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PulseOn Review: Heart-Rate Monitor Wrist-Band

The last 12 months may be remembered for many things, but in the tech realm, the surge of wrist-mounted activity-trackers will surely be one of them. Some

Smudge, the Googly-Eyed Baby Bear, Just Wants Your Love [VIDEO]

The cockeyed cub was saved from by the organization Animals Asia and their "Peace by Piece" campaign.

Hillary Clinton Takes (Another) Jab at Putin

During a talk before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton took a jab at Vladimir Putin.

How Many Countries Are There?

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Even Jon Snow Would Charleston to This Jazzy 'Game of Thrones' Theme

Jazz band The Swamp Donkeys perform the 'Game of Thrones' theme song at B.B. King's Blues Club in New York City.

Netflix Food Truck Throws 'Orange Is the New Black' Crazy Pyes [VIDEO]

A Netflix food truck is throwing pies for you, just like Crazy Eyes did for prison newbie Piper Chapman in Season 1.

Seth Rogen and James Franco Mock Kim Jong-un in 'The Interview'

James Franco and Seth Rogen star in action-comedy film "The Interview," which mocks North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and celebrity tabloid journalism.

GoPro: Man Fights Off Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour

Close Call with a Great White Shark in Sydney Harbour! Filmed on a GoPro at Manly jump rock HOLY SH*T!

Terrible Dad Humor to Make Your Kids Roll Their Eyes [VIDEO]

The dads in the Mashable office tell you their best -- or worst? -- jokes for Father's Day. Warning: Groans and SMHs approaching.

Nintendo's King Boo Terrorizes E3 IRL

Attendees at E3 were haunted by the specter of famed Nintendo villain King Boo.

Just a Typical Day: Orc Spotted in Amsterdam Shopping Mall

Artist Rossanne Puck Aafjes styled 7-foot-tall actor Olivier Richters as an Uruk-hai from 'Lord of the Rings' and went on a shopping trip.

Hold a T-Rex Bone in Your Bare Hands, Invites Smithsonian

The Smithsonian is digitizing a T-Rex skeleton so anyone, anywhere can 3D-print exact replicas of the bones.

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Twitter Plans a Shakeup for its Media Division

There are other reasons for the changes. Many mid-level media employees have leveled complaints at how the Media execs manage their people. Personalities have clashed, and I’m told by many that there will be more personnel changes to come — especially inside the TV and Music wings of Media. And again, as Swisher hinted at, Twitter’s Biz Dev unit will report to President of Global Revenue Adam Bain’s sales division, which has performed exceedingly well over the past two years.

Amazon's Sort-of Free and Not Very Big Subscription Music Service is Finally Here

One possible scenario is that Amazon allows its phone users to listen to tracks from Prime Music without racking up any data fees. But that’s not a very exciting scenario, because data fees aren’t really an issue for subscription music fans. Unless you’re listening to a lot of music, at very high bitrates, songs just don’t use much bandwidth.

Facebook Messenger Adds Tap-And-Hold Video Sharing, Another Snapchat Feature | TechCrunch

Why tell with text when you can show with video? Facebook Messenger is diving deeper into visual communication with a new option to instantly record and send short videos, similar to Snapchat. The feature comes to iOS today and is rolling out to Android . Messenger added pre-recorded video sharing and a split-screen selfie camera in April, but now you can tap and hold the camera button to fire off a mini-movie.

Passenger stuck alone at Las Vegas airport uses iPhone to remake Celine Dion video

Not so many moons ago, Trevor moved from one tea-loving island nation that drives on the left (Britain) to another (Japan). As far as electronics are concerned, he's in the right place, with the East Asian country continuing to produce a plethora of gadgets and gizmos for tech addicts around the world. When not writing for Digital Trends, Trevor can be found out and about taking far too many photos, or in front of his computer trying to sort them all out.

Harrison Ford Injures Ankle in 'Star Wars' Set Millennium Falcon Mishap

"Harrison Ford sustained an ankle injury during filming today on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII. He was taken to a local hospital and is receiving care. Shooting will continue as planned while he recuperates," Disney’s statement read.

Internet Security Firm Offers Free Protection to Political, Artistic Sites That Get Attacked

CloudFlare is a content delivery network, basically one of the Internet middlemen that helps sites speed up their traffic by routing it more efficiently or optimizing their content. The company also offers cyber security services to websites to help prevent denial of service or other malicious attacks. It has about two million customers.

Rumor: Long-wheelbase Tesla Model S coming later this year? - CNET

Blog Gas 2.0 writes that Tesla will be adding a long-wheelbase version of its Model S to suit the demands of the Chinese market.

Watch the teaser for 'The Interview,' a Seth Rogen comedy about murdering Kim Jong-un

What happens when a television personality and his best friend are recruited to assassinate North Korea's corpulent leader? The official teaser trailer for action-comedy  The Interview is riddled with cringe-inducing moments, inexplicable situations, and an undercurrent of platonic male love. James Franco and Seth Rogen star as Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport, a talk show host and a producer who find themselves en route to Pyongyang for an interview with the notorious Kim Jong-un. Plans change, however, when the CIA tasks them with the execution of the dictator. The Interview is slated to release sometime this fall.

#TheRapTest - how well do you know rap and hip hop?

E3 2014: Show Goers Play and React to Forza Horizon 2 - IGN

Bear in mind that this was just a demo, so opinions are likely to change. From what you've seen, what are you most excited for in Forza Horizon 2? What was the most relevant change that you notice? Let us know in the comments section!

Can this Chinese phone giant make it in America?

If you were to ask the average American consumer to name a company that makes smartphones, chances are they would say Apple or Samsung. Perhaps a few will mention LG, HTC, or Motorola. But it’s very likely that they wouldn’t say Huawei, the massive Chinese electronics company. Though Huawei has sold smartphones in the US for years, they’ve always been carrier-branded, and as a result, the company has remained far from a household name. For many, Huawei is best known as a foreign company that the US government has long suspected of being a security threat.

New study suggests patent trolls really are killing startups

A few mentions of those anecdotes are included in the first section of her paper. First, there's X-Plane, a South Carolina company sued over using copy protection software provided by Google, which "was forced to abandon product upgrades and new products that were in development." There's also California eyewear startup Ditto, which was sued last year by a troll called Lennon Imaging Technology. The case against Ditto was ultimately dismissed , but the company was still being valued at $3 to $4 million less than it would be otherwise, and it was forced to lay off four of its 15 employees to pay legal expenses. (Lennon Imaging also sued Condé Nast, the parent company of Ars Technica).

Virgin America Reimagines How We Book Travel

Minor Complaints Admittedly, parts of the site are overly cute. I'm not sure that people really want to pick avatars when doing something as transactional as buying a plane ticket. The "Where We Fly" section, which lists Virgin's destination cities, is styled as a grid; each city gets a little drawing of thumb-shaped people enjoying that city's stereotypically famous offering--say, a hot dog in Chicago, a rodeo in Dallas, a burlesque dancer in Las Vegas. It's a touch twee. But these are minor complaints. Virgin got it right. The company designed an efficient, simple site that makes it easy--and not unpleasant!--to buy a plane ticket. And in the travel industry, that's huge.

Samsung Unveils Its 'Premium' Tablet, the Galaxy Tab S

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

It's getting harder to tell what's satire these days, and The Onion's new site Clickhole isn't helping

Clickhole is the latest offering from the satirical news site The Onion, and it’s designed to parody the kind of dumbed-down lists, quizzes and viral clickbait used by other media sites — but in some ways the satire is so subtle that it ceases to be satire at all

Facebook expands users' ad targeting profiles with website data

Facebook already has access to much of this information through tools that it uses to measure the performance of its ads as well as through "plug-ins" that integrate Facebook features on third-party websites, but the company has not until now incorporated the data into its users' ad targeting profiles.

Google Is In Talks To Invest In Virgin Galactic

The first will see Google inject hundreds of millions of dollars into a joint venture, with Virgin Galactic folding in the technology it has developed as part of its efforts to build the world’s first space tourism business.

SiSense Raises $30M More To Bring Big Data Analytics To Businesspeople | TechCrunch

On the customer front — the company is part of what is a growing cadre of enterprise startups that are trying to take some of the more interesting innovations in data management and make them more usable by the average business user. Typically, big data analytics have been built by engineers, for engineers, but what we are seeing now is essentially consumerization at play, with applications being created on top of the big data stack for ordinary people to be able to interrogate the data more directly themselves. Others in this space include Looker, Origami Logic and Tableau Software, which went public this year.

Ubisoft nixes female avatars in Assassin's Creed Unity - CNET

When CNET contacted Ubisoft for comment on its lack of a female avatar in Assassin's Creed Unity, company spokesman Michael Beadle said the company recognizes the "valid concern around diversity in video game narrative" and it looks forward to introducing players to some of the "strong female characters in Assassin's Creed Unity."

Tesla wants to kill gasoline by sharing its electric car technology with everyone

In an attempt to spur innovation, Tesla Motors says that it will allow anyone to use its patented technology on electric vehicles — even its biggest competitors. In  a blog post , company CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone using its technology "in good faith." He's made this decision in part because the electric vehicle landscape is so limited right now, with these vehicles representing less than one percent of major automakers' sales. Musk also believes that the current patent system often serves to stifle innovation and bolster large corporations, rather than helping out individual inventors.

Michael Keaton is a superhero again in mind-bending teaser for 'Birdman'

Before Christian Bale came along,  Batman was synonymous with one actor:  Michael Keaton . Now the man who brought the caped crusader to life in the darkly cartoonish 1989 Tim Burton movie is returning over 25 years later as a similarly angsty superhero with wings: Birdman . Or, to be accurate, Keaton plays the part of an actor famous for playing a superhero called Birdman trying to mount a late-career comeback in a Broadway play. If that sounds confusing, that's because it's meant to be.

So you didn't get into YC, now what?

The startups that don’t get accepted the first time, but keep executing, will be remembered and make for a compelling YC applicant the next time around. How do I know this? Well, I speak from first hand experience. We didn’t get into YC the first time we applied, but we didn’t let that stop us. We kept executing and focused on building something compelling. It just so happened that by the time we were about to get our new product off the ground that we applied for YC again and this time we did get in. YC was right not to take us in the first time. We were not ready for it. We had little experience working together as a founding team (we only just met a couple of months before we applied) and we had little to show in terms of things we've built together as a team. So even though my co-founder and I separately both had past startup successes, we just weren't ready for YC the first time we applied.

How Beats conquered the world

In every recording studio there is a pair of reference speakers the producer uses to get a baseline for how the recording sounds. But Grewal says Beats takes the opposite approach with its headphones. "There is a role and purpose for reference in the world, but that’s not how people enjoy music." Beats’ headphones are meant to have the biggest emotional impact on the widest array of consumers, the same hit-making principles that its founders employed in when mixing tracks. "Our approach to sound is different from everybody else," says Grewal. "Instead of an acoustical engineer doing a reference curve, this was, how can we get the same sound and impact as radio?"

US will auction bitcoins seized from Silk Road, bidders must deposit $200,000

Do you have spare millions lying around that you want to invest in something new? The U.S. government will be auctioning off blocks of 3000 bitcoins later this month.

Intel's appeal over €1.06bn fine quashed by EU court - Telegraph

Intel has lost its appeal against a €1.06bn (£852m) fine that it was ordered to pay by an EU court in 2009 for anti-competitive practices.

Microsoft leaker sentenced to three months in prison after controversial investigation

Former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo was sentenced to three months in jail on Tuesday for stealing trade secrets and leaking confidential software to a French blogger.  Kibkalo was arrested in March and has been in custody ever since, so he's nearing the end of his prison term. "For sure, I got my lesson not to discuss my work projects with external parties," Kibkalo said in a letter included in court documents. The software architect had been the company for years before he became disgruntled after receiving a mediocre performance report. But Microsoft is walking away from this case with its own battle scars; the company went to controversial lengths to uncover Kibkalo's identity.

How to Opt Out of Facebook's Interest-Based Ads

“Let’s say that you’re thinking about buying a new TV, and you start researching TVs on the web and in mobile apps. We may show you ads for deals on a TV to help you get the best price or other brands to consider. And because we think you’re interested in electronics, we may show you ads for other electronics in the future, like speakers or a game console to go with your new TV.”

Stop Facebook and Other Companies from Using Your Web History for Ads

We already knew that Facebook is tracking our every move on the web , just like everyone else is, but now the social network says it's going to use data from the other sites we visit and the apps we use to deliver more relevant ads. If you want to opt out of this enhanced behavioral targeting, there's a form for that.

George R.R. Martin Will Kill a Facebook Employee

"[Fiction] has to have a truth at the core of it," Martin told The Wall Street Journal . "You’re still writing about people, you’re writing about the human condition. I often quote Faulkner, who said in his speech after winning the Nobel Prize that ‘the human heart in conflict with itself’ is the only thing worth writing about. And I’ve always agreed with that. It’s true no matter what genre you’re writing in, even if there are dragons in it or it’s about a private detective or a western gunslinger, it’s still ultimately about the human heart in conflict with itself or it’s not worth reading."

Amazon adds streaming Prime Music to play against Apple's Beats - CNET

Given the limitations of its music offerings, Amazon is unlikely to attract new Prime members solely by the virtues of its music-streaming product. Amazon's advantage, however, is the package including both music and video -- plus shipping and e-books -- for a lower yearly price than the sum of the parts elsewhere. The Beats service and Spotify each charge subscribers $10 a month; Beats also charges $99 for an annual membership, the same price as more diverse Prime. Netflix charges about $8 a month and is rolling out a price increase to $9.

BlackBerry in deal with EnStream on mobile payments system

TORONTO (Reuters) - BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday it has signed a agreement with EnStream LP, a mobile payments joint venture owned by Canada's three large wireless carriers, to provide a secure platform for transactions between banks and consumers.

Angry Birds Epic hits all major app stores for free - CNET

The mobile game is free to download, but it might not be long before gamers spend some real cash on the title. The game's currency of Lucky Coins are available as an in-game purchase. While it's not required to buy the coins to play the game, it does enhance your ability to get through the title. So far, all of the top in-app purchases for the iOS version of Epic are different quantities of Lucky Coins, with costs ranging from 99 cents to $50, according to Apple's App Store page.

Top Twitter executive leaves as user growth stalls

Twitter's chief operating officer Ali Rowghani announced today that he would be stepping down from his day-to-day role with the company and moving into an "advisory" role. Rowghani had been with Twitter for four years, coming over from Pixar, where he served as chief financial officer. His departure highlights the company's struggles with user growth and engagement, as well as its lack of hit new products, two areas that Rowghani helped to oversee. News of the executive shakeup was  first reported by Recode .

Twitter Steps Down From the Free Speech Party

And the threats are only about to get worse. In August, an Orwellian set of laws restricting the Internet and bloggers is expected to go into effect. Bloggers with 3,000 or more page views a day will be treated as media outlets, subject to greater regulation and legal liability. They will be required to reveal their identities, fact-check their content, not disseminate extremist information or information violating privacy of citizens, and to abide by the rules of pre-election silence. Failure to comply will be punished by fines and may result in their websites being blocked within Russia. Social networking sites, blog hosts and other "organizers of disseminating of information on the Internet" may also come under fire, as the bill requires them to store data on popular users' activity online for six months for potential use in police and other official investigations. It is not unreasonable, given Ksenov's complaints, to imagine that Twitter will be the recipient of many more court orders to block accounts this summer—and if they can't stand up to pressure to block one account, h

Going the distance: driving the Tesla Model S in the real world

We expected to spend about half an hour charging; it’s only about 90 miles from Gilroy to our final destination in San Francisco, so we didn’t need to top it off, which would’ve taken a couple hours. But when we returned to the car, we met up with Mark, an engineer from San Diego who’d just picked up his Model S from Tesla’s Fremont factory after joining the waiting list in August of 2011 and was charging in preparation for the trip home. We spent a few minutes chatting, during which several other owners pulled up, waited for an open charger, and plugged in as they freed up. I was fascinated to see how many people were already taking advantage of these stations — which can only be used by a single car model from a single manufacturer — and we’re just a few months into production. By the time the Model X is on the road, Tesla could need significantly more of these to keep up with demand, lest we end up with huge crowds of nearly-dead EVs queued up at strip malls around the country. The company is currently planning to deploy around 100 of the stations by 2015, which should lessen (but not entirely eliminate) the need to carefully plan cross-country EV journeys like we did.

What Real Women In Tech Look Like

In this exploration, I wanted to find what wasn’t being shown on the screens. And what I learned was that if there’s an upside to the lack of representation of women in technology in media, it's that there is no such constraining uniform for women. (In illustrating what they wear, my colleagues couldn’t settle on a single look, but rather an interchangeable set of options.)

With 'The Machine,' HP May Have Invented a New Kind of Computer

HP’s bet is the memristor, a nanoscale chip that Labs researchers must build and handle in full anticontamination clean-room suits. At the simplest level, the memristor consists of a grid of wires with a stack of thin layers of materials such as tantalum oxide at each intersection. When a current is applied to the wires, the materials’ resistance is altered, and this state can hold after the current is removed. At that point, the device is essentially remembering 1s or 0s depending on which state it is in, multiplying its storage capacity. HP can build these chips with traditional semiconductor equipment and expects to be able to pack unprecedented amounts of memory—enough to store huge databases of pictures, files, and data—into a computer. Photograph by Richard Lewington/Hewlett-PackardCloseup of memristor devices on a 300mm wafer In theory, that would remove the need for a conventional slow disk/fast memory system. With the Machine’s main chips sitting on motherboards right next to the memristors, they can access any needed information almost instantly. “It’s the Platonic form of computing and is the natural way to do things,” says Papadopoulos, a former computer architect for HP and Sun.

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The TheTechNewsBlog Daily, by TheTechNewsBlog: updated automatically with a curated selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos.

How to watch the World Cup in the US without paying for TV

The tournament, which begins today, will largely air on cable; streaming matches online also requires a television subscription. But there are a few options for so-called cord cutters who don’t pay for TV but still want to watch the World Cup.

Our Skulls Didn't Evolve to be Punched

Those early humans couldn’t make the tight fists we do, though. Australopithecines – Lucy and her kin – were bipedal walkers that retained some signs of their arboreal ancestry, such as more ape-like arms and fingers. The hands and limbs of archaic hominins don’t match up with the supposedly “buttressed” skulls. More than that, our species doesn’t have the reinforced cheek bones, deep jaws, or prominent brow ridges that Morgan and Carrier cast as defensive structures. If our fists are so well-suited for punching, why have our faces lost their osteological protection? Morgan and Carrier suppose that we’re weaker than our ancestors, and therefore don’t need thick facial bones, but this runs counter to the heart of their hypothesis. If our hands evolved as weapons, then we should see a coevolution between striking hands and stout faces. Our prehistory shows no such pattern.

Netflix: Verizon decided to ‘leave three lanes closed during rush hour’

Furthermore, your attempt to shift blame for our customers’ experience on the Verizon network “squarely to Netflix itself” disregards Verizon’s responsibility to provide its customers with the service it has promised them. Verizon sells residential Internet access to its customers. In fact, it is my understanding that Verizon actually upsells customers to higher speed packages based on improved access to video services, including Netflix. Verizon’s unwillingness to augment its access ports to major Internet backbone providers is squarely Verizon’s fault. As an ISP, you sell your customers a connection to the Internet. To ensure that these customers get the level of service they pay you for, it is your responsibility to make sure your network, including your interconnection points, have sufficient capacity to accommodate the data requests made by those customers. To try to shift blame to us for performance issues arising from interconnection congestion is like blaming drivers on a bridge for traffic jams when you’re the one who decided to leave three lanes closed during rush hour.

Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria

Once it's created, plastic (almost) never dies. While in 12th grade Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao went in search of a new bacteria to biodegrade plastic — specifically by breaking down phthalates, a harmful plasticizer. They found an answer surprisingly close to home.

The History of Flat Design: Efficiency, Minimalism, Trendiness

But where did flat design come from? And why are we seeing it on the Web? As with anything in design, knowing where a style or technique came from and the history behind it can help you make more educated decisions when it comes to the use of the design aesthetic.

With Robotic Walking Suit, Paralyzed Person Will Give World Cup's First Kick

A Brazilian person who is paralyzed will walk onto the pitch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this June wearing an exoskeleton walking suit to complete the ceremonial first kick. Built with light metals and powered by hydraulics, the walking machine could one day make wheelchairs a thing of the past — all thanks to science.

Nintendo To Let You Create Your Own Super Mario World

Brian Altano, the executive editor of video game site IGN, called Mario Maker "inspiring" after testing it out at E3. In his post about the game, he surmises that players will be able to share the levels they make with others. "I don’t have to wait for Nintendo to make the next great Mario game because I’m gonna try to make it myself," he writes. "And if I fail, we’re gonna make it together."

46 Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute brings together millions of artifacts from multiple partners, with the stories that bring them to life, in a virtual museum.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Review - IGN

On the newcomer front, How to Train Your Dragon 2 introduces Eret, Son of Eret (voiced by Game of Thrones' Kit Harrington), a dragon trapper and dashing rogue-type that butts heads with Hiccup and his crew. There's also the main villain, Drago Bludvist (Djimon Hounsou), who, while markedly badass in the looks department, is probably the one weak link in the character roster. It's not so much that he's not intimidating -- in fact, he's downright menacing -- he's just not quite as interesting as the other characters. For one, his backstory is pretty forgettable, and his hellbent desire to conquer the world feels ripped from the pages of Bad Guys 101. (That said, his dragon-skin cloak and dreadlocks are pretty rad.)

NSA: Our systems are so complex we can't stop them from deleting data wanted for lawsuit

NSA: Our systems are so complex we can't stop them from deleting data wanted for lawsuit

3D-printed corset turns see-through the more time you spend online

Corsets are typically used to squeeze torsos into shape, but designers Xuedi Chen and Pedro Oliveira had other ideas in mind. Instead of making another waist-pinching underwear, they've designed a 3D-printed corset that demonstrates how the internet has rendered us naked and vulnerable... by turning more and more transparent while the wearer stays online. The whole corset, aptly named x.pose and pictured above, represents a town, and each patch (connected to an Arduino board) stands for a neighborhood. Once the accompanying location software determines where the wearer's accessing the internet from, it communicates with the Arduino board using the phone's Bluetooth connection. The corresponding patch on the corset then pulsates and loses opacity the more data the user shares.

E3 2014: You Vote for Best Game of E3 - IGN

You've seen all the videos, trailers, and hands-on impressions, so you probably have a good idea of what you like. Now it's time for you to vote on your game of show!

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55 Amazon Prime, the Best Deal in Tech, Just Keeps Getting Better
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58 iTunes and App Store Return After Brief Outage
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76 Anti-World Cup Protesters Hit by Stun Grenades and Tear Gas
77 Six Apps to Follow Every Minute of the World Cup
78 Twitter Fixes DM Issues, Re-Sends Missing Messages
79 Sensor-Enabled Smart Cup Can Tell You Exactly What's in Your Drink
80 Keep Frenemies Close With These 10 Tips From 'Orange is the New Black'
81 This is the Starship Enterprise of sea exploration
82 17 'Game of Thrones' #TBT Photos Worthy of the Nostalgia Throne
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86 Samsung's colorful tablet event: Join us at 3:30pm PT Thursday (live blog) - CNET
87 Hackers Take Down World Cup-Affiliated Sites, Tease 'More Still to Come'