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'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington is in the new 'Call of Duty'

Jon Snow is no hero in 'Infinite Warfare.'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says ‘federal research’ invented the iPhone

Everything in the iPhone comes from federal research, according to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

President Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow-jam the news

"Commander in preach."

Felix Thompson's stellar debut film King Jack brings back all the insecurities of high school

There's bullying, embarrassing selfies, first kisses — and intense violence.

Fearless little girl picks up a huge snake like it's NBD

'Look what I found!'

The soccer madness of 'Rocket League' goes cyberpunk June 20th

Cars playing soccer under the glow of neon lights is something everyone needs in their life.

How Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp will grow through 2020

Snapchat isn't likely to overtake Facebook Messenger as the top messaging app any time soon, according to a new forecast

The Blocks modular smartwatch is finally (almost) ready

Prototypes are undergoing final testing before mass production begins.

Hackers broke past DeRay Mckesson’s two-factor verification protections by stealing his phone number

A hacker was able to gain access to Deray Mckesson's phone today just by knowing the last four digits of his Social Secu

Super swole dude does chair splits while lifting heavy weights

This bro definitely lifts.

World's first child-sized exoskeleton gets kids on their feet

And it's designed to grow up alongside them.

What happens when anyone can code? We’re about to find out

Drag-and-drop programming tools like Ready could teach anyone to code, and make creating apps as easy as creating a newsletter or website. And in creation, there’s power.

Try not to smile at retirees happily dancing to Justin Timberlake

A dance both electric and wavy.

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Gawker Media files for bankruptcy

The bankruptcy filing indicates Gawker has "between 200 and 1,000 creditors, between $50 million and $100 million in assets and $100 million to $500 million in liabilities," according to The New York Post .

Amazon is preparing to launch a standalone music-streaming service to compete with Apple Music and Spotify

The service will be offered at $9.99 per month, in line with major rivals, and it will offer a competitive catalog of songs, the sources said. Amazon is finalizing licenses with labels for the service, which likely will be launched in late summer or early fall, the sources said.

Andreessen Horowitz closes $1.5 billion fund

Andreessen Horowitz announced today the closing of a $1.5 billion investment fund.

Bluetooth 5 to debut next week with 4X speed, 2X range of Bluetooth 4.2

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group on Friday pegged an official June announcement date for Bluetooth 5, a next-generation near-range wireless transmission technology set to feature substantial performance gains over the existing Bluetooth 4.2 protocol. As SIG's Core Specification Working Group puts the finishing touches on the Bluetooth 5 standard ahead of expected industry adoption later this year, Executive Director Mark Powell in an email today said the new specification will be formally announced on June 16 . Powell says the new spec quadruples the speed and doubles the range of the latest Bluetooth 4.2 version. In addition, Bluetooth 5 adds "significantly more capacity" to advertising transmissions, which in turn allows device manufacturers to create more sophisticated connectivity systems like beacon or location-based services. As ArsTechnica explains, advertising packets sent out by a Bluetooth device contain small bits of information to be detected and decoded by other Bluetooth-capable devices, even if those devices are not paired. For example, Apple peripherals like the Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad show up by name on a host Mac scanning for nearby accessories.

Facebook adds video replies to its list of commenting options

Now that you can post comments using video, it will be interesting to see how often people use this feature. It’s far easier to just add a sticker, or a quick sentence or two, rather than recording a video. Though if you want to share a funny activity that your kids or pets are doing in the moment, or if you want to show people your current surroundings, it could be an appealing feature.

Google Denies Accusations It Manipulated Searches for Hillary Clinton

Alphabet Inc.’s Google battled accusations that it manipulates its predicted-searches function to favor Hillary Clinton, the latest dust-up over the influence large tech companies exert in modern life.

The PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ is real, but Sony won’t show it at E3

In an interview with the Financial Times , Sony Interactive Entertainment president and global chief executive Andrew House confirmed that the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ is real. But don’t expect to see it next week at the E3 conference in Los Angeles. House has said Sony doesn’t plan to unveil it at E3.

Crunch Report | Gawker Files For Bankruptcy

Messaging app Line files for IPO on NYSE on July 14, Tokyo July 15, trading as LN, to raise $1B

The Majority of Americans Can't See the Milky Way Anymore

Our world is getting brighter, as we turn more and more lights on across the planet. But all that light shining from the ground makes it harder to see the lights shining from the sky. It’s now gotten so bad that the Milky Way is almost impossible to see in most of the United States.

VentureBeat on Twitter

Yahoo is killing its old Messenger app on August 5  by @jordannovet

How to Watch Apple's WWDC 2016 Keynote

If you have an Apple TV, this is really the best way to watch. You get the whole show, right there in your living room on the big screen. Apple makes the keynote available by putting a dedicated “WWDC Live” app on the Apple TV’s main screen. Just click it, and the livestream will load.

Reports: Apple will move to Intel for some iPhone chips

One factor in Apple’s decision could be that it likes to use multiple suppliers, meaning it’s not at the mercy of one vendor if it decides to raise prices, said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research. Intel may also have offered discounts to Apple, he said. It did something similar with tablet chips used in Android devices, though with mixed success.

Elon Musk says early Mars missions will establish crucial cargo routes

The first step in establishing that route will be  SpaceX's Red Dragon mission . In 2018, SpaceX plans to launch an updated version of its Dragon spacecraft to Mars in order to test out ways to land heavy objects on the planet’s surface. The Red Dragon is meant to use onboard engines to help lower itself down to the Martian ground gently. If successful, the capsule would be the largest vehicle ever to land on Mars. That means it’s going to need a very powerful rocket to launch it to the Martian surface in the first place. SpaceX’s solution to that is the Falcon Heavy, a much larger and more powerful version of the company’s Falcon 9 rocket. The Falcon Heavy hasn't actually flown yet, but the company promises the vehicle will make its debut later this year.

Burning Man Just Bought a Permanent Outpost in the Nevada Desert

For the past few years the future of the most famous temporary city on Earth has been in limbo. The annual Burning Man festival has grown larger than its site can feasibly accommodate from an environmental perspective, causing some Burners to break off and start their own events . Now, the acquisition of property nearby might signal that Burning Man is about to put down some roots.

Citigroup Is Suing AT&T For Using the Word 'Thanks' Because Citi Trademarked It

Back in 2010, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Citigroup a trademark for “thankyou,” which the company uses for credit card services. Today the company is suing AT&T over its own use of the terms “thanks” and “thanks AT&T.” Check the date, because this isn’t April Fool’s.

What to Expect From Apple WWDC 2016

Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, is nearly upon us. The event runs from June 13-17 and traditionally serves as the launching point for major updates to iOS, OS X, and the company’s other platforms. In the last few years, the updates to Apple’s two major OSes has been relatively small and boring for anyone who doesn’t have Xcode developer tools installed on their computer.

Only Three US Cities Have Good Jobs, Affordable Housing, and High Quality of Life

When looking for a place to live, people are generally looking for three things: affordability, a strong economy, and good quality of life. Most US cities can only claim excellence in one of these areas. A dozen cities specialize in two. But if you truly want it all, you only have three choices.

18 Log In - The New York Times

© 2016 The New York Times Company

Amazon is reportedly working on a Spotify competitor, and it's almost here

Prime Music is a perk of Amazon's annual membership program, but the new service will be completely standalone. The reasoning is simple; Amazon needs a comprehensive, all-inclusive music solution if it wants to become your one-stop shop for all digital media (plus all that other stuff you buy from Such a move would also expand the utility of the company's Echo speaker, which can play music from Prime, but must lean on Spotify and other services for tracks that Amazon doesn't have the rights to. Pair the smart assistant speaker with a massive vault of music, and that turns into an even more compelling product to use throughout the home.

E3 2016: What to expect from Microsoft — Slim Xbox One and zombies

The pre-E3 Xbox briefing kicks off a Monday that includes events from Ubisoft and Sony as well. We know the company will have a lot of previously announced games to show off like ReCore and Crackdown 3, but we’re also anticipating a slew of never-before-seen announcements. And this is the one presentation that may still have some new hardware after Nintendo and Sony confirmed they’re not bringing the NX or the PS4 Neo.

Clicking This One Link Will Totally Get You on a Government Watch List

Does searching for “how to join ISIS” seem like a bad idea that will have a SWAT team banging your door down in the middle of the night? How about letting a potential mate use your computer after looking up “smelly penis cure urgent”? Then do not click on this link which takes you to Ruin My Search History .

Elon Musk provides new details on his “mind blowing” mission to Mars

The rocket needs to be big. The Dragon spacecraft would become the largest object to land on the Martian surface “by a factor of 10,” Musk said. That would make it one of the most ambitious Martian landings ever attempted—and difficult. Of the 43 robotic missions to Mars, including flybys, attempted by four different countries, only 18 have been total successes. The latest, a NASA mission, delivered the unmanned Curiosity rover that is currently roaming the planet.

Hillary Clinton employs cold tea to deflect questions about her running mate

According to footage tweeted by CBS News reporter Hannah Chanpong , Clinton was so startled by reporters' questions about her running mate — is it Elizabeth Warren, or what? — she became temporarily overwhelmed.

Report: Apple to announce iMessage for Android at WWDC

Why this matters: Apple may be interested in doing this now that messaging has become a platform for monetization. Facebook Messenger is one of many cross-platform services that now supports bots and payments. Apple is potentially leaving a lot of money on the table by keeping iMessage proprietary—if not through ads, then through bots, person-to-person Apple Pay money transfers, etc. Plus there’s more competition coming with Google’s Allo  later this year, which may have spurred Apple to go all in with the messaging wars.

Games of Thrones’ Jon Snow is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s next big bad

Harrington is following a list of major Hollywood performers who previously starred in Call of Duty games that includes Gary Oldman, Kiefer Sutherland, Idris Elba, and Jason Statham. Perhaps most famously, Kevin Spacey took on the role of the big bad in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and was the star of the marketing push for that 2014 shooter.

Lenovo Unveils Project Tango, Moto Z Droid Smartphones - InformationWeek

The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro is a monstrous Android phablet that features four cameras to capture virtual and augmented reality content. The main camera captures 16-megapixel images, and the selfie camera snags 8-megapixel portraits, but the real magic comes from the secondary cameras that capture motion and depth-of-field information. This duo of cameras allows the Phab 2 Pro to map 3D spaces and then augment them with content from a variety of apps.

Reports: Apple will move to Intel for some iPhone chips

One factor in Apple’s decision could be that it likes to use multiple suppliers, meaning it’s not at the mercy of one vendor if it decides to raise prices, said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research. Intel may also have offered discounts to Apple, he said. It did something similar with tablet chips used in Android devices, though with mixed success.

Put down the phone: This guy missed LeBron James' epic NBA Finals dunk

The lesson: Put down your phone from time to time, behold the world beyond that backlit screen. Otherwise? You could end up just like the guy who missed LeBron's stunning slam.

Facebook has a problem with private links

It would be hard to exploit that bug at scale for a few different reasons. De Ceukelaire was only able to make the API call because he's registered as a Facebook developer, and if he started pulling those links en masse, Facebook would quickly catch on and pull his credentials. Still, the bug points to a number of lingering problems with the conflicting way web services treat URLs, and how those conflicts can put private information into public view.

As WWDC Approaches, Three Big Changes That Would Make The Apple Watch Way Better

After using an Apple Watch on and off for a year, I believe full-blown apps should be eliminated or at least de-emphasized. While much Apple Watch app criticism fixates on slow loading times—a problem that faster processors would eventually fix—the real issue is with interaction time. Most full-scale Watch apps require swiping through multiple screens, invoking menus with 3D Touch, and making precise scrolling motions with the Digital Crown. Usually it’s faster and easier to just take out your phone.

Forbes Welcome

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."

Move Loot, the startup that wanted to dethrone Craigslist as the go-to place to sell furniture, is now in acquisition talks

Move Loot was founded in 2013 to reinvent how people buy and sell their furniture. Instead of bad Craigslist postings that resulted in hard-to-coordinate pick-ups and deliveries, Move Loot's solution was to take the furniture off your hands, professionally photograph it, and deliver it once the sale was complete. Move Loot's money came from taking a cut of the profits.

Duncan Jones Insists You’ll Get Warcraft Even if You Haven’t Played the Games

For gamers, World of Warcraft represents a massive universe in which they’ve spent large amounts of time. But for many moviegoers, WoW’ s Azeroth is a completely foreign place they know nothing about. So for Warcraft , director Duncan Jones—a gamer himself—had to create a movie world that would bring in new fans and make long-time WoW players feel like they were coming home. To do that, he worked with Industrial Light & Magic to build his movie’s look and feel from the ground up, combining motion-capture performances, CGI, and scenes shot in the real world. Find out how they did it in the video above.

Here's What Happened When Elon Musk Met A ‘Silicon Valley’ Star

“Some Valley big shots have no idea how to react to the show,” Miller told me. “They can’t decide whether to be offended or flattered. And they’re mystified by the fact that actors have a kind of celebrity that they will never have—there’s no rhyme or reason to it, but that’s the way it is, and it kills them.” Miller met Musk at the after-party in Redwood City. “I think he was thrown by the fact that I wasn’t being sycophantic — which I couldn’t be, because I didn’t realize who he was at the time. He said, ‘I have some advice for your show,’ and I went, ‘No thanks, we don’t need any advice,’ which threw him even more. And then, while we’re talking, some woman comes up and says ‘Can I have a picture?’ and he starts to pose — it was kinda sad, honestly — and instead she hands the camera to him and starts to pose with me. It was, like, Sorry, dude, I know you’re a big deal — and, in his case, he actually is a big deal — but I’m the guy from ‘Yogi Bear 3-D,’ and apparently that’s who she wants a picture with.

Living Bacteria Can Now Store Data

Using the CRISPR gene-editing tool, scientists from Harvard University have developed a technique that permanently records data into living cells. Incredibly, the information imprinted onto these microorganisms can be passed down to the next generation.

Is it Time to Ditch the Term “Social”?

What at first blush might seem like a highly ironic and utterly absurd question has a surprisingly firm grounding in reality, at least in today’s existing digital marketing reality. When you take a moment to stop and think about it, much of the largely two-way interplay on the ubiquitous digital communications platforms we collectively refer to as "social media" really isn’t all that social, at least not in our traditional understanding of the term.

YouTube can now download videos overnight in India to save users money

To try out the new feature, users must be connected to the cellular data network (the option won't appear when on Wi-Fi) and tap the grey arrow that saves clips offline. On participating carriers, users will then see a prompt giving them the ability to schedule the download for later that evening. "When you wake up the next morning, your videos will be ready for you to watch offline and on the go, with no buffering," Jessica Xu, a YouTube product manager, wrote on the company's India blog. The latest version of YouTube's mobile app is required, as well.

Man's prosthetic arm doubles as a tattoo machine

When asked what it was like tattooing with the machine for the first time, Tenet told Mashable: "I had to relearn to use my right hand 22 years after the loss; it's terrifying and amazing at the same time."

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016

It is also useful to see how, when combined with the sites’ total reach, the proportion of users who gets news on each site translates to U.S. adults overall. Facebook is by far the largest social networking site, reaching 67% of U.S. adults. The two-thirds of Facebook users who get news there, then, amount to 44% of the general population. YouTube has the next greatest reach in terms of general usage, at 48% of U.S. adults. But only about a fifth of its users get news there, which amounts to 10% of the adult population. That puts it on par with Twitter, which has a smaller user base (16% of U.S. adults) but a larger portion getting news there.

Blue Ivy wore a cheap $820 skirt to the CFDA Awards

"[Fashion] is a tool for finding your own identity, expression and strength. It transcends style and is a time capsule of all of our greatest milestones," Blue Ivy's super mom told the crowd.

Ziff Davis memo details its plans for Gawker post-acquisition

Ziff Davis has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire all of these properties (free of GMG’s liabilities), subject to the outcome of a Court-supervised auction. Under the Chapter 11 process, the Bankruptcy Court will soon set a schedule for other potential bidders to enter the sale process. There will then be an auction, which will likely take place at the end of July.

What's the Most Beautiful State in the United States?

Watch this drone footage of Hawaii, California, and Utah and then ask yourself what the three most beautiful states in the United States are. I mean, it’s hard to beat the islands of Hawaii, the geology of Utah, and the, well, everything of California, right? Does anything even come close?

New Maps Depict World’s Light-Pollution Problem

If you can’t see the Milky Way from where you live, you’re not alone. Thanks to an overabundance of artificial light at night, roughly a third of the world’s population can’t either. For European and North American dwellers, the figures are even grimmer: 60 and roughly 80 percent, respectively, according to a study published Friday in the...

Apple prepares San Francisco venues for WWDC 2016

As it does every year, Apple on Friday began to decorate the two main San Francisco venues that will host this year's Worldwide Developers Conference, installing banners, flags, utility equipment and more. Bill Graham Auditorium. | Source: Jamie Whitaker via Instagram San Francisco locals and visitors in town for WWDC 2016 are posting photos of Apple's building preparations to social media outlets like Instagram and Twitter, some of which show exterior work at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is nearly complete. Apple will kick off this year's event at the 7,000-seat auditorium on Monday. The building is dressed with flags and signage bearing Apple logos — in a rainbow of colors to match WWDC 2016's theme — including a massive 15-foot version borrowed from last year's iPhone event . Photos of what appears to be a large, portable commercial HVAC apparatus positioned outside Bill Graham, seen below, are also circulating around the web. It seems Apple is expecting a big turnout. Source: Franck Billé via Instagram Following this past week's work at Bill Graham Auditorium, contractors started preparing the nearby Moscone West building on Friday.

WWDC approaches and Apple's still king of the app stores

With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference  (WWDC) just around the corner, measurement company App Annie is taking the opportunity to shine a light on how well the two big competing platforms are doing.

A comprehensive guide to Nick Jonas' career thus far

2005:  Nick didn’t head straight to Disney Channel quite yet. After Broadway, he recorded “Joy To The World (A Christmas Prayer)” which made its way onto Christian Radio and led to a solo record deal with Columbia Records. “Dear God” was the first single off of the album, but the song that stuck out was

ELON MUSK: 'Fraudulent' safety complaints are being filed against Tesla

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) got involved Thursday, saying it was "examining the potential suspension issue on the Tesla Model S, and is seeking additional information from vehicle owners and the company."

Welcome to the insult election, Twitter’s biggest show ever

Imagine this: Donald Trump, having just been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, strolls into the Oval Office. He takes a seat at the historic Resolute desk — built from the remains of a 19th century British ship — and finds a dignified and somber letter from his predecessor, President Barack Obama. Trump pulls out his phone, and composes a tweet: "Just read a letter from dummy Barack Obama. Too bad he and Crooked Hillary couldn’t get anything done in 8 years except delete emails. Sad!"

More "mega breaches" to come, as rival hackers vie for sales | ZDNet

But the longer the data was under wraps, the more valuable it becomes -- for use on the underground market over the course of the past few years, until such a time it's no longer useful. Then, the data is quietly announced on a dark web forum (in Peace's case) or on a hacker's forum (in Tessa88's case), where it can be sold for a price, and vary in price depending on free market economics -- and if the press verifies the data, the price goes up, but if it's scrutinized too much and thought to be an inflated or rehashed breach from an earlier hack, the price can dramatically drop.

Facebook forces its photo-sharing app Moments to the top of the App Store

Facebook is continuing its heavy-handed push to get users to install its private photo-sharing app Moments. The company’s latest move – warning people some of their photos will be deleted if the app isn’t installed – has managed to make Moments the number one app in the App Store. Users are being given a deadline of July 7th to move to Moments or download their Synced albums, Facebook warns. After that date, Facebook will delete the album containing their Synced Photos, it says.

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84 Messaging app Line files for IPO on NYSE on July 14, Tokyo July 15, trading as LN, to raise $1B
85 Apple store thieves make out like bandits by dressing as employees
86 CurrentC Ends Beta Tests, Will Deactivate Accounts Later This Month
87 Samsung’s Gear Fit2 brings welcome upgrades to the amped up fitness tracker