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Trump just fired FBI director James Comey

Statement from @WhiteHouse @PressSec on @FBI Director— Sean Spicer (@PressSec) May 9, 2

Hey Walmart, here’s the startup that inspired the thing Amazon just launched

Amazon’s Echo Show killer feature is video calls. If you buy a couple of devices, you can call each other using the device. And it should be so easy that..

Google's no-Linux Fuchsia: Now you can see what the new OS looks like | ZDNet

Google's under-development Fuchsia OS carries over some concepts from Android but offers a new take on apps.

One Man’s Ambitious, Insane Plan To Use An Iceberg To Bring Water To The Middle East

Abdulla Alshehi doesn’t want global warming to waste the perfectly good water trapped in Antarctic ice. Now he just has to strap a floating block of ice to a boat and tow it to the desert.

These are the developers creating new games for old consoles

If you want to play Dustin Long’s most recent game, you’ll need a console that was first released more than 30 years ago. As a young musician in New York, Long found himself drawn to the chiptune...

Activists Are Pushing Back Against Tech Platforms That Quietly Empower Hate Groups

In an effort to silence uncivil speech, progressive movements are putting financial pressure on companies that provide every level of online infrastructure.

GE’s New Web Series Takes Nerding Out On Industrial Tech To The Limit

GE’s “In the Wild” is the brand’s latest content project, taking a closer look at exactly what the company actually does.

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Amazon Echo Show adds video calling to Alexa's growing skills - TechRepublic

Echo Show also includes other features that could be useful for business users. For example, users can ask Alexa to show them the front door, or monitor a certain room, with compatible cameras from Ring and Arlo. Users can also use the device to turn on lights, control thermostats, and perform other Internet of Things (IoT) functions with compatible smart home devices. And a new feature called Drop In allows users to use the device almost as an intercom, potentially to call employees together for a meeting.

Samsung opens US preorders for unlocked Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

You’ll be able to place a preorder online at either Best Buy or, with prices starting at $724.99 for the 64GB unlocked S8 and $824.99 for the 64GB unlocked S8 Plus. Both models will be available in the “Midnight Black” color option. Those prices are about the cheapest you’ll find for the S8, though you don’t any of the free stuff AT&T, Verizon, and others have bundled with the phone . You do, however, get the added benefit of a unit without any of the carrier bloatware we’ve become accustomed to with Samsung devices in the past.

Amazon Reveals $230 Touch-Screen Echo Show

According to Amazon, the Echo Show "brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings and YouTube, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and more. All hands-free—just ask."

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Snapchat launches new creative tools including Limitless Snaps and a Magic Eraser

Microsoft builds emergency patch for severe Windows bug

Google's Project Zero team said the vulnerability can be leveraged against victims by simply sending an email to users -- without the need for the message to be opened or any attachments to be downloaded. An attack leveraging the exploit could also be conducted through malicious website visits or instant messaging.

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Here are all the reasons why I want Amazon's Echo Show


He Blew the Whistle on a Silicon Valley Highflier. Then Came the Blowback

For a week, he continued working as if everything was normal while sharing information with an SEC attorney. Then he got a text message from Rothenberg Ventures’ chief operating officer asking for help with a computer problem. Riordan says that when he arrived at the COO’s office, the company’s top lawyer was also there and asked if he’d shared anything with the government. “I said, ‘I’m not going to answer that,’ ” Riordan recalls. “Then he said, ‘Well, you’re terminated, effective immediately.’ ” Rothenberg Ventures says that by then Riordan had already given notice he was quitting and the company simply accelerated the process. Riordan denies that.

Amazon enables free calls and messages on all Echo devices with Alexa Calling

Users of the newest Echo, the Echo Show, which has the screen and video feature, will get added services it seems. The one that has jumped out at me first is called “Drop In” — which lets you make a call to someone without them even answering the phone first. Think of it as the 21st tech equivalent of someone coming to your house and either peeking through the front window s they’re knocking, or maybe just walking straight in, 70s sitcom-style.

A teenager asking for free chicken nuggets has become the most retweeted tweet of all time

I n April, a 16-year-old from Nevada named Carter Wilkinson sent a speculative tweet to the Wendy's fast food chain asking for free chicken nuggets.

T-Mobile ends Free Data for Life for new tablet buyers

If you have a T-Mobile data-only tablet that was purchased on or before May 6 and activated the free data plan, you get to keep it. You do, however, need to keep an active data plan at a minimum to continue to receive this offer, which carries no additional charge if you're a voice customer ( aside from a $10 line credit ). Prepaid customers need to maintain an activated account, but you don't have to buy a data pass to use your free data.

Apple Music to debut 'Harry Styles: Behind the Album' on May 15

Apple on Tuesday announced a new promotional documentary about former One Direction singer Harry Styles, set to launch on Apple Music next Monday, May 15. Titled "Harry Styles: Behind the Album," the film will depict the creation of Harry's first solo album, with interviews and other footage shot in London, Los Angeles, and Jamaica, Apple said. This includes song performances from London's Abbey Road Studios. Apple is already streaming "Sign of the Times," the first single from the upcoming record. Moving forward. @Harry_Styles: #BehindTheAlbum May 15.Only on Apple Music.—Apple Music (@AppleMusic) May 9, 2017 The company is now leaning heavily into video on Apple Music, and may premiere up to 10 original shows and documentaries by the end of 2017. Some known entries include documentaries about Bad Boy Records , Clive Davis , and Cash Money Records , as well as the shows "Planet of the Apps" and "Carpool Karaoke" —the latter delayed from April until "later this year." The effort is presumably an attempt to distinguish Apple Music from its more popular rival in on-demand streaming, Spotify, as well as smaller competitors like Pandora Premium and Tidal.

Apple employees are reportedly testing a smart Siri speaker at home

Apple is rumored to be preparing to launch a smart speaker soon, possibly at the company's annual conference in June.

Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone SE To Get Hefty Price Cuts in India

The iPhone 5s might be 3.5 years old at this point, but that has not stopped Apple from selling the smartphone in India and other emerging markets. Now, in a bid to conquer more of the price-conscious smartphone market of India, Apple is planning on selling the iPhone 5s at an aggressive price point in the country.

Amazon strikes back again at Walmart's free 2-day shipping offer

Amazon Prime members pay $99 annually for free two-day shipping and a host of other services like unlimited streaming of movies and music. Prime members don't have to spend a minimum to qualify for free shipping.

Wearables, AI to benefit from MIT’s new super low-power chip

Researchers have developed a low-power chip that promises to significantly reduce speech recognition energy demands, paving the way for further miniaturization of artificial intelligence (AI).

Korean presidential election coverage is on another level

Ah, election night. The nail-biting, anxiety-inducing, televised event that will determine whether a country’s future will shine bright or if democracy will be undermined right before our eyes. Fortunately, if you live in South Korea, you can ease your election nerves with high-caliber CGI graphics depicting presidential candidates doing all manner of fundamentally goofy things.


Apple just bought Beddit, the 'Fitbit for sleep tracking'

It could easily be saved for the Apple Watch 3 if the new smartwatch promises longer battery life. The Apple Watch 2 can get day-and-a-half battery life right now. Good enough, but for sleep tracking, it could certainly be better.

How recruiters are employing VR to impress candidates

VR for recruiting isn’t exactly new. Colleges and universities have been using it to market to students in far flung geographic locations for years. The Savannah College of Art and Design, for instance, mailed over 5,000 Google Cardboard headsets to prospective students in 2016. But with the average cost-per-hire now exceeding $4,000, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, Virtual Reality provides a cost-effective way to wow candidates and virtually transport them to experience your corporate culture and offices. As VR for recruiting becomes increasingly popular, the question becomes less should companies use it, and more how can they most effectively leverage the technology.

Amazon enables free calls and messages on all Echo devices with Alexa Calling

Meanwhile, users of that newest Echo, the Echo Show, which has the screen and video feature, will get added services, it seems. The one that has jumped out at me first is called “Drop In” — which lets you make a call to someone without them even answering the phone first. Think of it as the 21st century tech equivalent of someone coming to your house and either peeking through the front window as they’re knocking, or maybe just walking straight in, 1970s sitcom-style.

The Made In America Movement Driven By Innovation, Not Nationalism

Kapur built her supply chain to ensure her sofas and armchairs would be reasonably priced. For Edgar Blazona, perfecting the process of creating high-quality American-made furniture at good prices took a few years. In 2011, Blazona borrowed $5,000 from his father-in-law to set up a small store in Berkeley called True Modern. Back then, there weren’t many options for buying locally made sofas in California; there was a far more robust furniture-making industry on the East Coast. But in the Bay Area—where granola-eating hippies buy their vegetables from nearby farms and slather artisanal jam on homemade bread—Blazona thought there could be a market for American-made sofas. He was right—but as he discovered, even people obsessed with locally made goods are still price-conscious. “We’ve become addicted to these low price points,” Blazona says. “For us, we were trying to figure out how to create a great product at a reasonable price point. Not the cheapest—not competing with China—just reasonable.

Your Password Is Terrible and Everyone Wants to Fix That

The answer, of course, is to get rid of passwords altogether. Biometric technology — especially fingerprint scanners — has been steadily replacing the need to type in a password, which can easily be guessed by hackers wielding smart algorithms. Now, with the world increasingly embracing voice-activated devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, companies are starting to create technology that recognizes a person's speech patterns. Facial recognition is beginning to catch on as well. 

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Amazon officially unveils its screen-equipped smart speaker – the Echo Show

Amazon unveils the $230 Echo Show, with a screen for calls, shipping June 28

“Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings and YouTube, see music lyrics, security cameras, photos, weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and more. All hands-free—just ask,” Amazon notes in its blurb on its product page. You can use the device for video calls and it looks like it will also integrate and enhance skills that you already use on the existing Echo, for example you can now see music lyrics for Amazon Music. It also has Dolby-powered speakers and eight microphones, and lets you use existing Alexa skills that do not have a video component. You can see more on how the Echo Show works in Romain’s run-down  here .

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Blue's wireless Satellite headphones pack a built-in amp for $400

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Microsoft says the fabric on the Surface Laptop should be cared for like a ‘luxury’ handbag

Just like anything luxury that you buy, like great handbags or a pair of shoes or even expensive cars, there is a care that’s needed for the device. And so from the materials perspective, we will ask customers — specifically customers who might stain it or drop something on it — to go ahead and wipe that right away. There’s a simple way of doing that with a microfiber with a soap and water solution on it. You don’t need any special chemical and you can wipe it off. Then just care [for it in the same way] that would go into anything that luxurious. That’s more of a periodical thing, not super frequent, something you might look at doing every six months or something. And so if you think of the livelihood of this laptop, somewhere between four and five years, it’s not that often you have to do it in terms of taking care of it.

Apple Acquires Beddit, a Sleep Tracking Platform

Beddit is also known for releasing hardware, which is designed to go under the sheet on a bed where it can better track your sleep habits. Of course, it’s likely that Apple’s plan for acquiring Beddit is more on the software side of things, with sleep tracking being one of the most oft-requested features for the Apple Watch.


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Apple's Tim Cook & Jeff Williams make Time 'Most Influential People in Tech' list

Time Magazine on Tuesday posted its "20 Most Influential People in Tech" list for 2017, including Apple CEO Tim Cook and his COO, Jeff Williams. Cook is ranked fourth on the list , and said to have "nearly unmatched influence over the technology world," since Apple is "copied by a seemingly endless number of rivals." Time also pointed to the potential impact of the company's secret projects, including self-driving cars and augmented reality . Williams is in 17th, described as Cook's "second in command" and "Tim Cook's Tim Cook," since Cook was himself COO before taking over the CEO role from Steve Jobs. Time noted that Williams been handling Apple's supply chain since 2010, and oversaw development of the Apple Watch, "a sign he's closely involved with new projects." The top three positions on the list are held by Tesla/SpaceX founder Elon Musk, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. While Apple has become even more successful under Cook than it was under Jobs, some critics have worried that the company is losing its edge. iPhone sales have declined in a few recent quarters, and while the Apple Watch is thought to be reasonably popular, it hasn't been a breakout product like iPhones or iPads.

Fake news: Bad rumors on the iPhone 8

Normally this would be where the Macalope would insert a spit take but he simply didn’t have any form of beverage in his mouth when he was reading that. It still doesn’t mean it’s not coming to us directly from the cupola in the town square in downtown Bananaville.

Stratasys demos 3D printing, additive manufacturing systems that take cues from data center | ZDNet

Stratasys' latest designs and architecture mimic data centers and may be able to scale custom manufacturing.

Tesla's Model Y will arrive by 2020 — here's everything we know about the SUV

When the Model Y comes out in 2019 or 2020, we can almost certainly expect it to be equipped with the updated hardware. What's more, Tesla may have done enough software validation by then that customers in some parts of the world may even be able to take advantage of the fully autonomous system.

CIOs growing weary of database lock-in, increasingly buying into open source - TechRepublic

Mark Hurd can take comfort that database lock-in will keep the lights on at Oracle for years to come, but most of the growth in the database market seems to be happening in open source (cloudy or otherwise). That trend is good for CIOs grown weary of lock-in. It's not so good for Hurd's paycheck.

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Three ways to survive the rise of the cloud and 'big software' | ZDNet

"You need an ecosystem around you in the era of big software -- remember bringing in new skills on-demand will be expensive," says Longbottom. "There are a lot of potential technology choices and, as a CIO, you will have to make use of that IT economically, possibly by working with external partners."

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This old portable TV is actually a Raspberry Pi-powered retro gaming system

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Hulu Live TV has the potential for greatness, but it's a tough sell

The UAE Drops More Clues About Its Mysterious Plan to Colonize Mars

According to early mockups , the UAE colony will involve some pretty advanced infrastructure, though more formalized models have not yet been made public. As Al Gergawi emphasized today, a big focus of the Mars 2117 program right now is getting young people in the Middle East excited about science and interplanetary exploration, as a way to “uplift [their] region.”

Apple Employees Have Been Testing Amazon Echo Competitor at Home for Months

Today, in Bloomberg ‘s coverage of the Amazon Echo Show, the publication had a couple of interesting tidbits regarding Apple’s own plans with its oft-rumored smart speaker. According to the publication, Apple has had employees testing an in-home smart speaker competitor for months now. However, while Schiller has talked up a screen on devices like the Echo, there’s still some question as to whether or not Apple’s own smart speaker will feature a display of any kind:

Meet the Army experts who dream up our dark, scary future

Back at West Point, I spoke with Major Natalie Vanatta, the ACI's deputy chief of research and Johnson's counterpart at the think tank. Sitting at a mock living room set up at the internet of things lab, she wore a typical West Point garb of Army fatigues and combat boots. The ACI and ASU, she said, plan to host two threatcasting workshops every year with academics, military personnel, policy makers and business leaders to come up with dozens of future scenarios like Mike's untimely death in Brooklyn.

Snapchat launches its take on Instagram's Boomerang and Photoshop's magic eraser and custom brushes

Now, features launching Tuesday along with other recent additions are starting to elevate Snapchat’s editing tools to near the same level as the most sophisticated of editing software, including Adobe Creative Suite.

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Asus ZenFone 3 Zoom has a giant battery and two cameras for $329

Asus’ ZenFone 3 Zoom, a follow-up to 2015’s original ZenFone Zoom , is now available with a starting retail price of $329. Like its predecessor, this gadget prioritizes mobile photography with optical zoom. Although, this time around, Asus has swapped out the original 3X optical zoom 13MP lens for a dual-camera 12MP system. One lens is a f/1,7 aperture 25mm wide-angle lens, while the second is a 59mm second with 2.3X optical zoom. The system can magnify up to 12X with digital zoom.

This trick lets you upload to Instagram from a computer

Most browsers have a way of letting you change the "User Agent" -- the thing that tells a website what kind of device you're on. So, even when you're on a laptop or desktop, you can trick a website like Instagram into showing you the mobile site. That's what we're going to do.

A Surreal Animated Tale of a Man, a Raft, a Paddle, and a Sarcastic Ghost

“A cautionary tale,” reads the description for this surreal nursery rhyme of an animated short, Klementhro . It’s repetitive at first, but stick with it... it takes a dark turn and features maybe the snappiest, most over-it ghost ever to float beside a river bank.

Celebrated ‘Baby Louie’ Fossil Identified as New Dinosaur Species

Back in the 1990s, the embryo was correctly identified as a type of caenagnathid oviraptorosaur—a feathered, long-necked, wing-bearing, beaked dinosaur closely related to birds—but paleontologists weren’t sure which species of oviraptorosaur the tiny fossil belonged to. Research on the collection ground to a halt while the children’s museum negotiated with China, but now that it’s back with its rightful owners, the collection has been made available for renewed scientific inquiry. The new study was led by Junchang Lü from the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, who recruited Darla Zelenitsky from the University of Calgary to help, among other experts.

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52 Nvidia aims to train 100,000 developers in deep learning, AI technologies | ZDNet
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55 MotoGP will race all-electric motorcycles in 2019
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59 Google's mysterious new operating system looks completely different than Android
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61 President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey over Clinton e-mail probe
62 Burger King Seeks Edge Over McDonald's in Mobile-Payment Battle
63 Yahoo spent another $16 million in Q1 because of the hacking incidents
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65 Microsoft doesn’t think USB-C is ready for the mainstream
66 Ex-intel chief James Clapper warns of more Russian hacks
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