One Man’s Ambitious, Insane Plan To Use An Iceberg To Bring Water To The Middle East Video Description

Within months, a Delaware-sized chunk of ice may split from an ice shelf in Antarctica, where a crack has grown to 110 miles long. Though that particular chunk of ice is already floating in the water and won’t cause sea level rise, it holds back land-based glaciers that will push sea levels higher when they melt. The idea of using icebergs as a water source–equal parts visionary and crazy–isn’t new, but the push is more urgent now because of climate change. Alshehi sees the project as a way to mitigate sea level rise while making use of the purest water in the world. He suggests–perhaps equally fantastically–that the melting iceberg could also help offset the briny water that desalination plants dump along the coast, and that the presence of the iceberg could help cool the area.

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