of the DC and NYC Subway Systems Are Totally Screwed

This week, the passengers of the two most popular public transit systems in the country got some really bad news. Parts of both the Washington, DC and New York City subways will be closed for repairs to their aging infrastructure over the next few years, stranding many without any viable transportation options.

10 Inventions That The Simpsons Totally Predicted

The Simpsons have been around for so long (since 1989!) that it’s no surprise that they’ve influenced our culture so much. And though obviously it’s much easier to make a cartoon joke about fake inventions than to actually invent them in the real world (and they’re not always the first TV show to predict them), some of these inventions really were influenced by the fiction of Homer and Marge and Bart and Lisa and the rest of the world of Springfield.

Nvidia's monstrous new GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 kick more ass than a Titan X

Unlike the Tesla P100, the GeForce GTX 1080 skips the revolutionary high-bandwidth memory first revealed in AMD’s Fury lineup. Instead, it features 8GB of Micron’s new GDDR5X technology—essentially a more advanced version of the GDDR5 memory used in graphics cards for years now—clocked at a whopping 10Gbps. Before you shake your head in disappointment, the first-gen HBM available today is limited to 4GB in capacity, and second-gen HBM2 isn’t expected to land until the beginning of 2017. Even AMD’s next HBM-equipped graphics cards aren’t expected until 2017.

Check Out the Seriously Gnarly Creatures Discovered at the Bottom of the Mariana Trench

Need a pick-me-up on this dreary Friday afternoon? After checking out some of the nightmare-inducing life forms NOAA’s deep-sea diving robot discovered at the bottom of the Mariana Trench, sleep will be the last thing on your mind.

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Apple Music's new student membership includes a 50 percent discount

Apple Music might be getting a  complete overhaul next month alongside a fresh marketing blitz, but that's not stopping Apple from trying to tempt more consumers over to the service in the meantime. Apple is launching an Apple Music student plan today that discounts the subscription service by a massive 50 percent. If you're part of an eligible college or university then you'll get to pay $4.99 per month instead of $9.99.

Apple wants you to make your own Mother's Day ad

Technically Incorrect: Insert yourself into Apple's Mother's Day ad...because mom will love it.

Every Single Monster on the Original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Ranked

With a Power Rangers movie of indeterminate quality on the way, a new comic book from Boom Studios performing outrageously well, and DVD sets of the original Super Sentai series finally hitting the U.S., it’s also the perfect time to take all the monsters from the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series, and judge them. Mercilessly .

Student's service dog gets her own, adorable picture in the yearbook

Presley, a service dog to middle school student Joseph "Seph’ Ware of Monroe, Louisiana, was given her own spot in the yearbook, right by her human's side.

The Woman in This Famous Painting May Have Suffered from a Brain Disorder

The American artist Andrew Wyeth found inspiration for his most famous painting in a neighbor woman who suffered from a crippling, mysterious disorder that baffled her physicians. Now a child neurologist at the Mayo Clinic thinks he’s found the correct diagnosis.

We're Totally Wrong About Why Babies Make Funny Faces

Looking to finally settle this question once and for all, Slaughter and her colleagues presented a total of 106 infants with a variety of facial expression, gestures, or sounds created by both human and non-human models. These behaviors included tongue poking, mouth opening, finger pointing, happy expressions, and sounds like “mmm” and “eee.” Each baby was tested at one, three, six, and nine weeks of age. The babies were exposed to each gesture for a full minute, while the researchers watched for a reciprocal response.

The Best Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Cases

The only meaningful difference you'll find between the two iPhones, physically, is a slight bump in thickness—a nearly imperceptible 0.01-inch. There's also a slightly more noticeable increase in weight: the iPhone 6s weighs 5.04 ounces compared with the iPhone 6's 4.55 ounces. But weight won't affect case compatibility, so if you already have an iPhone 6 case you love, it will almost certainly fit your new iPhone 6s as well. When buying a case, just make sure to check the manufacturer's website to confirm compatibility.


Microsoft has officially announced today it will end the annoying "Get Windows 10" notifications in July , when they end the free Windows 10 upgrade offer. In a statement to WinBeta , Microsoft said in a comment: "Details are still being finalized, but on July 29th the Get Windows 10 app that facilitates the easy upgrade to Windows 10 will be disabled and eventually removed from PCs worldwide. Just as it took time to ramp up and roll out the Get Windows 10 app, it will take time to ramp it down." This is great news for users who have decided to not install Windows 10 for whatever reason.

Catch 2,000 LED-equipped pigeons perform an avian-powered light show in NYC

If you happen to be in the New York City area between this weekend and June 12, be sure to look up in the sky around the Brooklyn areas during sunsets. New York artist Duke Riley is unveiling a spectacle this weekend which employs 2,000 pigeons equipped with three-lumen LED lights to perform an avian-powered light show.

Surprise -- Meghan Trainor's new album is available to stream right now

The album includes her latest single "NO," a departure from her usual retro pop sound. Gone are the pastels and blonde hair. Trainor's new phase is all about military colors and choreography.

NVIDIA brings in-game photography to the masses with 'Ansel'

Taking i n-game screenshots is great and all, but there's so much more potential than just grabbing an image of what you see during gameplay. NVIDIA knows this and is addressing the desire for artistic screenshots on PC games with Ansel, a photo mode that'll work across a plethora of games. The name, of course, is a nod to the legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams. It's a bit like what Dead End Thrills has been doing for ages, and allows you to adjust the angle and have a fully free-form camera. One photo from the stage weighed in at 61,440 pixel width. You can even take 360 degree stereoscopic images in one click.

Garbage in, garbage out: Why Ars ignored this week’s massive password breach

With hacks of dating sites, personal computers, and government sites occurring on a daily basis, there's tremendous value in research that raises awareness about the importance of adopting safe online practices. But the risk of stories like this one is that they distract people from true threats. As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. When the original source is a script kiddie who sells data for a dollar and a thank you, researchers and journalists have a responsibility to double and triple check its accuracy before reporting it as fact.

4 Tricks to Make Your iPhone Faster

We’ve shown you quick tips for getting Windows , OS X , and Android running that little bit faster, and now it’s time to tackle the iPhone. If your iPhone is showing signs of sluggishness, here are a couple of quick fixes to put a spring back in its step. These tricks are fast, free, and easy to do.

Ivy League economist ethnically profiled, interrogated for doing math on American Airlines flight

Casey Norton, a spokesman for American Airlines (whose regional partner Air Wisconsin operated the flight), said the woman had indeed initially told the crew she was sick, but when she deplaned she disclosed that the reason she was feeling ill was her concern about the behavior of her seatmate. At that time, she requested to be rebooked on another flight. The crew then called for security personnel, who interviewed Menzio and determined him not to be a “credible threat.” Norton did not know whether the woman was ever notified that Menzio had been cleared. (He said he was not allowed to give out her name for privacy reasons, and since Menzio did not know it either, I have not been able to contact the woman for comment.)

Time Runs Backwards in Latest Video from A Capella Science

Ready for some mind-bending musical physics to take you into the weekend? A Capella Science is back with a new parody video, “Entropic Time,” set to Billy Joel’s classic pop hit, “The Longest Time.” The twist: if you look closely, the video footage is running in reverse—a visual play on the subject of the song.

Hopefully, You'll Never Need to Use Polycom's High-Tech Prison Phone

While the Videoprotect 500 is designed primarily for correctional facilities, many other industries use it too—places where they may need a durable video kiosk outside, such as shopping malls or courts. In prisons, the phone isn’t just for personal calls and tele-visitations. It’s used for video arraignments, attorney consultations, inmate testimonies, and bail hearings. It’s also used in situations when an inmate is deemed a transportation risk.

Essential Android smartphones: May 2016 | ZDNet

Samsung's builds on its reputation for flagship handsets with yet premium handset. This, along with the more expensive Galaxy S7 Edge are among the best smartphones currently available.

Take a hike: How walking doubles your creativity

So they extended the research a little further. Once they knew that walking could impact creative thinking in the moment, they wanted to find out whether it could help with creative thinking after the event. They wanted to ask: did going for a walk and then sitting back down to work afterwards improve creativity as well?

British smartphone app Smartcoin wants to pay you to get fit

If Sweatcoin succeeds, the plan is for sweatcoins to be redeemable for actual cash. To accomplish this, Sweatcoin’s long-term plan is that insurers or employers might pay to buy the digital currency as an incentive to keep customers and employees fit — a move that could lead to significant savings for both companies and insurers.


Stable ABI : Stabilize the binary interface (ABI) to guarantee a level of binary compatibility moving forward. This involves finalizing runtime data structures, name mangling, calling conventions, and so on, as well as finalizing some of the details of the language itself that have an impact on its ABI. Stabilizing the ABI also extends to the Standard Library, its data types, and core algorithms. Successful ABI stabilization means that applications and libraries compiled with future versions of Swift can interact at a binary level with applications and libraries compiled with Swift 3.0, even if the source language changes.

How to pursue your dream job without quitting your day job

By remaining employed as you develop, test, and sell your product you can lay a secure foundation and minimize the risks associated with bootstrapping a business. Here’s how to do it:

Firefighting in winter: Hazardous but beautiful

Fighting fires in extreme winter cold presents a host of unique challenges. Snow drifts can bury and obscure hydrants. Water can freeze on the inside and outside of hoses, damaging them or rendering them unusable. Icy roads can make it challenging for hulking fire engines to reach the scene of a blaze.

Nvidia Spent Billions on Its Newest Video Card

Nvidia president and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang had a pretty big grin on his face when he announced Nvidia’s newest and fanciest video card, the GTX 1080. “This had an R&D budget of billions of dollars,” he told a crowd of gamers in San Francisco. “Pretty sure this thing could go to Mars.”

I am the 10-year-old who hacked Instagram, here are more tech flaws I've discovered

Hello good adults of the Internet, it is I, Jani, the boy genius who understands computers more than you. I would like to thank Facebook for the $10,000. I will be investing all of it in my Dave & Busters Power Card so my birthday party is better than Billy's birthday party.

The SFMOMA’s New App Will Forever Change How You Enjoy Museums

Most app-based museum tours work like this: Stop at an artwork, tap in a number, wait for the commentary. But SFMOMA’s app was designed to keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the art. Codeveloped with a company called Detour, it uses your phone’s location-sensing tech to precisely triangulate your position in the museum based on a hi-res virtual map created for the museum by Apple. That way it knows exactly where you are and where you’re going—and adjusts its audio accordingly.

This dark 'Game of Thrones' fan theory predicts the fate of King Tommen

According to the prophecy we saw in Cersei's flashback, all of her children will die — "gold will be their crown... and gold their shrouds" — and it seems fitting that Cersei's own actions will come back to haunt her (and this would also fit in with the part of the prophecy that says Cersei's replacement Queen — ie. Margaery — will take "all she holds dear"... all be it indirectly, in this case).

Prince's family planning memorial service to remember him 'the right way'

The statement continued: "Prince and his music influenced so many people that we feel inspired to celebrate his life and legacy in just the right way. We appreciate the public’s patience and have been comforted by your outpouring of love, support and condolences. We look forward to sharing with the world this celebration of, and farewell to, our Prince. Details will be coming soon."

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus now available for Microsoft Edge on Insider builds

AdBlock and AdBlock Plus appear to have shown up in the Windows Store for Windows Insiders running build 14332 on desktops. Users can now download AdBlock and AdBlock Plus extensions for use with Microsoft Edge, which is great news for many who have been waiting to make the switch over from Chrome or Firefox.

China Bans Videos of People Eating Bananas

According to state outlet CCTVNews , the country has banned people from live-streaming their consumption of the delicious yellow fruit. It’s supposedly part of a larger effort to crack down on “inappropriate and erotic content online,” and the regulations will require live-streaming services to “monitor all their output twenty four hours a day, seven days a week,” the outlet reported.

FCC Approves Nightmare Cable Super Merger

America’s long national cable company horror show is far from over. In fact, it just got a lot worse because the Federal Communications Commission has officially approved the Charter-Time Warner Cable merger.

From Elon Musk to Richard Branson: What These 5 Famous Leaders Learned From Their Mothers

“Starting with a traditional partnership, my husband and I have had a mini-revolution of our own. In the beginning, it was all about my catering to him and allowing him to make most of the decisions. This situation became increasingly unacceptable. It wasn’t easy, but we worked hard for many years to make fundamental changes. Now, our relationship is equal. I feel blessed to have a wonderful husband who was strong enough to move from a traditional marriage to an egalitarian relationship.”

Here's how I verify data breaches

With passwords, I'm interested in whether there's either an obvious bias in the most common ones or a pattern that reinforces that they were indeed taken from the site in question. The most obvious anomaly in the passwords above is that first result; 1.7M passwords that are simply the escape character for a new line. Clearly this doesn't represent the source password so we have to consider other options. One, is that those 1.7M passwords were uncrackable; the individual that provided the data to Zack indicated that storage was originally MD5 and that he'd cracked a bunch of the passwords. However, this would represent a 97% success rate when considering there were 57M accounts and whilst not impossible, that feels way too high for a casual hacker, even with MD5. The passwords which do appear in the clear are all pretty simple which you'd expect, but there's simply not enough diversity to represent a natural spread of passwords. That's a very "gut feel" observation, but with other oddities in the data set as well it seems feasible.

Periscope Saves Live Videos Beyond 24 Hours: This Week in Social Media : Social Media Examiner

2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book : The Direct Marketing Association’s annual report provides in-depth key marketing stats and insights from leading research sources and industry thought leaders across several areas of marketing, including social media, digital, email, data, mobile, and search. This report examines benchmarks for marketing spends, new platforms, emerging trends, customer engagement, and more.

Researchers have developed a flexible holographic smartphone screen that plays a mean game of ‘Angry Birds’

As is pretty clear from the video, this is all still very much in its early stages. Most notably, there’s the extremely low-res 160 x 104 resolution (a result of dividing up the full HD display to achieve the desired 3D effect). But the lab has some grand plans, including holographic video conferences.

The dehumanization of Facebook Messenger

I used to answer every message. Not any more. When Messenger buzzes, now I don’t know if it will be a friend or a bot. Every chime forces me to do a little Turing test in my head. Was I expecting to be pinged by a pal? Or is it 8:11pm again and TechCrunch’s bot is sending me another daily digest.

Your Lame Small Talk Could Be Costing You the Sale

Be sure to look up the name of the company and each person with whom you will be meeting. Write down the names and find out the titles if you can. You don’t want to embarrass yourself by mispronouncing or misspelling a client’s name. Review the names just before you step into the meeting and if you have doubts about pronunciation, ask them how they pronounce it.

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do With #Twitter Search

It’s time to put that right. In this article we’ll look at 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do with Twitter search, with easy-to-follow, clickable examples so you can utilise these tips right away.

iPhone Hacks on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more


Careers at Benchling

Watch Channing Tatum's Fantastic Interview With A Nonverbal Autism Activist

Tatum appears to be enjoying this interview immensely. And because Fleischmann is great at asking just the type of fangirl questions we care about, we get to hear that Tatum wants to act with Jack Nicholson and get drunk with Obama: "You just feel like he'd be a rad hang," Tatum says.

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59 Google BigQuery now lets you analyze data from Google Sheets
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62 Forget the Echo: Lexi lets you speak to Alexa through your phone
63 $30K replica of you is the perfect Mother's Day gift from garbage sons
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65 Alaska Is on Track for an Absurdly Hot Year
66 Justin Bieber feels misunderstood after his latest nightclub fight
67 Dis-Connect: Apple is getting rid of the Apple Music Connect tab in iOS 10
68 This spooky, confusing cat photo will make you do a double take
69 Nvidia's monstrous new GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 kick more ass than a Titan X
70 Loving cat will not let go of its owner's arm
71 Another heartwarming Snapchat story love story took place at Utah State
72 The new Nvidia GTX 1080 makes the Titan X look slow
73 Hell No, the UAE Should Not Build a Rain-Making Mountain to Fix Its Water Problems
74 Crafty college senior decorates graduation cap with her own parking tickets
75 Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby. Congratulations?
76 NVIDIA says it can make VR worlds sound and feel real
77 Take 87% off WordPress mastery with the Adobe Systems Premium bundle
78 Watch NVIDIA announce some big news tonight at 9pm ET
79 Photos: Inside GMIC Beijing 2016, 'The CES of China' - TechRepublic
80 FCC approves Charter acquisition of Time Warner Cable
81 Facebook Must Face Photo-Tagging Suit
82 Battlefield 1 Officially Confirmed, Release Date, First Details, Collector's Edition Revealed - IGN
83 Inside Palantir, Silicon Valley's Most Secretive Company
84 Watch the announcement of the next 'Battlefield' here (Update)
85 Business Insider is looking to hire a paid news intern in San Francisco
86 Apple Petitions to Sell Refurbished iPhones in India
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