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Replica shows you what it's like to investigate a terrorist's phone

Replica is a fascinating new game about the experience of peering through someone else's secrets in the name of national security.

Obama finally upgraded from his BlackBerry

President Obama has finally been allowed to replace his BlackBerry with something more modern — but he apparently isn't thrilled with this new phone either. "I get the thing, and they're all like,...

Your next iPhone could come with Intel inside

In certain parts of the world

Lenovo Shows Off Bendable Phones, Tablets

The prototypes are very flexible, but still too fragile to go on sale.

Deus Ex's bionic limbs are being made for real

3D print yourself a new hand

Auxy for iOS is a dead-simple free music-making app

If, like me, you sometimes have a musical idea in your head and want to hear it out loud then and there, you'll want to try Auxy.

An $800 clothes-folding robot actually makes sense | ZDNet

Just remember, people thought robot vacuums were pretty silly before the Roomba.

Solar-powered aircraft completes its flight across the US

Solar Impulse 2 landed this morning in NYC, the final US leg of its round the world, sun-powered journey.

Design & Gameplay Options Are Virtually Limitless with This Massive Game Creator & Downloadable Content Bundle

AGFPRO 3.0 Game Creator & DLC Bundle: Design & Gameplay Options Are Virtually Limitless with This Massive Drag-&-Drop Game Creator & Downloadable Content Bundle

15 Games We're Most Excited to See at E3

This list is not exhaustive, but it covers the biggest titles that will leave the most lasting impression on gamers.

Pablo Escobar’s former hitman has turned into a repentant YouTube star

"YouTube is my rebirth. It's a new life. It's my new genesis."

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Facebook Threatens to Delete Synced Photos Forever

In preparation for a full-scale push of the Moments app, Facebook has issued users an ultimatum: download the app, or risk losing many of your photos forever.

Watch the world's biggest rocket launch a secret spy satellite to space

United Launch Alliance's (ULA) Delta IV Heavy rocket is expected to loft a secret payload to space for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) at 1:51 p.m. ET Saturday.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked, LinkedIn password dump likely to blame

Facebook cofounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg understandably has accounts on other social networks – it only makes sense to keep tabs on what the competition is up to. But that doesn’t mean he bothers to maintain standard security practices on non-Facebook properties. This weekend, his Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked. The group responsible, OurMine Team , also claimed to have gained access to his zuck Instagram account, though we were not able to independently verify this ( Update : See below, his Instagram was not accessed).

Gawker Media files for bankruptcy thanks to Hulk Hogan and Peter Thiel

Filing for bankruptcy gives Gawker and its founder Nick Denton time to restructure the company without having to immediately shut down (or pay the jury damages in the Hogan case). That said, it seems unlikely Gawker will be sold off until the lawsuit is resolved in one way or another -- it'll likely be a tough sell while it's still in the middle of this legal battle.

The good, the bad and the weird at the Tokyo Toy Show

Mat once failed an audition to be the Milkybar Kid: an advert creation that pushed white chocolate on gluttonous British children. Two decades later, having repressed that early rejection, he completed a three-year teaching stint in Japan with help from world-class internet and a raft of bizarre DS titles. After a few weeks back in the UK, he's recently returned to Japan, heading up our coverage of a country that's obsessed with technology -- often in very unusual ways.

SodaStream goes after thirsty Keurig Kold customers with free machine replacements

In a press release , the company says it will replace a Keurig Kold for a SodaStream for affected customers with just a selfie of them and the obsolete machine. Once the team gets the photo, customers will receive a coupon code to redeem a SodaStream Fountain Jet machine (fine line: customers still have to pay shipping and handling.)

Pinterest Now Seeing 2 Billion Searches Per Month – How Pinterest Search Works

Pinterest is an interesting platform, not only because of its aforementioned high purchase intent, but also because of the way it works, particularly in relation to search and discovery. The emphasis on discovery over designated results makes it harder to “game” the system or establish a strategy that'll ensure you rank high in all related searches, but there are measures, like those noted above, that can help boost your performance on the platform and improve your results.

Facebook can see private links shared on its platform (but it's a feature, not a bug)

De Ceukelaire is registered as a developer and if he were to exploit the tool, Facebook would easily be able to catch and stop him. Still, it’s an interesting insight at exactly how Facebook treats URLs when they’re being shared on Facebook. On one hand, it often stops links that are spam and prevents questionable domains from spreading around – but knowing it could readily track what we send is also something to think twice about.

The 10 Best Phones You Can Buy (June 2016)

Picking the best phones in the world is always a) incredibly hard, and b) terrific fun. Thankfully. This being an iOS-centric site, you’d expect an Apple iPhone at number 1 and you’d be right. But this isn’t sycophantic – in my other life as the producer and presenter of The Phones Show I do regular top 5 features – and an iPhone is invariably in the top spot because it’s the one top specced phone that can be recommended as the answer to “What phone should I buy” without any real caveats or possible recriminations.

How to stop letting subscription apps with shitty cancellation policies scam you

Many banks offer this, so you’ll want to check with yours to see how to get one from your account. Basically, your bank can create a randomly generated number tied to your credit card so you can use it for one-time purchases. You can set its expiration date, so it can end whenever you want your subscription to stop so the company can’t charge you for the next month.

Google’s new app makes your iOS Live Photos less shaky and more awesome

Apple’s Live Photos are, by design, something most people don’t really think about. You just take your still photos as you always would, and iOS automatically captures a bit of footage from before and after the photo was taken and turns it into a little animation.

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6/7 #TRweekendreads : In '06 there was reason to believe gene therapy was finally working -

Bluetooth 5 Bringing Double Range, Quadruple Speed - InformationWeek

Next week marks the formal debut of Bluetooth 5, which will double the range and quadruple the speed of the wireless standard. The goal of these improvements is to accelerate industries such as industrial automation, smart infrastructure, smart homes, and location-based services.


Deals are popping up left and right in the second week of June. From home security, to Android Wear, to the usual smartphones and accessories, we have gathered the best deals from around the web. Quite a few of our deals have exclusive discount codes made just for you, so make sure you enter them at checkout to take advantage of the savings.

10 Tips On How To Use iPhone Headphones

If you use headphones with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch then you will find these tips quite handy.

Siri references Finder ahead of supposed OS X launch

In  a blog post , Brian Roemmele writes about a curious Siri response he came upon. If you say, "Siri, open Settings in a new window," Siri will respond by saying, "It doesn't look like you have an app named Finder."

Man walks out of Apple store with 19 iPhones by dressing like an employee

It's not the most thrilling heist in the world, but it's definitely effective. Last week, police in New York reported that a pair of thieves managed to steal 19 iPhones from an Apple Store simply by dressing like employees. According  to DNAinfo , a thief "dressed similarly" to Apple's own workers walked into the electronics repair room of a SoHo store on June 1st. He grabbed the iPhones — worth $16,130 — and handed them over to an accomplice who hid them under his shirt. The pair then walked out the store.

Father's Day Tech Gifts's own Mike Roorda sits down with Patrick Foster and Jim Lenahan from USA Today's popular 'Dad Rock' podcast to find out what should be at the top of every dad's list this year. Recommendations include a DIY synth kit and a stylish (and gravity-defying!) turntable. Plus, find out which of Jim's prized possessions makes Patrick green with envy.

Police release the name of the man who shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie

The man, identified by police as 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl, approached Grimmie while she was signing autographs for fans inside the venue after the show. Loibl opened fired on Grimmie and was immediately tackled by her brother, Mark. Loibl then turned the gun on himself and died by suicide. Police say there were approximately 120 people in the venue at the time of the shooting.

Investment opportunities in the autonomous vehicle space

The most probable outcome therefore seems to be that traditional car manufacturers will continue to mass-produce vehicles in the autonomous age. It is unclear whether this manufacturing role will continue to be as profitable for these companies as it has in the past. As value creation in transportation shifts toward high-tech components and software, manufacturers of the cars themselves may become an increasingly commoditized, low-margin business.

Yes, you can build your own smartphone | ZDNet

Forget the iPhone or the latest Samsung Galaxy handset, and build your very own custom smartphone, complete with touchscreen and built-in camera.

A soldier fainted during the Queen's 90th birthday celebration

An unidentified member of the Queen's Guard collapsed and face planted during the Trooping The Colour in celebration of the Queen's 90th birthday on Saturday in Whitehall, London.

iMessage for Android Would Change Everything

Citing an anonymous source, MacDailyNews says Apple will be opening up its iMessage app to Android at WWDC. This would be the biggest reinvention of the service since it was introduced all the way back in 2011 with iOS 5. The app works a bit like an Apple-centric WhatsApp, letting you essentially circumvent SMS when you’re messaging between two Apple products. When it was introduced, it almost immediately changed the mobile messaging landscape . Unfortunately, until now, it’s remained an Apple-only feature.

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The iPhone 7 could be ditching two of the biggest features in earlier iPhones

'Star Wars: Battlefront' gets Lando and Cloud City on June 21st

You won't have to wait too much longer to fill the Cloud City-sized hole in Star Wars: Battlefront 's content. EA has revealed that the promised Bespin DLC will arrive on June 21st for Season Pass holders, and two weeks later (July 5th) for everyone else. As before, the highlights of the paid add-on are the introduction of Lando Calrissian and Cloud City -- you're getting everyone's favorite administrator-turned-general as well as a much-needed change of scenery.

On The Eve Of A Diverse Tonys, Is Ready To Take A Bow

"People come to our site because they are interested in their favorite actor or actress, and they may not even be a theater buff," said managing editor Reign, who is also the creator of the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. "But they want to know about Brandy being in Chicago, or Denzel Washington directing Viola Davis. And then we have those people who are theater geeks and want to know all of the backstage information and see how Taye Diggs transformed to become Hedwig every night." The site hasn’t had much trouble finding its audience—last year alone, it doubled its social media followers almost effortlessly.

Every piece of art you've ever wanted to see -- up close and searchable

What does a cultural Big Bang look like? For Amit Sood, director of Google's Cultural Institute and Art Project, it's an online platform where anyone can explore the world's greatest collections of art and artifacts in vivid, lifelike detail. Join Sood and Google artist in residence Cyril Diagne in a mind-bending demo of experiments from the Cultural Institute and glimpse the exciting future of accessibility to arts and culture.

Love the Internet of Things? So does the NSA

You may love being able to set your thermostat from your car miles before you reach your house, but be warned — the NSA probably loves it too. On Friday , the National Security Agency — you know, the federal organization known for wiretapping and listening it on U.S. citizens’ conversations — told an audience at Washington’s Newseum that it’s looking into using the Internet of Things and other connected devices to keep tabs on individuals.

What's the Most Beautiful State in the United States?

Watch this drone footage of Hawaii, California, and Utah and then ask yourself what the three most beautiful states in the United States are. I mean, it’s hard to beat the islands of Hawaii, the geology of Utah, and the, well, everything of California, right? Does anything even come close?

Which Superhero Is Best? Research Says Definitely Not Batman

Sadly, this research is invalidated a bit by the superhero who came in last: Batman. Yes, the Caped Crusader has no powers and has more weaknesses than strengths according to the students’ qualifications. In real life, Batman wouldn’t survive a landing if he was gliding with his cape. However, everyone knows that he can take down every member of the Justice League if he wanted. Just watch him explain that he has contingency plans for every powerful member.

All the Books You Desperately Need to Add to Your 'To Read' Pile This Summer

Summer is upon us, which means there’s no TV on, which means it’s finally time to dig into those books you’ve been saving for your weekends, vacation, and whatever other spare moments you have. Unfortunately, there’s also a ton of tremendous new fiction and non-fiction books coming out this summer, meaning your pile is about to get much, much bigger. Better start reading!

A Simple Proof From the Pattern-Matching Card Game Set Stuns Mathematicians

Invented in 1974, Set has a simple goal: to find special triples called “sets” within a deck of 81 cards. Each card displays a different design with four attributes—color (which can be red, purple or green), shape (oval, diamond or squiggle), shading (solid, striped or outlined) and number (one, two or three copies of the shape). In typical play, 12 cards are placed face-up and the players search for a set: three cards whose designs, for each attribute, are either all the same or all different.

Under the Hood — The Computational Engine of Economic Development

The demand for non-aggregate theories of economic growth is easy to understand after considering the limitations of aggregation. Of course, we all know that — while useful to some extent — totals and averages provide only a coarse representation of complex systems, such as economies. But the limitations of our aggregative approaches transcend the abuse of aggregates because they also come from an unfortunate choice of units and language. Economics, being a discipline obsessed with prices, has pushed aggregations based on the language of commerce, translating everything into units of dollars, pesos, or pounds. Certainly, there is merit in the use of prices as a trick to facilitate aggregation, but prices are very much “over the hood” of economic systems. Under the hood, economies are made of people, objects and the ability of people to create objects, all of which can be powerfully described using the language of information and computation. Here, I will describe how we can use the language of computation and information to describe economic systems, and also, to obtain insights that are hard to come by using monetary descriptions of the economy.

Clicking This One Link Will Totally Get You on a Government Watch List

Does searching for “how to join ISIS” seem like a bad idea that will have a SWAT team banging your door down in the middle of the night? How about letting a potential mate use your computer after looking up “smelly penis cure urgent”? Then do not click on this link which takes you to Ruin My Search History .

Texas Man Buys Dam Online To Protect Home From Flooding, And It Worked

As thousands were evacuated across multiple counties in Texas due to horrible flooding, one man and his family are living high and dry thanks to something he bought on the internet.

NSA finally admits why it couldn't hack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone | ZDNet

The FBI reportedly asked the NSA to help break into the terrorist's phone, but instead had to seek an outside party.

These 20 deep, absorbing PC games will eat days of your life

Endless Legend breathes new life into the somewhat stale genre by imbuing each faction with distinctive attributes. The differences are more than mere unique units, too: Certain factions can’t declare peace after being provoked, while others are able to relocate their city at will, and so forth. Getting a handle on each of the stock factions in this wondrous game takes days and days, and once you do, you can even create custom factions of your own. Whew!

Master Android development with these 3 great deals

Take your skills to new heights and make the apps that run the world with the following offers from TNW Deals.

40 Log In - The New York Times

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No, Google isn't manipulating searches for Hillary Clinton

This week, pop-culture news site SourceFed made a video alleging Google was tipping the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton. The video to date has been shared nearly 350,000 and spurred a lively conversation in the tech community.

Math question meant for 10-year-olds stumps parents

The seemingly innocent question was on a homework assignment given to Year Five students at a primary school in Glossop, England, located near Manchester. A 10-year-old boy's father was stumped by the question, and submitted a photo of the assignment to Facebook for help.

Yahoo launches Kik bots for news, weather, and virtual pets

With today’s news, Yahoo enters a rapidly evolving bots and messaging space that is forcing a reconsideration of the primacy of mobile apps as a way to reach consumers. It’s a market that resembles the early days of the App Store, with scores of bots being created daily. The promise of bots is still largely untapped, however, as they offer ways to seamlessly integrate a wide variety of tasks through running chat conversations. “We think it’s just the beginning with bots,” Paris said. “[Next] we’ll be looking at the new types of experiences that get built differently than what you’ll see in an app. We’re definitely seeing new opportunity in the broader messaging space.”

ICYMI: Robotank and carbon emissions made into rock

Today on In Case You Missed It: Israel Aerospace Industries has built a combat robot vehicle that is made of modular bits that can be switched out, while environmental scientists created rock out of carbon emissions from a power plant in Iceland, by first pumping the pollutant underground. Be sure to read up on the flying car competition reportedly happening under Larry Page, and watch this video purely because it's the strangest cat video we've seen in months. As always, please share any great tech or science videos you find by using the #ICYMI hashtag on Twitter for @mskerryd.

T-Mobile's next Uncarrier move rewards customers with free shares of the company

Called Stock Up , current customers (and those who switch) may be eligible for a free share of the T-Mobile stock. If current customers refer friends to T-Mobile, they can earn up to 100 shares of stocks a year. It’s an interesting way to incentivize customers into helping the company grow with more than just some free data or monthly bill savings.

Getting High on Cannabis Cocktails

It was the perfect afternoon for day drinking: Not too warm, a pleasant breeze, the weekend within easy reach. On a sun-dappled Los Angeles patio around 3:00 p.m., I found myself pleasantly buzzed from both alcohol and cannabis. But I didn’t even have to resort to chugging a beverage while surreptitiously toking under the table—it was all from sipping a single photogenic cocktail. And it was all completely within the law.

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IGN is the place for video game news, game reviews and previews, guides, videos, walkthroughs, cheats, movie trailers, E3, TV, comics, and everything you love.

Startup lets landlords scan tenants' Facebook to check if they can pay rent

Landlords use the company's Tenant Assured program to send requests for profiles to would-be tenants. These then grant the program access to data from one or more social media networks (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), which it uses to create a one-time report on the individual. This process scans private conversations and public posts to record information about the user's personality, life events (like giving birth or getting married), and even their "financial stress level" — a measure of how easy it is for them to pay their rent, based on the frequency with which keywords like "no money," "poor," and "staying in," appear in their posts.

Samsung Will Reportedly Release Phones With Bendable Screens Next Year

Bloomberg  reports that Samsung is planning on releasing phones with bendable screens early next year. The company plans on launching two handsets with a bendable OLED screen, which the company has been showcasing since the last few years now, though it is yet to see a commercial application.

Email Address Disclosures, Preliminary Report, June 11 2016

On June 11 2016 (UTC), we started sending an email to all active subscribers who provided an email address, informing them of an update to our subscriber agreement. This was done via an automated system which contained a bug that mistakenly prepended between 0 and 7,618 other email addresses to the body of the email. The result was that recipients could see the email addresses of other recipients. The problem was noticed and the system was stopped after 7,618 out of approximately 383,000 emails (1.9%) were sent. Each email mistakenly contained the email addresses from the emails sent prior to it, so earlier emails contained fewer addresses than later ones.

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